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  1. Sheepdog

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Anyone hear anything about the seriousness of Haden's injury?
  2. Sheepdog

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    I understand why the change in offense but I don't agree with it. I've never liked the zone read in the NFL and the pistol offense it alright. I thought JF would have fit perfectly in with what Shanahan was doing with Hoyer. Run heavy and when you throw you throw with the PA.
  3. Sheepdog

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Complete 180 from our defense last week. WTF happened. I wasn't expecting our D to play the same as the first time we played but this is embarrassing.
  4. Sheepdog

    Re-Aligning the AFC

    I'm sure it has been mentioned but other states with two teams in the same division are the AFC West (San Diego and Oakland) and AFC East (Buffalo and NY Jets). I'm neutral about realignment. I like who we play but also think it would be interesting if they did do some realignment.
  5. Sheepdog

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    A couple of inactives for todays game; DB K'Waun Williams LB Karlos Dansby I was hoping that Williams would be back for today, I definitely see the Bengals testing Gilbert a lot today. Heard that it was a long shot for Dansby to play but I like the way Robertson and Kirksey have been playing.
  6. I agree but I'm hoping that Manziel's fire and passion rubs off on Gordon and gets his ass into gear. We definitely have to go WR in the 1st round this year.
  7. Sheepdog

    Hoyers should be removed as starter

    Hopefully the coaching staff doesn't look at our previous meeting with Cincinnati and think that Hoyer was the reason that we won that game and that he should start against them again.
  8. Not verified but looking at a Falcons thread, I guess HC Smith said on radio that he called a timeout with 50 seconds left because if he didn't do it then the Browns would have done it. If this is true then i expect him to be fired in the morning. Probably one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. He should have lied and said that they were having communication issues or something...anything else.
  9. Sheepdog

    Notes and Observations from today's game

    I agree with everything though I was unable to see Bitonio's play of the game as I had to listen to the game on the radio. Can't wait to get home and watch the recording. I definitely don't see us paying Hoyer $10-15 mil a year unless he carries us in the playoffs to the AFC Championship game. Thankfully if that does happen I see Manziel fitting into this offense pretty easily, no huge dropoff. We definitely got lucky with Mike Smith calling that timeout, don't know why he did that but that definitely saved the game for us. I would interested to see what some of the Falcons forums are saying right now.
  10. Sheepdog

    ***Official Browns @ Falcons Game Day Thread***

    Just realized that I mispelled threw. Still coming down off the high of this win.
  11. Sheepdog

    ***Official Browns @ Falcons Game Day Thread***

    My biggest issue wasn't that Hoyer through the pick in the endzone, it was that Shanahan called a passing play. We should have kept to the running game to score and to get more time off of the clock. At the end of the day though we won and that is all that really matters.
  12. Sheepdog

    ***Official Browns @ Falcons Game Day Thread***

    I have seen the reports that Josh is going to play 20-30 plays but I also saw an additional report stating that those 20-30 is dependent on how his conditioning is and how he feels. Could be and probably will be more. As Haden will probably be stuck on Julio most of the game I think Buster is going to have to have a huge game going up against Roddy. Keys to the Game; 1- Win the Buster vs Roddy matchup. 2- Create pressure with our injury riddled front 7. 3- Get the run going to setup the PA.
  13. Sheepdog

    NFL looking at sites for Browns/Bills

    From what I understand about the weather the snow is suppose to stop in the next day or two if it hasn't already. Obviously clearing the snow is a whole other story but I believe that we will be playing in Buffalo. If not I will definitely take an extra game at the Dawg Pound even though it wouldn't be considered a home game. Denver would be my next choice since I could then go to the game.
  14. Sheepdog

    Cameron back at Practice

    This is a contract year for Cameron, I guarantee he wants to be out there to maximize his value for his next contract. By not playing he is only hurting himself in the contract negotiations, if anything it may help us resign him for cheaper than if he played an entire season and went to the Pro Bowl again. Like it was said, playing with a hurt knee or shoulder is a lot different than playing with a concussion.
  15. Sheepdog

    Joe Thomas lives to be a Brown

    I remember sitting in my Air Force dorm room in England in between deployments watching the draft and being upset that we drafted Joe Thomas over Brady Quinn....I was an idiot then. Nowadays I still wear my JT jersey around while my two Brady Quinn jerseys sit in the bottom of my drawer next to my Trent Richardson jersey. JT will without a doubt go down as the greatest Brown that I have ever personally watched in person.