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  1. Louisville Slugger

    Free Agents after this Season

    We really need to bring Charles back for his versatility. He plays TE/FB/Special teams at a solid level. He may not be a star but that kind of guy is important
  2. Louisville Slugger

    ***Official Browns Vs. Panthers Game Day Thread***

    Am I the only one who thinks it's sad that our best WR is slower then LB? I like Landry and all but he got chased down by Keuchly
  3. Louisville Slugger

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    I think I may be cursed. I had to work today so I can't watch the game and the Browns figure out how to play football.
  4. Louisville Slugger

    WRs to watch for Browns and the upcoming draft

    That Butler kid looks better than most of the other big WRs projecting to go in the 1st round, but I think Dorsey has a type. I think he prefers quick, ran after catch type guys.
  5. Louisville Slugger

    Please Not McDaniels

    Defilippo is by far my favorite. Then Schwatz Then Carmichael New Orleans OC
  6. Louisville Slugger

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

    So Callaway is trash. That 4th for D. Thomas sure wouldn't have helped this team at all
  7. Louisville Slugger

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

    Why do we have kirksey covering the best TE in the league? Kirksey is trash in coverage just run nickle all game and put Carrie on him. Hell still get beat but not this bad
  8. Louisville Slugger

    Bruce Irvin

    He would steal snaps from Avery but you can never have too many pass rushers
  9. Louisville Slugger

    Trade deadline today 4pm ET

    No we would be investing a 4th into the development of your QB. What if Thomas clicked with Baker and was a top 10 WR? Then that 14 mil is a bargain and we not desperate for a WR this offseason. We have a ton of cap we have to spend it at some point
  10. Louisville Slugger

    Trade deadline today 4pm ET

    We could have had D. Thomas for a 4th, and I think he would have really helped Baker. Callaway can't catch, Higgins has been hurt, and the rest of the guys are trash. I felt like Baker was overthinking last game because he know his WR is either going to drop it or run the wrong route. I dont see how we allow people to play poorly and keep their job. Robinson, Hubbard, Bitonio, Corbett, or Watford should be getting snaps at LT.
  11. Louisville Slugger

    Ex QB Named Browns RB Coach

    Kitchens was a QB in college and has coached TE, QB, and RB at the pro level. I dont think that matters
  12. Louisville Slugger

    Trade deadline today 4pm ET

    Since we didn't get Baker any help and we have a rookie play caller, I dont care about wins anymore. I want to play super conservative and develop our rookie QB. It wouldn't hurt my feeling if we just benched Baker so we dont crush his confidence
  13. Louisville Slugger

    Al Saunders NOT named interim

    Doesn't Baker being "on fire" make the arguement that Haley deserves more than a handful of games to develop an offense for him?
  14. Louisville Slugger

    Al Saunders NOT named interim

    Yea but its first year with a rookie QB and RB. We also 0 receiving talent outside of Landry.
  15. Louisville Slugger

    Al Saunders NOT named interim

    I dont understand why they didn't give Haley a chance. He has proven he can run a top tier offense and were going to let that go for a question mark next season? Dumb