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  1. Just saw the replay of that. The lb was pissed that the ball went by him before he saw it i like it
  2. He doesn’t looked scared either
  3. This forum will be completely insane
  4. Browns149

    Chat room Amazon ad garbage

    Once you get on the tavern. You get booted for booing or typing Baker more then once 15 minute ban for typing Baker Baker Baker. WTF?
  5. Browns149

    John Dorsey

    Keeping Hue is the WORST thing he did
  6. Browns149

    Please FIRE HUE!

    And yet Jimmy keeps this tool around
  7. I hope they all leave. Booing does nothing
  8. Browns149

    Please FIRE HUE!

    They will not win another game with him as head coach. It doesn’t matter who calls the plays, or who is in charge of the defense. Or who is playing QB.... Hue is a PROVEN LOSER
  9. This game is over 9:30 to go in the 2 nd quarter FIRE HUE!!!!!!!!