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  1. I see a big improvement on our D, Let's give them the 12 man when we return home, we will win some games.
  2. Ghoolie Style Bragging Thread

    To put it like that Tour, That makes perfect sense. Now I have been "warned" like 3 times TBH I never really was mad, You have to really go out of you're way to make me mad but whoever I was messaging with may have thought I was mad IDK or really care. Life is way to short to be mad and uptight all the time.
  3. ESPN analyst goes off on analytics...

    And in other news the Browns still have Kenny Britt on the active roster.....wtf
  4. Ghoolie Style Bragging Thread

    I do remember King Ghoolie saying something along the line of "Unignore me" or something, I don't ignore anybody, I don't see how anybody can get really mad over something online with somebody you don't even really know. I think I only ever met 1 or 2 people on this board. Would like to maybe meet more at a home game 1 of these days.
  5. Garrett Hurt Already

    Still a Browns fan man. And I am just sick of us being the joke of the NFL, We have by far the biggest fan base and have been but why? We can't win any games, We are lucky to win 4 or 5 games a year and the games we do win come down to the last second, We are not going to have any fans in the future if we don't win something soon, I mean once we all die off or whatever. When I became a Browns fan when I was a kid The Browns were a winning team, We held our heads up high and other teams hated us because they were not us, Every year we get all stoked up about the season because of a Draft pick then BAM, He is gone before the season starts.
  6. Garrett Hurt Already

    I knew the answer but an answer is not what I was looking for, I knew how it happened. When I said "How does this happen" I was meaning, Oh just forget it, If nobody else think this is funny then IDK what to tell you. The number 1 pick, hurt in a freak accident, Only in Cleveland., I hate our luck
  7. Ghoolie Style Bragging Thread

    I don't know about the worse I ever read on this board but it has got to be up there. But what else is there to do?
  8. Garrett Hurt Already

    It don't matter who's fault it is, it still happened, Our # 1 pick, They # 1 player in the draft hurt before the season even started, That is a joke by itself
  9. Garrett Hurt Already

    I said this a while ago and people thought I was crazy or stupid or worse, But I would not be surprised if he does not play a down this entire year, It is our Cleveland luck, How is it even possible he gets hurt during a practice when they are not even in full pads just blows the mind, Then again nothing should really surprise a true Browns fan because we seen it all
  10. Kenny Britt

    Nothing to see here. All Browns fans were asking why, right after we learned the Browns signed him. He is a waste.
  11. ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    The last time we won in Baltimore, I believe was the Gary Barnage Butt catch game. Good game
  12. Gordon news

    If he would happen to come back and the coaches do decide to even play him, He would have to do more than just a couple "good" games for me to welcome him back. He has a lot to make up for seeing how he humped us. Wash you're hands of him. He is done. been gone. No return. AND HE DID IT TO HIMSELF.
  13. Gordon news

    How many Browns fans give a crap about him? 2013 is long ago. He didn't do shit what he played in 2015 besides bitch and cry wanting Johnny to be the QB and not Hoyer, He screwed us way to many times. So I say screw him, he is done.
  14. Cinci NO touchdowns in 2 games lmao