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  1. Hey, at least we're not as bad as the Bears
  2. Unsympathetic

    Early observations

    Tomlin is known for his poor game management.. attacking his choices is shooting fish in a barrel. My main thought is: Buyer's remorse on Vernon.. I want Zeitler back.
  3. Unsympathetic

    Antonio Brown

    On Friday they fined him $215,073.53 for conduct detrimental to the team. When a player is fined for conduct detrimental to the team, all guaranteed monies from their current contract are removed.. thus from that moment forward they are playing on a week-to-week contract.
  4. Unsympathetic

    Antonio Brown

    If there's a strike, it's because the economic "pie" of the NFL has been tilted very much in favor of the owners since the last CBA. Nothing on this thread touches on the serious items. "Guaranteed" money has been a mirage for decades, and there's nothing in the CBA preventing guaranteed deals. FYI, there's nothing in the MLB or NBA CBA that requires them. At present the only player in the NFL on a fully guaranteed contract is Kirk Cousins.. if more players structured their deal that way, guaranteed deals would be more common.
  5. Unsympathetic

    Texans are Having a Hell of a Day

    Schwartz took less money from KC to leave town. Sashi's offer was the most money. Schwartz leaving to KC isn't on Sashi.
  6. Unsympathetic

    Browns pick up 3 Via Waivers

    DeShone Kizer lost to some UDFA named Tim Boyle for the Packers' backup job.. You may remember Tim Boyle as the runner-up to magician Shin Lim in this past year's America's Got Talent competition as a singer. Jachai Polite was a 3rd rounder just a few months ago - and got cut by the Jets.
  7. Unsympathetic

    Why did we go 0-16 on 2017?

    We actually did get great value from signing Zeitler and Tretter before that 2017 season.. Even if Vernon leaves as FA after next season, the compensatory will still be part of our value from signing Zeitler as FA Note that the Dolphins have 2 first and 2 second rounders in the next two drafts... they're tanking for either Tua or Trevor Lawrence, and that's a decent plan
  8. Unsympathetic

    Taywan Taylor

    Given their usage on ST, 5 WR seems like not enough to account for injuries.. I'd bet one of the OL gets the boot when Callaway returns.
  9. Unsympathetic

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    Kareem Hunt had hernia surgery
  10. Unsympathetic

    Browns Trade For Wyatt Teller

    Give: 2020 5th&6th-round picks Get: G Wyatt Teller, 2020 7th round pick. Here's one evaluation of him - he started Buffalo's last 7 games in 2019 and graded 56.1 per PFF. Not a long-term solution but he will likely be better in 2019 than anyone on our current roster.
  11. Unsympathetic

    Texans are Having a Hell of a Day

    Ah, Texas.. I guess they won't have many more picks they can pay to get rid of their really bad contracts [Osweiler] any time soon. This is such a ridiculous waste of assets that I bet Watson leaves as FA rather than re-sign. On the other hand, when Watson threatens to leave, O'Brien will trade him for Josh Rosen. When you have the chance to trade for a league-average LT and a WR3 [fuller, hopkins ahead of him], you give away those 1&2 round picks like candy!
  12. Unsympathetic

    Andrew Luck

    Luck's litany of injuries due to zero OL drafted before round 7 during his first 4 seasons by one of the few GM's less competent than our sloths [at that time] should conclusively put to bed the troll notion that no investment in OL can still create a successful team. Luck wouldn't have survived as long as he did if he wasn't built like a linebacker.. he took the most hits in the league of any QB those 4 years. In Luck's second season, the Colts gifted us a first for Trent Richardson. The playoff game where Richardson's first playoff carry was a fumble was arguably Luck's most memorable game as a professional because he brought them all the way back from a 31-10 deficit.
  13. Unsympathetic

    Avery on the Bubble?

    Totally agreed, but the long-term roster construction issue will always be a comparison of keeping quality depth around now (vs) the future benefit of one additional talented player on a cheap contract in a season when you could be even better. In an ideal world, all our top backups would be on rookie deals.. Pay to keep irreplaceable stars such as Baker and Garrett, train up the backups to eventually replace during their first money deal, cycle everyone else through.. This is why swinging and missing on Corbett hurts so much.. But you have to risk it to get the biscuit.
  14. Unsympathetic

    Avery on the Bubble?

    He's not big enough to play in the trenches and not consistent enough against the pass to be trusted in coverage.. Wilson will be starting by the third game, so we'll have a Highly Paid kirksey as our first LB off the bench.. Sure, Avery may get some decent PT given injuries or blowouts, but his best shot at being even the top backup is the 2020-2021 season, presuming Kirksey is traded away [or cut bc he wouldn't take a lower restructure] after this year to resign other guys. Under-the-radar Dorsey move this season: Trade kirksey for a second to another team w injuries.. take that in a heartbeat..
  15. Unsympathetic

    Hue Jackson Interview: SI

    Hot tip: Defending Hue Jackson is really not a great look. I have zero sympathy for narcissists.. because they don't reciprocate. Don't fall for the trap - you're better than Hue.