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  1. Browns149

    Expectations next year?

    The They need a #1 wr A te that can play all downs punt and kick returner veteran kicker Coaching? It’s been only 2 games, but this team needed discipline and a REAL coach They got both of those things now that Huey is gone If this continues then the coaching is fine Just imagine if Huey was fired after 1-31? This team would be 6-4 at the worst Stupid Haslem’s
  2. Browns149

    Hueless to join Bungles

    I hope he’s there when the Browns play them Guaranteed victory
  3. Walking into a crowded bar and killing people is very psychotic
  4. Browns149

    Court Justice Ginsburg falls - breaks ribs

    I have worked for union and non-union places. One of the union places I worked at was terrible. The employees actually voted to take a pay cut to help the company, and the owner of the company was on the union board. Then the company sold out and all the employees were left out in the cold But I’ve also worked for a union company that was great. We had awesome benefits, great pay and the union was always helping the members first. It just depends on the union and company working together and not against each other
  5. I’ve had beef stew on all day It’s ready to eat now
  6. Browns149

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    It’s night and day. Hue held NO ONE accountable. What a joke bringing back a 1-31 coach
  7. Browns149

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    Yeah its Sea/LA rams
  8. Browns149

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    The only game at 1pm here is Atl/Cle
  9. Maybe that big bush gets in the way
  10. Browns149

    LIberals addicted to hatred and depression

    That sums it up for me also. I don’t consider myself Republican or Democrat. Both sides have major problems
  11. I own a Ruger 9mm. The magazine it came with from the factory holds 17 bullets. So do the 2 extra magazines that I bought. They are also Ruger branded. So I guess the Ruger firearms company has softened on the high capacity stuff.
  12. Browns149

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    I will actually get to watch the game today. I normally listen on the radio, while I’m driving home Sunday afternoon. Listening to Jim Donovan and Doug Dieken is great. Even though by the end of the games they are both disgusted most times. I haven’t seen an entire game this year. So I’m looking forward to watching Baker and Ward play. I think it will be a close game with the Falcons winning at the end Atl 31 Cle 27
  13. Browns149

    SNL hits a new low

    I didn’t realize SNL was still on.
  14. Browns149

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Very sad news. I didn’t know the man, but I’d like to thank him for starting, and maintaining this forum. THANK YOU, SIR RIP
  15. Browns149

    One More Year..This Year

    It won’t matter what players Dorsey picks. If the coaching sucks. The team will suck We have the youngest roster. And it will most likely get younger next year Bad coaching will kill this team Dorsey needs to find a HC that can bring together all the young talent and get them to produce on the field
  16. Browns149

    draft kenny willekes...

    Indeed OSU offensive line is terrible
  17. Browns149

    Once Again... Ohio State Exposed

    And next week when they play Maryland. The stats will say OSU wins by 20. Doesn’t mean they are a great team But they won the National Championship in 2002. And they barely beat numerous teams that year
  18. Browns149

    draft kenny willekes...

    The line is so bad. They didnt even block him on that sack. Way to slow
  19. Browns149

    draft kenny willekes...

    The offensive line has looked this bad all year.
  20. Browns149

    This is just crazy. . .

    Do they get a ribbon or something?
  21. Browns149

    Once Again... Ohio State Exposed

    OSU has an aweful offensive line. They can’t run block or pass block Also why do they keep running Weber? He sucks. Dobbins is way better
  22. Browns149

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Not familiar with that movie. But I’m sure glad they fired the worst coach in NFL history
  23. Browns149

    2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 10

    If that was a Browns TE. it would be ruled incomplete
  24. Browns149

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    The path to the playoffs was detoured by keeping Hue after year 1.
  25. How about Dorsey picks the coach. And Jimmy and Dee go away Those 2 have given us the worst head coach in NFL history