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  1. Belief that Dorsey will bring in his own HC

    We can only hope. Hue is the worst head coach in NFL history
  2. ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    When Mercer goes 1-31. The coach gets fired
  3. ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    The defense playing soft and giving up 3 Td drives in the final 17 minutes is on th coaches. And letting Kizer throw on third down with 2 minutes to go was also dumb How can ANYONE justify bringing back a head coach that is going to be 1-31?
  4. ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    Can they PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fire all these idiots on the coaching staff?
  5. Kenny Britt released

    He doesn’t seem like a guy that will put up with Sheet. Hopefully he will see that in Hue. And fire him too Too bad Jimmy won’t allow that
  6. Kenny Britt released

    If he fires Hue. I would be happy. I know he can’t. But one can dream
  7. Bowl Mania!

    I’m in.
  8. Dorsey Hired

    What’s that? Cheat your costumers?
  9. Dorsey Hired

    Obviously jimmy is a snake. The FBI has proved that Just hire the right guy and go away
  10. Dorsey Hired

    At least he’s a football guy
  11. Season Tickets for sale

    The news of Sashi being fired does not change my mind I will NOT renew my season tickets If they fire Hue. I might consider it And if Jimmy sells the team. I would most likely renew How can you keep a coach that is going to be 1-31?
  12. Sashi fired

    And we still have a coach with an NFL WORST 1-27 record. Soon to be 1-31. I’ve been saying this for weeks. FIRE THEM ALL
  13. Sashi fired

    Good. Now fire the coaches
  14. There's no way these guys have jobs if 0-16 happens..

    That’s what good organizations do. They don’t put up with BS We have a Shyster of an owner who’s more interested in hiring a coach for his college team then helping the Browns
  15. How the hell can you go 1-27.....

    John McKay had a better record in 2 years with an EXPANSION team Heck even Cris Palmer won more with the 1999-2000 crap team All these people should be fired