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  1. medicineman

    What Do We Have Here?

    I don't hate on the color of somebody's skin but on the content of their character. That is the truth. So take it any way you want or try to spin it any way you want because it don't matter because none of you know me. Well maybe 3 or 4 of you do but that is it.
  2. medicineman

    What Do We Have Here?

    Although I slip up a lot around them they don't mind me because I have never called them a slur. And most times when I do say it I am referring to a white person or a object. So they could careless
  3. medicineman

    What Do We Have Here?

    The funny part is I work with a lot of black people who are more racist against black people than I am, They refer to rap music as "coon tunes" and they are very hard working and I trust them with my life and family.
  4. medicineman

    What Do We Have Here?

    Well what kind of coons do you think I am talking about? And stop acting as if you are all so above racist remarks, You feel the need to point out that what I said was racist? Really Did you figure it all out by yourself?
  5. medicineman

    What Do We Have Here?

    You get it!
  6. medicineman

    What Do We Have Here?

    And NO I don't mean all Blacks by any stretch but BLM? They show there true colors by marching in classes shouting "Black lives matter" but they don't care when blacks kill other blacks.
  7. medicineman

    What Do We Have Here?

    Well TBH I was drunk and didn't even watch the video. And to be fair I don't remember writing that either. Not making excuses but first time I drank since our last home game and throw in some weed and a few lines of powder and I have a total black out.
  8. medicineman

    What Do We Have Here?

    BLM is a joke. Those Shmucking coons are so full of Shmucking Sheet. They don't care about the 40 yard apes killed in Chicago because they were killed by other Yard apes but if a Cop shoots a Moon Cricket there are protests and marches.
  9. medicineman

    Trump Administration Abandons Crackdown on Marijuana

    I am 41 now, And I wont lie and say I never got high but I will say that is NOT my drug of choice, I can't stop eating and I get really paranoid and over think EVERYTHING, But it is not like that for everybody, I have a couple good friends who do very well and they get hi every single day after work and some times during and never have any trouble where they can't do their job or function. I have never seen anybody get violent when they were high either.
  10. medicineman

    Deep Fakes

    STOP? You just gave me all more reasons to eat their!
  11. medicineman


    I never been there but I know a guy who knows a guy that says so
  12. medicineman

    New voting age

    I get what you are saying Steve, But when I say change I mean a change in the system not the same cowpoop with new faces and new people doing the same cowpoop and getting away with what they want while we the people just bend over and take it. How is Hillary NOT IN JAIL? How is 9/11 not being told the truth? The Tower 7? The Vegas shooting? All school shootings but Colimbine have sketchy stories etc. 1 has to really be stupid if they think our Government is not behind most of if not all of the cowpoop
  13. medicineman

    Browns Schedule Thread

    Us Playing Pisspuke is an almost must win after the last 2 seasons and all the promises from the front office and other personal so the 1st game is going to say a lot and if we don't win Hue mite as well just give it up then. Many people are over the Browns after 1 win in 2 seasons and kept the coach, so if we go in to week 1 and kick some butt against a team many would like to see #^^& then that mite get people who were on the fence to come on back. I don't care about any other game as much as I do about the 2 against Pisspuke. I live way to close to that nasty Sheet city and even find myself at the Pisspuke airport 2 or 3 days per week (sometimes 6 days) And when I don't have to go to the airport itself I am still very close to the city.
  14. medicineman

    New voting age

    Most people need to understand that the "argument" between the Left and Right is nothing more than a distraction for the people. The people in charge are always going to do what they think is best for them not the other way around. They all go to the same lodges and are in the same groups, They are indeed in bed together so make no mistake about it, None of them will make sure you get the education you need to overthrow them and they all want you to either fear or depend on them.
  15. medicineman

    Need to keep the base stirred up I guess

    I see the news but I don't watch the news and the bs they spew. Yes CNN is like the front runners in lies to fit their agenda but none of them are only going to say what the CIA and the KM want you to know. And right now all they want is to keep the left and right going at it for a distraction. Same as sports on tv, Browns vs Steelers or Blue Jackets vs Red Wings it does not matter as long as people are not paying attention.