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  1. If Cleveland was his best coaching, please - any other team in the ACFN - hire this guy immediately! I still trust Hue's judgement regarding Cody Kessler.. in the sense that he's wrong every time.
  2. Unsympathetic

    How Elite play at C sets up the entire offense

    Morse was the #13 C this past year.. he's being replaced by Austin Reiter in KC, which he basically did last year [13 games] because Morse was injured. And, Cameron Erving is starting for KC at G next season.. good luck.. surprising none of us, he hasn't improved. Fun: Reiter ranked as the #10 C by PFF last season.. those of you who said he'd be good were right, and that's why KC let him walk. Don't worry much about tretter - he will probably get resigned and not for an exorbitant amount because he's good - not all-pro-adjacent. The increase of the cap makes resigning him not much of a problem.
  3. How did the Eagles keep winning 2 yrs ago with all their injuries on O? Jason Kelce is the NFL's best C Plenty of enjoyable in-depth technique description shows how you couldn't just replace him with any large body.
  4. Unsympathetic

    Supplemental Draft: Jalen Thompson SS

    Player analysis "Tough riddle to crack" Formal conclusion: Meh.. Sure, throw a fourth or fifth at him if you want - or not
  5. Unsympathetic

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    Good thing we didn't sign this guy --- he has gone 100% vegan. Remember the cautionary tale of Houston RB Arian Foster who went vegan and immediately started having soft tissue injuries causing him to miss >50% of games for the remaining few yrs of his career. My .02 says this will be McCoy's fate each season he's still around..
  6. Unsympathetic

    Personal Conduct

    The US women could not beat the men.. the mercy rule would get invoked in favor of the men, and quickly. Jozy Altidore, just as one example, would be unstoppable. The full USWNT lost to the FC Dallas U-15 boys' team..
  7. Unsympathetic

    Personal Conduct

    Trolls do not make us research. Trolls are the antithesis of knowledge. Knowledge is advanced on this forum IN SPITE OF ghoolie and the other trolls. Trolls, in fact, do NOT inspire thought --- because their response to any tidbit of fact is to personally attack those people who posted facts.... which DECREASES desire to research further. All those topics you mentioned which are legitimately interesting are from threads that were created and furthered by people who actually want to learn. Ghoolie is nowhere on that list. Each and every "intellectual desire" you assert is attributable only to Tour, Hoorta, etc -- not ghoolie at all. Stop with this nonsense.
  8. Unsympathetic

    Personal Conduct

    Nope - trolls only advance anger and LACK of knowledge. Trolls make us dumber. Opinions are like @ holes.. and that phrase ends with a ban on this forum. Shouting a completely random phrase ["OL are all fat!"] and then running away is neither helpful nor smart -- it's actually counterproductive because it takes energy away from something [anything] that would be more informative. If Ghoolie was interested in contributing to the forum in any way, he'd have at least one piece of data / team story / concept to share [you know, knowledge..] which would back up his point. And he'd explain why that point was salient. And he'd calmly explain why others weren't. But no -- he's never had that type of discourse, because he's not interested in that type of thread or interaction.. because he can't help himself. Knowledge is hard work, it's not random. Knowledge is the result of positive initial intent between two or more people/groups AND research for that discussion AND agreement on the bounds of the discussion AND understanding/willingness to tolerate the interpersonal slip-ups that are called humanity without losing focus on the end goal. Two people with dissenting opinions simply isn't knowledge... "knowledge" is only accomplished at the resolution of the entire debate between those two people -- IF a debate was actually had. Seriously, man -- I've never once gained anything from a ghoolie thread -- those threads are entirely devoid of talent. If you think his threads are knowledge, have you never actually read Mud or Hoorta or Tour talking about OL blocking technique on the backside of an inside zone run? If knowledge is the goal, that's unavoidable hard work. If cheap sloganeering with no substance is the goal, that's Ghoolie.
  9. Unsympathetic

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    Green/Boyd is PFF's #5 receiving duo, as they should be. Boyd had about the quietest 1000-yd season last yr of anyone in recent memory. PFF article
  10. Browns backfield RB duo second only to Gordon/Ekeler.
  11. Unsympathetic

    Personal Conduct

    Each of the people who others would throw into that category, however, are the single most thin-skinned crybabies on the forum. 100% of them absolutely cannot handle being told they are wrong and to shut their piehole - with precisely the same vitriol and wild fact-free assertion that they attempt to claim as somehow their right. [This trait always fascinated me.. you're going to swing at someone and then get shocked when they swing back? That's not how any of this works..] As is expected from a person who crumbles when they're not in control, they don't defend their position with anything resembling objectivity - all of their "defense" is pure attack on the personality/grammar/wit of the person who has the temerity to respond. You know, like an @ hole. The reason they are trolls is that they do not advance knowledge/understanding/discussion in any way... they're just annoying. "Villain" would actually be an upgrade because a villain has a plan. These mongrels don't have a position.. they just want to find an excuse to type angry personal attacks. The forum is better for all of those accounts [Ghoolie, Shorts etc] being perma-banned. Also: Don't get caught up into the "But they have a single nugget of objective point!" notion.. No, they don't -- never did, never will. The appropriate comparison is to consider how a different forum member would act if they actually wanted to contribute. If hoorta sincerely wondered "Are OL all fat and easily replaceable?" the way he would move forward would be: Make a thread with the question as OP, sit back, and learn something as Tour and Tia and Mud and several others show why an OL of 5 Desmond Harrisons is a quick path to 1-15. But trolls don't... because the people doing the trolling PERSONALLY cannot stop themselves from continuing with the ad hominem attacks. [or you could watch a video of last season's cam newton showing that all cam's problems were the lack of time to step and point his front foot because of pressure up the middle which led to inaccuracy, nothing to do with "his shoulder"] Yes, the trolls are that bad - and yes, they deserve to get the banhammer.
  12. Unsympathetic

    Building The Browns

    I'm posting this here because I refuse to make another thread about it. Retrospective on Johnny - looks like it was published today with surprisingly good content.
  13. Unsympathetic

    is TE our weakest

    Cards had a steaming pile at DL last season outside of Chandler Jones.. Wilks would have to get creative [and risky] to get any sort of pressure from them. They picked Nkemdiche in the first a couple years ago and he's such a bust they're probably going to release him this week.. They did pick zach allen from BC in this year's first, so they could have a competent DL this season, but last year's tape probably isn't the greatest way to evaluate Wilks. When your free-agency upgrade has a dad bod [45-year-old Terrell Suggs], you've got problems. Cards did get the Browns special teams gang back together .. Andy Lee and Zane Gonzalez.
  14. Unsympathetic

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    Undiagnosed fairly severe personality disorder.. I'm neither angry nor shocked, I'm more sad for the rest of his family [Kellen Sr] who by all accounts are pretty decent folk.
  15. Calloway had 7 drops last year and that doesn't count the plays he visibly quit on or didn't stick his hands out for. He is not ready to step into Landry's shoes.. Higgins however may actually have that capability due to his vastly better hands. Also, don't kid yourself -- Landry isn't "just" a possession receiver. If he's "just" anything, he's just a good wide receiver.