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  1. Louisville Slugger

    Jason Peters For Depth ?

    If they really are interested in peters than that's what I'm guessing their plan would be. Put the best 5 out there. I would rather have him in there as a guard then riding the pine. I thought he was an elite guard prospect anyways.
  2. Louisville Slugger

    Jason Peters For Depth ?

    Peter's, Bitonio, Tretter, Wills, Conklin. That would be a ridiculous line. Also gives Wills a season to acclimate at a much less crucial position.
  3. Louisville Slugger

    2020 Browns Depth Chart

    Speaking of Bobby Wagner do you think seattle is planning on moving one of their LBers? They have Wagner, Wright, Griffin, and they spent a first on Brooks. It would seem that K.J. Wright would be the guy they would try and move and he would be a huge upgrade over what we have.
  4. Louisville Slugger

    UDFA tracker

    I thought the same thing. Maybe he can drop 10 or 15lbs to improve his top end speed.
  5. Louisville Slugger

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    Ravens always take my guy bet its Gallimore
  6. Louisville Slugger

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    Pretty sure were done for the night but who is the guy you would trade up for if they fell to the end of the 1st?
  7. Louisville Slugger

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    Exactly saving grace is we are expected to run a ton of 2 TE sets that should help him out.
  8. Louisville Slugger

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    Meh a RT when we just signed a RT
  9. Louisville Slugger

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    I know I said dont get cute but if there is a trade I'd take it and target josh jones
  10. Louisville Slugger

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    So what's the move now? Only Becton and Jones have decent experience at LT. Do we gamble on a trade back?
  11. Louisville Slugger

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    Told you he would be the first OT taken. Bummer
  12. Louisville Slugger

    Browns Reveal New Uniforms

    Can every game be a color rush? I'm not a huge fan of the brown on white. I get you guys will claim tradition but i dont get that logic. I would like to see them add a little something to the brown color rush and make that out new home unis and have a color rush be all orange.
  13. Louisville Slugger

    Good idea? Maybe Browns trade down with Atlanta?

    I'm more in favor of trading up than trading back. We HAVE to land starting LT and everybody knows it. I doubt Thomas is there at 10 regardless of what the experts say. Hes a proven LT and I bet hes the first one off the board. If he isn't doesnt land in striking distance than I would probably stand pat at 10 and take Jones. No reason to get cute.
  14. Louisville Slugger

    Draft Simulator

    Dont pay attention to the grades. Pick the guys you like. With that said, thay draft is ridiculous... but I'd take it
  15. Louisville Slugger

    Draft Simulator

    Didnt go exactly like I wanted but I still landed some of my favorite players in the draft. My LBer targets were gone before the 3rd round so I had to take a flyer in the late rounds. Huntley has some Lamar Jackson to his game so not only does that land you an arm for camp, you also have someone to prepare for Baltimore