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  1. NewEraDawg

    Everybody Stop Crying

    Then kiss my ass and jam this site
  2. NewEraDawg

    Everybody Stop Crying

    It is a known fact that people love to wallow in their own grief . It's just that time of year for Browns fans . It is Super Bowl time . Nothing out of the ordinary . And the people still crying about the KING.............What losers they are
  3. NewEraDawg

    Berns To Coach---Elsewhere???

    I would be wondering what his motivation is at this point . Besides money . And why it took him so long to decide to finally do it . It just don't pass the smell test to me .
  4. NewEraDawg

    Berns To Coach---Elsewhere???

    we have enough coaches that are on the job training .
  5. I know I don't agree with that and I really doubt he does .
  6. NewEraDawg

    Browns Fans, Hold Your Heads High

    I got an idea for you tweezer penis..............go home
  7. If we are going to run Holmgren's offense , of which I guess Shurmer is a student , I guess all you really need is a dictator type to get in here and get it installed , and make sure players are using all the proper techniques to operate it . I really don't see the problem getting a young guy in here to crack the whip and be an understudy to become a full fledged OC. Just the way I see it .
  8. NewEraDawg

    an inside scoop

    snow removal of headquarters , and general maintenance goes on year around
  9. NewEraDawg

    Championship Game Talk

    Sure hope "the big show" is checking out this game . See what he's facing next year with a new , untested head coach , with new offense to install , and a new defense to boot , and get it all to work . Good luck with that
  10. NewEraDawg

    Jets - Steelers

    Don't feel bad . I couldn't take it in the stands , let alone play in it . lol
  11. NewEraDawg

    Dick Jauron hired

    Yeah...............and they delete my posts of an ongoing interview with Shurmer . I guess I didn't swear enough.
  12. NewEraDawg

    Dick Jauron hired

    Wow !!! These off-seasons can get rough . This one will get especially rough because there will be coaching , and QB controversies this year . Reading here will get so enticing , people will cancel their cable for more time to read these words of wit .
  13. NewEraDawg

    WRRBELL after the Shurmur hiring.

    Here.......this should help
  14. NewEraDawg

    Tracking down online haters

    I thought the gestapo went bye bye
  15. NewEraDawg

    Tracking down online haters

    Now can I ask who keeps deleting my posts ?