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  1. 1973 Camaro, 307 turbo charged. Below is the closest pictures on the web that I could find for that model.
  2. Mr. T

    RIP Teddy

    Ted Kennedy Dies of Brain Cancer at Age 77 'Liberal Lion' of the Senate Led Storied Political Life RIP
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    Nobodys Fool

    It’s been said that online forums are microcosms of our society as a whole, and just like our society’s government you’ll find moderators intervening with the members here. For the most part, those interventions have to be focused on the agitators, the trolls and spammers that have over run the political forum here on The Browns Board for the means of furthering their politics and personal political liberal agenda’s. And it would seem coincidentally that just like society these days our forums here have more than their fair share of political infighting and intrigue. A couple of days have passed since I stepped down as the moderator of The Browns Board political forum to make a simple point stick, babysitting these liberal angst wailing troublemakers takes a horrendous amount of time and intervention as compared to all other forums available on this site. It’s a daily burden that never ends and cannot be ignored for their being no lack of them running roughshod on the political forum. The new moderator Steve has just begun to get involved in the assignment and as such, see for your selves the site is yet again full of the spammers and undesirables I have blocked and banned in the past to attempt keeping the peace here. And so here we sit with essentially at times a non-functioning board. Legitimate members are at the throats of the liberal trolls offering homosexual acts of depravity, while foolish lackadaisical administrators are caving in to the ridiculous demands of these liberal scumbag manipulators. Zombo, you have demonstrated little understanding nor concern for the site’s core membership and yet you were so quick to implement drastic changes. If you had any genuine regard for members or familiarity of well practiced policy and procedure I believe none of these things would be happening now. As it stands your actions have infuriated several long standing legitimate members who are contemplating on leaving this forum all together. The point of it all is, never let liberal’s use your website for their personal toilet and political dumping ground. And if you want to keep your nose clean, certainly don’t make the mistake of entrusting a part time low baller to make important decisions on your behalf. Good Luck Steve!
  4. Mr. T

    Nobodys Fool

    Thanks Hooker, I'll leave the cash on the end table.
  5. Mr. T


    You are a little pimple nosed whiner, who has done nothing but disrupt the board in whole. Hey it's not abuse of power it is lack of the admin (Z0 not having the balls to do what needed to be done. For all we know Z is bisexual and took you up on your offer and allowed your pimple face back on here. You are nothing more than a whining attention whore you little pos!
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    The problem with funding for these projects has to deal with a messed up ideology from the Obama administration. Obama and friends would rather close up shop on the space shuttle so they can use the money on social programs.
  7. Mr. T

    Comedian Makes Jokes About Obamao

    The left hates everything about America unless it has a government check attached to it. They are against women. They are for murdering innocent babies They look the other way as Muslim men burn the faces of their wives and daughters who have "shamed them" with acid? Liberals are the KINGS and QUEENS of the double-standard.
  8. Mr. T

    A Chance For A New Start

    So you changed the wording in your post, how is that possible?
  9. Mr. T

    A Chance For A New Start

    It's funny that is always you and woody doing all the crying. I really dont care about their opinion when you lie all the time. You are just a punk kid who needs his ass beaten for being a brat.
  10. Mr. T

    A Chance For A New Start

    VT you are incapable of having a adult conversation. Nobody is having a pissing match in here but you. a lot of people have gotten tired of you're and Woodys bullcrap and have left the board. And if you differ why don't you ask where is lady Z among others who have gotten sick and tired of your childish games. You lack people skills and I hate the day you are placed in charge of making any medical decisions that will effect someones life. Edit: I have already had to place one of your posts as unviewable due to the language.
  11. Mr. T

    A Chance For A New Start

    Oh yes like Alo was so great, he locked and dismatled peoples accounts removed editorials and posts and deleted and changed peoples posts while he was in charge. And these same people were not insulting anyone they just didn't agree with Heck, Shep, mz the pussy the pussy and a number of others who posted. If anyone had anything to say as a rebuttal to any topic that was pro progressive he would secretly manipulate the outcome. Here I suspend one account for someone wanting to solicite homo sexual activity and all the progs come out and complain.eanwhile we have had VT and Woody dismatle and destroy any thread with their silly nonsense and complian when someone calls them out on it. They can cry all they want, But my moderating is not going to change. If you drop the F bomb I will delete it. If you solicite sexual activity It will be deleted like saying you want to suck someones privates. If you are a spammer I will delete it. If you attack any modertor I will delete it. If you break any of these rules I dont want to here you whining when you are disciplined. So stop acting like a bunch of girls and grow up.
  12. We also need to bring back the pledge of allegiance and prayer to our schools.
  13. Mr. T


    Check out the reaction of the interviewer Krishnan Guru-Murthy with Ice T's response. sounds like he didn't get the answer he was searching for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5EYaW1HZhw Ice-T: Well, I'll give up my gun when everybody does. Doesn't that make sense? If there were guns here, would you want to be the only person without one? Krishnan Guru-Murthy, anchor, Channel 4 News: So do you carry guns routinely at home? Ice-T: Yeah, it's legal in the United States. It's part of our Constitution. You know, the right to bear arms is because that's the last form of defense against tyranny. Not to hunt. It's to protect yourself from the police. Anchor: And do you see any link between that and these sorts of incidents (Aurora)? Ice-T: No. Nah. Not really really. You know what I'm saying, if somebody wants to kill people, you know, they don't need a gun to do it. Anchor: It makes it easier though, doesn't it? Ice-T: Not really. You can strap explosives on your body, they do that all the time. On anti-gun laws: "That's not going to change anything. The United States is based on guns, you know." Source
  14. I gave you a warning for the vulgar language and Woody is next. Try again and stop acting like a spoiled brat because you cannot get your way. If you do not like the Bill of Rights move out of the country and denounce your citizenship because true americans protect their rights.
  15. Potheads? hell yeah potheads fit right into the same category as you have mentioned. Believe me I have dealt with all of the above and I wouldn't trust any of them.
  16. You do not know what you are talking about. If you feel lucky, try to come and take mine away. The AR is a much more superior rifle when it comes to accuracy. Just ask the Taliban.
  17. Those wondering why the Department of Justice has refused to go after Jon Corzine for the vaporization of $1.6 billion in MF Global client funds need look no further than the documents uncovered by the Government Accountability Institute that reveal that the now-defunct MF Global was a client of Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer’s former law firm, Covington & Burling. There’s more. Records also reveal that MF Global’s trustee for the Chapter 11 bankruptcy retained as its general bankruptcy counsel Morrison & Foerester--the very law firm from which Associate Attorney General Tony West came to DOJ. And more.As Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer explains in the Washington Times Thursday, the trustee overseeing MF Global’s bankruptcy is former FBI Director Louis Freeh. At Holder’s Senate confirmation hearing Freeh served as a character witness for Holder and revealed that Holder had previously worked for Freeh. “As general counsel,” Freeh said, “I could have engaged any lawyer in America to represent our bank. I chose Eric.” Until now, the conventional wisdom for why Holder wouldn’t throw the book at Corzine was that Corzine is an Obama campaign bundler. Indeed, as Breitbart News reported, four of the top officials at the Department of Justice--Eric Holder, Thomas Perrelli, Karol Mason, and Tony West--were also big money bundlers for Obama. But the newly understood crony connections reveal conflicts of interest that extend well beyond mere political support for a common candidate--they go to a tangle of prior business dealings that further underscore the need for a special prosecutor in the Corzine case. At least 65 members of Congress have already signed a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder requesting that he appoint a special prosecutor to investigate MF Global’s collapse and the loss of $1.6 billion in customer money. What’s more, even progressives have begun to wonder whether Holder’s Covington & Burling connection explains why the Department of Justice has not charged, prosecuted, or jailed a single Wall Street executive after the biggest financial collapse in American history. Read more HERE
  18. Mr. T

    Joe Pa Knew

    The guilt must've done him in
  19. Obama has been looking for a way to confiscate weapons. So we have one lunatic pothead shoot up a theatre and here we go with the same ole bullshit!
  20. He will only go after guns during his second term or last term in office.
  21. Mr. T

    I'm Happy I Don't Go To School In Texas

    Maybe Texas will be the first state to bring back corporal punishment in the schools. If so i will give them a big pat on the back and hi five!
  22. Mr. T


    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is still in effect and reigns over all, it is the law of the land. Progressive liberals have masturbated the definitions over the last century and if some had it their way they would trash it and burn it. If you ask a prog if the ends justify the means I am sure they would agree whole heartedly. Case and point just look at how many people will vote for a politician who pledges to bring them free shit. These same people will vote away our rights in the name of so called fairness. If you have read the Constitution you will know that in the beginning it states We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. So why would you want to discard this important document? Is it in your view that some people should have more special rights than others? Lets say minorities, are they more important in your view than the average Joe? some people believe that is true and that they need to be lifted up. We still have dummies who have been brought up believing that we are a democratic nation when in fact we are a republic. Maybe you guys should stop listening to the main stream and go back and educate yourselves before you start making statements that are not true. You can start HERE