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  1. Charlie Frye is coaching wide receivers at Ashland University https://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/sports/2018/08/17/charlie-frye-former-browns-akron-qb-joins-coaching-staff-ashland/1016756002/
  2. mohican

    Heinz gives up Pittsburgh stadium sponsorship

    with Toto sponsoring them, they should hear the rains....
  3. mohican

    Cory Coleman Traded

    Mack and Gabriel
  4. mohican

    Cory Coleman Traded

    The safety that ended up in Denver?
  5. mohican

    POLL: When will Baker start?

    how about filling enough holes to be a serious team in 2018?
  6. mohican

    Darnold at #1?

    I have two issues with Sam Darnold, and they may be small in the grand scheme 1. His game agaist OSU was ....bad 2. he looks like Wreck it Ralph
  7. mohican

    Eliminate the head injuries.... NOW

    Ghoolie is still suffering from those vicious helmet to helmet hits he took while in High School Marching Band.....
  8. mohican

    Thoughts On Today's Parade

    agree, and added some additions in bold
  9. mohican

    OC Candidates

    They cancelled the Polar Bear swim because the ice was too thick
  10. mohican

    Trade down this year would be a great this

    I'm hearing this in a Yoda voice
  11. mohican

    Alex smith

    FWIW, I caught the last 4:53 of the Titans/Chiefs game and I think I heard one of the announcers say "this is Alex Smith's last game as a KC Chief", or something to that effect. I could be wrong..... But is there a "leak" or an assumption that the Chiefs will part ways with Smith, 1 year on contract or no? Maybe we could swing a deal like we did with the Texans where they (the Chiefs) give us their 2nd round pick to take Alex Smith's contract.....
  12. mohican

    Josh Allen - Potato Bowl game

    That's what they said about Carson Wentz, and Ben Roethlesbooger in 2004
  13. mohican


    I don't see how you keep the brain trust responsible for this wonderful talent acquisition. If if they keep Sushi, it should only be for contract negotiations. No way a sane person (or an insane smart person) puts all the blame on Hue. At this time I would consider bringing in a president with real NFL acumen. No way would I let Sushi and company pick the next coach. To repeat myself, the Browns are the Stygian Stables, and the river Styx needs redirected to flush it out. There is no way that 18 years later the Browns should be worse than the 1999 & 2000 versions, but they are.
  14. mohican

    11 Browns protest

    There is a reason why people are tuning out ESPN, and sports along with it.    
  15. mohican

    Terrell Davis: The Big Pussy

    Even with a good team around you, you don't get to 2000 yards in a season being a good but not great player.