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  1. ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    these Steeler owned refs will be sure we don't win. It is a joke.
  2. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    Just love how we need 10 yards and we throw it for a 3 yard gain, For real, if they would just submit, walk off the field I would respect that more than for what they claim to be giving it their all
  3. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    all year???? how can a pro team not know how to stop a screen?
  4. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    I wish it was at this point, I have bears D in my championship game on fantasy, the butt I am playing has fukn howard with 2 fukn touchdowns
  5. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    what a Shmucking joke, How can these losers call themselves a pro team, I would respect them more if they would just give up instead of showing the world how awful they are
  6. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    well this is a real barn burner, 2 lousy teams 9 total points, but if we win I will be so happy I will party like a rock star, get some coke for the holidays, or pepsi but I was on a pepsi boycott but who knows
  7. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    Dude I agree, WTF was that? Did he even look or just toss it?
  8. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    really?, couldn't tell
  9. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    were going 3 and out if we don't turn it over
  10. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    Think the Crow will play today? being in hue dog house?
  11. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    4 inches of snow at the game today? say it aint so
  12. I am glad you posted this thread, I was watching this game in disbelief that we were in the prevent right after half time. That is the dumbest Sheet ever. I was watching it with Sisky Fringo (His name on here) and we got in a huge argument over it. He was saying it was the smart play smh. Maybe go to the prevent if you are up 21-7 with 5 min left in the game But not the entire 2nd half. We only rushed 3 guys the 2nd half.smh.
  13. Hue vs Pettine

    Did we stop throwing to Gordon in the 2nd half?
  14. This means another 2 or 3 Steelers Super Bowls. This year it will be to Honor the Rooney scum bag that kicked the bucket. Put money on it now. Steelers SB FIXED
  15. Pisspuke on MNF

    With nothing else on I figured what the hell maybe watch Monday night football, 2 teams I hate playing each other maybe hope for a injury or 2. Well I have to say there are so many sick calls going Pisspukes way here, A TD called back, A BS PI call on Cinntucky, More BS holding calls on Cinntucky. We can't stop it, Pisspukes going to the SB and will win it. When did the NFL become the WWE? It is almost comical the way these calls are. What is next? "The Line backer power bombs the QB, the refs didn't see it and the ball was snapped and a turnover"? It is almost like that now.
  16. Hoorta was right - Tom, and Ghoolie were wrong

    Never sucker punched anyone? Wow you guys are really fukd up
  17. Hoorta was right - Tom, and Ghoolie were wrong

    More times than not Pisspuke does not get called for these hits,(never get called when they play us) They get a fine (big deal) They are dirty, they get bs calls all the ime, they got a free win at Cnncy, a Free win against Green bay, The refs make sure they win and the only people who don't see it are their fagot butt fans who will have some gay comment like "The officials were bad on both sides" And that is the awful truth.
  18. ***Official Browns @ L. A. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    He will most likely be gone then, I love Josh Gordon but he has yet to regain my trust, Will he fuk up again? How could you not use drugs or drink and play for this circus
  19. ***Official Browns @ L. A. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    I saw his highlight reel and I was impressed, I was not impressed by our so called kicker. All the long kicks I saw him make, nobody was really coming for him, there was in no way that he was under pressure to make the kick so I really was not happy we picked him. But he is what we have, I don't know if we have him next year or not. But I see a lot of players gone at season end, Britt, Higgins, Louis I am sure will all be gone, Gordon will be traded or will just walk, Coleman should be gone to
  20. ***Official Browns @ L. A. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    I can't blame the FO for drafting Coleman but I can blame them on why he is still here, as you mentioned, dropped passes, gets called for dumb penalties and is hurt a lot. That is just dumb to keep somebody like that
  21. ***Official Browns @ L. A. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    That he does. Drives right down the field and GIVES it to the other team, Atleast weeden didn't drive us down the field, he would just give it right to them.
  22. ***Official Browns @ L. A. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    They were not showing him any support, In fact from what I understand they were yelling and calling him names from the sidelines, Those kind of things hurt when it is you're own teammates
  23. ***Official Browns @ L. A. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    The D only made them punt 1 time. oh wait 2 times all game. That is on the D