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  1. Crowell to the Jets

    I don’t think they will take him at 4 if he’s there. RB is a player you can get later. The 2 best RBs this year weren’t even 1st rounders. Take the best Qb #1. And BEST PLAYER #4
  2. Crowell to the Jets

    And hopefully, that’s the best QB in this draft
  3. Crowell to the Jets

    The first QB on their board
  4. Crowell to the Jets

    Barkley is the next Reggie Bush. Great college player against bad college players. against elite college players. He’s average
  5. Crowell to the Jets

    I’ve watched many “draft guru’s” say Barkley is overrated. He’s a combine freak that played well against bad teams. He didn’t play well against teams with pro players on defense. No way the Browns can take him #1 or #4. Hopefully Dorsey knows this.
  6. Jordy Nelson cut...Interest?

    At his age. He is still better then Coleman
  7. The Curse of #22

    LOoking at that list. The Browns should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER take a QB at 22
  8. Tyrod to Landry is not exciting

    It’s gotta be better then Kizer to Coleman
  9. Browns Board March Madness

    Are we doing a yahoo bracket or a Espn bracket
  10. Who are we targeting in free agency?

    Can we get a FA head coach? Otherwise it won’t matter
  11. Our Draft ....ROUND 1

    As long as Jimmy the Crook and Huey the worst coach in NFL HISTORY are here. It won’t matter
  12. PSL Question

    Best part is I can rebuy next year in the same section. Without the PSL’s.
  13. PSL Question

    Already got a person. $800. Just waiting on the paperwork. 19 years of paying for GARBAGE I’m done🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
  14. PSL Question

    If I wanted to get season tickets again, in section 149, I can just go buy them in a future year No need for a PSL I might as well try to get something for the PSL’s because I’m done buying the tickets for now
  15. PSL Question

    My PSL’s were $500 per seat The season tickets the first year were $300 per seat . That was in 1999 Now the season tickets are $650 per seat. But you don’t have to buy the PSL to get them anymore