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    Ooh, like the new look. I saw the Browns as third in most cap available in 2011 after Carolina and Tampa Bay. Browns "cash" commitment for 2011 is really, really low. They have to make up at least like 58 mill to hit the cap floor. They're pretty much compelled to play hard and high in free agency.
  2. shepwrite

    You Gotta Take Peterson at 6 If He Is There

    Browns need speed and "home run hitters" on both sides of the ball. WR and RDE are 1 and 1A. DT? We have Rubin and Shaefering, who might be a terrific 3-tech. We can either get a free agent, draft Casey in three... or both. My draft would be: Green Brooks Reed or Jabaal Sheard Jurrell Casey Best LB (Ideally Mason Foster who can play all three spots) DL rotation is Reed, Rubin, Casey, Shaefering, Jayme Mitchell, and Benard. Benard and Reed off the edges on passing downs. LBs are DQJ, Gocong, Fujita, Foster, Maiava, and probably a veteran (Nick Barnett?).
  3. shepwrite

    You Gotta Take Peterson at 6 If He Is There

    Worth knowing: The starting corners on the #1 and #2 ranked pass defenses (by opposing QBR) are Sam Shields, Tramon Williams, Ike Taylor, and Brian McFadden. Highest drafted is low 2nd; most are much lower. The Steelers and Packers played in the Super Bowl. Before you say it, Woodson really isn't a cornerback anymore, as pointed out in pre-game. He's a "rover." How did they do it? Not much of a mystery. They're also ranked #1 and #2 in sacks. Madden said it first but almost everybody in the NFL agrees: The key to stopping the high-powered pass offenses is pass rush, not the rare "elite corners." No matter how good they are, they can only cover one of four or five receivers while a pass rusher covers them all. And even the best can only cover a good receiver for a limited amount of time. The last team to draft first round corners in back to back years? The Bengals. Both guys are very good. They panned out. But the Bengals ranked below the Browns in pass defense by QBR, #19, and went 4-12. Why? They ranked near the bottom in sacks with only 27. Point: A lot of top teams would argue that a top 10 corner is never an efficient allocation of draft or cap resources. But two? Well, that's clinically insane.
  4. shepwrite

    Titus Young

    A lot of mocks have Young and Torrey Smith edging into round one, even into the mid-20s. It's looking more and more like the Browns might have to draft Julio Jones if Green is gone. I just don't see how they come out of this draft without a serious WR. Frankly, I think for a #1 type guy, you're looking at Green, a dropoff to Jones, then a big dropoff to Smith. Jones, however, is getting Top 10 love from both Kiper and Consensus Draft Services (Kiper has him 10 and CDS 6).
  5. shepwrite

    Titus Young

    That's really not the case, although Philly is the exception and that's Heckert. The tradition of the WCO is stronger WRs who can get YAC yardage, including John Taylor, Terrell Owens, Sterling Sharpe, Greg Jennings, Roddy White, Mike Williams (2.0), etc.
  6. shepwrite

    Who Are They Interviewing For The OC?

    I'm getting the sense that it's between two very different candidates: The current available WCO OC guru, Childress... and up and comer in the WCO Mafia, Tom Clements.
  7. shepwrite

    an inside scoop

    Because WRs seem to be more readily available, especially ones with spotty records of some kind (Moss, Holmes, Edwards, etc.), they sure as hell don't get traded for high first round picks. I can't remember anything even close. The Chargers might get a second round pick for him. The Browns would absolutely take A.J. or Julio over him. And I like Jackson a lot, wanted the Browns to draft Rodgers and VJ that year. I can seriously see him as a Patriot.
  8. shepwrite

    Best All Time QBs

    I kind of stick to "post WCO" years, since Walsh and Montana, because the challenges and judging criteria changed so dramatically. Quarterbacks are now expected to complete around 65 percent of their passes and throws AT LEAST twice as many TDs and INTs. Nobody came remotely close to those numbers before. There are guys who have defined the league since then: Montana, Marino, Young, Aikman, Elway, Favre, Brady, and Manning. Just outside of that are Warner and Brees. I fully expect Aaron Rodgers to be included fairly soon, maybe two more years. After three years, he's the highest rated passer in both regular season and playoffs... but needs to do it longer and preferably win something. It pains me, but Roethlisberger has already won two Super Bowls and has to be included in that conversation. From those finalists, I would pull out Young (shorter career) and Aikman (wasn't asked to do as much) and Favre (played his team out of as many playoffs as into them, no Super Bowl for the last 12, 13 years of his career). I'd keep Montana, Marino, Elway, Brady, and Manning on that list, at least in my humble opinion. From there? Really a matter of taste. Some remove Marino for never winning the Super Bowl... but I wouldn't.
  9. shepwrite

    Hasselbeck tutoring McCoy

    I wouldn't want to tell Matt Hasselbeck he should be backing up Colt McCoy next year. Not to his face anyway. Carroll's already said he's the locked in starter next year and they want to sign him to a new deal. He's not ready to be a mentor yet. He just had like 300 yards and 3 TDs in a playoff game, right?
  10. shepwrite

    Anyone Else Excited?

    I estimate that I'm five times more excited now than at this time last year. I bottomed out with the Delhomme signing and the retention of Daboll after the excitement of getting Holmgren, godfather of the WCO. THIS is more what I had in mind.
  11. shepwrite

    Franchise QBs

    Funny. Sanchez seems to play big when it's needed. Now he needs to become consistent. Esiason made the point that the four QBs, all first rounders, aren't passengers in the playoffs. Their teams are winning BECAUSE of them. Combined they had 10 TDs and ZERO INTs in the divisional round. Wow.
  12. shepwrite

    Bill Musgrave set to interview

    Soooo... okay, then.
  13. shepwrite

    Jets - Steelers

    I think the Jets felt like they had to get fired up for the Pats. I think they're pretty sure they'll beat the Steelers. So am I.
  14. shepwrite

    Bill Musgrave set to interview

    Don't really have a feel for Musgrave as a coach. Looks like he had a hard time holding both OC jobs. On the other hand, he has some really nice experience tutoring QBs. Seems to me like he's been in and out of the WCO. Anybody have a grip on this?
  15. shepwrite

    Thank you, Pat Shurmur. I'm now a big fan !!!!

    Keep in mind that he said the line was the most important unit and the quarterback the most important individual. He said, "We'll essentially see the team through the lens of the quarterback." In other words, the line is really important to the quarterback... the most important element of any winning team. All jousting aside... I, too, have liked what he's had to say. In concert with Holmgren's understanding of the QB position and the imminence of passing in today's NFL, Shurmur said you have to be able to run, but you can't win in today's league without being both efficient and explosive in the passing game.