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  1. Frenchie

    ***Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread***

    UMack Wilson? Justine Layne? Delonte Thompson? Chauncey Gardner? Amani Hooker?
  2. Frenchie

    Greedy Williams

    Ball Hawking DB. What he does well, can’t be coached. If you’re a QB, you don’t want to put up a 50-50 ball on this Dawg!
  3. Frenchie

    Greedy Williams

  4. Frenchie

    ***Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread***

    I’m happy!>
  5. Frenchie

    ***Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread***

    Great pick. Some people had Greedy as the top QB on their board. Two Time First Team all SEC. Led the conference in interceptions, great length and ball skills. Just needs to be more physical
  6. Frenchie

    OBJ Will Have One of His Worst Seasons in 2019

    IMHO there is a lot of “hopefully” in the OBJ trade. It’s a Full Dorse move and hopefully it moves him from “outstanding” to “genius”. I am on record for saying that I didn’t agree with the move. I would have preferred Perriman (who had just signed), Peppers, #17 in the 2019 draft (Jeffery Simmons or Montez Sweat, or Marquise Brown) and a third rounder - oh and less a $25M contract! I think Dorsey is banking on the Jarvis, OBJ, Mayfield friendship/chemistry. I have played on teams with great chemistry and it can make a big difference on and off the field.
  7. Frenchie

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Maybe so but he got open and made outstanding play after play. Listen, I’m a Browns fan and I love Dorsey and everything he’s done to date. So if he’s happy with this move, so am I. However, IMHO, we didn’t need OBJ. Mayfield had plenty of targets in Jarvis, Calloway, Perriman, Higgins on reasonable contracts and team oriented mentalities. The more pressing need was defense. We have the D-line now but need to improve the other position groups - especially linebackers. I guess we will see in 8 months if this was the right move. Dorsey has proved me wrong two or three times already!
  8. Frenchie

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Baltimore was history. What about Perriman did you not love last year? Speed, height, caught everything thrown to him. He was a monster.
  9. Frenchie

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    In Dorsey I trust but if I were the GM, I don’t make this trade. Perriman just agreed to terms and he could have been just as productive at 1/4 of the price and the ego. Package 17 and a few picks to move up and get an ILB. Keep Peppers.
  10. Frenchie

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    I thought the team missed Danny Shelton in a run stopping role. Really never understood his decision to trade him to NE
  11. Frenchie

    Haden a Steeler

    This money-ball move is hard to comprehend. It's not like money is the issue because we have a lot of cap-space. Maybe Haden isn't worth $11M but he was a veteran leader, arguably our top corner, and all teams have contracts that they wished they didn't sign. We're willing to pay $13M for a future second round draft pick but not $11M for a veteran leader and contributor on a team lacking in secondary talent. That argument is spurious. Tale-of-the-Tape: Browns save $7M (I heard we owe him $4 anyway). Browns lose a starting corner reducing the talent there to only 3 people. Steelers gain a corner to add to their depth at the position and make their team better. Hmmmm. I say this decision sucks lemons and backfired. They say he was having a great camp. I don't know about that ... maybe the Browns thought the exact opposite. That must be considered in this decision. But Shasi, for the love of God, when are you going to field a winning team like your job is on the line? Because no GM that is feeling that pressure makes this move over $7M. All teams get draft choices, and gain/lose free agents. But few of them (other than those with cap issues) make a move to reduce talent to save more money. Where am I wrong?
  12. Frenchie

    The Land of Oz

    I agree and I've said this since we've acquired OZ. How are we so rich in QB talent that we would not consider that Brock could come back to be "the man" and lead us out of the cellar of the league? IMO, being a good GM is 50% luck and 50% skill in that all decisions have such a high degree of risk and then there is the risk of injury, coaching systems, etc. It's time for the Browns to do both - make good decisions and get lucky. Maybe OZ will be a prime example. I would love him to step-up and show that he's an above average QB. It would make the Texans look absolutely foolish!
  13. Frenchie

    Gerbil Peppers Signs

    I'm already on record that Peppers is going to be a blown pick. I'll enjoy nothing more than eating my hat if I'm wrong. But seriously, you have a wonderful opportunity to pick an Ohio State safety that is projected to be a once in a decade stud, and you elect to trade down for a first rounder next year (likely a late one) and select a Michigan tweener that many projected to fall into the secondary round. That's not how you build a good football team.
  14. Frenchie

    F draft grade

    A nice draft for the Browns. I still don't like Peppers + 2018 first rounder vs. Hooker. Best pick was Kizer - which may not pan out but worth the risk at that spot. Could also have selected Howard at 12 and Peppers at 33. Those would have made it an A draft. For now I'll give it a B+
  15. Frenchie

    Now THIS is how you draft!

    Color me negative as well but I'm in total agreement ^^^^^. Again, the Browns don't achieve their objectives. Wanted a TE, Howard was there at 12. Wanted a safety, hooker was there at 12. Still no QB. Passed on Wentz, Tribisky, Watson. Passed on Bosa, Foster, etc. How is anyone on this board happy with Peppers and a 1st Rounder next year? How is anyone happy with the trade down, losing out on premium player talent. How is anyone happy with thus shitty draft!