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  1. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    Another joke of a game, here comes the jags TD to cover the spread
  2. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    Fukn cut Peppers
  3. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

  4. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    We look awful Today. 4 yards in the 1st Quarter? WAY TO GO
  5. Hue on the end of the first half: "It's on me"

    I to was screaming at the TV like what the ----. I thought I was the only 1 who noticed that. I wa at Sisky Fringo's house watching with him and his family (All Browns fans) and they didn't say to much, or they were in shock of me blowing up at the TV
  6. Hue on the end of the first half: "It's on me"

    We all have questions about the game, As for me I would like to know how we were playing decent to have a 10 point lead then give up 17 straight, claw back and get a 7 point lead again and then lost it LOST IT BAD. I hate to blame refs but lets face it hey did not help matters. but our game play in general, it looked as if our players looked lost at times or confused..........We WERE playing decent and then POOF we lost the magic pixie dust. BTW The Refs sure the hell made sure Pisspuke won yesterday.
  7. Our color rush jerseys

    I really don't care and tbh unless we start playing better we are going to look dumb no matter what color or jersey. #IhatePittsnurgh
  8. Zane Gonzalez

    We got 0 points off a 71 yard ko return because this clown.
  9. I am so over it. If we get another new coach and another new "butt in charge of football operations" and how they are going to "promise" to turn things around just like every new coach we had I wont even bother to hear him or bother to learn his name, Actions speak louder than words, I will always watch the team but as far as a coach or something dumb as fuk called foot ball operarions what the fuk ever it is called I wont even bother. What exactly does the head of football operations do? Does he sit there and watch Hue wasting timeouts or decline a 15 yard penalty and give it to them 4th and 1? Does he come out after the game with some woulda coulda shoulda? If we have a person that is head of football operations, why is he still there after all these losses? Does he out rank the coach?
  10. Thursday night football...

    It is no longer funny, In fact it is down right painful
  11. Zane Gonzalez

    A couple years? Since when does the NFL have to give a KICKER time to develop? A kicker should be ready at moments notice period. Talk to you in a couple years give me a break, This guy should not even be in the NCAA as far as most of us are concerned.
  12. Thursday night football...

    What makes it "ruined" for me is all the protest bs and all the attention the media gives these yard apes for their protest and salute to the Black Panthers, No I am not trying to make this a political thread only saying, But as far as Thursday Night games........They suck, I can't watch a full game because of work and not to mention unless the Browns or Pisspuke are playing I couldn't careless about them., I do however recall Hoyer going to Cinntucky on a Thursday game and slapped the snot out of them, oh what good times we had "sigh" How is it we plowed thru and passed over so many qb's and not 1 of them were worth a pint of piss?
  13. Zane Gonzalez

    Can anybody explain why this nut job is still on the team? I remember in the off season the media said this guy is set out to prove he is second to none. Now it is safe to say that the entire team is making mistakes and not playing good but the kicker IMO is something that you should never have to think twice about. We have to consider even going for it on 4th down because this guy has a 30% chance of making a 30 yard fg. Every other teams kicker is just about automatic from that range but not our guy, We need to drop this guy and sign a FA, there has got to be more than a dozen vets who are out of work who would love to get back on the field. Everybody said this was the best kicker in the draft, Well I find that hard to believe.
  14. Just about every team has a wr that everybody knows, Pitt has Brown, Cinn has AJ Green, etc we have a team of nobody's