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  1. ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    these Steeler owned refs will be sure we don't win. It is a joke.
  2. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    Just love how we need 10 yards and we throw it for a 3 yard gain, For real, if they would just submit, walk off the field I would respect that more than for what they claim to be giving it their all
  3. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    all year???? how can a pro team not know how to stop a screen?
  4. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    I wish it was at this point, I have bears D in my championship game on fantasy, the butt I am playing has fukn howard with 2 fukn touchdowns
  5. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    what a Shmucking joke, How can these losers call themselves a pro team, I would respect them more if they would just give up instead of showing the world how awful they are
  6. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    well this is a real barn burner, 2 lousy teams 9 total points, but if we win I will be so happy I will party like a rock star, get some coke for the holidays, or pepsi but I was on a pepsi boycott but who knows
  7. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    Dude I agree, WTF was that? Did he even look or just toss it?
  8. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    really?, couldn't tell
  9. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    were going 3 and out if we don't turn it over
  10. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    Think the Crow will play today? being in hue dog house?
  11. ***Official Browns @ Bears Game Day Thread***

    4 inches of snow at the game today? say it aint so
  12. I am glad you posted this thread, I was watching this game in disbelief that we were in the prevent right after half time. That is the dumbest Sheet ever. I was watching it with Sisky Fringo (His name on here) and we got in a huge argument over it. He was saying it was the smart play smh. Maybe go to the prevent if you are up 21-7 with 5 min left in the game But not the entire 2nd half. We only rushed 3 guys the 2nd half.smh.
  13. Hue vs Pettine

    Did we stop throwing to Gordon in the 2nd half?