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  1. The fact it’s called β€œTruth” ANYTHING is hilarious If you believe it then it must be true
  2. Browns149

    This Week in the AFC North

    Lamar has never been good at throwing
  3. Meat chickens QB has a noodle arm. 19 completions for a whopping 121 yards
  4. Browns149

    Message from President Trump

    Skip the middle man
  5. Browns149

    Funny Bumper Stickers

    Not a bumper sticker, but it’s still funny
  6. Browns149

    Keenum to start

    They always do
  7. Browns149


    Squeaked by the last 2 weeks with ratturds and squeelers
  8. Browns149

    Keenum to start

    We have a half a bye week but the squeelers have a whole bye week