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  1. medicineman

    This is just crazy. . .

    No bro, I am just looking at what every single coach we ever had has done when they get hired. I hope we draft a stud wr with our first pick, we are doing decent without a number 1 wr rt now. Jarvis is no #1 Higgins is a #3 at best , We need a great hands and speed number 1 wr
  2. medicineman

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    If Bell is fine by missing out on all that cash then good for him. The NFL does seem to do running backs dirty, They get used and abused for years at the end of the team they gave their best years to tells you to hit the road play for what we say we want t give you. Now that being said once you have a great oline in place the rb is the easiest player to replace. We seen it go on for years, The Ravens did it to J. Lewis the Cowpokes did it to Emmit, the Panthers did it to Willams the list goes on and on and on.
  3. medicineman

    This is just crazy. . .

    I been a Browns fan for decades pal, Just being real. What good is any award if you didn't win? It is the same as a trophy the losing team gets in school so they don't feel left out
  4. medicineman

    This is just crazy. . .

    I meant by building a team. We have players but have no team. We need guys who been together for 3 or more seasons together, build a franchise.
  5. medicineman

    This is just crazy. . .

    Chances are we will keep Baker but I bet they waste another pick on a QB. I am just sick of the same thing every couple years, every other team turns Sheet around in 4 or so years, we are no better than we were in 1999.
  6. medicineman

    This is just crazy. . .

    What Shmucking future? You really think the new coach will want to keep a QB he didn't draft? It is the never ending story and nothing ever changes. It is a garbage award and the only people that even know such an award exists is Browns fans, This award means less than the pre season wins we had. Speaking of we all thought they were going to be a good omen for the future as well but NOT.
  7. medicineman

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    I agree and I am not sad he is gone. just wondering why we didn't get a player for him? BUT maybe Dorsey will be able to draft us somebody who will still be playing in the NFL after 2 seasons. What happened to other picks we had? Mathew Dayes? or whatever his name is, Other high picks that are no where? Christ how is it we can never get a draft pick that does anything? Don't bring up Myles or Baker I am talking about 2 years ago when the player should be in his 3rd season and producing? Only in Cleveland where you can have the number 1 pick every single year and NEVER get any better.
  8. medicineman

    This is just crazy. . .

    I agree it is better than not wining it I guess but at the end it is nothing. Show us some WINS and then that Rookie of the week mite mean more than nothing
  9. medicineman

    This is just crazy. . .

    Only as good as our record. A useless award.
  10. medicineman

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Flash had a great game last week 130 and a TD but I am not sad he is out of the Land. I do wonder why they would let him go for a crap draft pick when we are thin at the wr position, we lack play makers, we lack speed we lack Hands you name it we don't have it. Jarvis always has catches but for what yards? 3 or 4 yards per catch? Coleman and Gordon both gone where we were counting on both to be there for us, Back in July looking in we were thinking, Gordon, Coleman and Jarvis in the slot...…………..Higgins is average at best but since his injury...….
  11. medicineman

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    How many players on this team were here last year? It was 16 and that includes the Punter and Kicker (Who is gone now) Building a team is not easy but you have to build a team that can come together. How many of these guys do you see being here next year? Sheet how many belong here? Add in another new coach next year who is going to want to DRAFT a new QB and make him learn on the bench behind another washed up never was just like every coach we ever had did and wont be able to figure out why we can't get any better.
  12. Calloway is going to have a decent game this week, over 100 yards and a score. I look for us going to him early on for a long pass.
  13. I was saying the same thing on a Browns fb page and everybody was arguing with me. I have to ignore most of them as they all seem like younger snowflakes. This page is by far the best Browns page there is and most really know the game and know it well and know our history. I get way to strung out on substance and Beer during games to make much sense on here on Sundays but I am still a loyal fan and I am looking forward to the Sat night game in Denver in a few weeks. GO BROWNS!
  14. medicineman

    Dez signs with Nawlins

    Did any real Browns fan want Dez? Have we not learned anything from Bowe or Britt? They are all the same pos looking for a last pay day before they are all forgotten about. in 2 years maybe 3 nobody will remember they were even in the NFL and will be out in the streets giving head jobs for crack. Fuk em
  15. medicineman

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

    Not 1 player on this Defense should even be in the NFL, all worthless pints of piss. Where you at Myles? Fukn Bitch, Joke of a team. Here comes another turnover from baker or Chubb, can't even punt the Shmucking ball right.