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  1. BrownsFan4Evr

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Why not just give both teams ONE chance on offense? That seems to be the most fair. Simple solution. KC scored....now Buffalo gets the ball and has to match that TD or game over.
  2. BrownsFan4Evr

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    Well, I watched two NFL quarterbacks careers come to an end last night. Big Ben and Mayfield! LOL
  3. BrownsFan4Evr

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    I really hope the problem with Baker is the fact that he's hurt. Because whether you like it or not he's going to be the quarterback next year.
  4. BrownsFan4Evr

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    Run the ball!
  5. BrownsFan4Evr

    No more Indians

    They could have really given them a name with a Cleveland connection:
  6. BrownsFan4Evr

    No more Indians

    Sucks! I'm sick of all this "PC" crap! What about the Chicago Blackhawks, the Atlanta Braves, the Seminoles, the KC Chiefs? Just to name a few. Did I say the whole thing SUCKS!!!??
  7. BrownsFan4Evr

    Baker Mayfield

    I love how Baker gets all the blame when our defense couldn't stop my local high school team from scoring!
  8. BrownsFan4Evr

    Baker Mayfield

    Easy answer for me....Brian Sipe.
  9. BrownsFan4Evr

    BAL vs CLE - The NFL Game of the Year

    IMHO, our defensive secondary, and missing the field goal and extra point, cost us this game. Baker and the offense were BALLIN'!!
  10. BrownsFan4Evr

    Baker Mayfield

    Watching The Bucs/Chiefs game right now......guess what?.......Brady and Mahomes have underthrown, overthrown, and missed wide open recievers.........it happens. Browns fans throw our QB's under the bus way too often! We're 8-3 people........... c'mon man! Our D is what deserves the concern.
  11. BrownsFan4Evr

    Grats to Detroit

    I bet the Wolverines would give Harbaugh to Detroit!!!
  12. BrownsFan4Evr

    **** Official Browns at Jaguars Gameday Thread

    The NFL hates the Browns! That was the lamest penalty I've ever seen!