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  1. The Jacksonville approach

    We have some good young players and a ton of picks. If we land say Cousins, Richardson, and Johnson to go with our strong front 7, offensive line, Gordon, and Njoku, we have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds to plug whatever holes we have left. Mainly focusing on secondary and skill players on offense.
  2. The Jacksonville approach

    According to overthecap.com the Browns have 110+ million of cap space. Jacksonville spent heavily the last couple of years and it has paid off. We theoretically have enough money to make 6 players the highest paid in their position. I don't think it's a good idea, but just to get an idea of how much cap we have here is what we could do. K. Cousins- 27m L. Bell- 15m J. Landry- 18m S. Richardson- 20m T. Johnson- 15m L. Joyner- 13m That's 108 million of our 110+ million in cap space. It would put us in cap hell in the future but we really should make a move for 3 or 4 of these guys. We wouldn't have to pay some of these guys that much but we could if need be. Bottom line we can turn this team around over night just like Jacksonville did.
  3. Mularkey ?

    I like mularky as an o.c. he only had one bad season as a play caller. Plus if hue decides his ego is more important than the teams success than we can fire him and hand the offense to mularky and Williams becomes head coach.
  4. Camp Barkley and Sutton

    I like Barkley but he has some serious flags. He plays a little out of control and jumps a lot which could lead to turnovers in the nfl. Plus most of the games I've seen him play in he has taken all of his handoffs out of the shotgun which may not be a big deal but it's hard to judge his vision or how he would read his lead blocker.
  5. Mock Fantasy Trades

    I wouldn't trade out of the top 10. When was the last time a team had the chance to pick 2 of the top 10 players in the country? Better yet 4 of the top 35. If we mess this draft up we are truly cursed
  6. Free Agents

    Smith sucks and will still cost us a ot of money. I would rather go into the season with the 1st pick starting then sign Smith. It's the same dumb mistake we keep making. Delhomme, Dilfer, Garcia. That method doesn't work
  7. Free Agents

    I would rather pay Cousins 24 mil a year and not have to worry about the position for 5 years than spend 18 mil on a mediocre QB that may not get the job done. I'm a huge Bridgewater fan but I would still rather pay cousins than risk Bridgewater and our 1st pick failing.
  8. Free Agents

    Cousins was the 8th rated quarterback last year. He was 6th the year before and 12th the year before that. He's been a quality starter ever since he got the starting job. I don't understand how people don't give him more love. I don't think he's a top 5 guy but he has been very good. We are desperate for a QB and a top 10-15 guy is out there for the taking and people on this board turn their noses up at him. I don't get it
  9. Free Agents

    Super expensive, but if we land Cousins and Tumaine I would be all for it. A quarterback that's going to give us 4k each year and a cornerback that played at a top 5 level under our defensive coordinator is the answer to our most glaring needs
  10. Anthony Miller - A Potential Gem for Round 2 or 3

    Odell Beckham Jarvis Landry Emanuel Sanders T.Y. Hilton Stephon Diggs Brandon Cooks Doug Baldwin Golden Tate Tyreek Hill There are plenty of wide receivers that 6 ft or shorter in the league. Size at the wide receiver position is way over rated. You don't want all small guys but if they can play it doesn't matter
  11. How do you feel about trading pick 1.1 for 1st, 2nd, & 2019 1st

    Yea I'm not saying he won't bust but he looks like a man amongst boys on tape
  12. How do you feel about trading pick 1.1 for 1st, 2nd, & 2019 1st

    Yes sir. Chubb is starting to rub off on me but I think I would risk the trade down
  13. How do you feel about trading pick 1.1 for 1st, 2nd, & 2019 1st

    The only way I trade down this year is if we don't land Cousins. We have to find a QB and if we don't do it FA we have to decide who is our guy... its Darnold spoiler alert
  14. Cousins would "seriously consider" the Browns

    I was making fun of my owns states reputation for kissing cousins. I'm nit saying Cousins is worth the money for any other team but we really need to turn this thing around. We have to get competent quarterback play and if we have to over pay for it so be it. We need a culture change in the worst way Alex Smith isn't on the same planet. He is on a great team and he is a system guy. I promise he will look like a turd in a browns uniform. If the Giants think one of the 2 are their guy than they will throw the draft sheet out the window. They'll get in a bidding war with denver5, Jets6 or someone else. well ask for 3 1st round picks like Washington got and well settle for 2 and move back a spot.
  15. Cousins would "seriously consider" the Browns

    What's not to like about Cousins( says the guy from kentucky) at worst he's an above average QB. We need to stablize this franchise and he would give is the best opportunity to do so. If the Giants fall in love with one of them they will give us whatever we want