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  1. Speaking of things coming together.... Mike Renner, one of the PFF analysts, is on this season's Bachelorette. Who wants to bet he's the final winner - i mean, the last guy who the girl doesn't "choose" ?
  2. Pluto talks Mayfield

    Mayfield and Ward were the top PFF players at their positions. All of you who thought analytics was gone -- it never left. The debate should never be about the applicability of the stats. If you want to discuss corporate structure, great! But that's a discussion, nothing's cut-and-dried.
  3. And he still can't read a defense.. i doubt he's willing to learn.
  4. Given the shifting and disguising that go on within both sides of the ball plus the switching that can happen on defense, I tend to think of 2 safeties rather than S or F
  5. Undrafted FA signings

    More on Desmond Harrison
  6. Why Witten?

    He'll be better than Emmitt Smith as color, which is a pretty low bar...
  7. Austin Corbett

    It's also not a bad idea to push Tretter to be better than barely average, and then draft the LT top of the first next year. Seems like a better backup plan if Corbett at LT doesn't work. It's odd that they didn't pick up Jamarco Jones with their pick in the 5th as well.. that was before Seattle took him. Due to his textbook pass sets, Jamarco was rated a 1/2 by PFF.
  8. What's Up with the Baltimore Blowfest?

    He won the heisman.. but surely the only reason he was drafted was his race.
  9. He was one of the 30 prospect visits.. so even though he should have been UDFA they picked him due to familiarity Louisiana Lafayette not LSU
  10. According to several sites, he has first-round talent
  11. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Lattimore Norman
  12. Austin Corbett

    He started 2 seasons at LT at Nevada.. he's the first crack at replacing JT.
  13. Shmuck you haslem

    Dont worry about Chubb, we'll get him tomorrow
  14. Seahawks pick penny

    With their OL, will he average even 2.0 ypc? And..... ahead of guice, michel, and chubb?
  15. Context is an excuse for Allen but isn't for Rosen?