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  1. Yeah he seemed pretty washed up last year.


    The only way it would makes sense is if he signed a contract like bobby engram did last year and competed for a spot. Which he obviously won't.


    Let's face it we have to get better at wr. If we had any good wrs last year we would have won 3 or 4 more games. All our wrs are number 3s. They are slow. All I keep hearing is we won't be very active in free agency. I don't think you can count on a rookie to make a huge impact. I hope we at least sign a veteren wr.



    I'm not so sure WR is such a huge position of need. The system last year wasn't what I would call WR friednly and WR's often need a few years to adjust and truly come into their own. We saw flashes of Robiskie looking like a quality NFL WR towards the end of last season.

    This team needs D Linemen. D linemen and more D linemen. The cupboard is completely bare. I'd draft a D linemen in the first two rounds and hopefully sign a couple. Justin Bannan is one I'd look at in FA. Also Mike Patterson from the Eagles.

  2. I agree. I am thinking LG.




    Maybe not this year....I doubt the guy is ready to start this early in his career.


    Same here...I read where he didn't start playing football until his Junior year in High school? They may be thinking that his upside is huge and will want to groom him for awhile.


    Not sure where guys on this board are thinking Steinbach is an elite Guard. Maybe 4 or 5 years ago this was true. He's 30 and in the twilight of his career now.


  3. 1. CB

    2. Safety

    2. RB

    3. OL

    3. QB

    5. Safety

    6. WR

    6. DE


    It looks like to me they drafted more for need than BPA. Every position they said they wanted to address they addressed. I highly dought the BPA just happend to be the position we needed at every pick. Even with that said though I really like how our draft turned out


    Hardesty had to be the BPA.....That was not a position of need....At least not compared to the Dline, RT and WR position.

    Even at safety you still had one of your guys there in Burnett.


    Unless Heckert thinks Davis is not going to be here and has doubts about Hillis. I love Peyton Hillis and think he could be the perfect back for the weather in Cleveland.

  4. I love the new direction this team is going in: Smash mouth football! To me, it's the only way to play. Look at the greatest defenses of all time: 70s Steelers, 86 Bears, 2000s Ravens, what do they all have in common? They all beat the living crap out of offenses. Nobody wanted to play these guys and they each have some of the hitters of all time. This is where I want Cleveland to be. I want to be a team that people don't want to play because they are full of hitters. With new additions like Haden, Ward, Hillis, and Hardesty, there is no doubt in my mind that we are heading towards a smash mouth defense and grind it out offense. I am absolutely pumped for this season and beyond. Who's with me?



    A smash mouth D starts with the line and this current line is old or in trouble with the law and not one to get excited about.

    Coleman, Smith and Rogers have been in the league, 9 years, 10 years and 11 years. Wow! Mosely and Rubin are really going to have to step up.

    The Browns need to get younger and more talented there. This position was not addressed at all which also surprised me.

    Let's take anotther RB instead!


    Hate to rain on your parade...But it's the truth.

  5. Wow, good point. I guess I was just under the impression he was the savior on the Right side, hadn't thought of Steinbach's replacement.


    He might be the RG...I have no idea. I haven't heard.

    I just know that Mangini didn't seem overly excited about Steinbach and Lauvao is a LG and LT

  6. There were no more RB's left on the board in the class of Hardesty, and he would not have lasted until our 71st pick. After Hardesty, there were no RB's taken in Rd 3, only one (McKnight) picked in the middle of Rd 4, and no RB's selected in Rd 5. Trading up for Hardesty was a good move.


    Sure, if Rb was a bigger need than Safety, or ILB or WR or DT/DE.


    Harrison Hillis and Davis are all young, capable RB's.

    The Browns starting tackles are over 30 and the starting NG is now in trouble with the law. Fujita, Bowen and Barton are 30 years old and older and The safeties are terribly below average. one of your ILB's is coming off a season in which he was out all year.

    Yet we take a RB? I think it's almost shocking

  7. Lauvao has mangini's fingerprints all over him and i believe he will be our new RG this guy is way underestimated..


    Has there been anything said about which side he will play on? I figured he was more than likely Steinbach's replacement.

    I got the feeling last year that Mangini wasn't a fan of Eric....Didn't like his lack of weight.


  8. Mays can't cover anybody and in this league that is bad news. He's Cato June: a college safety that translates to a LB in the pros.


    This is actually the only knock on Ward. Many doubt he has any cover skills.

    But he's a fearless stick that will be very good against the run.....And I have to believe that is what Mangini was looking for.


  9. Are teams that worried about Blount being a cancer? This kid can play. He is too talented not to get drafted. There are some other factors going on besides his past mishaps at OU


    I don't think the Browns need to give him a shot. They already have Peyton Hillis, and I love Hillis.

  10. I like Hardesty but I agree with you there, would have rather had Burnett. We could of still picked up Dixon, Dwyer, still can get Blount or we could've traded a 5th for Lendale White or Leon Washington.


    Thanks....I think you are right on!!


    As I sat there today when Hardesty was chosen my jaw dropped. Really? Another RB? With so many on the board yet?


  11. I love Ward and will say again, had the Browns taking Morgan Burnette instead of Hardesty we could have seen these two play side by side for a long time. Ward is the hitter and while Burnett can hit too, He is more interested in going for the ball.

    Ward and Burnett could have put a lot of fear into NFL WR's.

  12. I hate this pick. A striaght ahead runner who runs too high.


    This team needs to fill so many holes. RB was not one of them. Especially after picking up Hillis from Denver.

    Harrison, Davis, Hillis and we draft another RB? Makes no sense to me at all.

    Morgan Burnett was there, as was Pat Angerer. Two guys that would've helped much more than yet another RB.

    I love Burnette. A big Safety that can play either Free or Strong.

  13. what makes my posts less valid than others? the browns can't tackle, we have seen that! I want to know what they are doing. delete this, I am starting to think that you are browns elitists now. I love my team and I love Cleveland but I wont tollerate assholes.


    Wow....That isn't only too emotional, That's embarrassing.



  14. I think Blount getting into trouble was about new HC Chip Kelly telling his star player he couldn't slack off. Not great news, but I don't think it's a big deal.


    With Jeremiah Johnson gone, Blount's in line to get a ton of carries. Hopefully, we'll see more performances like this one.



    Even if Harrison and Davis impress this year, I'd love to have Blount come in and close out games for us. Worn out defenders won't be able to bring this guy down.


    It was more than that Aloy. The guy admitted he quit going to class and wasn't working out. That from Blounts own lips.


    That is much more than a simple "Don't slack off".


    I think he's a complete stud as well. But I don't think he'd ever be considered by Mangini. I don't see him being the high character and motivated player that Mangini wants.


  15. Quinn can beat the Steelers, he broke apart their defense and exposed their weaknesses before the Superbowl this year, the TD to Larry Fitz over the middle was the exact play Quinn was referencing would get the Steelers. He must have ESP. Plus MAngini knows what it means to beat the Steelers, we play very well in prime time (last 2 years very well), and our players are going to want it more than them, plus, Big Gay Ben is going to continue to get hit over and over and over, he will be held up by duct tape, and were gonna dissasemble him.


    The Bengals have the element of suprise, and they always seem to have something rediculous happen to beat us (like cedric benson rushing for 180). Plus they have shored up their O-line, Chad Johnson is back in shape this year, he's fully recovered from ankle surgery, and his shoulder is healed (both of which plagued him last year), Their defense was ranked pretty high last year and they have alot of young blood, now they added Rey Maualuga to the mix. The Bengals are gonna be a big suprise next year, they had a great draft (IMHO).


    If we dont take the AFC the Bengals will, and if we dont, they just migt pull off the WC


    I think their only true bright spot is a healthy Carson Palmer. I'm not even sure he's a big game changer and record changer for them.


    After Palmer it's one question mark after another.


    They did a lot of moving people around on the offensive line but I'm unsure how much better they will be with Whitworth (Who had a season ending ankle injury last year) taking the place of Levi Jones. Smith is getting moved to right tackle which means he's playing a position he never has played before. They have a new center and new left guard. One player remains in his position from last year.

    They lost one of the best WR's in the league and still have a huge question mark at RB.


    I'm not sold. Not sold enough to think the league's worst offense will get that much better.

    This could be really good....Or really, really bad.


  16. I hear he's closer to 200 lbs. He weighed 185 lbs. coming out of high school; he's probably added more than five pounds of bulk since then.



    .b]Kendall Hunter vs. Texas Tech[/b]


    He sure didn't look very big to me so I just now went to the OSU website. There they actually have him listed at 5'8" and 190 lbs. I don't think he's put much weight on at all.


    I think when OSU plays elite teams outside the conference it gives us a better idea where he is at. As I mentioned earlier, Oregon completely shut him down in the bowl game last year and this year he'll get tested right away as they play Georgia to open the year. That will be a fun game to watch!

  17. Sunday, September 13 vs MINNESOTA VIKINGS FOX 1:00 PM LOSS

    Sunday, September 20 @ Denver Broncos CBS 4:15 PM WIN

    Sunday, September 27 @ Baltimore Ravens CBS 1:00 PM WIN

    Sunday, October 4 vs CINCINNATI BENGALS CBS 1:00 PM LOSS

    Sunday, October 11 @ Buffalo Bills CBS 1:00 PM WIN

    Sunday, October 18 @ Pittsburgh Steelers CBS 1:00 PM WIN

    Sunday, October 25 vs GREEN BAY PACKERS FOX 1:00 PM WIN

    Sunday, November 1 @ Chicago Bears CBS 1:00 PM LOSS

    Monday, November 16 vs BALTIMORE RAVENS ESPN 8:30 PM WIN

    Sunday, November 22 @ Detroit Lions CBS 1:00 PM WIN

    Sunday, November 29 @ Cincinnati Bengals CBS 1:00 PM LOSS

    Sunday, December 6 vs SAN DIEGO CHARGERS CBS 4:05 PM LOSS

    Thursday, December 10 vs PITTSBURGH STEELERS NFLN 8:20 PM WIN

    Sunday, December 20 @ Kansas City Chiefs CBS 1:00 PM WIN

    Sunday, December 27 vs OAKLAND RAIDERS CBS 1:00 PM WIN

    Sunday, January 3 vs JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS CBS 1:00 PM LOSS


    I have thought this through thoroughly, I know you all may think Im nuts, but there's a method to my madness


    We go 10-6


    Losing twice to the Bengals and beating the Steelers twice? C'mon!

  18. I just read that piece saying the Browns would be the worst team in football, or close to it.


    Was it Walter C. from walterfootball.com?

    He has such a hard on for Mangini that it colors everything he writes about him. It's too bad because generally his website is a pretty good one.

    He has the Browns being the worst team in football and drafting Bradford #1 in 2010.