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  1. Good grief.


    Sand in vaginas all around.


    I had no idea we had such tenacious hillbilly defenders on this board....


    It started with Geech sayng he "Hates all thing hillbilly". Then he made one of the most ignorant statements I've read in a while when he claimed that NASCAR was dominated by hillbillies and then added even more later when he went on to state that he couldn't satnd hillbillies. Otherwise, this discussion would never have taken place. But of course, now he says it was done all in jest. Three different post stating his feeling about hillbillies and NASCAR and now it was just in jest.

    Just like the early David Allen Coe stuff is just in Jest. Right? Just hilarious.


    I'm sure when Geech made the statement about Hillbillies dominating the sport he had no idea where any of the drivers are now from since he doesn't watch the sport. That is classic ignorance. Making uneducated statements.


    If someone came on this board and claimed he hated Jews or Blacks or any persons that make up American culture they'd catch hell. Even if he later claimed it was done in Jest. Maybe even banned? Not sure why hating on hillbillies would get you a pass.


    One of my best friend's family is from the deep West Virginia hills. As a matter of fact, this family has two sisters that maried two brothers that lived across the "Holler" from one another. (Their words)

    These people are the ones that Geech claims he cannot stand as they are true Hill people. Yet they are the nicest, most decent people I have ever met. I've eaten dinner with the entire family on several occasions and they are absolutely wonderful people.



  2. I agree with Grossi that Quinn has been completely mismanaged. You draft a blind side OT, then sell the family farm to go up and get the Ohio QB (who you know will be a fan favorite), then you constantly work to keep him from starting, ....well crap, then you just don't know what the hell you're doing. You have no plan whatsoever. Or the plan is just plain no good.


    This is why I don't believe a word of it. That regime had their problems but the senselessness wouldn't have went that far.

    Sounds far fetched and as if someone is reaching for a story.



  3. Rex Hadnot had the fewest sacks allowed of all Brown's starters. He allowed 3 less sacks then JOE THOMAS DID! Mario



    But Hadnot was not playing tackle in space. He was playing guard. See the diff?


    Also, OT's don't normally get a lot of help. They are suppose to play in space and keep everything from going outside on Pass plays.

    Guards on the other hand will get help from time to time from a center. They will be one on one as well but they do often get help from the center.

    If you look at the stats, you'll never see guards with 10 to 12 sacks allowed like you do OT's.


    I'm sure Steinbach loved the Browns #1 pick!


  4. Isn't Heiden gonna be ready for tC?


    After Heiden took it to the Giants, we realized how little the team needed Winslow.


    I agree Lum.


    But I wonder why there isn't many on here with any faith in Rucker. Coming out of camp last year he was all the rave.


    I still think this kid (6'5" 250 lbs.) could be a very good TE and look for him to challenge for a starting spot.

    With him it will depend on how much he wants it. It supposedly has always been that way with Rucker.

  5. Anyways, there's no point in arguing this any further. Come back and argue with me when you have a better understanding of Cultural Anthropology.




    Ah, but you can't use that explaination. You didn't stop at Humanity (Or "people" in this case) by saying I love humanity but I hate humanity (People). You continued by defining 'People" in your post as "hillbillies". Those are the "People" (Or group) that you cannot stand. Thus, the only definition that can be attached to your use of the word "People" is a certain group.


    Good try Pal. But you still lose. It's still like watching your mouth (Or keyboard in this case) continue to fall down the stairs.

  6. peo⋅ple

      /ˈpipəl/ [pee-puhl] noun, plural -ples, verb, -pled, -pling.

    - human beings, as distinguished from animals or other beings.


    Oh geez...I've heard it all now. Then your orignal statement that you love humanity but hate people like hillbillies makes no sense. If you use your definition of "People" that you posted above, it would be like your original quote was, "I love humanity but I hate humanity".


    The definition of "People" you list in the above quote is the same as the definition of "Humanity". That makes your orignal post senseless. You were making a clear seperation and distinction between Humanity and people.

    Your quote was "I love humanity but hate people, especially hillbillies". Thus, "Humanity" and "people" cannot refer to humans as a whole. "People" in your post referred to a certain group or race.


    Go down Webster's definition of "People" to about the third or fourth listing and that is the context you meant to portray in that statement. I'm pretty sure the third or fourth listing will show the definition as 'Particular groups of persons"

    As in...Jewish "people", or Black "people". Or Hill "people".

    That is what you meant....I can't believe you are trying to back out of that one now! And doing it by making no sense whatsoever! ROTFL!!! I said before that this conversation with you has been like watching your mouth fall down the stairs and it just continues.


    You should've either apologized or stuck by your original post. That is, that you hate hillbillies. This back tracking makes you look really ridiculous.

  7. And I was a Devils fan back when I still watched/cared about hockey (I'm from NJ) and remember 1994 very well. :)


    Uh Oh....The hated Devils!!! What a huge rivalry that is!


    yeah, the vision of Messier shaking that cup is burned into my memory.

  8. Who is gonna moderate the Nascar forum? Who's gonna build it up, and take responsibility for it?


    ... how do ya bet on the races?



    Mills would probably do it since he suggested it.


    I'm willing to help moderate it. I've never done it but am willing to learn and help.

  9. I'm sorry but Ogden was one of the best left tackles to play in the last 20 years.

    The Ravens had a great line and running game with mediocre passing game.

    Trent Frakin Dillweed man, come on!


    I will admit, I hadn't seen a defense just flat out dominate like that since the 85 Bears.


    I understand your points and don't totally disagree but just look at the ranking in 2000.




    #1 in total defense

    #14 in total offense. Lewis was only the 7th leading rusher that year. They were very, very good at rushing the ball. But it was still their defense that won that championship.



    That stat of the #1 Defense and #14 offense kinda makes my point even more. An average offense and a great defense


  10. . What do you think about the 12 man shootout for the championship?

    Me personally I think it takes to much away from the begining of the season, they dont put enough value in winning races therefore guys race just to get into the top 12 rather than going out and trying to win every race


    I don't mind the shoot out as much as I mind how the 12 drivers get there. The problem you state would disappear if they made winning each race leading up to the shoot out more valuable.

    While Stewart has had a solid season it has also been without a win and he's second in points. I hate that.


    I'm a Jack Roush and Edwards fan. Carl hasn't said it (He can't) but I'm sure his attitude this year was that he was just going to be sure to hang around the top 12 rather than winning so many races. He won more than anyone last year and what good did it do him?

    This needs to change.


  11. I'm all for a Nascar forum, if that means we never have to hear about it here ever again.


    I can completely respect this. You don't care for it and enough said.


    It's when Geech and starts talking about NASCAR being dominated by hillbillies and that he can't stand them is what I have a problem with. It's not only ignorant but Bigoted.



    I'd like a Hockey forum too....But I doubt that 10% of the guys on this thread like hockey. I'm a huge N.Y. Rangers fan.

    I would be a Blue Jacket fan as I'm a fan of every other Ohio sports franchise but I started rooting for the Rangers 25 years ago and can't give up my first love!

    I became a Rangers fan because they were the Cleveland Indians of the NHL. They had not won a cup for 30 years. Then they finally won it in 1994.

  12. I LOVE humanity...it's people that I can't stand...especially hillbillies!



    Wow...That is a change of heart. Now you say that Assholes are the only ones you don't like. But in the above statement you said you can't stand Hillbillies.


    Hmmmm.......Maybe it's Hilbillies that are Assholes that you don't like? Is that what you are trying to say?


    Oh wait...you were just joking around....Ok.


    I'm just trying to help you out Geech....After all your post in this thread, Well, it was like watching your mouth fall continually down the stairs.

  13. Over-rated.


    Our line is mediocre at best and we won 2 SB's with it.


    A solid O-line is nice, but if you don't have players in other key spots, none of it means dick.


    In the end it had little to do with the Steeler's O-line or their QB or their RB's or the WR's



    The Steelers proved one thing. Just as the Raven did a few years ago. You can win a Super Bowl with an average offense as long as you have a fantastic defense to carry the load.


  14. Will be interesting to see how Eric Wedge doles out the playing time between Carroll and Luis Valbuena, who now share the role of utility infielder.


    I really wish he'd stop playing with the starting nine. Except for the occasional day off for rest.


    I know it's not going to happen with Wedge. It's alwasy been a different lineup every day since he's been the skipper.

    Sure a far cry from the days of Bell, Loften and Ramirez in the OF with Omar, Alomar, Thome and Alomar everyday in the infield.


    That being said, I hope he allows Valbuena to get a lot of at bats. It is doing him no good to allow him to sit. If his siting is going to be the case then send him down so he can play every day and call up another pitcher.


  15. The Falcons are now 20-1. Soppose to play Wednesday, Thursday, Friday state Tourney game and Saturday the girls are doing a benefit game. "Strike out Cancer". They and Rittman will be wearing pink Jerseys and raising money for cancer research.

    Here are a few more pics.






    This is my girl hitting from the left side



    And this is Carly again hitting from the right



    "Swings like a girl" doesn't have the same meaning any more. These girls have better form than I did.



    This is Hannah Fulk. Will be attending Bowling Green on a softball scholie



    Hannah again



    My daughter in center


  16. Soldier boy is one depressed individual. Dude hangs out on this board just to tell us all how stupid we are for being Browns fans.


    I have always felt there is something mentally disturbed about an individual that becomes a member of a rivals board (Troll)

    You are lacking something inside that needs fullfilled through posting as an adversary.



  17. It's pretty fargin' simple.




    That way those of you who consider, just as one example, someone who earned a degree in Engineering from Purdue University (if you're not impressed by that then it just further proves your ignorance) a hillbilly.....well, then you won't have to worry about hillbilly posts polluting the plasma screens from which you're surely reading this forum while riding around in your stretch limousine. In other words, you should WANT (nee, NEED) a Motorsports Forum so your servants' puny, simple minds won't be corrupted by the vile, unintelligible thoughts of those hillbillies....potentially tempting them to revolt.


    It would also provide someplace to discuss the Indy 500, IRL, F1, ALMS, etc.......that, all in addition to NA$CAR.


    But, nevermind.....there surely wouldn't be as broad of an appeal for that as for something like horse racing. :rolleyes:


    Nope....certainly not an opportunity to increase hits, page views, whatever.



    This is the best post in this thread. Well written Tims.


  18. I LOVE humanity...it's people that I can't stand...especially hillbillies!


    -Al, aka the F1 Homo AND the Soccer Homo.


    But using your criteria again, you and every other American is a hillbilly. Or did you just say everyone below Canada is a hillbilly to save yourself from a completely ignorant statement concerning Nascar?


    The more you type the more you contradict yourself and sound foolish.


    So you love humanity but hate people. Since "People" is a reference to certain groups and not humanity as a whole I would say you are the epitome of a racist and bigot.


  19. No, it isn't. There's no Croatian drivers...no Afghani drivers, neither. In fact there's alot more countries that are not represented in F1 then those that are, but only because someone from the USA is not involved means that it's not international? There's a HUUUUGE world out there. It's called the Earth.


    ...and you called my statement ignorant...




    Ooops, Sorry. I didn't realize you were including all the ex 2nd world countries and third world countries.


    Using your criteria then every sport is international. Nascar has a Columbian driver and a Tasmanian driver so I guess it must be an international sport as well.


    In truth, Formula 1 is basically a European sport and Nascar is an American sport. Each has a couple drivers outside of Europe and the U.S. But for the most part the respective drivers are European and American.

  20. NASCAR is dominated by hillbillies.


    Really? Dominated by Hillbillies huh? Is using the term 'hillbillies' suppose to have a negative connotation to it?

    Well, Here is a list of many of those hillbilly drivers that are dominating the sport right now.


    Jeff Gordon California

    Jimmie Johnson California

    Greg Biffle Washington

    Kyle Busch Navada

    Kurt Busch Navada

    Tony Stewart Indiana

    Ryan Newman Indiana

    Ellot Sadler Virgina

    Joey Lagano Conneticut

    David Reutiman Florida

    Dennt Hamlin Virginia

    Carl Edwards Missouri

    Matt Kenseth Wisconsin

    Kevin Harvick California

    Jamie McMurray Missouri

    Kasey Kahne Washington

    Martin Truex Jr. New Jersey

    Clint Bowyer Kansas


    Your statement was really ignorant. I mean, REALLY ignorant.




  21. I was wandering if it would be possible to start a Nascar forum here. The seasons 10 months long, they have practice, qualifying, and a race for the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series every week, minus 2-3 weeks throughout the year for each series. So there would be plenty to talk about for Nascar fans. Would anyone else be interested in this? and is it possible to do?


    I would love this!


  22. As much as some contend Raji is a stud - he had the SAME history William Green had at Boston College with the marijuana issues. History tells me that is NOT the kind of guy you want getting a sizable signing bonus accompanying a #5 overall pick before down #1. Gerrard Warren became "Big Money" to his teammates but "Tiny Heart" to all the fans he was holding hostage awaiting the exchange value of a #3 overall pick. I'm not sure I'm sold Raji has placed football as #1 in his life and you can count the number of strikes he had in college to confrim that.


    I'm the first one to jump on the "Character counts" bandwagon, but I'm not sold that Raji's smoking of Weed is a big deal.

    Now if he had been smoking prior to the combine then I would say it was a big deal because it would show a lack of common sense and rationality. Anyone who test postive at the combine has a real problem in my book.

    But smoking weed in college doesn't have to mean you are a risk. I smoked in my younger days and I still worked hard and showed up for work every day.