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    Next year's RB Class

    You may be rigth Solon but there are two things that worry me about him when it comes to playing on Sundays.... 5'8" and 190 lbs is a very small back for the NFL. Secondly, I trust very little when it comes to offensive stats in the Big 12. No one plays defense in that conference. In their Bowl game OSU played a good team in Oregon and the Ducks shut him down. I think he had just over 30 yards in about dozen attempts. He may get drafted if he comes out early. My guess is the 5th or 6th round.
  2. You have to be kidding me Ocon....Eisen actually agrees that Mangini has already "Lost this team"? This guy is basically the spokesman for the NFL network and he's defending and agreeing with statements like that? Calling him a Tool may be too good for him. I've disliked the guy ever since he started refering to himself and his time at ESPN as the "Rich Eisen experience". Made me want to puke. I have no idea what obligations the Browns coaches and players have to the NFL network when it comes to interviews and media exposure but if I were Mangini I'd tell them to take a hike the first time they ask for an interview....It would be especially sweet if Mangin turns the ship around.
  3. Oldcrow1945

    Next year's RB Class

    I love Blount too! I think he has 1st round written all over him. A big athletic RB. If there is a knock on him it's his dancing a bit at the point of attack. But if he gets to the second level watch out. He's a wrecking ball. The university isn't saying exactly what happened but it's been reported that it was worse than missing a few classes. He evidently wasn't going to team meetings or working out as well as missing classes. He is back now but it is going to hurt him come draft day as more and more teams are focusing on high Character players. Rey Muauluga was a good example of questionable character hurting draft status. Blount needs to not have anymore problems and have a monster year. Then convince the various teams at the combine that the suspension wasn't anything serious and that he's a focused football player. The funny thing about all of this is he's a sociology major.
  4. Oldcrow1945

    Braylon Going Deep

    Damn, now the statement has me more confused than I was before I just read your analysis....lol! Yep, I have the same problem.....You better spell it out in no uncertain terms or the analyzing begins!
  5. Florio is a serious tool.....Want some other opinions? Google "Robert Smith vs. Mike Florio" Smith calls him out and says he's a fraud....Although he later aplogized for it. Florio is known for spewing pure bullshit.
  6. Oldcrow1945

    Braylon Going Deep

    I did look at the context and it's still very vague and poorly written. What does a Mangini's feelings about a rookie jogging a lap have anything to do with Rucker barely running a lap? How does one lead into the other? It makes little sense and is very vague. Is "Jogging" and "barely running" somehow comparable? Or is "Jogging" a few tenths of second faster than "Barely running"? Or is it a lot faster? You can also can not say that statement in any way tells us that Rucker was running more than one lap. I have no idea where you came up with that. It simply says he was barely running on one lap. Not barely running on one of many. Again, my point is made. The entire thing is vague. But not to you, I guess. Your ability to decipher is remarkable. If it's not vague to you than more power to you. But it is poorly written in it's attempt to get real point across.
  7. Oldcrow1945

    Braylon Going Deep

    I'm with you Sisky....I thought the comment was too vague as well
  8. Oldcrow1945

    Browns fantasy question: Can WR Edwards return to elite status?

    As a fantasy pick? I wouldn't touch him until very late. Very late.
  9. Oldcrow1945

    Next year's RB Class

    Two mid to late round selections that could be interesting to watch. James Starks out of Buffalo. 6'2" and 211 lbs. He caught an impressive 52 passes out of the backfield last year. The next one I like a lot. He's never lived up to his potential at LSU so you'd think his upside may be good. Keiland Williams. 5'11" and 230 lbs.
  10. Oldcrow1945

    Next year's RB Class

    If he gets more carries along with his combine could really shoot him up the drafts charts. If he has a successful year sharing time with McNight and can actually run that 4.45 or close to it at the combine while weighing in at 220 lbs his stock will rise.
  11. Oldcrow1945

    Browns signed CB Roderick Hood

    Aggressive and a little weak in pass coverage. Basically the definition of 90% of the Strong Safeties in the NFL! I love the aggressive part of his play. It is easier to teach an over aggressive player to slow down and be in position than it is to try and make a naturally unaggresive player be suddenly aggressive.
  12. Oldcrow1945

    Browns signed CB Roderick Hood

    I have a hard time believing that a safety that was undrafted, has been around since 2005, been waived by two teams and couldn't start for the Jets last year would be "A star in the making". (Per Shep) It's not impossible. Just highly unlikely that he has suddenly become a potential star safety.
  13. Oldcrow1945

    Next year's RB Class

    Tom, next year's class (with the presumed juniors coming out) could be very, very deep. I'm much more excited about 7 or 8 guys coming out next year than I ever could be about Green. I even like USC back up RB Stefon Johnson better than I do Green. This kid would be a star at another school. 6' 215 lbs and reportedly runs in the 4.45 range. He'll probably be a 3rd or 4th rounder. Maybe even higher. On a side note concerning College RB's, Oregon's LaGarette Blount has already started the year off on the wrong foot by getting suspended for missing practice and workout sessions. I and many others had him as a possible 1st rounder next year. Maybe he's already counting his future NFL cash. Brilliant LaGarette!
  14. Oldcrow1945

    Browns signed CB Roderick Hood

    Do you really think that? Or are you just hoping for that?
  15. Oldcrow1945

    B-mac vs E Wright

    I don't think either of these corners in this poll should be a starter in the NFL. If I had to chose one it would be BMac. I'm really shocked that anyone on this board would think Eric Wright is a quality corner. He not only covers poorly (Really stiff hips) but his tackling is terrible. If you can't cover than at least be a solid tackler. Vise versa would be appropriate as well. If you can't tackle at least be a lockdown guy, ala Dion Sanders. At least BMac makes the tackle on a consistant basis.
  16. Oldcrow1945

    Eric Wedge

    Today is another reason why I don't care for Eric Wedge. I believe he over manages. His constant shuffling of the line up drives me crazy, but today after only 90 pitches and completely dominating the Yankees he pulls Pavano for the ol' lefty vs lefty matchup. Perez comes in and gives up a double and a single, gets no one out and they just took him out for Lewis. If the Yankees come back to win thsi game I hold Wedge completely responsible.
  17. Oldcrow1945

    Post Draft Power Rankings and Draft Grades

    Walter football has the Browns as the worst team in the league! Wow! I have a feeling that Walter is a Jets fan. He absolutely hates Mangini. When they end up being far from the worse team in the NFL I'll be sure to remind him. And so should everyone else on thsi board. Send him an email.
  18. Oldcrow1945

    Something different

    I've been debating whether or not to start this thread but at the request of Bean I've decided to do it. He convinced when he said it would give Tribe fans something to read or think about other than the Tribe. My daughter, a switch hitting centerfielder is a junior for the division III 3rd ranked Hillsdale Falcons. They were #1 in the state for a while but myseriously dropped to third in the last poll. It was especially surprising considering the the Falcons had just went 4-0 in the annual Wendy's classic by defeating two Illinios state powers in Lake Park and Bartlett. Two weekend's past they played Ohio's Division I ranked #2 team, the Greenville Lady Wave and came away with a 4-0 win in that game. The Lady Falcons are now 18-1 and after games this Monday and Wednesday, the girls will be heading into state tourney play this Friday as they play the winner of Elyria Catholic and Oberlin. We are really excited for our daughter and this team. Hillsdale was been in the final four 9 times and won 4 state championships but one of the coaches, who is a friend of mine, believes this may be the best team they've ever had at HHS. After the loss to Hillsdale, the Greenville manager said he thought it was one of the best softball teams he had ever seen. Pretty high praise coming from a manager who won a state championship in Div. 1 in 2007 and whose seniors have won over 100 games in their high school career. Carly, my daughter is a really good kid. She's very active in her church and went on a couple mission trips to Mexico. She's one of those kids you look at and wonder where she got it because it wasn't from me. The first few pics are Carly. I'll attach a few of her HHS teammates as well. The Shortstop is all Ohio and headed for Bowling Green to play softball. The Greenville manager said she's the best player in the state. The pitcher is all Ohio as well and is head to Walsh next year. She has been completely dominating as of late. In her last 47 innings she has given up 2 runs and has thrown two no hitters.
  19. Oldcrow1945

    Stallworth update

    Doesn't Stallworth have a history of law enforcement problems? If this is the case it would be unusual for a regular citizen to get treated with the kid gloves that they are obviously going to be treating Stallworth with. I'm sure he'll also have a civil suit pending as well
  20. Oldcrow1945

    Something different

    The HHS girls will be playing in the district Semi finals against Columbia Station in North Ridgeville on Thursday the 21st. Hillsdale ended up ranked #1 in the state in the final division III poll. Columbia Station finished 8th. Should be a really good match up. If any of you guys are in the area stop by. It should be a fun game to watch.
  21. Oldcrow1945

    Browns pacify Rogers, but not Cribbs

    6.77 million over 7 years for a guy that plays defensively on kickoffs, punts and returns punts. He's making almost a mil a year for playing about 10 to 12 plays a week. I sure wish I could get such disrespect. Another case of a pro athlete needing a reality check. It disgust me.
  22. Oldcrow1945

    Herzlich has cancer

    Yes, I had figured with a good combine he may even get into the top ten. Although closer to 20th overall may be closer. Either way, he'll be in my prayers.
  23. Oldcrow1945

    Nascar Forum?

    It broke my heart.....I was standing only a few feet away from a 36'' TV yelling "Go baby!"....Then it was instant heartbreak followed by concern for Edwards health. It is another one of those moments in sport that will be burned into my memory.
  24. Oldcrow1945

    Nascar Forum?

    I loved it that not one driver wanted to bump with Kyle Busch. Seems most of the fans I know like the small tracks for the bumping and grinding but I love the super speedways like Daytona and Talladega.
  25. Oldcrow1945

    Summertime Blues

    Most of those that looked at it were probably like me. Didn't kmow it was going to be trivia. I dislike trivia....It is after all, trivial.