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  1. Unsympathetic

    The Offensive Line

    Bengals were missing both starting DT's Atkins and Daniels.. let's play another team's starters before declaring anything fixed. Yes, good, but one game does not a trend make. They did not play like this last week.
  2. Unsympathetic

    ***Browns VS Bengals Gameday Thread***

    Anyone more familiar with Bullock? Perhaps just tonite, but he looks better than both Seibert and Parkey. Parkey is already in full Browns form, hitting the post 2x warming up for tonite's game
  3. Unsympathetic

    BillB vs. TB12 Debate Tracker

    I still enjoy watching BB instruct us in the art of making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while wearing a Browns sweatshirt. "His culinary skills are legendary"
  4. Unsympathetic

    Ravens Week

    He was limited again today.. Get your beyond ready.
  5. Unsympathetic

    Ravens Week

    He is practicing on a limited basis. He is absolutely NOT confirmed to play.. Monday was his first practice all summer, he's not back to game speed yet.
  6. Unsympathetic

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    This has to be his new TD celebration - it's his finishing move.
  7. Unsympathetic

    Ravens Week

    Offenses lag vs defenses - early in season. I'm not worried much about containing the ravens O.. I'm worried about our OL blocking their front 7 because Conklin and Bito can't do everything. Tretter is out week1, Wills is still in offseason form, and Wyatt Teller is the name of an Amish carnival barker.
  8. Unsympathetic

    Calling it first

    If you're going to necro a thread, at least come up with something good to say. Step up your troll game.
  9. Unsympathetic

    Cuts around the League

    Josh Rosen, the only NFL quarterback with 2 middle names, is now 3rd at TB.. Likely second in a couple weeks because Blaine Gabbert excites the cockles of nobody's heart. Actual analysis of Josh Allen - "His feet often trail after his eyes, as if his body is buffering to execute the command his brain is giving him." Non-biased Bills take Today we see the return of Deshone Kizer to LVR's QB room after Mariota went to the IR for 3 weeks with a pec. Alert the fantasy gods!
  10. Unsympathetic

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    Show proof. I've shown you proof that he HAS bought in - and that the team and organization has bought in to him. This thread actually shows you, BillMurray, to be a fair-weather diva with a litany of mental issues. Your desire to bitch and moan about nonsensical bullshit that has less than zero to do with either work or teammates shows you to be not right mentally. If you don't buy all the way in to Cleveland, we don't want you as a fan. Be better. Or, Zombo, can you please remind us what it takes to IP-ban an obvious troll?
  11. Unsympathetic

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    Oh look, more people lying about OBJ? It must be a day ending in Y. For the 4,267th time - OBJ is a spectacular teammate. "to a man, the players and coaches have praised Beckham Jr." This is not a thing.
  12. Unsympathetic

    Ravens Week

    Break out the 46 defense - or in our case, 42 is Karl Joseph's number. Fun fact: Doug Plank(#46) went to Ohio State
  13. Unsympathetic

    Browns Roster Moves 2020

    Ankou and Pharoah Brown waived to make room for the 2 new DL.
  14. Unsympathetic

    Browns Aquire Ronnie Harrison (S) in a Trade with Jags

    Disagree - Logan Ryan isn't the same player he was 2 years ago. Even last season, Titans played him around the LOS more than as a DB.. he'd be a great coverage LB. As fun as it was for Ryan to make T.Brady's last throw as a Patriot be a pick-six, Ryan is simply not fast enough any more to be a CB. And if he's only a safety, Harrison is better..
  15. Unsympathetic

    2020 Browns Depth Chart

    Davis drafted by NYJ, Browns signed him as FA and played one season then traded back to NYJ in a 1:1 for Calvin Pryor. Pryor got in a fight with Ricardo Louis in training camp, was released, and neither have played a down since. Davis was signed the next offseason by NO. Ricardo Louis did collect 500k last season on the Dolphins IR but was released on 9/1/20.