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  1. While you're giving Quinn ALL the credit for Notre Dame's success his before he left, try to remember that a lot of talent left with him. 3 players drafted in '06, 7 in '07, 4 in '08... now just one last year. His last couple of years he played WITH a pretty talented team, at the college level, that seems to be on a downward "trend" (I know some people here like using that word) these days. Charlie has either done a poor job of evaluating or developing talent lately.


    Quinn could be quite a player, but he was surrounded by some pretty good players at that level and can't get all the credit for the success that has since evaporated.


    4 of those 14 players were day one selections. Not a lot of high quailty NFL talent there. 4 day one selections in 3 years. Not good at all.

    Compare that to OSU who has 21 players selected in those same years with 8 day one selections. Twice as many day one selection as ND.


    In the last five drafts ND has had 8 defensive players drafted. Just last year USC had 8 defensive players drafted!! In one year thay had as many as ND has had in the past 5 years!


    As far as Weiss evaluating talent....That who process is a joke when it comes to ND players. There are so many domer homers that as soon as a player decides he's going to go to ND he goes from being rated as a two or three star recruit to a four or five star recruit!! He has to be be better than we thought!!! Charlie recruited him!!!! What a joke.

    I think it's a combination of him not getting the talent that the media likes to portray and he's not the good teacher they likw to portray him as either.

  2. Great thread, and OldCrow, your work is fascinating.


    My God, man, you should start a museum. I am awestruck at the realism !


    Thanks so much. Those kind of comments mean a lot.


    I actually don't keep many of them. Some I've given away to old vets. I get the most pleasure from doing that. Those guys really appreciate it when you give the something like this. I built a modern M1A2 Abrams and wanted to give it away to a current or past Abrams crewman but didn't know anyone to give it to.

    There is actually a market for them on eBay and I've sold many there. I don't make much when I sell them but it allows to me make enough that I can continue to build for very little cost and this hobby is very expensive.


    I can't tell you how many I've built and I only have 5 still in my house.


  3. nice models there oldcrow, speaking of old WWII weapons have you ever shot an pld russian m44?


    I picked one up at a gun show a few years back and we cleaned it up, when breaking it down inside of the wood it was caked with old dried up blood. It really made you realize what you were holding in your hands.


    Boy, that thing will give you a kick when shooting it.


    I haven't ever shot that but I'm not a huge gun guy. I own a Remington 870 for deer season and a Savage 30-06 and thats all I've ever shot. Well, the M16 and M50 while in the army. I also carried the M203 during the first gulf war.


    I want so badly to shoot a M1 someday....And a Thompson.


  4. Hey Crow, nice work man!


    Just a question for you though, I'm big into anything military and before a knee injury in football I was pretty much dead set on becoming a Marine. Anyway, I'm just wondering, do you build those models from scratch or is there a place where you can buy kits?


    Thanks in advance and again, amazing work. B)


    The dio base and most of the stuff on them are all all scratch built using a variety of stuff.


    The tanks are kits made by several different companies. Most kits will have 150 to 400 pieces to them. It takes me a month to six weeks to build, paint and weather a tank.


    Thanks so much for the kind words. Again, I was inspired by the efforts of great men.

  5. Crow, you've been holding out on us. Is that an M1 rifle in the hands of the soldier at the corner of the tank. (first pic)


    It's either that or a model 1917. I've got one of each. I'm a collector. Standout work. Appears you've got skills w/ a camera too.


    Thanks for sharing!


    It is a M1 and a BAR. I'm not a WWII gun expert though so hopefully I gave them the right weapons. The trick was adding the slings to both weapons.


    Thanks so much for the compliment. It's tedious work but a labor of love. I started it in appreciation of those great guys who fought for us and I have got better through the years.


  6. As far as the Big 12 is concerned... A couple of ill-timed flukey injuries aside, I think DeMarco Murray has demonstrated that he is a legitimate pro-ready runner. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, he's the most complete back likely to be in next year's draft class.




    I'm not sure he's even the best back on the team. Chris Brown looked great while playing for the often injured Murray.


    Murray may have first round talent but he has some real durability issues. He also had games where he didn't even average a yard per carry. I know one was against Texas. I think it was Baylor that completely shut him down as well.


    It was good to see him gain some weight coming into last year. He needed it. Although he ended this season needing surgery. This is the kind of stuff that will hurt him come draft day.


    I don't think he's in the same class as Spiller, Dwyer or Mcnight.

  7. Rookie wr's seldom impact their first year and pressing them to contribute too soon creates additional issues, hence the veterans we brought in.


    It's why I don't see MoMass or Robiskie being a slot guy while the other is a wideout on three WR sets. Besides the fact that they are both more traditional split ends and that's where their futures will be.

    I think one will start at a Wideout position while one of the old cagey vets such as Patten or Furrey will line up in the slot.


  8. BE ,Robo and MoMass will likely be our WR corp...


    I have a hard time believing that MoMass or Robiskie will be playing the slot when the Browns brought in two guys like Mike Furrey and David Patten.


    This WR corps got me to thinking.....Comparing this group to the Jets group from last year, I wonder if Mangin feels like he has died and went to WR heaven. The Jets starting three WR's were all 6' or under.

    With this team Mangini sees 6'3" Edwards, 6'3" Robiskie, 6'3" Leggett, 6'2" Massaquio and 6'2" Hubbard take the field everyday.


    This also makes me think that Mangin saw a real problem with his WR corps in N.Y. and it's part of the reason we saw so many WR's drafted and brought in via FA.

  9. I think all of this is smoke and mirrors. Quinn is going to start.

    I'm sure EM has watched all the game tapes and I'm sure he has seen two glaring problems in Derek's game. One is Something we've all seen time and time again. His inability to put any touch on a short pass is beyond bad.....He may be the worst QB I've ever seen try to throw short passes. He simply can't do it.

    In today's game where blitzing is almost constant, you need a Qb that can either move well or one that can dump off to a second and third or fourth receiver. Both is preferable and Anderson can do neither. Run or dump it off.

    Anderson needs to be part of an offense that does nothing but throw the ball deep downfield all the time. The stereotypical Raider's offense.

  10. A blocking tight end this year as opposed to a receiver lining up at tight end like last year.


    I still wonder how much of a factor that will be in the running game. :unsure:


    That depends on who wins the position. If Martin Rucker wins the starting the job he never blocked anyone in college.


    Mangini didn't have much of a blocking TE in N.Y.

    Keller was more in the mold of a Winslow. An athletic Receiving TE more than a pure bruising blocking TE.


    Rucker may be more of a traditional TE than Keller or Winslow, but not by much.


  11. Beating Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh on Monday night 33-13 was great....but my favorite post-expansion Browns game was beating Buffalo 8-0 in a blizzard. Tailgating in 40 mph winds, getting drunk, and rooting the Browns on that day was a blast. Stll can't believe Dawson kicked a 48 yard field goal in those conditions.


    I completely agree....I'll never forget that game. I feel on the floor laughing when that FG went through the uprights and then called my brother to get his reaction. We were both laughing and saying this is classic stuff!


  12. Well how would you feel being a homosexual Brown's fan for life and being compared to a Steeler? Not to mention that I dealt with that crap far too often in HS and college. I won't apologize for being offended by my lifestyle being reduced to a mean spirited label, not anymore


    I could not care less if you are gay or straight. Regardless, your response was an over reaction. Have a sense of humor and stop feeling sorry for yourself..

    If I got called "Pussy" I would laugh and think...."Wow, what a compliment, they are calling me the greatest thing God ever created!"

  13. If we really have an automatic gay added in to typing roethlisberger's nickname, the mods ought to be ashamed. We can be grown up about a rivalry w/o acting like jr high kids. I'm out for good and heading for a message board that isn't operated and frequented by childish fans...Looking at you Inspecta and Riffer


    I think it's kind of silly or childish myself..........But damn man! That may be a bit of over reaction there!


  14. SC's offensive line should be VERY good this year.


    It better be.... With a New QB and a defensive that lost a load of front seven players, the O-line is going to have to dominate and control games.


    It'll be interesting to see how many of those new USC starters on defense will handle a more mature and improved Pryor in the OSU game.

    Also interesting in that game will be OSU's experienced D-line against USC's experienced O-line. OSU returns not only all four starters but the entire D-line rotation is back except for Abdullah.


    I have a feeling the Buckeyes will go all out and blitz Corps to try and rattle him....If he ends up winning the job ahead of Mustain that is. I heard he is probably in the lead to win the starting job.

    What a brilliant move by Mustain.... Leaving Fayetteville for California to sit on the bench


  15. All I know is that in the Fiesta Bowl, my Longhorns couldn't stop the dude. He was one of my favorite college players.


    Besides having a new QB that didn't throw the ball as well as Boeckman did, Robo's number's also suffered due to being dinged during the year as well.

    I think he was finally completely healthy for the Fiesta Bowl and it showed.


    He's going to be a very good NFL WR. I think he has the potential to be a #1 just as neighbor mentioned.


    I'm excited about Edwards, Furrey and Robiskie being the main guys on three WR sets. With Cribbs, MoMass and Patten adding depth.

    What a huge improvement from last year's WR corps!


  16. most of you guys don't get to see big 12 football...trust me Kendall Hunter is the real deal!



    You may be rigth Solon but there are two things that worry me about him when it comes to playing on Sundays.... 5'8" and 190 lbs is a very small back for the NFL.


    Secondly, I trust very little when it comes to offensive stats in the Big 12. No one plays defense in that conference.

    In their Bowl game OSU played a good team in Oregon and the Ducks shut him down. I think he had just over 30 yards in about dozen attempts.


    He may get drafted if he comes out early. My guess is the 5th or 6th round.