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  1. PSL Question

    My PSL’s were $500 per seat The season tickets the first year were $300 per seat . That was in 1999 Now the season tickets are $650 per seat. But you don’t have to buy the PSL to get them anymore
  2. Josh McDaniels Turns Down Colts

    NExt call for the Colts will be to that school up north.
  3. PSL Question

    Not true. I have 2 PSL’s in section 149. Had them since 1999. The people next to me were new this year. I asked them if they bought the PSL’s from the original owners. They said no. They just went to the ticket office and bought the tickets Without buying the PSL’s. This is the main reason I’m not renewing. Well that and they kept a coach that is 1-31 Thanks again Jimmy
  4. PSL Question

    I’ve been trying to sell mine. No one wants them. You don’t need them anymore to buy season tickets. So they are about worthless. Another great job by our crook owner
  5. Chiefs Trade Alex Smith to the Skins

    Sign Kirk. Draft better players. No Qb is as good as Kirk. Right now
  6. 42 points. Wow. The stoolers look like the Browns on defense
  7. Our QB situation

    It won’t matter who the QB is. The Browns won’t win another game until Hue is fired
  8. Hue isn’t letting anyone run his offense.
  9. Td Jax. Watching the stoolers lose Is awesome
  10. What is the Over/Under

    The Browns will not win another game until Hue is fired
  11. What is the Over/Under

    It should be ZERO!!!!!
  12. I love it. Hope it’s a complete destruction
  13. Season Tickets for sale

    The PSL’s are on Craigslist. $400 for both of them
  14. Blake Bortels

    He looks aweful. Should fit right in with Huey
  15. Alex smith