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  1. Erie Dawg

    Facebook live beating

    Well they are getting charged for hate crimes and deservingly so.
  2. So they didn't hack the election?
  3. Has anyone given one? The fake msm has been pushing as one has.
  4. Yeah your right this is waaayyy different than all the other anti religion rants.
  5. Erie Dawg


    I didn't get a participation trophy but since we lost I think we need to change the rules.
  6. Erie Dawg

    Iran enters race to space with Obamao money

    Nice, I'd actually like to build one myself for the 4th.
  7. Have we seen proof of the Russian hacking yet? Or are we just taking what the msm gives us as proof. Also I don't see anyone doling out hugs to the Russians, I see the media saying the Republicans are.
  8. And managed to cannon ball his career which was good because this dbag will be long forgotten soon enough.
  9. Why are SJW's and the left so tolerant of Islam yet they attack Christan's and Christianity at every opportunity? God don't exist in one breath then in the next don't be a bigot these people need a safe space to place their prayer rugs. Dumb fuckers.
  10. Erie Dawg

    Another cop proving BLM's narrative..

    Trigger your getting all worked up and you still don't know if the story was true or not. Your calling for someones life over a crappy video. I hope to god you never have jury duty.
  11. Erie Dawg

    Ohio expands ccw laws and rights

    Sorry cal but that article leaves me with more questions than answers. Can one of the residents break this down?
  12. Erie Dawg

    Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated

    Wow this conversation took a shit. I see everyone missed that another Russian diplomat was found dead with a bullet to the head just hours after this assassanation.
  13. Erie Dawg

    Another cop proving BLM's narrative..

    Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill! Everyone that the camera caught on video should be charged. Especially the one taking the video. How many times has the PD had priors with them? I'm assuming he has to make a comment like that. Big mama won't start screaming at the police next time either when he first arrives.
  14. Erie Dawg

    Daily Trump is the Devil.

    1) was intentional 2) lol! Im excellent at this.
  15. Erie Dawg

    Michelle Obama: 'We have no hope now'

    How'd Wiki leaks make the list?
  16. Wow, haven't seen the it's a non military- military drone angle from any of the media circles yet.
  17. Erie Dawg

    Daily Trump is the Devil.

    Hillary ran a campaign ad the entire election like that. Something along the lines of our children are watching.
  18. Erie Dawg

    Daily Trump is the Devil.

    Awwwwe, is our little Snowflake SJW trying to make a point again?
  19. Erie Dawg

    Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated

    No way on the West's involvement. It's ISIS or some Muslim faction.
  20. Erie Dawg

    Prepare for the worst

    Ha!Is it an even bigger fuck you that one elector voted for Faith spotted Eagle? Man the Democratic party nuked itself.
  21. Erie Dawg

    Politically Correct

    See you did as well
  22. Erie Dawg

    Politically Correct

    I Think you missed the point.
  23. Erie Dawg

    Michelle Obama: 'We have no hope now'

    Typical, way to take the high road Let's burn everything on the way out and blame the other guy.