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  1. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    Now Fedex is demanding the Redskins change their name.....this is getting really stupid.
  2. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    ^^^^^^^You've just described the liberal Democrats precisely. As for the name change....I think it's ridiculous to change the name of a team after 100 years in existence.
  3. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    Since we talk politics and other issues all the time, I know my children's views on things. We all share the same values. I always suspected you were a just being annoying, and now you just proved it. Time to ignore you, because clearly.......
  4. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    He graduated from UT in 2009.
  5. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    My wife and I put 6 children through college. 3 boys and 3 girls. Cedarville University, Toleo, U., Miami U., Youngstown U., and 2 at Kent State. Oldest daughter has a mathematics degree and has a government office job in Virginia for a company that builds ships for the military. https://nns.huntingtoningalls.com/ My other two daughters are an occupational therapist, and an R.N. Two sons are data migration consultants with their own companies, and other son is a high school teacher and coach in Connecticut. Not one liberal in the bunch. I think we did alright. Since we're bragging! LOL
  6. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

  7. BrownsFan4Evr

    Cleveland Indians Looking Into Changing Name

    [/img] He's Native American, first one to ever play professional baseball. He PLAYED FOR CLEVELAND. They named the Indians after him, to honor his legacy.
  8. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

  9. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    If producing liberal wackos are what you consider "academic quality", you're worse off than I thought.
  10. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    Berkeley....liberals, radicals, nut job professors, ...........yea, right.........great institution...........lol.......Here's some of Berkley's finest.
  11. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    Berkley?? LOLOLOLOL
  12. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    Wrong again, Vagina.....
  13. BrownsFan4Evr

    Washington Redskins

    No....no, I wouldn't. You can quit posting like you know what I would feel.
  14. BrownsFan4Evr

    Baker's latest

    "Joy" Name fits!! [/img]
  15. BrownsFan4Evr

    Big Ben Booze and Porn

    Seems like now he's addicted to pizza, milkshakes, and potato chips! [/img]
  16. BrownsFan4Evr

    Survey Monday June 8

    1. Joe Burrow.....Sam Bradford 2. Chase Young... Bruce Smith. 3. Tua Tagavailoa....Johnny Manziel 4. Jed Wills.....Greg Robinson 5. Grant Delpit....Justin Gilbert 6. Jordan Elliott...Gerald McCoy. 7. Jacob Phillips..Mike Junkin 8. Donovan Peepsles-Jones....Antonio Brown. 9. Harrison Bryant.....Austin Hooper. 10. Jordan Love.....Jamarcus Russell
  17. BrownsFan4Evr

    Had To Share!!

    Don't know if anyone's seen this yet.........😂😂😂
  18. BrownsFan4Evr

    The GOAT is Leaving New England... And Going to Tampa

    That's the ONLY thing I like about him.....😀
  19. BrownsFan4Evr

    The GOAT is Leaving New England... And Going to Tampa

    I really hate the GOAT label. No one can really claim that. I prefer the Greatest of His Era title. The game has changed so much I don't think anyone can say a certain player is the GOAT. Jmho.
  20. BrownsFan4Evr

    The GOAT is Leaving New England... And Going to Tampa

    I don't know why, but I just have never liked the guy. Just something about him. I think he needs to simply retire. He's fading fast as a QB, and he should quit while people still remember how good he was, not for hanging on too long.
  21. BrownsFan4Evr

    Myles Garrett Reinstated

  22. BrownsFan4Evr

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    I think this hire sucks.......hope I'm wrong.
  23. BrownsFan4Evr

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Lincoln Riley enters the mix.....per ESPN this morning.
  24. BrownsFan4Evr

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    Freddie couldn't coach a junior high football team! He makes Hue look good.
  25. BrownsFan4Evr

    Last game as Browns Fan?

    So, in other words, you're a bandwagon fan. Ok, bye.