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  1. The number #1 pick

    I think they are going to draft Baker Mayfield. I hope they take Lamar Jackson. I can live with Rosen but he is soft. I'm officially off of the Darnold bandwagon. He reminds me of Blaine Gabbert the more I watch his tape. If we draft Allen I'll be blackout drunk before the 4th pick
  2. 21 Draft targets

    QB- L. Jackson B. Mayfield RB- R. Penny D. Guice N. Chubb FB- WR- A. Miller C. Kirk E. St. Brown TE- T- T. Crosby G- C- F. Ragnow DE- B. Chubb T. Young DT- V. Vea T. Thompson LB- L. Vander-Esch D. Leonard CB- J. Jackson J. Alexander S. Neal S- A. Watts T. Henderson I tried to sprinkle in some of my late round sleepers.
  3. I'm really tired of hearing about Rosens off the field stuff. His injury concerns are far more important but all you ever hear about is his tennis background, he came from money, hes a millennial, etc.
  4. Pick Six

    Allen- Jaguars- jags think they are getting a steal but Allen doesn't belong in the first round Darnold- Bills- trade to 2 or 4 Jackson- Ravens- breaks my heart Mayfield- Browns- when he finds put he's not tall enough to ride some of the rides at cedar point he will use that as fuel to take us to the super bowl Rosen- Jets- week 1 starter, but week 2 on I.R. Rudolph- Saints- 2nd round
  5. 2018 Mock Drafts

    My gut tells me the Mayfield is the guy our front office is targeting. I think this is how the draft plays out. 1a. Baker Mayfield QB 1b. Bradley Chubb DE 2a. Jiare Alexander CB 2b. Derrius Guice RB 2c. Anthony Miller WR 4. Tyrell Crosby OT 5. Armani Watts S 6a. Siran Neal CB/S 6b. Trevon Young DE
  6. Giants at #2

    I think they want one of the QBs. They have to think they won't get another shot a too QB prospect again anytime soon so why not groom one now.
  7. Kessler traded

    If Kessler ends up with a competent coach he's going to suprise some people. I hope he ends up in New Orleans. I think he could fill in nicely for Brees in a couple years.
  8. ComebackSZN!

    We should bring Johnny back. I think he's turd and he was the only QB in that draft I wanted no part part of... but if we sign him for next to nothing and he shows a glimmer of of talent he would be a valuable trade asset. Also he will make sure the rookie has a full year to sit and develop. The only draw back I can think of is he could make Josh Gordon do something stupid. Feels gross saying this
  9. Free Agency Frenzy

    Suh is chasing money and probably trying to get out of training camp. I'm all for getting Chubb, he's my favorite player in the draft
  10. What's your worst case scenario?

    I will admit there was alot of times it felt like the offensive plan was to just let Lamar do his thing, but Petrino is a pro style coach. I'm sure there are some fairly complex stuff in that offense. I've made a case for and against all of the QB prospects. That's just mean. Darnold- was my pick until I noticed he tends to get nervous in the pocket when the pressure is on. Turn over concerns. Rosen- most pro ready but I don't like QBs with a history of injuries. Plus character issues Mayfeild- Deshaun Watson 2.0 just with a slight case of jersey shoreitis I think with a year or 2 to develop I think Lamar has the highest upside also the biggest chance to bust. It's a different take.
  11. What's your worst case scenario?

    Lamar is a bigger, stronger, more athletic prospect. He needs to develop as a passer but his tools are better. Lamar can simply make plays no one else can. He was Louisvilles offense and I think he forced plays because the running game was atrocious. Watson was on a superstar team throwing to multiple NFL receivers. He did better in the NFL than I thought he would because I saw him as a system guy. Most mocks had Watson as a 2nd or 3rd round prospect. I have rarely seen Jackson projected out of the 1st
  12. What's your worst case scenario?

    I don't get the L. Jackson hate. He's a better passer than Allen. He has a ton of potential and he would get atleast a free year to sit and learn behind tyrod. I know using 1 or 4 isn't ideal but if we trade back a little or take him at 33 then how that is a bad thing. He is a better prospect than Watson last year and I'm sure you guys wish we had that pick back. For the record I wasn't a fan of Watson either
  13. What's your worst case scenario?

    Out of all of the rumors only one scares me, and that's Josh Allen. If we take him and some offensive lineman that's the only way I can see us messing up this draft. If we can land a combination of any of these guys I will be happy with the 1st round. Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, L. Jackson Barkley Ward, Alexander, J. Jackson Chubb What are your guys worst case scenario?
  14. JPP Traded by Giants

    This is me being selfish, but I almost hope this is true. Chubb #1, trade back with the bills, top corner available at #12 and Lamar Jackson @ 22. Hopefully we trade up a couple of spots to avoid the curse of pick 22
  15. Free Agency Frenzy

    Suh is still a monster. His play hasn't dropped at all. His best year for tackles was in 2016. He's going to get you 5-6 sacks a season and a ton of pressures. I know he's looking for a big payday and I say give it to him. A 3 year deal worth 15 mil per seems like a solid investment to me