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  1. medicineman

    Baker Mayfield

    Ok then in that case don't you think Andy Dalton should of been able to beat Bakers offense his rookie season? Believe me I know beating the Bengals is nothing to brag about but in a 16 game format Pisspuke always counted on 4 wins every season from the Browns twice and Cinci twice? I am not saying Baker is the answer by any stretch but he is healthy and can beat "weak teams" So why not keep him til we have something better ? Even if we do draft a qb let him sit behind Baker not to learn I would not say but to see what Baker can do with a High draft pick niping at his heels.
  2. medicineman

    **** Official Raiders at Browns Gameday Thread

    With the weather being as bad as it is I don't see either team passing much but then again who knows
  3. medicineman

    **** Official Raiders at Browns Gameday Thread

    Who are you guys rooting for in the Pisspuke Baltimore game?
  4. medicineman

    **** Official Raiders at Browns Gameday Thread

    We lost to the Raiduhs in 86, so I would say 1987
  5. medicineman

    Baker Mayfield

    EXACTLY I in no way expected us to make it to the SB or even the AFC championship but we are doing way better than we have in years yet peple are saying clearly Baker is not the answer smh, How may other qb have we had thet even started this many games? Because he could not beat even weak teams let alone than the top teams. Have to take Baby steps before we can even walk and Fuck the Steelers and Ratbirds too, I hope they take turns knocking each other out of the game today, speaking of I am shocked the NFL did not flex their game?
  6. medicineman

    Baker Mayfield

    Why is it nobody ever mentions Peyton Manning playing in a crummy division? We are in the AFC NORTH, the toughest Division and the "experts" never mention how Peyton Manning played against shit teams? Nobody likes to give Cleveland any kind of credit at all and even if we win they have to find flaws in our victory. Yes we lost bad to the 2 games we lost against the 2 best teams. As far as Stephen A crack smoker goes and Collin Cowturd are called experts and never even played a sport. Cowturd is still crying Baker went on his show and didn't kiss his ass. GO BROWNS
  7. medicineman

    Baker Mayfield

    Do people seem to forget that we used to lose against all the middle of the road teams and even weak teams? But now that Baker plays well enough to beat those teams that is not enough? Not long ago we didn't win a single game and only 1 before that, if we are going to win we have t take baby steps, Let's ride this out and see where the road with Baker leads, we are a ton better than before with Kessler, and all the others,GO BROWNS
  8. medicineman

    Baker Mayfield

    Don't matter they never give u respect, if we win it is because the other team was bad, however they never said that when we lost games in the past only how good their Pisspuke team was or whoever it was that beat us. were 5-2 Dawg, I'll take a W any way we can get a W
  9. medicineman

    Baker Mayfield

    Maybe, I am pretty stoned right now but I can give it a try, hard to even type
  10. medicineman

    Baker Mayfield

    Does the same stat go for our wr and rb as well? The catches they make in garbage time don't matter because it is garbage time? The yards Hunt Chubb and Johnson are shit because of garbage time and weak teams? I expect this shit from Cowturd and Stephen A crack smoker but nnot our own fans?were 5-2 so take your garbage time and shove it up your Steeler loving Ass. By the way garbage time would be a TD you get while down by 30 points in the 4th with under 2 minutes to go. When did we score a td in the 4th that we didn't need?
  11. medicineman

    Baker Mayfield

    What garbage time is that? the 11 seconds left when Baker threw the winning TD pass? Where is the garbage time at? Experts are fucking stupid if they don't see any improvement since Baker took over. We always lost to what they call a weaker team before but now that we win they say we only beat a weak team? Get the fuck out of here. Go back to Weeden then or Johnny Football and then cry about how bad Baker is, Johnny Football lost to the Bengals 30-0 but Baker beats them and "Oh so what he beat the Bengals put some guy named Case in that was let go by other teams because he sucked"
  12. medicineman

    Baker Mayfield

    Ever since the Browns came back as an expansion team in 1999, The Browns have always helped Pisspuke get in to the playoffs by giving them 2 wins every year, in a 16 game season that really does make a difference, NOT once has anybody ever said Pisspuke beat weaker teams, even though they beat Browns and Bengals every year so that alone is 4 wins every so often the Bengals and Browns do get 1 from them but lets be honest it does not happen enough. We have always been the weaker team around the NFL and always losing yet we finally go above .500 and here come the experts saying "we only beat weak teams and it was our running game not Baker that got those wins" Well then ok experts so what you are saying is our running backs are shitty to right? I mean Nick Chubb and Hunt ran all over weak teams right? I mean if Bakers touch downs were against weak teams then so was Chubbs and Hunts runs? You can't have it both ways we are a team, a team that is 5-2 but for some stupid reasons some fans and self called "experts" want us to make a change??? WHY? Because Baker lost to 2 of the best teams in football? Did it ever come to anyone if Case K was any good he would not be let go from anyone? Nobody thought we would beat the Colts until we did then it was because the Colts are a weak team, Nobody thought we would beat the Cowboys until we did then it was because Dallas sucks, Nobody said we would beat the team that used to be called the Redskins until we did and then it was because they are weak. The so called experts said we would beat the Bengals and we did but still managed to talk about how much Joe Borrrow or whatever his name is out played Baker and how he is going to be a huge star.Fuck the experts, and if you are not behind our QB and want him to win then you are not a fan and you should root for another team, you would want Baker to lose because you think our back up is better? What proof do you have that says he is better? Had he made us 5-2 would you say it is because he only beat weak teams? We can only play who we are told to play but those wins don't count because they are weak teams? It is not like we are Ohio State playing nobody teams (how many of you said Ohio State could beat the Browns)? Being 5-2 reminds me of 2007 when D..A. got us wins yet the fans wanted Brady Quinn even though we won 10 games and when Quinn got his starts, HE SUCKED ASS and we lost to weak teams and strong teams, Baker is way better than DA but is Baker the answer? IDK but he is better than anything we had in years so who cares, He is who we have now and is getting us more wins than we had so why can't we be the 12th man together and enjoy being 5-2 and even if it is 5-3 after tomorrow or 6-2 we are above .500. GO BROWNS
  13. medicineman

    Freddie fired

    I am not ready to call it quits on Baker just yet, I believe he can be salvaged with the right coach.
  14. medicineman

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    Why even try now? Just take a fucking knee go home. What a joke.