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  1. Earl34

    Ultimate Ryan Tannehill Highlight

    No thanks. Seen enough of Tannehill. Texas flustered him easily last year and he couldn't make plays when they mattered most. The highlights are nice but we don't run the zone-read and we don't play La Tech and Texas Tech routinely. Also, you don't see any outside boundary throws to the far side of the field which is the true marker of arm strength. Puts too much air under the ball. Sorry. Don't see this guy being worth it.
  2. Earl34

    People, People, People...

    Really? I beg to differ. When he played Texas in the last week of the season, Texas was the #2 defense in the COUNTRY. Smaller than Cam Newton? Sure. Less accurate and inconsistent? Um...through five weeks of the season he had more TD passes than incompletions. Please.
  3. Earl34

    Anatomy Of A Play

    How To Coach Your Way Out of A Game In Six Plays or Fewer
  4. Earl34

    Ryan Pontbriand Officially Waived

    Absolutely. Is anyone but me concerned that Josh Cribbs isn't anywhere close to breaking a kick return?
  5. Earl34

    Anatomy Of A Play

    Sorry guys, Been without a computer for a while...long story. Another X's and O's is up with respect to the Bengals game. You can find it here: http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/2011/11/xs-and-os-with-the-bros-joe-haden-shutdown-corner/
  6. Earl34

    Anatomy Of A Play

    Sorry guys...forgot to link last week's. The Texans' game can be found here The Rams' game can be found here
  7. Earl34

    Mccoy And Audibles

    Shurmur clearly hasn't been allowing audibles. The proof is in the game film. Ask yourself this...why are the Browns more effective in the last two minutes of halves? Because they're in a hurry up offense. That gives the QB more flexibility to adjust to what defensive looks he's getting. It's more ad libbed by the QB. It has to be. That's why McCoy is more effective when Shurmur takes the training wheels off.
  8. Earl34

    Anatomy Of A Play

    Hey guys, This week's installment is up and if I may say so, it's a play everyone should understand.
  9. Earl34

    Hillis A Flash In The Pan

    If you don't have a legitimate passing attack, they'll stack the box and limit Hillis. That is all.
  10. Earl34

    Anatomy Of A Play Is Up

    Just posted another installment.... Please see here
  11. Earl34

    Colt Mccoy

    It's too soon to judge but last year's coaching staff got more out of him against better opposition. He's hesitating and the fraction of a second is making him much less accurate than usual. When he's decisive he's been good. The problem is that this offense can be very complex. They're relying on him way too much to carry the offense. I haven't noticed him making audibles so I'm guessing he must not be allowed to. I am very disappointed in the results and I questioned his ability coming out of Texas (I'm an alum who saw every game he played in college). Great collegiate player. Unclear what his pro ceiling is. I think he's better than #10 was before him but that isn't saying a whole lot.
  12. True, but the contract isn't there to guarantee their compliance with it. It's there to protect the team's rights in case he does do it.
  13. Earl34

    What Can We Learn From New Hot Teams

    We aren't going to be able to control either line of scrimmage and our defensive back seven is slow while they are stacked with speed. So. Tell me again how we're going to beat the Raiders?
  14. Earl34

    Problem Is Not Receivers It's Mccoy

    Ghoolie, I am going to disagree...sort of. First, Colt McCoy had the highest completion pct in college because of the offense that he ran. Yes, he had the precision but it's much easier to be precise on a slant to Quan Cosby in the Fiesta Bowl than a 20 yard deep out. Second, I don't completely buy the notion that McCoy has a "noodle" arm. His velocity is much better than a Chad Pennington who played for many years because he made up for his lack of arm strength with other traits. McCoy doesn't have a CONSISTENTLY strong arm. That I will grant you. At least once a game however, I think he has been able to (with proper mechanics) drive the ball down the field. Am I the only one who remembers #10 trying throw downfield in 2009 only to see the damned ball go out of bounds because he couldn't keep it in the field of play? I think Colt is a step above that. If Colt McCoy fails in the NFL it will not be because of arm strength. Right now, it seems to me that he's struggling with what he's seeing on the field. His release is quick but he's hesitating which, to me, means that he's not comfortable in the offense.
  15. Earl34

    Problem Is Not Receivers It's Mccoy

    That doesn't change the fact that this particular QB is the one who did it.