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  1. Unsympathetic

    Nick Chubb highest graded RB...per PFF

    PFF most recent mockdraft has us getting Wilkins from clemson.. I don't disagree, even with Devin White still on the board. Fun fact I had never heard before: Ogunjobi and Garrett were #1 and #2 in the league in DL snaps in 2018. We can't run our young guys into the ground like that.. It'd be nice to be able to get White, but the staff wouldn't play Og/Garrett so many snaps if they had confidence in literally any other warm body on the roster. Because they don't think we have enough NFL talent elsewhere, we need more DL.
  2. kliff kingsbury and hue jackson, together at last. Unexpected side bonus: Hue gets to ruin Josh Rosen! Your 2019 Arizona Cardinals, ladies and gentlemen. Somebody start a slow clap.
  3. Unsympathetic

    Gerald McCoy

    don't buy on the back end of the career... he WAS good but now not so much. This is his 9th season of professional football, there's mileage on them there tires. This is the same as questioning why to get a pick for Shelton but darn close productivity came from Meder. McCoy is not distinguishable in 2019 from a motivated athletic UDFA fresh out of college.. I could be wrong but I don't think he's worth the "big FA" contract he wants.
  4. Unsympathetic

    Ouch - Hue going to be gone from Bengals?

    I still want our 3rd round pick back for Cody Kessler. No, I don't trust him.
  5. Unsympathetic

    Division SemiFinals live Chat room

    Good analysis of Chargers D performance
  6. Unsympathetic

    Freddie's Staff searches

    Zona D outside of Patrick Peterson wasn't much - they lost calais campbell, they lost their rover DB Mathieu. They're so bad they just hired the useless Denver Vance Joseph to be their DC.. They had barely above-average seasons from DB Budda Baker / LB haason reddick / DL chandler jones. As well, don't look now but someone named Pierre Desir was the 15th rated CB [ahead of Lattimore, Slay and others] in the entire league this season with Indy.
  7. Unsympathetic

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    It is true that people believe conspiracy theories. Still waiting on that actual evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.. I have yet to see one piece of evidence that could even be construed to be interference by Haslam. Until then, I don't believe assertions.
  8. Unsympathetic

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    Never let facts get in the way of a good rant. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? I really don't understand why multiple people on this forum think they're making a point when they spout emotional nonsense against "analytics." If you've ever analyzed profiles of the customers who buy your product.. that's analytics. If you've ever tried to make sure your emotions aren't clouding your judgement.. that's analytics. You know what's not analytics? Being the Seahawks and telling Russell Wilson who's having one of the historically best deep ball seasons of all time.. to hand the ball off for under 2 YPC more than 30 times under the magical theory that "If We Run 30 Times We Win" ... watching the theory fail, and not changing.
  9. Unsympathetic

    Potential Interior DL thread

    Remember, there's no reason any FA is required to pick Cleveland even if we offer an appropriate value. People seem to forget that on this board.. We offered more cash to Schwartz than KC but he still chose to leave.. and people viewed that as a failure of the FO even though there was nothing they could do.. Each of the FA come with questions. Wilkerson doesn't care about football.. Pierce is basically Snacks Harrison v2.0 .. Can Irving be injury-free.. The others will be tagged
  10. Unsympathetic

    Wild Card Weekend Chat

    I'd never in a million years think true freshman to true freshman could beat the entire Bama defense. Ladies and gentlemen, trevor lawrence and justyn ross.. at this point it's 44-16 Clemson with 12:17 left in the 4th. And I'd never in a million years think bama was actually going to run on that front at 1st and goal when they got there via the pass. Bears cut Robbie Gould in 2015 who has gone 82/85 since.
  11. Unsympathetic

    Haskins Declares

    Arizona Cardinals (3-13) -- have QB San Francisco 49ers (4-12) -- have QB New York Jets (4-12) -- have QB Oakland Raiders (4-12) -- have QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11) -- have QB New York Giants (5-11) Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11) Detroit Lions (6-10) -- have QB Yes, someone could trade up, but if I were GM of either, I wouldn't. The DL talent is plentiful this year and each of the top5 could/should take DL. Haskins will probably be the 6.
  12. Unsympathetic

    IMO Our def scheme sucks...

    He is not and will never be a starter. He made ZERO improvement in his coverage over his college and now pro career. He's great for his role - as long as that role is never starting. Earlier in this thread multiple people asserted Avery was some sort of future starter for this team.. he can't do that. That's not being "down" on him.. that's simply identifying and playing to his skills. The NFL demands certain traits from a human to earn one down of playing time.. and when that assignment for Avery includes anything resembling playing in space, he does not have the athleticism to accomplish the task. There's a reason his grade is 54.9 even though he holds up pretty well at both setting the edge and rushing the passer.. He's got a hole in his game and it's not when moving forward. That doesn't mean he's a bad player or that he's not a great roster spot --- it just means he's not someone to consider as a starter, and that's fine. Quality depth is a good problem to have.. it's how the Ravens are so good as a team D this season, because they can rotate/rest starters.
  13. Unsympathetic

    IMO Our def scheme sucks...

    He will not. And that's why he shouldn't start. He's our top backup LB.. if you are excited about him then we can move on to long snappers and swing tackles. I agree with Pluto that we should bring in 2, maybe 3 new LB's between the draft and who we can snag in FA. Who stays? Frankly, I don't give a buckeye
  14. Unsympathetic

    Jamie Collins

    Yea, if you ignore his next-to-last rating against the pass. And was below league average [46.1 on PFF] before he got hurt. His season before was the aberration, not the rule. His actual value is nowhere near the contract he was given. Put away the rose-colored glasses and evaluate the reality of the players we have. At no point do i not appreciate their dedication and sacrifice... they're just not good enough. One long-term problem this organization has faced is actually drafting LB.. the last 3 LB's we drafted in the first round have all been busts [Craig Powell was the last 1st-round pick before we were Modelled, then Wimbley and Mingo]
  15. Unsympathetic

    IMO Our def scheme sucks...

    You don't have a scheme when your top two linebackers are #1 [schobert] and #4 [collins] in the league in missed tackles. You have a tactic - run the guy down from behind.