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  1. Its the Quinndenburg, OH THE UMANITY.
  2. killbill

    Big Gay Ben relaxes with Shaq

    Thanks, my mom told me the browns always lose because all the players get sick from infections and the good ones are afraid to go there
  3. killbill

    Big Gay Ben relaxes with Shaq

    not as funny as the ass kicken the browns will get on October 18. Put this one in the books.
  4. killbill

    Nascar Forum?

    What do the Browns and nascar have in common?----nothing, nascar has a winner every week
  5. The only way the steelers lose the division this year is if they get really drunk and leave it with their car keys.
  6. Steelers are happy, still shining that superbowl ring
  7. killbill

    Prime time match up

    As Superbowl champs the Steelers should be kicking off the new season with a prime time thursday night game. Would Browns fans like to see the Browns open the season with this game.
  8. killbill


    why dont the Browns trade for this guy. No moves to pull even with Steelers or ravens while losing proven players. looks like lerner wants to wants to change things enogh to create false hope without doing jack.
  9. killbill

    I wouldnt root for the steelers if.....

    I think the three thousand people who never made it out of the world trade center would find your remarks offensive, you should dedicate your remarks to all the service people in Iraqi classless Brown ass
  10. Blame President Obama Furnier, he is a Steeler fan and Nfl insider is reporting he had secret service sharpshooters around the Stadium ready to take out the refs if the calls went against the Steelers.
  11. killbill

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    please pick the cardinals over the Steelers cause you have no balls.
  12. killbill

    Hines Ward

    Watch him smile while he plays in the superbowl
  13. killbill


    The Browns are done for the year, lower the flag to half staph.
  14. killbill

    participate Sunday

    I encourage all the Browns fans to wear their old Matt Stover jerseys on Sunday!!!
  15. killbill


    I think every Steeler fan should make one more post on this site pledging not to post again until the steelers lose. Browns fans have many important issues to discuss like who to hire as GM after we allready hired the whole coaching staff and who will be the first round bust wirh the five pick. Who is with me!!!