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  1. Browns Schedule Thread

    Us Playing Pisspuke is an almost must win after the last 2 seasons and all the promises from the front office and other personal so the 1st game is going to say a lot and if we don't win Hue mite as well just give it up then. Many people are over the Browns after 1 win in 2 seasons and kept the coach, so if we go in to week 1 and kick some butt against a team many would like to see #^^& then that mite get people who were on the fence to come on back. I don't care about any other game as much as I do about the 2 against Pisspuke. I live way to close to that nasty Sheet city and even find myself at the Pisspuke airport 2 or 3 days per week (sometimes 6 days) And when I don't have to go to the airport itself I am still very close to the city.
  2. New voting age

    Most people need to understand that the "argument" between the Left and Right is nothing more than a distraction for the people. The people in charge are always going to do what they think is best for them not the other way around. They all go to the same lodges and are in the same groups, They are indeed in bed together so make no mistake about it, None of them will make sure you get the education you need to overthrow them and they all want you to either fear or depend on them.
  3. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    And I would love anybody in the MSM ask why in the hell NTI.ORG owns the facility in Syria that US UK France that just bombed as the source of the "chemical attacks" in Syria? How can nobody else not see this cowpoop? Wake the fuk up people and STOP GETTING THE NEWS FROM THE MSM.
  4. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    There is no where left to go really. Everything is under their control. Anytime another Country trys to pull away or do anything the media tells us they are a threat and must be taken out. I am not saying Syria should not of been stopped I am only pointing out the time. They wait until Syria pulls away from Rothschild banking and it makes the perfect time to attack?
  5. Seriously, the motives in Syria are....

    Well if the MSM never mentioned it any other way then by gully the news must be right! They would never lie or mislead the people. Just like our school text books, 100% true! Just seems fishy how Syria backs away from Rothschild banking and then we air strike them..........Or is that to much for people to take in?
  6. Need to keep the base stirred up I guess

    I see the news but I don't watch the news and the bs they spew. Yes CNN is like the front runners in lies to fit their agenda but none of them are only going to say what the CIA and the KM want you to know. And right now all they want is to keep the left and right going at it for a distraction. Same as sports on tv, Browns vs Steelers or Blue Jackets vs Red Wings it does not matter as long as people are not paying attention.
  7. Hogg goes marxist pig on America

    Kind of reminds me of the clock kid a little. When people say he had help to see what they can get away with the Left went ape Sheet saying, "How dare you! He is just a child" The Clock kid, The Jersey Girls, .........The Left has no shame, even go as far as to plan a shooting, kill people and then say. IF THERE WERE NO GUNS THESE PEOPLE WOULD BE ALIVE.
  8. Vegas Shooting

    Only news I watch the news to see are sports scores and sometimes they even botch that up. It is ok to see what they are telling you but just look things up for yourself if you really want to know what really happened. Sandy Hook, Pulse shooting, Vegas shooting, FedEx shooting???? All kinds of holes in their story so what do they do??????Make something else up so you stop looking in to the old story.
  9. Vegas Shooting

    Makes me laugh the same people who think we wear foil hats are the same people that believe what the media says, The CIA controls what news we see and will never see plain and simple. Vegas, Ruby Ridge, Wako Texas.............Thank the media and CIA for never letting out the real story.
  10. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    Not to mention the Bills benched him twice last season because he was playing so shitty but he is going to come here and clean up this dumpster fire? Come on man.
  11. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    All this did was create more bs. We are going to draft a qb and when Taylor does not win games from the get go people are going to be crying for the rookie, Just like they did for Quinn and Colt and JF and all the rest. We have seen it before LIKE EVERY EF'N YEAR.
  12. Shelton traded to the Patriots

    We already lost a 3rd rd pk for Hemoroid Taylor or what ever his gay butt name is. At this point they will trade Gordon for a 2023 7th rd pk........Fukn stupid. The only half way decent player we got so far was that wr from the Phins., Other than that I don't like what they did or are trying to do.
  13. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    The right? CNN and MSNBC was kissing his butt non stop and had him on more then a few times
  14. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    Does anybody else find it strange that stations are still interviewing this Hogg fag? He is not an authority on guns.
  15. ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    these Steeler owned refs will be sure we don't win. It is a joke.