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  1. Glad he's not a Cleveland Brown

    Not sure what the point of this is.. He lost a sponsorship the last time he opened his mouth. If he doesn't think he can stop himself from showing his ignorance when he talks, better to avoid/play music instead.
  2. Another curious signing

    Many acquisitions don't work out. Is this another one? The lowest-rated PFF starter on our defense this season after 6 games... Jamie Collins, 34.6. To paraphrase the Sopranos... There's good and there's not good -- and that's not good.
  3. FO you are much too good to us

    FFS. "P.Manning For GM" is exactly why teams suck for a long time. He was good on the field but that has no correlation to his decision-making after the chinstrap is unbuckled. We have talent on this roster - it's not perfect but no roster is. Look at the Ravens -- Name one player on their offense who you'd take on this roster this season.. I wouldn't take Flacco because his contract is terrible while his skill is barely a smurf's asshair above average. Other than him, Browns are better at every position, including WR. And their [our?] GM is supposed to be an icon even though he still hasn't drafted a usable WR since they became the Ravens. Bringing in some fool won't get either raw talent or a legitimately successful scheme to win. Williams will keep blitzing every other play and we'll keep losing until we get a AllPro starting QB.. and then magically when playing from ahead, blitzing every play will work.
  4. More Peyton Manning speculation

    Precisely what would they need to do to "demonstrate accountability" ? Sit Britt? Like.. they have? FYI, pryor is sucking in DC.. 16/209/1, basically Britt if given lots more plays. Britt was viewed as the same player as Pryor, and in large measure that's true because they both are animated testicles in shoulder pads. I'll never agree that firing a FO person demonstrates anything other than ignorant management if any one specific FA acquisition doesn't work out, because then the rational response would be to never take the risk of signing FA. This statement really is a copout -- of course there's no way to "be accountable" as a leader if the player only cared the year he was to become FA. Britt was viewed as solid when he was signed. Note that all the people who bought the NFL's most expensive defense of the 2015 season were in fact made accountable for their series of terrible decisions..
  5. More Peyton Manning speculation

    Everyone really needs to get over the notion of this FO being some sort of wild new thing. I've grown tired of even attempting to inform all the people who assert "anal lytics" as the one single reason why anything is happening. As with the reality of life, nothing is simple enough to be accurately described by a black-and-white description. [analytics is always bad! no it is forever good!] EVERY team uses analytics. 100%. Not some, not part, not half -- all 32. The difference is in precisely how much weight is given to the opinion of the numbers guy.. thus the differences are more like 5%, 10% between the team with the least numbers impact and the team with the most.. very much pennies on the dollar. Even on the Browns it's not 100% run by the moneyball guy -- it's still shared decision making. And even once you understand that.. the reality is that a human ultimately assigns the ranking of all players. What if a player who "made football plays" was given a good number by a football guy after watching video? Is that "anal lytics" or a "decision made by a football guy" ? Examples of questions that determine the precise impact of a number vs "bad snap decisions made by someone we wish desperately was a football guy" are: Does the analytics determine the list of the lowest 30 players and their potential UDFA or practice squad potential replacements? All 52? Where does it start and stop? Does analytics develop a list for every available college player for draft day.. and where does it take over? after the first round? At the start? Never? This is very similar to how you'd enter a FF draft.. do you just cross players off a list and then pick the highest, or is RB weak and so you're taking a RB now even though WR might be the BPA per the list you developed? If a player looks good one year but sucks the next [we'll call this imaginary player "Kenny Britt"] why does that not challenge your presumption that the football guy is always right...
  6. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    He got his chance. Now he goes back to being a backup.
  7. Cleveland Browns - Back from the Dead

    ESPN.. ouch. "To say this team is a mess understates the mess. This team has collapsed, and it has collapsed in itself with a new system that was supposed to be innovative that instead has become insulting. "
  8. To the NFL players etc, who DISRESPECTED our FLAG

    Kaepernick's original form of protest to police targeting blacks was.. sitting on the bench. Guess who suggested he kneel instead? Yep, a Green Beret.. Nate Boyer. Kapernick took a knee out of respect for the troops but conservatives still assert he's disrespectful to the troops.
  9. If you believe all the claims then Israel hacked Kaspersky, which was hacking an NSA employee who had stolen NSA hacks, while being hacked by Russia which was hacked by the NSA, while the NSA was warned by Israel about Russian hacks. Or maybe, just maybe, it's yet more BS spin. You do realize that the owner of Kaspersky offered to provide his source code for free for government evaluation and offered to testify to Congress? And he was.... turned down on both counts. [Hint: Because they know it's a transparently BS claim.] 1) U.S. and British spies systematically target all anti-virus products and companies.. and the "actual" fact is that they regard Kaspersky as a hindrance to their hacking. 2) If the story were true the NSA would have reacted immediately.. by banning all Kaspersky products from U.S. government systems. But the story they're continuing to promote is.. The NSA allowed the Russian government, for more than a year, to sniff through all systems of the more than two dozen American government agencies (including the military) which use the Kaspersky products? Nope. Not true in the slightest.
  10. We're Number One!

    .. In defensive blitz percentage. 46% of total passing snaps have included a blitz. Good god almighty. Live by the blitz, die by the blitz.
  11. Josh Gordon

    I hope Gordon has already gone through the only "hitting bottom" experience that he'll have. Not every addict will have only one.. so at this point it's just a hope. But for many, the moment of hitting bottom is required for them to stop the enabling/thinking it's all OK. If he continues to choose to stay sober, he might have a few years left in the NFL. If not, good riddance.
  12. I dont think we win a single game

    The Columbus Day parade had been planned for a while.
  13. Hogans Heroes

    Hogan appears to actually be everything Hue asserted Kessler would be : A game manager who can win now while our "future" waits.
  14. More Peyton Manning speculation

    Mitchell Schwartz is the starting RT for the chiefs - and the backup LT to erik fisher. If Fisher is out [this happened week 1] then Schwartz moves to LT and Cam Erving would start. Schwartz left as FA; Erving is the one who was traded.
  15. The Browns WRs are not catching the ball

    yep, was thinking of charles johnson. and he's on IR for back surgery from the panthers roster The comment on the yahoo popup for Josh Gordon is "The Browns are ludicrously thin at WR" which sounds like a fad diet pill. With the many picks from a trade-down, we need another first-round WR and first-round CB and first-round RB in the next draft.. That's not asking too much, is it?