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  1. I'll take it.


    According to the NFL scheduling formula the Browns will play 6 games within their division, 4 games against an entire division, and the remaining 6 games will be against teams that finished last and next to last in their respective divisions.


    Two or three wins in the division

    Two wins against another divison

    four to five wins against last and next to last place teams in other divisions.


    8-8 or 9-7 is a likely finish.

  2. I'm over that "what could have been" mentality and have moved on to despising the fcuking bastards.


    I'm with you on this.....He could have been a Brown. So what? Who cares? Norm Cash should've been an Indian. Paul Warfield should have always remained a Brown, Craig Nettles should have remained an Indian. Paul Brown should have remained here and retired here. There are numerous players that the Cleveland organizations didn't draft and could have. So what? It didn't happen.

    Lewis is just another player in a long line of athletes that could have or should have been here. Shall we start threads about all of them as well?


    What I enjoyed is that when you brought this to light John asked you about possible sour grapes, but in actuality it seemed as though his thread contained the actual sour grapes over Lewis not being a Brown. You were the one saying "So what?"


    I'll give Lewis his due as a player....Again, so what? What does that have to do with the possiblity that he could have been a Brown?

    As a person I think he's a thug. His hands are dirty and he got to walk away from something that a lot of people think he was very involved in.

  3. You think after awhile the "what are you doing posting on our board" argument would wear out it's welcome. Hey dont worry it's Championship week and you guys can always go back to the great memories of the late 80's and the drive in 86 where Karlis FG probably wasnt good but once again the Browns couldnt catch a break to save their lives , the fumble by Byner in 87, and the complete beatdown the Broncos gave the Browns in 89 as great memories of what occured some 20 years ago this week. All I have to say is the ARIZONA xxxxING CARDINALS have a chance to play in a Super Bowl before the Browns do and that right there is xxxxing priceless. And Browns fans can deny it all they want but as bad as it will be for them seeing the Steelers make the Super Bowl once again, it will be even worse for them seeing a team like the Arizona Cardinals make it before they ever did...hahahaha


    I have a hard time taking anyone seriously that does not have the ablity to write a simple sentence correctly.


    Go to school and learn English......Then come back and try again.



    P.S. Although I must say, you fit well into the Steeler fan stereotype.

  4. I still can't imagine LaPorta playing in the outfield, definitely not to start the year. I think Francisco is a virtual lock to start in LF, keeping the seat warm for Michael Brantley. I see Laporta being the slugger at 1B/DH in the future...if Shoppach is dealt and Hafner still struggles that could be rushed, but Laporta has been struggling ever since the trade, you never know.


    Right now, I like Miller as our closer of the future. If he stays healthy, the Tribe could definitely use his ace-calibur stuff in the rotation, but I don't see that until at least 2010 or 11.


    Santana seems like he's ready to come up whenever he gets the call. I think I'm the leader on this board in the "Trade Shoppach" train, if he does get dealt I wouldn't be surprised to see Santana with the big club this summer.



    Side note....it never ceases to amaze me how Martinez and Hafner returning to form has an effect on basically every single aspect of projecting the '09 Tribe.



    Thanks for your thoughts.


    I know Laporta doesn't run well so being a future 1st baseman does make sense.


    I'm completely on board with you concerning Shoppach. If Santana is all that is advertised I think it makes perfect sense to trade Shoppach. A catcher with his arm and numers at the plate has to be worth a lot. Especially to a playoff type team like the Brewers or Yankees or Phillies who are not that strong behind the plate.

    What would you want in return? An experienced player or minor league prospect? I'm not sold on Francisco yet and I'd love to see a left fielder that could play with Sizemore and Choo in the OF....A left fielder that could get moved to DH when Brantley is ready.

    Francisco's numbers are not horrible. I'd love to see him hit around .290 with 20+ HR's rather than his very average .260 and 15 HR's last year.


    I hope Miller is up and producing soon. I'd really like to see him close with his past health problems. But hopefully with kerry that won't be a need this year....Keeping my fingers crossed.


    I do like the thought of Hodges and Lapointe at the corners with Santana and Sizemore up the middle in a couple of years.

    Those four with the likes of Choo, Brantley and Cabrera and you have a rally nice looking young group of players there.

  5. Nothing changed from the previous 10-6 year (other than a couple injuries here and there) Technically we only should have gotten better... with the addition of Stallworth, Rogers and Williams. Lets just take a look at this... imagine if all are healthy and are startes were as follows:


    There was one big change....The Browns actually had to play a decent schedule this year. That 10-6 team was not as good as some want to think.....Much like Mangini's Jets 10-6 team that was not very good either. Just about the same as the Browns in '07. Mangini's '06 Jets won one game against a team that had a record of over .500.....But he's the new Savior!


    Due to the NFL scheduling formula the Browns should be much better next year. We see it every year in the NFL now. This years version was the Dolphins and Falcons. Have a bad season and next years schedule will be a lot easier.


    Trade Edwards to the Giants for their 1st round pick if jeremy Maclin is still on the board and draft him with the Giants pick.

    Get rid of that headache.....I know it's not happening. Just a thought.

  6. His family got the draft report on him and it stated he would be a 1st or high 2nd round pick and they feel with a strong combine he will go in the first.


    I can't believe this kid would fall to #37. Size, fast as heck. He's got to be a first rounder. If he did fall that far the Browns better snatch him up!

    I could really see the Eagles grabbing him in the first round if Moreno is gone. They need RB help badly as Westbrook is 30 in September.

  7. The Broncs got a good one - Belichick took this guy under his wing and made sure he had a strong foundation in understanding the defense before giving him the reins of the offense.


    It's been a learning process for him - he actually has had many questionable offensive scheme calls in 2006 and 2007 - but you can't argue with what he's done with a team that lost the NFL MVP and in total lost the most starters in the NFL last year. He's not going to have Moss and Welker on his next team of course but he was patient and the Broncos were patient and I think its going to work out well. Bringing Capers along is VERY smart if indeed that's the case.


    Why do you think he'll be better or more successful than past OC's like Charlie Weis? Not being a smartass here...It's a sincere question.

    I am beginning feel unmoved when it comes to promoting ex Belicheck coaches.


  8. I for drafting either maualuga or crabtree.


    Drafting WR's high in the draft worries me to no end. For every decent one drafted in the mid first round or higher there is more than one awful WR drafted in the first round . I just don't like the historical odds. We can say Crabbtree is a can't miss guy but that's been said about all 1st round WR's or they wouldn't have been drafted that high in the first place.


    Roy Williams, Reggie Williams, Michael Clayton, Michael Jenkins, Charles Rogers, Bryant Johnson, Mike Williams, Brylon Edwards, Mike Clayton, Donte Stallworth, Ashley Lelie, Dave Terrell, Koren Robinson, Fredie Mitchell.......Even if you want to consider a few of these guys marginally successful they are NOT worth a #1 pick.

  9. My thoughts exactly. I'll be keeping an eye on the broncos progress next year. I really wanted McDaniels... There was a lot to like about him, and he'd be great for Quinn. Man.... :(



    Yep, especially when you consider how great Mangini was for Pennigton...... :rolleyes:


    I'm still shaking my head over this hire. Should've been McDaniels or Schwartz.

  10. . Smith is the highest rated player on most boards...yes some boards over rate Bradford and Stafford but he is almost a can't miss prospect. Note: He is not Robert Gallery. He played in the SEC with teams who have nearly as much NFL defensive talent as we do and he dominated..no wait he DOMINATED!


    When it comes to NFL talent, don't get too caught up in all the hype about the SEC.

    The SEC speed and talent is pure ESPN and national media hype. It's not based on fact.


    In the last four years, in rounds 1 thru 5 the SEC has had 35 interior linemen drafted. The ACC had 36 interior lineman drafted in those four years in rounds 1 thru 5. The Big ten has had 32 interior lineman drafted in that same time frame and rounds.

    The Talent level is nearly the same in all the major conferences. When it comes to interior lineman the Pac 10 has been one of the weaker conferences. In the same years and rounds mentioned, the PAC 10 produced only 21 interior linemen.


    Recently, two of the best Interior lineman in country have come from the Big Ten. Thomas and Long.

  11. If Matt Laporta has a fantastic spring, does he have a shot at being the Tribes starting left fielder coming out of Arizona?

    Or does he start in Columbus?


    Adam Miller is another guy I was wondering about. Before Wood I thought he had a shot at being the Tribes closer. He gets that fastball up around 98 mph.

    Or is the Tribe still expecting him to be a starter? Does he have a shot at being in the 5 man rotation this year?


    Has anyone heard how far away Carlos Santana is? From what I've read this kid was a real steal for Blake.


    The future still looks very good for the Tribe!

  12. I mean, even though he's kind of a biotch, he isn't, say, Freddie Mitchell. He's got game, just needs to get his head on straight. He's the type of guy who plays out-of-his-mind when his team is winning but loses focus and desire when his team is losing.


    A primadonna, sure. But a very very valuable guy when things are going well. Just look at 2007.


    The true test of a man is how you react when you face adversity. This guy has shown us what kind of a man he is.

    He's getting close to being in his late 20's and his head seems to be more screwed up now than it was at any time in the past. Why would you expect him to suddenly get his head screwed on straight?


    Owens and Johnson also have game and yet they cause trouble where ever they are at. How many championships has Owens or Johnson won? I think Edwards could end up being the same kind of nut that Owens is. The kind of guy that will cause headaches purely for selfish reasons....I decided he needed to go right after he blamed DA for his second half drops.

    That is a pure scumbag.

  13. Let him be a man about it and tell belichick if he does it then he will report it to the league, but I guess mangini was okay with it when he was def cord for the pats. he did not think anything was wrong with it when it benfitted him and got him a head coaching position. Real stand up type of guy. But jets job was too much for him and he was run out of town in two years the browns will be doing the same.


    I'm with you on this guy Jets69.....I'm a N.Y. Rangers fan and when I worked third shift I could often manage to pick up WFAN in Ohio. The N.Y. fans I heard on WFAN were intelligent and they were ready to run this guy out of town a long time ago.


    As I said, his one successful year was when his Jets team won one game against a team that had a record of over .500.... And yet the N.Y. media was calling him Mangenius....I laughed that whole year. Just as I laughed at the Falcons this year. Just another result of NFL scheduling.


    But Mangini impressed Randy Lerner! Wow!!! I feel better.



  14. And they're the paragons of football knowledge. Haven't met a stupider fan base in the NFL....and I've been to many of their games.


    Oh, the irony of this post!!



    Mangini is going to be a bust. This was a huge mistake. We are suppose to be happy? Why? Because he so impressed Randy Lerner? That is one of the most laughable things I've ever read! We all know what kind of football genius Randy Lerner is!


    Mangini had one good year. This followed a year in which the Jets were 4-12 and as a result played no one the following year.

    That 10-6 year for Mangini came with one win over a team with a record over .500! That's right...One win over a plus .500 team. Other than this one year the guy has been awful. Just awful.


    But now we are being sold this bill of goods that coaches the second time around are more successful. That's based on what? Coughlin and Belicheck?

    I heard all of this crying about not wanting to hire a first time coach. Being a first timer has nothing to do with being successful. It's laughable that this is now a growing myth.

    How about Holmgren? Parcells? Walsh? Shula? Vermeil? Landry? Brown? Allen? Madden? Lombardi? Ewbank? Knoll? Flores? Stram? Knox? Collier? .....Yeah, all these coaches did a horrible job with their first team as a head coach.

  15. There is no way this team drafts an OT in the first round. This team has so many glaring needs and the OL is not really one of them. Although Shaffer is a stiff and should be replaced, that can be done in the second round and it would still be a huge upgrade.

    This draft is loaded with OT's that would be an upgrade to Shaffer.... And all these can be drafted in the second round.

    Phil Loadholt is a true right tackle and will more than likely be avaiable with the 37th pick.


    There looks to be as many as five OT's going in the second round. I really think the Browns should think about the right side with their #2 pick. I like Loadholt a lot. He was at one time projected as a probable #1 and his stock has fallen a bit.

    He is a bit rough right now but he has a huge upside. His size alone makes him attractive.


    I'd love to see the Lions offer their #2 pick for DA. #33 overall. I'd jump all over that.

  16. I wouldn't be surprised if they traded Edwards for two reasons.


    It seams as if Mangini is focusing his comments on having quality human beings on this team. I know that this may be lip service but I have a feeling Mangini is very serious about this. I don't think he suffers fools well at all.


    Edwards is certainly a fool. Some of his statements this year were ridiculous at best. One of my favorites were his blaming Anderson for his second half drops because he was open so often in the first half and never got the ball and as a result lost focus in the seconf half. Only a scumbag would try throwing his QB under the bus like this. A stupid scumbag would say this and think people would actually buy it.

    Another gem from Edwards was when he was feeling sorry for himself and said the Cleveland fans never liked him from the start because he's from from Michigan and because he drives a Bently.....For you that didn't hear this...Yep, he said it.

    I heard it on WTAM. Again, a comment that shows he's a fool.

    First of all, I am a huge Buckeye fan and as a Browns fan I couldn't care less that he was from Michigan and I'm sure 95% of Buckeye fans who love the Browns don't care either.

    AS far as his Bently, that is even more foolish. Who cares what you drive Braylon? I think your feeling of self importance is way out of hand.

    The guy is unstable. If you want to say he isn't then you are fooling yourserlf.

    I would do my best to get as much as I could and simply suffer the consequences for a year.


    Secondly, Mangini has a short history of pulling the triggers on trades. I don't think one of his drafts were a normal sequence of 1 through 7 due to all the deals that were made. I think he finds what he wants and goes after it.


    I wouldn't be shocked at all to see Edwards sent packing due to these things.