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    ESPN's John Clayton Reporting Holmgren Will Fire Mangini

    This is hilarious with all the sudden Mangini love. The guy beat the Steelers once and he's the hero of Cleveland. All this talk about "progress" is hilarious. I recall RAC making huge progress with the 2007 Browns... Sorry to say, but I thought Browns fans were smarter than this. You guys are the football center of the United States and a class A town. To be satisfied with Mangini is to be satisfied with mediocrity at best. Cleveland deserves better, IMO.
  2. WilsonTheVolleyball

    Mangini Poll

    Didn't want him then. Don't want him now. The guy is a joke.
  3. WilsonTheVolleyball

    Drew Brees

    Not even anyone here in New Orleans saw tonight's performance coming. It was really something special to see.
  4. WilsonTheVolleyball

    Matthew Stafford Mic'd Up

    Holy cow I see nothing but Rivers in this dude.
  5. WilsonTheVolleyball

    Typical Toothless Steelers Fan @ 0:37

    LOL! While I'm not big fan of Sarah Palin, I think it's pretty clear this guy is likely just one of the followers of Mm! Mm! Mm! Barack Hussein Obama. I wonder if he was going around to the democratic rallies asking people how much they knew about Obama's foreign and energy polices. But man, that Steelers fan! That was gold. Thank you for that.
  6. WilsonTheVolleyball

    Yet more Steeler fan stupidity

    Now I'm sure Steeler fans would make a Browns joke here since it was a dog, but let's hope they take the highroad... Hopefully someone in jail at least told this scumbag the score for the Steelers/Chiefs game.
  7. WilsonTheVolleyball

    WKNR this morning RUMOR - Shanahan to the Bills?

    Please, please, please take him Buffalo! I don't want Shanny anywhere near the Browns. Great offensive cordinator, but the guy is overrated as a head coach and will likely fall even further after trying to run the entire show. The sooner the Bills take him, the sooner I can happily cross his name off the list.
  8. WilsonTheVolleyball

    Bears fans poison Steeler fan??

    That's Bears fans for ya...
  9. WilsonTheVolleyball


    This topic title is misleading. I thought 23.5 was the Browns total yards on offense.
  10. WilsonTheVolleyball

    Stuart Scott thinks Cleveland Browns uniforms are boring

    You guys are too kind for showing the Saints uniforms some love. I think the Browns have one of the best uniforms in the NFL. It's a big reason why I'm a fan of the team. Less is more.
  11. WilsonTheVolleyball

    the worst offense since 1933

    A quick thought: Rather than punting the ball on fourth down, why not just have 4 WR's run deep and let DA chuck it? At least DA can throw further than Hodges can punt...
  12. WilsonTheVolleyball

    Cribbs carted off the field

  13. WilsonTheVolleyball

    MNF vs. ravens In-Game discussion

  14. WilsonTheVolleyball

    MNF vs. ravens In-Game discussion

    It makes me sad to hear that despite losing 16-0, Gruden still sounds excited about this team. The guy clearly has the itch to coach again, and he just seems really drawn to this Browns team. A shame. A big "woulda, coulda, shoulda."