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  1. mohican

    Weird story concerning Peppers

    Wait : There's a glock registration requirement in Cleveland?
  2. mohican

    Kitchens And Williams

    Well, I wasn't far off, huh?
  3. mohican

    IMO Our def scheme sucks...

    we obviously made halftime adjustments that worked, just came up a little short. If the Lamar Jackson fumble isn't blown dead, then it's a Browns recovery for touchdown? Woulda coulda shoulda
  4. mohican

    Kitchens And Williams

    for a year or two?
  5. mohican

    We Need To Keep Lamar Jackson In The Pocket

    So we'll need a better athlete than the Gerbil covering him? just kidding
  6. mohican

    Kitchens And Williams

    because there is thought in some quarters that Kitchens stock is rising very quickly, and even if he's OC, he could be interviewed and hired as a head coach in the future. If you want to keep Kitchens, perhaps at the expense of Greg Williams, then the thinking goes to hire him as HC. This especially appeals to the people that want an offensive minded head coach.
  7. with the theory of adding "just one person" to get us over the top, we would need to make sure that this person is not a diva, locker room cancer, etc.
  8. mohican

    Chubb a DOUBLE winner!

    I listened to last weeks game vs Carolina vs watching it and enjoyed Jim Donovan's CHUGGA LUGGA CHUBB after he ripped off a big run in the 4th quarter
  9. mohican

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    that was sarcasm , but then again I never hated Gerbil because he came from Michigan, and I never hated Baker for beating the Buckeyes in 17
  10. mohican

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    You don't hate him because he came from Miami?
  11. mohican

    ***Official Browns @ Broncos Game Night Thread***

    Random thoughts Pregame on NFL network two of three talking heads picked the Browns Post game - saw Baker w/o pads sitting next to Terrel Davis, Guess whose shoulders looked broader? Post came, kinda funny that Baker was trading Jerseys with #30 from Denver....
  12. mohican

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    Both Gerbil and Njoku have been playing into their late 1st round draft status
  13. mohican

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    It's Gerbil Peckers 2nd season...
  14. Charlie Frye is coaching wide receivers at Ashland University https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/sports/2018/08/17/charlie-frye-former-browns-akron-qb-joins-coaching-staff-ashland/1016756002/