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  1. Agreed, the Redskins got brutal on the Deffensive side of the ball very quickly. I don't know if it will work out well, everything Schneider touches seems to fall apart, but on paper it is impressive. I would guess that the Skins will end top 5 in sacks at the end of the year, but we will have to see if it does anything for them in the W/L column as the year goes along.


    They were good last year on defense. They should be very, very good this season!


    The Skins have to be better at putting the ball in the air and getting it in the end zone. They play good defense, they run the ball well, but it won't matter how much you go up and down the field if you don't score. The QB play has to get better too.


  2. I've been debating whether or not to start this thread but at the request of Bean I've decided to do it. He convinced when he said it would give Tribe fans something to read or think about other than the Tribe.


    My daughter, a switch hitting centerfielder is a junior for the division III 3rd ranked Hillsdale Falcons. They were #1 in the state for a while but myseriously dropped to third in the last poll. It was especially surprising considering the the Falcons had just went 4-0 in the annual Wendy's classic by defeating two Illinios state powers in Lake Park and Bartlett.

    Two weekend's past they played Ohio's Division I ranked #2 team, the Greenville Lady Wave and came away with a 4-0 win in that game. The Lady Falcons are now 18-1 and after games this Monday and Wednesday, the girls will be heading into state tourney play this Friday as they play the winner of Elyria Catholic and Oberlin.


    We are really excited for our daughter and this team. Hillsdale was been in the final four 9 times and won 4 state championships but one of the coaches, who is a friend of mine, believes this may be the best team they've ever had at HHS.

    After the loss to Hillsdale, the Greenville manager said he thought it was one of the best softball teams he had ever seen. Pretty high praise coming from a manager who won a state championship in Div. 1 in 2007 and whose seniors have won over 100 games in their high school career.


    Carly, my daughter is a really good kid. She's very active in her church and went on a couple mission trips to Mexico.

    She's one of those kids you look at and wonder where she got it because it wasn't from me.


    The first few pics are Carly. I'll attach a few of her HHS teammates as well. The Shortstop is all Ohio and headed for Bowling Green to play softball. The Greenville manager said she's the best player in the state.

    The pitcher is all Ohio as well and is head to Walsh next year. She has been completely dominating as of late. In her last 47 innings she has given up 2 runs and has thrown two no hitters.









  3. Doesn't the part about having Orakpo blitz from the strong side on the first two downs seem a little too predictable? We ought to know about that watching Wimbley lose his effectiveness due to predictability.


    I think you may have missed Clayton's point.


    He's not saying he will be blitzing all the time on first and second down. He's just saying the opportunity for him to blitz will only be on the first two downs as on third down he'll be playing DE. I'm sure there will be first downs that he doesn't blitz and if a blitz is called, it may come from the weakside. I'm sure there will be times that he doesn't blitz on second down and it will come from somewhere else if an extra rusher is called for.

    Clayton's point is that he wouldn't be doing it on third down at all as he will be playing end on those downs. That doesn't mean there still may not be a blitz from another strongside LB. It just won't be brian as he'll be coming from an DE position.


    I think this idea is a brilliant one. It allows Orakpo to do what he does best on Third down. Match up against a slower OT and beat him while still having another Strongside LB either blitzing or dropping into coverage.

    I'd hate to have to defend Orakpo, Haynesworth and a LB all from the same side.


  4. I was a little disappointed that STO didn't show more film of the players going through the workouts. Could've used more of that and less of Aaron Shea. I was hoping for something like a combine format where the host is mostly heard and not seen.

    I was anxious to see Benard, Veikune, Mossaquoi and a few others going through the paces.

    We saw a short snippet of Benard on the sled, Davis running the ball and Robiskie a few times but that was about it.

  5. I thought it was interesting that the media never got ahold of Barton's contract details. Usually, that happens when an agent isn't all too proud of the deal his client signed. And that makes sense here, given that we seemed to be the only team pursuing Barton.


    Barton's play in the second Buffalo game was just terrible, so much so that it could have scared off a lot of potential suitors. He was a lot better earlier in the year, which makes me think that he's better suited working in a rotation or as a third ILB. He'll get worn down if we rely on him to fill the SILB spot, so having Bowens or Veikune split time there with him makes a lot of sense.


    I would love to know what Mangini's feelings are concerning both outside LB spots. They really didn't address it in the off season. There's not much depth there and I know it's the reason most think Veikune is destined for an OLB spot.


    Does the lack of activity mean he's happy with Wimbley and Hall? Will Maiava be on the two deep at OLB?

    Maybe he thinks Benard and Foster could make this team in reserve roles? Are we sure Bowens isn't destined for the Outside?

    I'd sure feel a lot better if something was worked out that would bring Kiwanuka here.

    I'd love to know what the FO and staff is thinking.


    But as far as the inside it seems this team is loaded. Jackson, Barton, Bell, Williams, Bowens, Hunt, Ruud,


  6. Cincy terminated his contract. What would be the chances of signing him (if he's healthy) and giving him a shot at the RT spot? That way Tucker can stay at guard.


    I'd love to see him here. Not only to play RT but as insurance if anything would happen to JT.


  7. I could've written this post in 10 seconds, and saved everyone who bothered from wading through the alphabet soup in the previous few paragraphs. I just re-read part of that, and it reads like stereo instructions...




    Well, if it does read like that I must be a Geek because I loved it.




  8. Besides, having an extra 1st will allow the Browns to go after a QB if one of ours doesn't pan out this year.


    Exactly...Or a RB. If any combo of Harrison, Lewis and Davis doesn't cut it. C.J. Spiller reminds me a lot of a young Thomas Jones and is a first round pick next year. How interesting it would be to team up Davis and Spiller again.

    I also thought it was interesting that Davis is wearing #28 in camp. That is Spiller's number at Clemson. They are extremely close friends.

    For a guy that runs a little upright and almost looks stiff, he shows some amazing moves and body control.

    And finally....Spiller is a high character guy and a devout Christian. He has Mangini "type" written all over him.

    I love the guy.




  9. p.s. Plus, our Taylor Mays might already be wearing #16.


    I so hope you are right but I just don't see it happening. It's a shame to not at least take a look at him there. Just doesn't make sense to me not to do it. Anyone that ahtletic, who attacks and tackles as well as he does should get a look at being a full time defensive guy.

    If Chris Gamble can make the transition for WR to corner I can't believe Cribbs couldn't do that same at Safety.


    Your points about not making the trade are valid in other areas too. I'm not all over getting rid of him as I was before the Draft. The thought of Robiskie, Massaquoi, Furrey and Edwards intrigues me.

    But in the end I think Edwards will not be a Mangini type of guy and I tend to think Mangini is shoping him. It's pretty obvious that Mangini is attempting to amass a certain type of player/personality and I doubt Edwards fits that type.

    I'd rather get something for him now than wait to see him have another bad year and not get anything for him...ie, Derek Anderson.


  10. Grossi also mentions in the last lines there about securing a #1 in 2010 for BE....so I assume he thinks a Jones AND 1st for BE.


    I would do this. I would think that would be in the 12-20 range in the first round, plus it plugs a possible hole at RB for a year or two and buys Mangini more time to build "His" team while still being very competitive.


    Two mid round picks in the first round would be so nice next year. Taylor Mays and Rolando McCain? Wow...That would be instant defense.


  11. it seems he's got Jamal Lewis's "a thousand steps to the hole" foot speed. When he does his inside stutter step move, he completely stops his movement before going inside - that's not something that will work against NFL OT's.


    I don't worry about technique at all. Give me a smart, athletic kid and I can do a lot with him. Bad habits are coachable......As you basically stated.

    I think practice squad as well. Unless he just blows them away with a little coaching in camp.

    I really like the 4.78 40 time. A good time for a guy that goes between 260 and 270 lbs.


    I also loved the leadership/peacemaker role he is obviously playing in the first film at the 2:16 mark.

  12. Urlacher? really? Yes Urlacher is still regarded as one of the best in the game. However he's also getting up there in age and Edwards has yet to hit his prime. I was raked over the coals for questioning a percentage of this fan base recently but I feel like some of you fire up Madden check overalls and then start proposing trades. The trade involving Anderson and the recently drafted Williams is the best trade for the Browns because it would really firm up the offensive line and Anderson is a strong talent. I think that trade also included a 2nd and a fifth so I'd definitely sign up for that one ESPECIALLY when you consider Williams was just a first round draft choice. (He does have a bit of a injury history though)


    You don't want Urlacher or any aging defensive signal caller for that matter, at least not in my opinion.


    You forgot one other aspect. They don't want his contract either. 5 year and 40.6 Million....The Bears would love to dump that on Cleveland.