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  1. Dorsey Hired

    Sashi's last 2 drafts: 24 picks, 20 will be multi-year NFL contributors.. Whether that's analytics or throwing darts at a board, it's better than most [all?] other GM's in the same time or same # of draft selections. And 1 extra 1 / 2 extra 2 in the 2018 draft. He'll get another GM job and if he's given the reins, he'll make a team that wins longer than the current Browns -- because.. Dorsey's hit rate on players and trade-down rate to acquire extra picks is nowhere near Sashi's. But hey, a new GM changes everything.. especially Hue Jackson's clock management and playcalling! You do realize Dorsey was fired for poor cap management at KC, right? Right? *crickets*
  2. browns 1000 time more classy then the bengals

    The Steelers are 1000 times more trashy than the Bengals. Do they even math?
  3. Our D

    Coverage schemes were ridiculous, and on top of that no scheme covers for the fact that McCourty played worse than a UDFA allowing Hundley to have a perfect rating when throwing to whoever he was covering. Browns had the lowest pressure rating of any team in the NFL yesterday.. scheme also can't cover for that. Williams did his best by blitzing to create - but again he simply doesn't have the players. The weakness is talent at all levels of the D, not some magic elixir..
  4. Its happening

    You're just not allowed to point out that the Lions and Cowboys and Bucs and Titans and Chargers and Chiefs and Dolphins and Vikings and Rams all have their QB and still aren't useful. The QB must be always the sole solution to all of life's problems... until it isn't, at which point the QB is to blame some more. You may recognize this as "building up an idol for the sole express purpose of later tearing him down." Anything to keep from acknowledging that building a successful team in the short-and-long-term always takes both time and patience and that it's never going to be executed perfectly.
  5. Cut kizer after the game

    Just confirms he's not the guy moving forward. He's still a better backup than Hogan or Kessler, and we have Kizer under contract longer than those two.
  6. Its happening

    We could go QB/DB in the first this coming year and I wouldn't be disappointed.. Dorsey could trade down 10-12 spots from the Houston pick to get us a second #1 next season.
  7. Josh Gordon stats vs Chargers

    Rosen to Gordon for many wins.... Here's another youtube analysis of Gordon's return
  8. Dorsey Hired

    Lesson #1 in a definition of process improvement: One example is NOT a process. Nor are two - or three. You need 10 examples minimum to discern process from random variance. And that's just to determine current state before identifying specific problems and interventions. 1) Is your only example the whole Britt situation? I've seen ZERO intel for or against the idea that Hue explicitly asked Sashi to keep Britt because Hue would rather play big WR's than TE's when in the red zone. Njoku and DeValve are our mismatch weapons, yet they see significantly fewer targets and plays than they should. Hue's favorite plays are slow-developing long things.. exactly what you'd want a big-body WR for. 2) You throw out the term "process improvement" and then describe exactly zero processes. An example of a "process" would be "The method by which a player is given a grade" or "Evaluating player performance throughout the season." In your analysis, remember that these processes [the "n" defining the # of times the process is used] apply to the bottom of the roster players as well as the "marquee" names like Britt. I give Sashi the highest grade of any Browns GM since the rebirth in his addition of top-to-bottom athleticism and talent to the roster from the dumpster fire he was given.. while balancing that with maintaining draft picks for the future to build even higher from. For example: Is Peppers employed well today? No. But I would put that on Williams as well as Sashi.. and frankly the sum of next year's mid-first WR/CB plus Peppers plus the 2019 1st round [when Dorsey trades down again] will be much greater in terms of VAR than anything Malik Hooker does. [3 first-round starters for the price of 1] 3) If consensus can't be reached, someone has to make a decision. But remember that we don't have definitive info on what, exactly, the "vote" was in any situation. I wouldn't read anything systemic unless it's called for. Even if somebody starts, they don't have to receive more than 10 snaps -- PT is a coaching decision. Why did Kasen Williams receive no PT.. he didn't suck.
  9. Ryan Shazier Injury

    The surgery he just had puts him out for the season, best case a 4-6 month recovery.
  10. Dorsey Hired

    Dorsey's entire career is as a scout. How will he make a judgement on players he doesn't personally scout? Will there be.... metrics? If there are metrics used and those ratings are based on team consensus [which given everything we can find is what Dorsey is all about].... this is different than Sashi how, exactly? One fewer "s" in the name yields infinite wins?
  11. Hoorta was right - Tom, and Ghoolie were wrong

    Deacon Jones.. without a doubt the most unintentionally funny NFL Films clip I've ever seen.
  12. Ryan Shazier Injury

    Your next mission, should you choose to accept it: click on and read the link provided within the text you quoted.. Concussion was said night of injury / Contusion is what's said this morning / Won't be definitive until tomorrow evening or thereabouts. Full recovery has been made from both.. concussion is 1-2 games at most [probably back if Sunday but since their next game is Thursday he'd miss this one regardless] while contusion is season-ending but not lingering.
  13. Ryan Shazier Injury

    He's not paralyzed. Current diagnosis as released is spinal cord concussion. Potentially less important to Ryan is the fact that he's no longer starting for me in fantasy on Thursday.
  14. Ryan Shazier Injury

    Shazier has feeling in his extremities.. he might actually be available for next Sunday bc its "just" a bruise. Gronk only got one game for leading w an elbow into the helmet of a player who was already down.
  15. GM Reese...bring him in?

    Giants are without a doubt worse than Cleveland over the last 5-8 years at drafting. Keep him twice as far away as possible.