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  1. Trade Kizer and release Gordon ?

    News must be slow for LaCanfora.. this is only a move we "should" do when you realize his initial assumption is that the Browns "should" always be making bad deals that benefit everyone else.
  2. Vontae Davis

    Pats played Harrison half the snaps in the AFC title game.. not sure about their plans for next season but LB has been a need for them beyond Donta Hightower since forever. Someone named Kyle VanNoy was a big Pats contributor last season.. and he wouldn't make the browns roster. Hali looks like he's done in KC as a cap casualty
  3. Pryor Wants Back On Browns?

    Only other WR FA [ in addition to Gordon and Landry ] worth talking about at this point are allen robinson and sammy watkins.. Other targets are marqise lee who is no better than higgins, and cameron meredith who blew all his knee ligaments.
  4. Vontae Davis

    Colts top CB last year was Rashaan Melvin who is also a FA. Get him instead if the goal is to sign a DB who played for the Colts last season.
  5. Pryor Wants Back On Browns?

    Yes, it is crazy that a #1 pick from 2 years ago wouldn't be on the roster. Pryor wouldn't be a bad #3 at best WR.. not as a starter. Speaking of free agency and best available defensive players: OLB: Nigel Bradham, Dee Ford, Anthony Hitchens, and a bunch of scrubs. ILB: NaVorro Bowman and a bunch of over-the-hill guys like derrick johnson. S: Morgan Burnett, LaMarcus Joyner, Ricardo Allen, Kenny Vaccarro, Eric Reid CB: Malcolm Butler, EJ Gaines, Rashaan Melvin, all 3 of the Bears starters [kyle fuller, prince amukumara, bryce callahan], Trumaine Johnson, and Darqueze Dennard.
  6. Mike Mayock 2018 NFL Draft Position Rankings

    The NFL projections in the scouting report on DaShawn Hand of Bama read exactly like Emmanuel Ogbah: One of the best against the run, not much against the pass. Don't hate on Ogbah -- is he an all-pro? No, but only 4 DL in the AFC are. Let's don't look to replace Ogbah as a starter unless you're substituting someone substantially better.. and there's plenty of positions which can be much more significantly upgraded by a replacement before you get to Ogbah's spot.
  7. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    I understand this is "the way NFL business is done" but it certainly doesn't appear anybody had signed anything.. not even exchanged emails.
  8. Our 7 Round Draft

    1) I'll take Eagles and Patriots as well because the city I lived in before Boston was Philly. And the city I lived in before Philly was Baltimore. So I've got that going for me. 2) Switch the Panthers to me and Cards to SBF.
  9. Kenny Britt

    True, we have a "free" draft pick - last year's Wilson - in next season's crop. So with McCourty and BBC guaranteed, if we draft James at 4, that's not too many open roster spots remaining for DB's. I'd say Peppers' roster spot wouldn't be a sure thing...
  10. Todd Haley

    This hire might have been the best choice of the offseason before the draft.. Just look at all the ways we COULD have failed this pick: Brian Daboll Dowell Loggains Joe Philbin Brian [not Marty] Schottenheimer Greg Olson
  11. Our 7 Round Draft

    I'll take Ravens and the Chargers for back-to-back fun.. I lived in Baltimore for 5 years. I live in Boston and the last city I lived in was Philly.. so if we need GM's I'll do either or both of those two as well.
  12. A Chiefs fan assesment of Alex Smith and Pat Mahomes

    Getting Kendall Fuller is something Browns couldn't offer.. he was rated 90.0 this past season by PFF, the #8 CB in the league and in their "elite" range. Good riddance.. I don't think Browns would have offered existing players.
  13. Chiefs Trade Alex Smith to the Skins

    No, Rosen did NOT say that. Quit talking out of your butt. The text of what he said is: "I’d rather be a lower pick at the right team than a higher at the wrong team." That's it. Everything else is gossip.
  14. Hey Guys, New Member here

    I would never pay one penny or draft pick for A.Smith -- KC may very well get a deal from somebody else, but Cleveland needs draft picks and nothing else. If KC wants to give Cleveland a 3rd round draft pick to take Smith's problem salary [$20M in 2018] off their books, now we're talking... but Cleveland has the cards here, not KC. Other teams may have the ability to take that salary, but nobody's in the same zipcode as Cleveland.
  15. Josh Allen mechanics are very good.

    If Kizer can correct his accuracy problems, he's bound for Canton. What's that? He can't? I, for one, am shocked. Let's repeat the process with a QB who found a way to be less accurate than Kizer in college! [Kizer 59% as a senior, 63% as a junior]