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  1. Well we do need wide receivers IMO so I might give Dorial Green-Beckham one more shot for a small contract. I will be shocked if Kenny Brit can do much of anything this year. At 24 years old I think it may be worth a chance but at this stage of pre-season I doubt we add anybody to the WR corp, and we just go with the young guys we drafted last year and hope for the best.
  2. Nice game by Kessler last night! I was really impressed with the zip he had on those passes. Looks like his arm strength has really improved. I would like to see him start he season with Kizer as backup. I just don't see Osweiler ever amounting to anything more in the league so why waste the time. Both Kizer and Kessler have upside and since our receivers look pretty bad we are going to need a qb who doesn't turn the ball over in order to help the defense and keep us in games.
  3. Nice defense and great return. Good start. Now let's see if the offense can do anything.
  4. I am interested in seeing if Osweiler shows anything this week. I kind of hope he lights it up so maybe somebody else will want him. ALso looking to see how Mulhaney (sp?) does again this week. We need somebody who can run great routes so hoping he will perform well again. Also the third string RB last week looked good against the 3rd team. I would like to see how he looks against better competition. Oh and also the entire defense because I liked what I saw last week and hoping it will keep improving. Who are you all interested in watching this week?
  5. Browns57

    Fantasy Football

    Somebody send me a darn invite. LOL. Zombo? I will join league 1. I was in league 4 with Flying J and I sent him a message with my email but still no invite. It is like the blind leading the blind in here this year. If you need a commish too let me know. Again I volunteer.
  6. Browns57

    Fantasy Football

    I sent you an email this morning Flyin J send me an invite. I am in again this year. Hoping we keep everything as voted for in the poll but could switch to ESPN if needed.
  7. I will do it if you can transfer it over to me. Thanks.
  8. I just sent an email to the commissioner of league 2 and asked him to renew the league for this year. He has an AOL email address so we shall see if he gets it.
  9. I haven't heard anything yet from either of the leagues I was in last year. Do you want me to head one of them up so we can get the ball rolling?
  10. Browns57

    Fantasy Football Week 9

    Zombo quit being such a big baby, You are going to win the league anyway. Last week I got lucky. Rodgers had his best week of the season and so did Antonio Brown. But I must say it was fun crushing the New England Patriot Massaquis. He has a great team but it is hard to win if the Patriots don't have a great week when you start 4 of their players. Lol.
  11. Browns57

    Fantasy Football Week 7

    What the heck Zombo? Lol. I am giving up the best kicker in the league, Tannehill, and Duke Johnson Jr. I almost didn't make the trade. Didn't want to give up Tannehill. Oh and BTW this week will be tough to win! Good matchup. And don't they call that collusion????
  12. Browns57

    Fantasy Football Week Six

    Ha Mik... Nice!
  13. Browns57

    Fantasy Football Week Six

    Is anybody going to step up and beat me one of these weeks??? Cmon guys!
  14. Browns57

    Fantasy Football 2015

    Sorry Cal, I could not give up Lamar Miller for Forsett. Baltimore is hurting for WR and Forsett looked bad in preseason. I don't expect him to have the season he did a year ago no matter what the predictions say. I tried to tell you this on the trade but for whatever reason yahoo or my pc wouldn't allow me to type a reply in the reply box.
  15. Browns57

    Fantasy Football 2015

    Calfoxwc, I notified DaBuckeye about this almost two weeks ago and asked him to move to draft up half an hour but was ignored. The board admins should start setting the drafts automatically for the last Sunday before the first game and making them start at least one hour apart. I had the same problem last year. And look at the problems with league 3 this year. Glad I dumped that mess. BTW Zombo if you want me to take over league 3 NEXT year I will.