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  1. LCDawgFan13


    First off...I'm always on here reading. But haven't commented in a long time. But I've got to ask...Is there a reason we haven't reached out to a guy like Eric Reid? He's what...28? He's a FA. And there's nonway he can be any worse than Sandejo.
  2. LCDawgFan13

    DeShaun Watson

    Haden would've been gone regardless. Yes... we wanted the pick, but to spend that much money for 2nd round pick doesn't scream out "Hey I'm afraid to spend money!"
  3. LCDawgFan13

    DeShaun Watson

    So how does Brock' s salary fit that equation
  4. That's what I was saying. Defense won the game... just not ours.
  5. LCDawgFan13

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Hue needs 1 job...either as the head coach or OC. And as his playcalling has shown us, not sure either one is right for him anymore. I think if he needs to learn to delicate responsibility. let someone else call the plays. And somebody needs to find us some receivers. our two most reliable receivers are a 5'9" running back and a guy who hasn't played in a couple years.
  6. Defense did win both of those games. Especially against Baltimore. Unfortunately, our good defense wasn't as good against their decent offenses as their defenses were against our shitty offense. Good defense can win, but you still need the offense to hold onto the ball.
  7. So...was Adoug's theory right about Sashi's real plans?
  8. So...was Adoug's theory right about Sashi's real plans?
  9. I'm at work and can't watch the game. Any reason for Kessler not being in there?
  10. LCDawgFan13

    Day 2 is Make or Break for Our 2016 Draft

    Okay Spurrier...I'm confused. I don't think Cook is best for this team anyway, but your argument that he comes from a weak defensive conference is whack...especially when you throw out your best choice at Qb is Hackenburg? Really?
  11. LCDawgFan13

    2015 Browns Board Draft

    Hey guys, sorry I dropped out of this draft the past couple days. I have been spending all my time looking for my family's dog. He ran off the other night and we still have not found him.
  12. LCDawgFan13

    2015 Browns Board Draft

    My bad on my pick for the Bengals. I never saw that I was on the clock.
  13. LCDawgFan13

    2015 Browns Board Draft

    Colts go defense with this pick. The Colts pick Paul Dawson, ILB, Texas Christian with the 60th pick.
  14. LCDawgFan13

    2015 Browns Board Draft

    Bengals select:Byron Jones CB Connecticut
  15. LCDawgFan13

    2015 Browns Board Draft

    With the 29th pick...the Indianapolis Colts select Cameron Irving, C, Florida State. He will fill one of the few remaining holes they did not already address.