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  1. BrownB499

    Greedy Williams

    The guy's a closet Browns fan and a troll...I don't know why Gipper even responds to him Williams is local to me...He's a GREAT kid...He and his brother have come back every year for charity events, ALL youth camps, and fund raisers. As far as lazy or work ethic....Have you seen LSU's defense? You don't play hard for Coach O , you won't see the field again, They're too deep...Too talented! Again don't feed the trolls!!!
  2. BrownB499

    Haskins Declares

    Although only Palmer ended up being really "successful"... Pete Carroll had a pretty good string of "pro ready " QB's at USC
  3. Amos Jones will make some team one a hell of a head coach next year
  4. BrownB499

    NFL Phucks Cleveland Twice in 4 Weeks

    Was I seeing things, or was there 1:40 left on the clock after Hyde's first down run, then 1:41 after his second down run.
  5. BrownB499

    Too Early to Name Our Defense?

    The Attack Pack
  6. BrownB499

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    While we're on the subject of penalties, what was the unnecessary roughness call on Gordon? It was a running play...He blocked his man (If you could call it that) And then he shoved the guy to the ground . What did I miss ? It's still football right? You're allowed to knock people down!
  7. BrownB499

    Kizer backing up Rogers

    Yep...Biggest take away from today...There are no anomalies in the NFL...If you have accuracy issues in college , they'll follow you to the pro's...If you suck as a head coach (or special teams coach)...you're not suddenly going to "learn" how to coach in the off season.
  8. BrownB499

    Kizer backing up Rogers

    Is anyone watching this kid pickup right where he left off last year? He's been in for two series and already turned it over in the red zone and a pick six!
  9. BrownB499

    Uncalled for insult from TO

    Exactly !!! His entire career was based off a " Hey Everybody! Look at ME" ! "Look at me stand at in the center of the field at spread my arms like I'm the first man to EVER score a touchdown in the NFL!!!" This is just a continuation of his career M/O And unfortunately the media feeds off of this kind of Sheet, The people in attendance at the Hall won't even notice that he's not there...But I'm sure the media will be sure to carry his torch throughout the entire ceremony.
  10. BrownB499

    Mason Rudolph

    Oklahoma wins epic Bedlam shootout, 62-52... Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State in Bedlam, wins the 2016 Big 12 WHY YES...YES WE ARE!
  11. BrownB499

    Jeff Janis Signed.

    Cam was a Seminole
  12. BrownB499

    Big Deal...or Not?

    I'll bite....I think the pattern the last few years has shown that RB is actually more important than most of us think. Drew Brees is a playoff caliber QB, but couldn't get the Saints there until he had Kamara added to his arsenal, Dak is not a playoff caliber QB , but having Zeke as a go to weapon ,he was able to get the Cowboys back to the playoffs. Again, where is Seattle and Wilson ,now that Lynch is out of the picture....Jacksonville....Tennessee, both playoff teams now that they have quality RBs. BUT!!! The Browns are NOT a RB away from making the playoffs....As you and many have said, the QB must to come first! And even though I do believe Barkley is a game changer our offense would benefit from... Sony , Guice, Penny or a handful of others will be available later in the draft , and should certainly improve the Browns ability to score from any where on the field. And let's all please put our feet back on the ground...Cousins is NOT coming to Cleveland....Keenum, Bridgewater, Bradford are NOT coming to Cleveland. Cleveland is QB hell and everybody knows that...McCarron may talk to the Browns out of respect to Hue. but I'm quite sure if Buffalo or Miami or any other QB needy team offers him an opportunity to compete ,he's not coming to Cleveland either. Nope folks , our bridge is most likely named McCown ,Moore, Fitzpatrick or the like,
  13. BrownB499

    No Foles talk

    If he was the backup to Alex Smith in 2016 , then I would think Dorsey should have an idea of whether Foles is a fit for this system.