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  1. They ALL must go

    Blow it up again Jimmy. This team has very little talent, FO fault And they have ZERO discipline. Terrible play calling on BOTH sides of the ball, coaches fault If anyone thinks we are heading in the right direction, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!!!! 0-16 here we come.
  2. How to fix the Browns

    This isn’t rocket science. Jimmy has unlimited funds to hire a front office. Warren Buffet is about to give him BILLIONS Hire a President of Football Opps. Let that guy hire a GM, and let that guy hire a coach just make sure the people you hire want to do the job dont hire a Holmgren type. We need a hungry guy that is just starting out
  3. Dumb

    Kryrie going to Boston. Might be the dumbest move in NBA history. The rest of his team is aweful. Good luck idiot
  4. They ALL must go

    We all know the front office sucks. The coaching is just as bad. Why wait 3 years?
  5. Dumb

    And now their the second best player is done for the year. i have never believed in karma. But damn. See ya in the finals in June
  6. They ALL must go

    We have the worst collection of talent. Coached by some of the dumbest coaches of all time. other then that. Trust the process
  7. The teams that win in the NFL have the best WRs and the best QBs. Running is a side game compared to the passing game
  8. Quarterback conspiracy

    If this is true. Fire ALL in the front office
  9. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    Peppers was not worth a 1st round pick. Only the idiot front office here would trade down. Pass on Watson and then draft Peppers. he would have been there in round 2 or maybe even the 3rd round We have all seen that he is terrible in coverage. 1st rounders can’t just be a kick returner. Which in the NFL today are almost useless another wasted 1st round pick
  10. They ALL must go

    What are they doing? The worst team in the world is not a goal
  11. They ALL must go

    This isn’t the Supreme Court and this isn’t MLB HIRE AN NFL EXECUTIVE
  12. They ALL must go

    Well we all know the WRONG people are in charge we have lawyers and baseball people running and NFL TEAM
  13. They ALL must go

    I would rather see Peyton Manning and whoever he hires make those picks then the fools we have here now
  14. They ALL must go

    2nd this. If these idiots get to pick the 5 picks in the first 2 rounds next year. WE ARE SCREWED
  15. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    No. But Saban has way more cred then he idiots in the Browns front office
  16. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    I’m surprised we only gave up 1 pick 6
  17. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    How about a slant or a seam pass. Somewhere that a dB wasn’t sitting on a route.
  18. This team has gotten worse every week. No progress at all