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  1. PlayoffsIN09

    New Coach Discussion

    Here we go again: @Brownsupdates BREAKING NEWS: Browns are meeting with Chip Kelly right now and lawyers are present after meeting with the eagles for over 5 hours. ‏@Brownsupdates Reliable source just told me they are working on a 5 year deal as I write this tweet.
  2. PlayoffsIN09

    Trade Joe Thomas?

    If you REALLY think about it, that made no sense.
  3. PlayoffsIN09

    Trade Joe Thomas?

    Shit! YOU people overreact WAY too much! Its a wonder why the sports nation thinks CLEVELAND sports fans are a bunch of ASSHOLES!!! Its because of YOU!! Thats the fuckin truth if you want to believe it or not! If you notice, it was a thought. I never endorsed it. I'm glad I don't post here often. Bunch of shitters! Steeler fans...your welcome to agree with me even though i'm a die-hard Browns fan. I'm ready for the unsophisticated typical Browns fan name calling. Give it to me!!! I'll just be laughing at you!
  4. PlayoffsIN09

    Trade Joe Thomas?

    Here is a scenario nobody has talked about. If Kalil is there at 4 we take him, then we trade Joe Thomas for atleast two first rounders. Anyone on-board with this?
  5. PlayoffsIN09

    Skins And Rg3

    Would the Skins giving up those #1s to move up a done deal? I don't know how that could happen anyway so soon. Or would the latest Skins cap issue situation change everything, making RG3 a possibility? I personally do not want RG3 even though he's a great prospect. He wouldn't do much until we get a stud RT and receivers at the very least. I believe the QB should be the last piece of the puzzle. (hence Aaron Rodgers for example)
  6. PlayoffsIN09

    Blackmon And Wallace?

    Damn, didn't know that
  7. PlayoffsIN09

    Blackmon And Wallace?

    Think Heckert could get these 2 guys (assuming Blackmon is there)? We would have to give up our 22 pick and give Wallace a big contract but doing so would give us 3 legit (including Little) YOUNG recievers for Colt to throw to. I think Masaquoi can be serviceable as a #4. Opinions? Touchdown Browns!!!
  8. Raiders traded their 2012 and conditional 2013 first found picks for Carson Palmer per ESPN.
  9. PlayoffsIN09

    Bad Boys Bad Boys

    Its nice to see our new regime is willing to deal with character issues. All 3 of our picks do. Its all about talent in the NFL. Our past regimes clearly coveted character more than talent. I love our moves/picks. Finally, its time to get some ATTITUDE GO BROWNS!!!
  10. PlayoffsIN09

    Randy Moss

    NO WAY!
  11. PlayoffsIN09

    Andrew Luck Returning to Stanford

    Peyton Manning was projected #1 in 1997 to complete his degree. He then went #1 in 1998. Just hope Luck doesn't get injured. Seems like a guy with class.
  12. PlayoffsIN09

    Phil Dawson appreciation thread

    This thread is for the best kicker in Browns team history and should be in Canton someday. He gave it his all for us since 1999. Lets tip our hats and raise our glasses to a great place kicker and a classy guy. He will always be one of my favorite all time Browns. Good luck Phil!
  13. PlayoffsIN09

    Are we gonna beat the Bungles?

    Yeah...like the Panthers game for example. Panthers should have won but they gave it to us and considering Delhomo's poor performance. An ugly game indeed. If the Bungles win it will because of our mistakes and vise versa. Whoever has more turnovers will lose. With Delhomo as QB I will predict a 17-10 loss because of 2 turnovers. If McCoy was starting I would predict a 24-14 win.
  14. PlayoffsIN09

    Are we gonna beat the Bungles?

    If we win...the Bungles beat themselves. If we lose...we beat ourselves. Especially with Delhomo as QB.
  15. PlayoffsIN09

    Anyone have an extra ticket?

    If anyone has a cheap ticket for Sundays game pm me. I would appreciate it.