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  1. Browns149

    The downside of human nature

    If only I could qualify for that. I’d retire
  2. Browns149

    More stupidity

    You can always go outside for a walk
  3. Browns149

    More stupidity

    Well good. I figured you guys would look all this up for me. Seems like you have nothing better to do anyway Carry on.
  4. Browns149


    They rigged an Election and got away with it. According to you
  5. Browns149

    More stupidity

    Do they pay for those ID’s ?
  6. Browns149

    More stupidity

    Can you get a state ID for free? I’m all for having an ID to vote. But that ID has to be free. It can’t be an ID that you HAVE to pay for
  7. Browns149

    More stupidity

    They don’t have the US CONSTITUTION
  8. Browns149

    More stupidity

    I’m not a constitutional scholar, but I’m pretty sure you can’t be forced to pay money to vote
  9. How does any politician get to be a millionaire? They are ALL rich as hell when they leave. Regardless of party
  10. Browns149


    And the Republicans are not very smart. They keep getting duped
  11. Browns149


    The Democrats must be the smartest group of people of ALL TIME to have pulled this fraud off Or the Republicans are not smart enough to have figured it out Or maybe the Republicans let it happen to get rid of Trump Oh the conspiracy of it all
  12. No. It’s not OK But $13 million compared to the BILLIONS Trump claims to have lost? I’m sure EVERY person in the house and senate uses loopholes to save/hide cash. It’s part of their job
  13. Well he is slow after all
  14. Only $13 million? The Donald laughs at that measly total
  15. Browns149

    Opening Day Idiocy

    What I don’t get is why this organization can churn out Cy Young after Cy Young pitchers, but they can’t get an outfielder to hit .250?