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  1. Unsympathetic

    Free Agent Tracker

    Salary cap not announced yet - still waiting on TV deals to finalize. So deadline for tags will likely push back.
  2. Unsympathetic

    Browns Roster Moves 2021

    Exclusive rights FA is a contract for the veteran minimum.. aka the best production-for-$$ that it's possible to achieve at your TE4 and DE5 spots.. And given how fun the cap is this year, may end up the DE4.
  3. Unsympathetic

    2021 'Who are you watching?' NFL prospect thread.

    I'd like to see tape on Zaven from Tulsa.. Tulsa plays a lot of tight front with LB's nesting from A to C gap; coverage-wise it's 100% spot drop zone.. Super athletic, sure, but some NFL DC's have said they couldn't teach him over/under/etc concepts in an entire offseason. He's never played a down of man pass defense.. I have concerns..
  4. Unsympathetic

    Survey Wednesday March 3.

    Your daily reminder why sports channel hosts throw out nonsensical takes.. it's the money. It's a lot of money. And good for them - but don't believe the hype. The statements of Ballless, Cowturd, and the rest of them are 100% ginning fake anger - nothing even comparable to nuanced commentary. This is what actual analysis looks like - it's livestream of the first time he looked at the gametape. FYI, Kollman worked for 5 years at NFL Network.
  5. Unsympathetic

    Browns Draft Needs

    Free Agency Terms for reference Seems a sneaky cap-friendly move.. Because Gustin and Carlson are both full FA [both came into league as UDFA], this means that next season their contract would be at the veteran minimum. Surprisingly [to me anyway] they're both actually better than any replacement.. Porter Gustin and Stephen Carlson. Outside of not having that position on the roster, can't really ask for better performance-for-$$ from the TE4 and DE4 (or5) spots..
  6. Unsympathetic

    2021 'Who are you watching?' NFL prospect thread.

    The Indiana guy who picked Justin Fields 2x and caused a lot of havoc in that game is Jamar Johnson who got a combine invite.. Although the nfl.com rating suggests he'll be taken day2, when he's inevitably still around in round5 he seems worth a shot. He's not on WalterFootball's list of prospects.. He's not nobody, he's 2020 first team all-big-10 [When Kollmann in that video says "Who is #22 on indiana, I've gotta look at him" .. that's this guy]
  7. This article is actually a great example of why you simply cannot "trust" the dollar numbers in publications unless they're referring to 10,000-foot NFL benchmarks like last year's salary cap. Seriously, how hard is it to log into either spotrac or OTC and look at the sum as listed on their page? Neither one of those two has everything [because apparently neither group wants to tick-and-tie to resolve/clarify conflicting info with each player's contract even though one presumes that's what they're asserting they do] but.. both of them are more precise than this guy getting paid by a major news outlet. as of 12:47p on 3/6 == Spotrac total salary : 197,506,660 // OTC total salary : 196,623,447. And none of the breakdown numbers on either site match this guy's 189,626,600. 189 has not been the 2021 salary total on either site since the season ended. It's out-of-date enough to make me wonder what else in the magazine is months behind. Other than the cap figure, article is pretty good
  8. Unsympathetic

    Browns Draft Needs

    Who do you want to cut to acquire the cap space to achieve this? Current liabilities are at last year's cap.. so the drop to this year's cap takes 13M [198-185]. Rookies are 7.8. You may note that the listed "Cap Space" on OTC doesn't include rookies.. so 20.8-7.8 is where I have been getting the 13M of one-year cap as our total space. That's not much at all, despite the clickbait on DBN and other places. Actual FA dollars available is why I've switched to projecting we do the increase of DB talent through the draft.. Mitchell outperformed Kevin Johnson, agreed, and we also have several other FA's to sign such as Vernon and Higgins with the few FA dollars we do have.
  9. Unsympathetic

    Browns Draft Needs

    Zombo, Browns are a 4-2-5 team without a 5th DB at present. That 5th DB spot is a starting role; we can do better than a street free agent. I thought this thread was going to be about Kollman's 4.5 hr analysis this afternoon of the OSU-Indiana game from this past year.. He spent longer than the entire game originally took and only analyzed Ohio State's offensive snaps..
  10. Unsympathetic

    Browns Draft Needs

    I'd add another step to that.. Use the same rating system and give a rating to all our current starters. It's not just that Barmore et al are an 80.. the player you take is the one who in this situation is the biggest upgrade over our current starters.. and would play the most plays next season so you'd see the biggest improvement in overall rating of players on the field So, yes, say Lawrence is a 98.. but Baker would be 93,94 in this situation. Collins at 80 would be a upgrade of 43 over Mack the Dull Knife's 37.. and Farley at 80 would be an upgrade of 13 over Mitch's 67, Barmore at 80 would be an upgrade of 8 over Sheldon Richardson's 72.. Rousseau at 80 would be an upgrade of 5 over Vernon's 75. [I didn't know either that Vernon and Richardson performed that consistently last year.. Vernon looks like a great prove-it contract candidate..] If Farley and Collins are still around, I might take Farley because he would be playing every play and Collins may not. And extending this example.. Even if WR Toney is a 80 also, he'd barely improve the WR3 spot over Higgins' 78. Landry was 85 last season.
  11. Unsympathetic

    Revenge against Opt-Outs?

    They're backups who were going to be cap casualties anyway.. Raiders have negative space at present. But it does make for headline-clicking fun! The trend is "Many vets both starters and backups alike who weren't expecting to get cut are going to be as the reality of the cap drop hits" My cup of coffee [Because that's more than $.02!] says that the opt-out status plays no role... For example Billings will start for us next season at DI.
  12. Unsympathetic

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    OL PFF unit final rankings after the regular season -- Bucs at #5, Cards made a massive jump this past season to finish at 12; their OL for many years has been one of the worst
  13. Kollmann on JOK is important to understand JOK's stats this past season.. JOK played slot corner on the field/open side aka Rover because ND went base4-3 against 3WR seriously 50% of the time - because he could shut down slot WR's including Clemson's Rodgers; the only time he was lined up like a traditional LB is when the formation was trips to the other side [and the other OLB flexed out] or some such. JOK is.. ridiculous, and won't be on the board when we pick.
  14. Unsympathetic

    Browns Draft Needs

    Teams don't run to set up the pass.. they pass, period, and the rushing is an amusing aftereffect of the passing. The Chiefs game gave up lots of run yards because they had a big lead and were busy icing it.. AND because mahomes got knocked out. We'd have a lot more pass yards against the Browns on the final stat sheet if neither of those two things were the case. In 2020, 41% of the plays against our D were run; 59% were pass. 69% of the yards our D gave up were through the air; 31% were from a run. Stopping the pass is job #1 and #2 - first stop the thing they do more often and cause greater damage with. Yes, and those other factors are.. more important than rush yards. This really should be separated from a thread about draft needs.. LB is a weakness but it looks like we've picked DL, OL, QB, WR and DB as our investable positions with LB and the non-top-tier starters being rookies on a first deal or identified middle-priced vet FA's. Njoku for Gilmore? I'll take it.. one explanation for Gilmore's "struggle" in 2020
  15. Unsympathetic

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    Cards have their QB and a first-ballot HOF-level WR.. whether they have the right OL, defense and coaches in place to make a run of any sort is a different thread altogether. Now we can close this thread and move to the business of actual championship contenders => signing free agents with good value to affordable contracts so that the backups can perform when called upon to keep next year's run on the tracks.