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  1. medicineman

    um Josh Gordon question

    I am not sure how this works since he is suspended and/or no longer with the team but since he was a part of the team and did have a tad success will he still get an AFC Championship rng AND or Maybe even a SB ring? I hate to bring his name up again but I know many of you know this stuff and I really have no idea how this works
  2. medicineman

    Baker Recruiting Von Miller and OBJ

    Screw OBJ, He is a cry baby bitch plain and simple, fighting the kicking net, then wanting to bone the kicking net, he is always looking for a camera and all he cares about is himself I hate him
  3. medicineman

    Ice Ice Baby

    I was at the Steelers at Browns game back in 2009 and that was 1 of the coldest days I ever remember Football or No Football. It helped that we won but Damn it was COLD. There was NO tailgating for me as we went to and from the stadium rt before kickoff (it was a Thursday night game) and when it was over made a b line for my Explorer I had at the time and started it and turned he furnace aka heater on high and just sat until traffic died off. BRRRRRR
  4. medicineman

    Ouch - Hue going to be gone from Bengals?

    Based on some of what I hear That There had to have been something else that went down behind closed doors to have some Browns players acting out against Hue but I don't know. I do not wish any harm to come to Hue in fact I hope he gets what he wants in life. If I were him I would just take a year or 2 off and spend time with his family. I believe he will coach again, Mite be in the NCAA but I would much rather coach there and not the pros.
  5. medicineman

    Well, good for at least ONE anchor on CNN !

    The MSM is a joke. Blacks are on the streets killing each other all day every day and the msm is silent, But as soon as a non black kills a black then the msm runs with it on every station from net work to broadcast. And sometimes they get bored and say the killer was White even when Stevie Wonder could confirm the killer was Black. I stopped watching the msm years ago.
  6. medicineman

    Just an FYI Guys- from the Moderators

    I agree 100% The name calling was way out of hand and I am guilty of that myself as I do have a couple warnings, I have not been warned in a few years as I try to respect my fellow Browns fan.
  7. I was upset over the trade. I was thinking after all of what we put up with him and what he put us thru, WHY NOW get rid of him? But turned out to be the right move, I had him on my fantasy team until last week, I didn't start any Pat against Pisspuke but any way I don't wish him the best or wish him any harm. Gone and already forgotten about Josh what's his name.
  8. medicineman

    Lack of respect

    Watching many sports shows I notice we are getting some respect but not that much. We beat the Bengals the media claims they need to fire their coach because they lost to the Browns. We beat the Panthers they say they need to fire their coach because he lost to us, Falcons same thing and now they say it about the Broncos smh, Would it kill them to say we are a way better team and we are not push overs? They can't just say we out played them and beat them they have to say they should fire their coach because they lost to the Browns.
  9. medicineman

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    I don't give 2 shits where a player is from or what school he played for. I like Peppers and thought it was a good pick, this is only his second season so that is still young. Most players don't start to show greatness til their 3rd season. This thread is just stupid, We just won. We just won in a place where most said we had no chance because of some lame curse. Fuk the Buckeyes Fuk Michigan, This is Cleveland Browns we should be talking about
  10. medicineman

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Thanks for posting that
  11. medicineman

    Kareem Hunt

    You are right, that is over the top it just makes me sick what all these guys get away with, They get pulled over for DUI they get a slap on the wrist while I have to pay bail, jump through hoops just to get my car back while they get to drive their car home or wherever. No matter the crime they get treated way better than us only when it comes to something like this shit happens but then look how long it took to happen?
  12. medicineman

    Kareem Hunt

    Maybe justice will take place and he will get shot in a drive by and left for dead, He should never be allowed to play again as far as I am concerned. This is out of hand these over paid under brained goons think they can do what they want, Why did this take so long?
  13. I hate Cowturd and Stephen A now had to turn the whole thing with Hue in to a race issue, That penis licker said when a Black head coach loses his job they never get another job offer so good for Hue to go back to The Bengals and Baker is a punk and blah blah blah. I hate them all, Let's just hope we can win a few more games this season and next year look the fuk out. We get Baker a real number 1 stud wr and maybe even a good possession wr and we will win even more games, it will give our rookies on D more time and we will come together more as a team. Good things are ahead Browns fans.
  14. medicineman

    This is a funny thing.

    Who gives a shit he is gone. Why taint this team by even saying his name. GO BROWNS
  15. medicineman

    Freddie Kitchens

    Shoot I still remember more than 1 time in the red zone, Kizer threw a pass to Britt, ball bounces off his freaking CHEST and in to a defenders hands smh. This is a brand new year, but always GO BROWNS!