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  1. medicineman

    Trunp's motorcade

    More people like Trump than what the news reports, In fact my FB page is full of pro Trump people, as is my Twitter and many of the Goats on Voat. Gab has many Pro Trump as well. Throw in Reddit and 8chan too. Seems like the only people that are against Trump are the people who watch msm
  2. medicineman

    Trunp's motorcade

    You need to not watch the msm mainly CNN, How many lies have they been caught in now? As for conspiracy? Does not make it a lie. There is a such thing as a Conspiracy, Read about JFK for starters
  3. medicineman

    Trunp's motorcade

    still in a Democrat ran shithole and as for it happening before, it don't matter, the dems are behind both so what came first does not matter
  4. medicineman

    Trunp's motorcade

    What I find funny is some jack ass Antifa tried this and it did not end well so what did the Left do? They make a false claim that some awful Gay actor got attacked by somebody in MAGA hats but for some reason no video of the whole thing, and MAGA in NYC? Ya right. We all know how the White racists travel around NYC
  5. medicineman

    Trunp's motorcade

    I find it funny that the left thinks this is all a joke. Had that of happened to Obuma they would be crying non stop and you can bet you're ass it would be getting 24/7 coverage, But I guess they didn't speak much about the new abortion bill being pushed in Virginia, Funny how the left claims it is pro choice but the only choice the left gives you is you're choice of Gender.
  6. medicineman

    Trunp's motorcade

    I jumped the gun when I posted this, I had little info on the matter. Now it is breaking more and more, a failed attempt on the President? IDK would fit right in to what Donna Brazile tweeted with the 10 and 5 dollar bill (Both Presidents were killed) and then her tweet "Today it is President Trump, Tomorrow it is President Nancy Pelosi" And both Trump and Pence were on way to Oval office when the motorcade was hit.....
  7. medicineman

    Trunp's motorcade

    Not an accident, a SS agent and a protester were injured when a protester tried to run in to the motorcade. You can thank the msm for this.
  8. medicineman

    Trunp's motorcade

    President trump is ok, Not so much for ss agent
  9. medicineman

    Trunp's motorcade

    Washington D.C a incident involving Trump's motorcade, injuries reported Breaking story I will post a link asap
  10. medicineman

    New False flag on the way

    Name is not Alex and if you are calling me Alex as in Alex Jones, I have never listened to him or ANYBODY who has their own shows on radio stations, they are all shills and never report any of the entire real story. Funny how the Left has learned more about a teenage boy from Kentucky in a day then they could find out about the Vegas shooter in over a year, Now the FBI has ruled the case closed on Vegas? They want us to believe that old man took out every single camera in Vegas, carried all those weapons to his room and some how opened a window in a hotel where the windows don't open. Ya 1 guy...…..Look at what they are hiding
  11. medicineman

    New False flag on the way

    I have no idea what crab people is. Are you off you're medicine again?
  12. medicineman

    New False flag on the way

    Nope The entire left vs right is all for the camera.
  13. medicineman

    New False flag on the way

    Is that what you got from that? Taking something that nobody had said to say something stupid? To go ahead and have people die just so you can say "I told you so" is fucking stupid, and our Government has done it before and they have also done shit to make people think kids died in an event that never happened to begin with. Always found it funny that when a school shooting happened under Obuma the dems and msm blamed guns a shooting took place under Trump and the dems and the msm blamed Trump, Only an idiot would believe a story from the msm but in most cases that is all smoke and mirrors, The so called 2 sides is only a front. When the camera is on they want you to think they hate each other but behind the scenes they call each other "Brother" or whatever for whatever lodge they are in, Skull & Bones or Illuminatti or whatever. But any how all they are doing is trying to keep people divided and or distracted, The last thing they want is the people standing together and standing against the Government.
  14. medicineman

    New False flag on the way

    That would be all fine and good but only a blue pilled person would believe the shutdown is over a wall. There is much much more to this story and as for Schumer and whatever Nancy's name is trying to get the minds of idiots in their corner is laughable at best, Showing the world how stupid you are by saying stupid shit that you claim only Republicans say...….
  15. medicineman

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    If Haslam is to blame, what about the first 15 years or whatever before Truck stop Jim took over? We been a shit team since 1999. I am not saying I like Jimmy by any stretch of the imagination only saying can't blame him for everything