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  1. Browns149

    This is great! MAGA!

    Why doesn’t she have to fly commercial? While I sure as hell don’t like Pelosi. You can’t have it both ways. If govt officials can’t fly military neither should the first lady I don’t care how far it is
  2. Browns149

    This is great! MAGA!

    I guess it’s OK for the First Lady to use military planes for vacation when the government is shut down https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/melania-flies-florida-military-jet-162500177.html
  3. Browns149

    White hemets

    I like the Orange helmet with the white face mask
  4. Browns149

    Did trump take a backhanded dig at Clemson here?

    It was also used to point out the petty bs that the right used to critique every minor thing Obama did
  5. Browns149

    Who is the bigger idiot

    There are not many people I would pick over Huey
  6. Browns149

    Did trump take a backhanded dig at Clemson here?

    the msm didn't give a crap about "what FOOD did Obamao serve" I don’t think Michelle let him serve that garbage
  7. Browns149

    Did trump take a backhanded dig at Clemson here?

    As long as the school provides it. If a booster buys them McDonalds then look out
  8. Browns149


    I don’t think woody and cal will be doing that dance anytime soon
  9. I tried to go on that site. And I was a winner of an Amazon card. SWEET!!!!!!
  10. Browns149

    Comrade Trump?

    What state is the deep state?