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    You mess up, you will be benched.

    I just want to know if we can Bench Daboll if he calls more horrible plays.
  2. DeadWombat

    Transcript from Friday presser - OC Brian Daboll

    But he DID adjust! We stopped running slants, sweeps, screens, and any play that involved a pass of more than 5 yards. That's adjusting, right?
  3. DeadWombat

    Transcript from Friday presser - OC Brian Daboll

    Good lord.... I read that part as well and I just smacked my head against the table. What kind of assinine coach resolves to "stick to the gameplan" when the other team's defense shuts you down repeatedly? Shit, I seriously can't believe he said that. Daboll calls runs up the middle play after play. Tampa Bay starts stacking the box with 10 guys. In response... Brian Daboll calls more runs up the middle. What. The. Flying. xxxxb. Is this man doing to our team? What kind of backwards, bizzaro-land logic does that make???
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    The Browns Will Win Sunday

    Brian Daboll. Your argument is now invalid.
  5. DeadWombat

    Daboll and his pathetic playcalling

    And they were ranked last in run defense as well. Yet Daboll calls 37 passing plays... many with a hurt QB! That's Daboll's fault as well.
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    Will Hillis' fumble-itis limit his carries next week?

    Hillis has never had a history of fumbling to my knowledge... not even in college. More than anything the fumbles were unfortunate flukes.
  7. DeadWombat

    Cleveland Browns get lineman on waivers

    Just another camp body to replace Kwaku Danso
  8. DeadWombat

    Who will win the first Browns preseason game?

    Anyone who honestly thinks we're going to go out there and do well is smoking something. This happens every year.... people get hyped up from reading "so and so looked good in camp today" and starts thinking that we're actually a good team. And those are the same people who post "OMG OUR TEAM SUCKS SO MUCH" right after the game, because they walked into it having such high expectations and those expectations were brutally raped and beaten unconscious by a perennial playoff team that actually has a good system with talented players who know what they're doing. We're still trying to find an identity on almost every position, both offense and defense. Oh, and we have Brian Daboll as our OC. If that doesn't depress you, you've got to be in denial.
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    Man, its kind of hard to keep a neutral stance between boards when I see folks like Zombo and Stan trashing the ever-living shit out of that board and the people that post there. Geeze, the hate is so overt its like reading cold war propaganda.... Look, I know that shit went down last year, and I know that I don't know the full story... but seriously... why all the hate? I mean, I see all this talk about "all the whiny drama queens" and how everyone over on that other board apparently sucks cock regulary whenever they're not staring at their desktop wallpaper of Brady Quinn's nutsack or moaning about shit no one wants to hear. But I just don't see it. I've been over there and funnily enough, most of the people over on that other board are die-hard browns fans just like you and me, and (dare I say it) they are generally intelligent and capable of rational debate. There's lots of guys I respect on both boards. It doesn't add up. I remember that the board this time last year was a mess. You couldn't so much as whisper a shred of a compliment in the direction of either QB without being labeled a Quinn fag or a DA fag and getting flamed for it. I remember being called both repeatedly for posting anything resembling an opinion on the quarterback debate. I also remember that Lumbergh was a huge part of these shenanigans, and then people started acting like him which made the situation quickly explode into a fireball of insults and angry posts. A lot of people (including me) were pissed off that there was little-to-no modding for all the flaming and trolling going on.... and the fact that Stan and some mods took sides in the debate instead of trying to control the situation didn't help (no offense, Stan). Everybody that was posting back then was partially responsible for it.... because we all let it happen and no one really did anything about it. I'm only going to talk about what I saw, and all I know is that eventually there were a lot of bannings all at once, there was cheering over the "death of all the quinn fags", and I heard of (and saw) some really shady behind-the-scenes stuff going on by both parties. Crazy shit. And with the exodus of a lot of guys, there were was a lot of hate-fueled drama, bitter feelings, and a whole bunch of other shit that aint right. And now, there's a bunch of browns fans pissed at eachother because of some internet message board fiasco that happened almost a year ago. The fiasco wasn't that there were apparently a bunch of closet homosexual drama queens perusing about on the board. The real fiasco is that the board became a self propagating hate machine fueled by a controversial QB debate. And there were a lot of factors that lead to this becoming such a huge problem here (the fact that both QBs sucked and we were all pretty frustrated at our shitty season was probably the biggest contributing factor) The "cancer" of this board supposedly left with the mass bannings, but I don't really see too much different here with 1 or 2 exceptions (one of those being the absense of our friend lummy). There were trolls and drama queens here before the break up, and there's trolls and drama queens here after the break up.... only the names have changed since then. And hey: there's trolls and drama queens over in that other board, too. Heck, there's trolls and drama queens on every internet forum. Ever. No one forum will ever escape it as long as there are people out there who have opinions and an internet connection. The biggest difference is that there are now two boards when there used to be one. And there's a lot of (IMO) pointless hate and slander aimed at the people on these boards... for no real good reason, too! Look, we're all browns fans here.... And we're all passionate about our team and our city we believe in. That one thing is, and always has been a constant. Why let one bad controversy (one that brought out the worst in a lot of good people) fuel drama and slander that has been kept simmering for so long? The funny thing is.... over on that other board I don't see too much of this similar talk directed at the people here. There's a couple exceptions, but from what I've seen, the guys on that board have moved on. They're just over there talking football. That's why I find it odd to come here and see talk like the stuff in this thread every time the other board is brought up. I would really like if people could just let go and make amends... but I could settle for asking people to keep their thoughts to themselves and show just a little more respect towards our fellow browns fans. After all, we're rooting for the same team here. We shouldn't let a bad memory (of internet drama, of all things) tarnish our relationship with the same guys we could end up seeing one day at a tailgate party or at a bar after the game. I'm here for football. Thats what brought me to this board, and I don't want something silly like this "lets hate on the other board" shit get in the way of it just because I like going to both places. Don't make me go to the OBR Scout boards.
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    Jake not washed up

    great article.... explains a lot about Jake's situation. I'm glad this came to surface, because nearly everybody was looking for an explanation for Jake's last season.
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    The Browns pants are back for the 2010 season.

    I dont understand the hoopla about the brown pants. IMO they look good with the white jerseys. Whats so ugly about them? Why are white jerseys with brown pants so much worse than brown jerseys and white pants?
  12. DeadWombat

    I'm Coming Home...

    Glad you're back from that other board. I hate that place. Full of pussies.
  13. DeadWombat

    Browns help nab sex offender!!

    Oh man I laughed hard.
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    Will Delhomme Start?

    Alright! Another QB competition! Just when I thought we didn't have enough dismal seasons marred by QB controversy in Cleveland.... Mangini hints at another QB competition. /sarcasm Look, just name Delhomme the @!$#in starter already. Wallace and Cribbs can take the field as much as they want (hopefully a lot if they work out how to use their Cyclone package)... but give Delhomme the reins on game day. Just because he starts doesn't mean he has to be on the field on every down. The team needs a leader with unquestioned authority, and Delhomme needs the confidence. This isn't difficult.
  15. DeadWombat

    Browns cut 5 to make room

    They kept Danso because Rob Ryan wants to keep him as his project player. He loves his physical skills and his eagerness to learn. He's a sure fire candidate to end up on the practice squad... I'll be suprised if he's anywhere else come August. I hope he makes it... gotta root for a guy like him. Lemme copy and paste a bit from a story they had on him a while back
  16. DeadWombat

    to my Steeler brethren

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Nothing more than that.
  17. I'm sure it was a humbling thing being humbled like that.
  18. DeadWombat

    Happy Birthday Zombo

    My birthday was yesterday. I was smart enough to pop out a day early so I didn't have to share Zombo's fate as an April Fool.
  19. DeadWombat

    Brett Ratliff's future

    If Ratliff is still on the team, its because Mangini can't bear to lose his excellent coffee fetching abilities.
  20. DeadWombat

    Thanks Derek Anderson

    DA brings up a good point. No matter what the scenario, you do NOT cheer when a player on your team gets injured. That's such a classless act. I couldn't believe it happened when I saw it, and I was pissed and felt bad for him. He has every right to be angry at the fans for that.
  21. DeadWombat

    DA has been cut!!!!

    I want to know where lumbergh is.
  22. DeadWombat

    Browns New QB

    He's hoping he's gonna be cut soon.
  23. DeadWombat

    So.....Reggie Bush?

    With Harrison, Jennings, and especially with James Davis coming back, I think we are set at RB.