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  1. Unsympathetic

    Trading Up Predictions

    Why? Because we already made our first-round pick? Everything else is still there..
  2. Unsympathetic

    Browns Sign Witzmann

    PFF has an unimpressive rating -- note that Witzmann's grade in a few preseason games was nearly the same as his 2018 season grade. He is who we thought he is..
  3. Unsympathetic

    Bye gronk!!

    Much respect for him - I named a couple FF teams after him. However, 2018 Gronk was a shell of the perennial All-Pro [47/682/3]. Yes, he's a first-ballot HoF player, but Pats have expected this for some time.
  4. Unsympathetic


    It should shock nobody that the Pats have increased the candidates they're looking at for their first-round pick. To be fair, 47/682/3 isn't exactly Gronk's typical annual stats.. he was a shell of his former self in 2018.
  5. Unsympathetic

    Are we done improving?

    As of today our 2019 draft picks are [round/pick#] 2 / 49 3 / 80 4 / 119 5 / 144 5 / 155 5 / 170 6 / 189 7 / 221 OBJ is far, far more talented than anyone who would be available at the 17, so think of him as our first-round pick. No reason for pessimism..
  6. Unsympathetic

    NFL exec tells it like it is.

    This is an interesting item. There is perhaps a "market" for the top of the top players [the one-and-dones in BB] but that's only 15-30 players in all of college football. Other than that, the development of all players is wildly varied. I'd never advise a person to ignore college because college is the place where you will develop to be able to perform at the NFL level.. or at least you will have the ability to get a good career after you hang up the shoes. A college diploma is the high school degree of 35 years ago.. no college diploma and it's minimum wage for you. And even if they do get into the NFL... the proposal is to do all this for a 2-year career when the guy blows his ACL [for example, Ifo Ekpre-Olomu]? Yes the players deserve to get paid.. but the only way I'd support an actual minor league is if there's a path for the kids back into college. The similarity to baseball is that the only ones who come out directly out of HS are equivalent to the one-and-done BB players.
  7. Unsympathetic

    Looks Like Ogbah Has Been Traded

    I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  8. Unsympathetic

    Justin Layne wants to be drafted by the Browns

    Not sure either of these guys could actually beat out Howard Wilson for a roster spot..
  9. Unsympathetic

    Looks Like Ogbah Has Been Traded

    This would be great if he can stay on the field. He does have some Gordon in him -- suspended last 3 games of 2018 for PED's. Ended the season 3rd ranked coverage LB.. Note the Browns discussion in that link is as bad as you'd expect.
  10. Unsympathetic

    So who wants Burfict?

    He's not talented any more, he's had 9 concussions [2 last season], and he makes up for that by being a d-bag on and off the field. I'm sold! Sarcasm font? Me? Never!
  11. Unsympathetic

    Gettleman Speaks RE OBJ Trade

    Article i can't find now put it best: "Locker room camraderie" is something you worry about after you get talented players.
  12. Unsympathetic

    So if Duke plays well for 8 games, why bother with hunt?

    We finally have an embarrassment of riches at a position most prone to injury.. and you can't wait to ship someone out of town? It's not like there's oodles of quality at LB available for a trade. I'll be happy to be shocked if we go through this season or next and one of our RB's doesn't get injured. Will we re-sign Duke? no. Should we trade him? Also, no. The question isn't "Do we have too much" -- but rather "What value would we get in return" .. and remember, Duke IS the late-round pick [3] who was a hit. Nobody would give even a 3 for Duke right now.. and he's achieved what you'd expect from a 2. I don't understand the thought process of this thread.. If Duke plays well at the 20+ play role for 8 games you say "Great! That's why you're here, we expected you to play well!" and keep signing the checks while asking him to play 5-15 plays in games 9-17 unless someone gets injured. Yes, 17 games.
  13. Unsympathetic

    Looks Like Ogbah Has Been Traded

    Ogbah was picked at the top of the second.. there's not going to be anyone better available to us at any point in the draft. Duke should receive more touches this season.. just like he should have last season. Good teams have talent at non-starting roles. Time for that to be the norm in Cleveland instead of the exception. No more starting undrafted free agents who were stocking shelves at WalMart until someone got injured..
  14. Unsympathetic

    The Browns have the highest active cap spend in the NFL?

    Still might be addition by subtraction to cut Kirksey.. perhaps he'll be the most expensive ST gunner evah?
  15. Unsympathetic

    Game on Cleveland

    Nothing about a child's broken arm is humerus.. Sad if true. But Hill's name isn't on the police report, at least at present.