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  1. . And I'll support DA if he's the choice.


    Exactly....Real fans support the uniform. Lummy isn't a real fan.

    Does anyone think Lum would pull for Quinn? No way. That's what makes his whole stance on DA and Quinn so ironic and funny. While all of us will be supporting whoever is taking snaps, Lum will still call us all Quinn fags. But in truth we really don't care. We just want to win. All Lum wants is to be right about his his boy DA. I wonder who the real 'Fag" is here?


    I don't like BE at all. I think he's a head case and a punk. But come Sunday I'll be happy as hell if he catches a few TD's because he's wearing my Brown's uniform!

    Just win baby!

  2. The only change I'd make from Peens is I'd put Plum in there. Probably drop Nelson to #6. The only reason I'd vote Sipe over Nelson was that Sipe was actually the NFL's MVP one year.


    Plum's QB rating is still the highest in Brown's history. Two time Pro Bowler.

  3. I would n't be surprised by huge turn around becasue of the schedule. The NFL sets it up for teams to have these huge turn arounds with their scheduling format.


    Does anyone really think the Dolphins went from 1-15 in 2007 to 11-5 in 2008 due to being that much better or that much more talented? Nope....As a matter of fact the Dolphins started the year off going 2-4 against the likes of the Cardinals, Ravens, Pats, Chargers, etc. Then they went on to go 9-1 the rest of the way playing the likes of the Seahawks, Chiefs, 49er's, Rams, Raiders, Broncos, the Bills twice. Just look at the remaining schedule after the 2-4 start!!


    The Atlanta Falcons was mostly the same thing....Theyw ent from 4-12 to 11-5 due to a favorable schedule.


    It wouldn't shock me for the Browns to end up somewhere between 9-7 and 11-5.

    If they go 11-5 it will be "Mangenuis" all over again and it will be a bit premature. Remember, He took over a 4-12 team in with Jets and had a 10-6 the following year.....Guess why it happened? A weak schedule.


    Anything less than 8-8 for the Browns in 2009 is a huge disappointment.

  4. I don't really remember Phipps because I didn't watch the Browns much back then.


    I sure remember him and he was terrible from day one. To this day he's the stiffest QB I have ever seen. He looked like a robot dropping back to pass.

    He is easily the worst QB in Brown's history. 50+ TD's and 100+ INT's. In his last year with the Brown's he threw 4 TD's and 19 INT's.


  5. Cowher coached with emotion... I played for a few coaches like that... They could get you to run through walls for them if they asked....


    The modern head coach is more of a people manager while the coordinators do the actual coaching.... These players are set financially for life, some could care less about the rah, rah---they've been coddled since high school...


    Do you realize that both Winslow & Edwards have already pocketed 20 million each since they've been a Brown... They'll get even richer in their next contract as Winslow has already proven...


    The head coaches job is to motivate these players into playing to their potential...


    Cowher using the disrespect card was brilliant but that card can be played only so many times.... The one thing that made Cowher a winner was the players knew who was in charge... It wasn't the GM, it was the head coach... Romeo never had that authority in Cleveland and the players knew it....


    Good coaches demand that authority, I think maybe Romeo was happy to just finally make it and he did deserved his day in the sun (he earned it).... He just wasn't strong enough or secure enough to demand what he needed to be successful...


    It seems that Mangini has that authority and the players know it.....






    Really good post with a lot of good points!


  6. Here's how Veikune looked in the bowl game against Notre Dame. It was a tough matchup against RT Sam Young, who's projected to be a 2nd round pick in next year's draft.


    Bigger clip here


    The more I watch him the more I firmly believe this guy has middle linebacker written all over him. There is nothing there that causes me to think he could play the outside.

    I also still don't see what Mangini is seeing when he talks about him being so fluid when changing direction. I didn't see it at the combine and don't see it on films like this either. It's funny but I see him as being almost stiff. Do you see this fluidity that Mangini talks about Aloy?

    I think he looks his best when he's taking a blocker straight on and shedding the block. I guess that's why I'm not a pro scout.




  7. Crow: That carrier is great, I have to go to the show in Columbus, I'm making a point of it.


    And T, I've been as far as Salisbury, NW of Charlotte, to see Nascar.


    How much farther is Wilmington?


    And, OCrow - I would appreciate the steps in the painting process you mentioned earlier -


    my wonderful cute Wife has carved some wildlife and airbrushed it...


    I'll have to find the pics somewhere or take some new ones.....


    She's done a turtle, a catfish, etc. I never have finished my crappie.


    I sent you a PM Cal.

  8. Here ya go Cal.....This monster is close to four feet long. The water is a resin that does not harded for awhile. This allows the modeler to mold and shape the ship's wake. He paints the water and drybrushes the tops of the waves.

    Underneath the top level is the work area. That is completely built and there are planes down there as well being worked on, etc.

    You should see the scratchbuilding her did. All the rader units are hand made. The detail is unbelievable. He even scratchbuilt and added things like tiny Junction boxes and extremely minor details that didn't come in the kit. He researched for months and it took him over a year to build.

    Click on the pics to get a larger view and take a look at the main island and radar units.

    I'll be taking better photos of it soon.


    1944 U.S.S Essex







  9. Oldcrow, you could teach classes. Say, when IS that model show in Columbus? I'd go it.


    Now, in spite of all the gardening and farming, I have to go get out that model kit of the Arizona and put it together.


    Not much of an artist, so that's about my speed... GGG


    I'm inspired. Awesome hobby, awesome work.


    (Oh, and you could write a How to book. I'd pay ahead of time to get it)



    The dates are August 20 thru the 22nd. It is being held at the Hyatt Regency on High Street. Saturday the 22nd is the best day to go if you are just viewing as all the models will certainly be there by that time. Most models will be there by Friday but there are still a number of guys who simply can't get there through the week and will show up Saturday.

    It's cheap entertainemt as you can spend many hours going through all the models for $5.


    Also, this just isn't military. Military aircraft and Armor will make up 70% of the show but there is everything from Science fiction to airliners to farm equipmet to Autombiles. One of the special catagories this year is best tractor.

    Another theme catagory and award will be for the best Ohio theme. If it has to do with Ohio it will be in that catagory. An example would be a build of the old F-84's fighetr jet with the paint scheme and markings of the Ohio national guard out of the Lahm airbase in Mansfield. I've seen several of these in the past.


    Riff, I have even seen a few scaled down models of guitars before. I remember one guy built a replica of the double neck guitar that Jimmy Page used in "The song remains the same".


    Cal, there are a couple of modeling websites for Ship building. A friend of mine built the WWII USS Essex and he put those websites to good use. This Essex will be there at the show. It's a remarkable build. Probably 40 inches long with people and planes and the whole thing. He even built the interior of the ship.

    As a matter of fact, He and I are getting together for a photo shoot on the 27th of this month as he wants me to shoot his essex and a few other things for him.

  10. Crow that's really cool what you're doing and it sounds like a heckuva fulfilling hobby.


    Matter of fact, I may like to purchase some stuff from you in the future.


    We could arrange thatRif..... Just don't be disappointed when you don't get the same results right away. It usually takes a lot of years and at least a bit of artistic talent helps a little.

    I'm doing well but you should see some of the guys that are better than me.....Wow. There is some amazing stuff out there.

    The International plastic modelers society national show is in Columbus this year!!! That is a rare thing. last year it was California. For $5 you can go in and view all the work. There will be thousands of these models from all over the world. there.


    If you ever want to do this I can write out the whole process of priming then painting then "washing" the tank with turpanoid with oil paints mixed in, the sealing and drybrushing for highlighting effects.


    The Building is just plaster and I actually scribe every brick. The Shutters are Balsa wood that I cut. The Cement fence columns are hand made of plaster. The dead trees are actually plant roots.


    It's a tedious and time consuming hobby. But as you said, very fulfilling and rewarding. You can take your stuff to shows all over the country and they have actual contest for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in various catagories.

    I've won a lot of 1st through 3rd's at local and regional shows but have yet to enter at the national level.

  11. It makes perfect sense. I have read about this disorder before and it does fit people like Silver.


    I have tried to think like him.....I'm a huge Buckeye fan. It would be like me joining one of the Wolverine sites to talk smack since the Buckeyes has owned Michigan for the last 9 years. I try to imagine the mindset that would actually enjoy this and I just can't do it.

  12. When is your team going to win ANYTHING? EVER???? Check the signature, Ben R. has won more playoff games in 5 years than the Browns franchise has won in your lifetime..... And the Steelers won clean, the Browns lose dirty. Steroids + dead players + history of losing = Cleveland Browns. I am sad for you guys...


    There is something seriously mentally disturbed with someone that trolls like this. Especially when you do it to a team's fans you've dominated over the last two or three decades. I'm not kidding here. I think there are some serious mental issues involved. Some may get pissed at guys like this.....I actually feel sorry for the guy. He's ill.

    It especially shows itself when he starts threads like this basically making fun of a person's death. Wow....That is disturbed.

    I'd rather be a healthy fan of the Browns than a mentally ill Steeler fan like this guy. I thank God for my health everyday.

  13. How about when Cowher told his guys before the first game back in the new stadium that the Browns refused to introduce his players before the game? Wasn't true of course but the team bought into it and came out even more fired up en route to a 43-0 drubbing.


    That sort of thing is genius. It reminds me of something Woody Hayes would have done when it came to playing Michigan.



  14. Even though it's not a sports story per say I was at an Indians game back in 92' and we got awesome seats right behind homeplate, 2nd row. We were playing the twins and Kirby Pucket came up to bat. I yelled at him "you better hit a homerun you fat f*ck cause you ain't gonna make it to first base" he turned around and looked up at me and gave me a wicked nasty glare. The very next pitch he jacks one for a 3 run homerun.





    My story is close to yours.


    My wife and I had won front row seats for an Akron Aeros game. The visiting team's on deck circle was right in front of us.

    Cliff Lee was pitching a great game. I think it was in the 8th inning and he was up 2-1 and had 9 or10 K's.

    He walked the first two guys in the 8th. The next batter k'd and the next guy after that got two strikes on him. I leaned over the fence and told the next guy on deck that the current guy was going to go down on strikes and so would he.....The very next pitch the kid hit a three run homer....DOH!

  15. And you can try to claim Cowher wasn't a great communicator, but I'd disagree and say he did very well and getting his team to see and play by his vision.


    Really good post JADBF.


    I think anyone on the receiving end of his wrath (and spit) would never say he wasn't a communicator.

    I think he was the prefect mixture of communicator and motivator

  16. If you ever go to Hawaii (Waikiki Beach, to be precise), you can visit Fort Derussy and they have a nice little World War II display. Of course there is the Pearl Harbor memorial (USS Arizona) too...being former Navy, that one always gets me. Everytime my ships would pass, we would stand at attention as we sail past the monument (and the entomed shipmates still inside the Arizona, in there final resting place)...those are standing orders of the US Navy (showing them honor and respect).


    I saw a special about a carrier and they showed the part when the carrier sailed past the Arizona. It may have been just for this documentary but they even had many of the sailors dress in their whites and salute on deck as the carrier sailed by.

    Really moving stuff.

    If I ever get the chance to visit the Arizona I'd probably make a fool of myself as I rarely can hold back the emotions over stuff like this.


  17. Seems like an appropriate place to post this link.


    National WWII Musuem


    If you really believe these incredible men and women shouldn't be forgotten, I'd encourage you all to become members. It's shaping up to be a really incredible looking place.


    I'm an original member and proudly donate whenever I can.


    I just wish it wasn't in New Orleans. Hard to get down there very easily for me...


    I agree in wishing it wasn't so far away. I would love to visit it.


    My favorite author, Stephen Ambrose (May he rest in peace) was heavily involved in that museum. Is that correct?

    For some reason it seemed as though I had read that he was involved in the creation of the museum.


  18. Thanks Joker and I would like to thank ALL fallen veterans, former veterans and currently serving US forces!


    I served in the Navy 1980-85.


    BUT my REAL concern is for one of my daughters (and son-in-law) who are BOTH currently on tour in Afganistan. She has had a tour in IRAQ, KUWAIT and now AFGANISTAN. I can't tell you the exact location but it's scary. She and her husband are in the Air Force.


    My daughter sent me this picture of her sitting on a tank (below):




    Here she is with her husband in Afganistan with her husband (he thinks he's Vin Diesel):


    But seriously, he's got a dangerous job...he's routinely a lead gunner on caravans.



    You must be very proud Dan. They'll be in my prayers.

  19. Crow,


    What did you use for the slings on the rifles?


    My first guess would be rubber bands then as an alternative I'd probably try carefully cut tiny strips of paper and brown paint. Just guessing.


    Tedious stuff. I'm certain you've gained an education through the research required to do these.


    Similar to what I go through every time I decide it's time for another rifle. Learning what's "correct" is half the fun. :)


    I use masking tape cut very thin using a straight edge. Then I paint it using a leather brown color.

    Rubber band's would probably be too thick. You have to figure everything is 35 times smaller than full scale. So you can imagine how thin a sling would have to be at 1/35 scale.


    Same with the helmet straps which are hanging from all three of the GI's helmets in the diorama. Those are extremely tiny!!

    I use a Jeweler's magnifying visor for much of the work here.