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  1. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    I may not have been clear but I didn't lie. I haven't seen a single grade of Moreland higher than the 5th. If you want to ding me I'll give you ammo, I had Tre Watson as a 4th round guy and he went undrafted. I think he is a better player Takitaki. I'm one of the few that put a hard opinion out there and from what I've seen those guys are better than most gms at picking talent. Look at Gettleman and tell me you couldn't do better.
  2. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    I didn't say what round I just said he would be my next target for that position. I'm not saying I'm smart I'm saying I invested time in watching these guys play and I make comments on what I see. I said Greedy jas potential he is the best turn and run CB in the draft, but doesn't show alot of effort in the ground game. Hopefully Wilks can motivate him.
  3. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    Not sure who you are talking about, but I had higher grades on UDFAs than Takitaki and Redwine. The only one I made a case for in the middle of the draft was Tiompson who went a round later.
  4. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    There was a reason Thompson was projected to be a top 10 pick midway through the season. He had a bad half of the season and that hurt him. Thompson could have came in and pushed burnett for snaps at SS. He needs to work on his coverage skills but he showed instincts and the ability to lay the wood in the running game. Redwine has more versatility and is more athletic, but that doesn't make him a better football player. I dont see him being a starter at safety but maybe he can play some nickle. I dont see anything special on tape
  5. Louisville Slugger

    draft grade

    Williams- A - I dont like alot of his game but he is really good at turning and running with WRs. It's really good value in the mid 2nd. Takitaki- F- looks like a decent special teamer but there was too much talent on the board to not hate this pick. Redwine- C- the value is better than Takitaki but there was better options. Looks like a good special teamer that could get a few snaps on defense. Wilson- A- coverage LBer that can rotate in on passing downs. Good value this late but was overrated by most. Seibert- A- we need a kicker and he is promising. Forbes- C- I dont know anything about him but this late you cant expect much. We missed on OT early so might as well roll the dice. Lewis Jr.- C- last pick of the why not Overall- B
  6. Louisville Slugger

    Austin Siebert ... Browns grab a kicker

    Late round picks are long shots to make the roster anyways so why not roll the dice on a kicker? It was obviously our blessing/curse last year. Cost us games but got huge fired
  7. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    What is your problem? I dont like takitaki so fuck me right? If you disagree with my opinion then study some prospects instead of trivia and we can debate.
  8. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    How is that arrogant? Most GMs are terrible at drafting players. I mean for the love of God a GM traded up into the 2nd round for a kicker recently. Who does that?!?!
  9. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    I hate when people say that. What qualifies people to draft players? I have consistently called our bust as you said. I do think I am better at picking players than most GMs. I think there are 4 or 5 other people on this board that would do a better job than most GMs too
  10. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    Actually I've been pretty happy with our last 2 or 3 drafts. I've called out all of our bad moves and applauded our good ones. If you cant look at these players tape and tell they are trash that's on you.
  11. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    Well I was right so about Lamar so... That doesn't excuse taking a lesser player. I'm pretty sure Takitaki would have been available as an udfa
  12. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    I think we are drafting athletes. I'm pretty sure they are just drafting by 40 times at this point
  13. Louisville Slugger

    Round 4

    Just awful. Redwine over Dionte Thompson is just dumb. Takitaki over... anybody is dumb. The picks should have been Chauncey Gardener-Johnson and Tre Watson or Khalil Hodge. I'm pretty sure our front office is still drunk off of the OBJ trade celebration
  14. Louisville Slugger

    Sione Takitaki

    I wonder if he related to David Veikune? That's the last time I was so dumbfounded by a browns pick
  15. Louisville Slugger

    ***Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread***

    That was a nice pick by Pitt. I hate they landed Dionte Johnson