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  1. medicineman


    Some of you mite remember I have mentioned that I do work security for extra cash from time to time, Where I live it is close to work concerts and events around the Pisspuke area, over the summer when I had time I worked several concerts from Skynard to God Smack. I never really put any effort in to talking to any co workers because I just figured they were most likely Steeler fans, Well at the last show I worked (some kid concert) I got stuck talking to a few of them and they were trying to get enough people round up to work the Steelers and Pitt games, That was when I learned that most of the co workers were Browns and Indians fans! We all thought it would make it easier on us if we all kept that hidden from the Pittsburgh concert goers. None of the people from my "group" were willing to work Steeler games but mite do some Pitt games, I found it funny, I worked with these guys and girls all summer long and this just now came out lol. Now granted some of the other guys mite of known each other but I was an outsider, I never caught a ride with them always drove myself etc and I would rather walk the aisles alone, just give me a 2 way radio so I could call in for help if need be. But this changes everything and with Willie Nelson coming Friday mite get to have some conversations with other fans while in that Sheet property!
  2. medicineman

    Hate this state....

    So now you know.
  3. medicineman

    Hate this state....

    It has been said that Cali will break off in to the Pacific Ocean in time, Well not soon enough. That place is like another Country, Ban straws while human Sheet still fills the streets in San fransicko
  4. medicineman

    Flash Is Back

    They came out and said they were not using Josh to his full potential last season because we were not going to do anything any how, so why would they have him do anything that could take a team by surprise? Look for him to have a great year. Landry has great hands but is no burner like Josh. We have good wideouts and we don't need dez.
  5. medicineman

    Flash Is Back

    Josh has what it takes, I am glad he is back, He will be our number 1. Laundry at number 2. I am behind this team no matter how much you guys want him to fail.
  6. I found a couple of her songs catchy, As for talent, name 1 person on tv these days that has talent............
  7. medicineman

    Dez on his way ?

    Miles Austin did not do to bad for us. Til he got hurt, Kenny Britt was the 1 laughing all the way to the bank, Oh and that Bowe guy from KC
  8. I really don't think our season will be any better or worse without Josh, We have a decent WR core now and can lose 1 of them, TBH how much faith could we put in Josh just yet any how? He needs to earn his was back in to the number 1 wr spot. I am sure he will be back by week 1 of the reg season and we can go from there, I am not bad mouthing the man by any means only saying don't let it get to you that much. There is NO way we have a worse season than last year, NO WAY. We all need to be loud and proud for this team and be the 12 man together. Stay away from the assholes that love to kick us when we are down, Big reason why I can't understand we let Steeler fans on here, I don't belong to any other Browns message boards and NO WAY IN HELL would I join a Pisspuke board. Win or Lose GO BROWNS woof woof
  9. That was the point. It was a joke, seems you didn't get it
  10. Amy Winehouse is 7 years sober Today, without taking the 12 steps, Come on Josh
  11. medicineman

    So what now?

    BLAH BLAH BLAH Lebron is gone so even though I am a Cleveland fan the Browns are always first even when the Cavs had Lebron, I don't care the Browns are the biggest thing in Cleveland NOT LEBRON.
  12. medicineman

    So what now?

    Not much they can do if a player refuses to play with Lebron. IT is a good player and didn't want or need Lebron barking orders.
  13. medicineman

    So what now?

    That is what bothers me about it the most. After the finals he said he was still in Championship mode and then goes to LA, Where their best player came out and said he wants out if Lebron comes. Shmuck him we still have decent players, Just now we have players who wont worry if Lebron is going to scream cry and bitch at them. Lebron has talent but he is also a ball hog bully and that iswhy a lot of players don't want to join him. Now that he is no longer a Cav I could not careless if he lives or dies. Wont change my life.
  14. medicineman

    So what now?

    So you don't think Lebron ran the cavs? Sucking finger so much must be eating you're brain.
  15. medicineman

    So what now?

    Not to mention the final roster was what Lebron wanted at the end. Lebron was the GM and head coach who are you trying to kid here? This is what he ended up with after all the moves HE made, and NOW he wants to leave after what he did? Why do you think the last GM is gone? Not to mention he had the last head coach fired in mid season with the team in first place.........WHY? BECAUSE LEBRON WAS THE COACH!