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  1. Browns149

    Trivia Question of the Day Sept. 21

  2. Browns149


    And a wishagin QB quits the same day https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29900092/michigan-qb-dylan-mccaffrey-opting-season-seek-transfer
  3. Should be an IQ test to vote and get a drivers license.
  4. Browns149

    What would rather have?

    A Browns Super Bowl win, or your person as President? Give me the Super Bowl all day Stupid politicians come and go. Super Bowl winners last forever
  5. Browns149

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Who cares about “who is president?” They all suck As does ANYONE jimmy hires
  6. Browns149

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Easiest money all year
  7. Browns149

    Bungle Week

    If the Browns play like they did today. They will lose Thursday
  8. Browns149


    Cincy next week. Book it
  9. Browns149

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    He produces. Bad plays, whining and dropped passes. The guy has is all
  10. Browns149

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    How many will be 0-2 After week 2? The Browns will be there for sure
  11. Browns149

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    The owner should be in jail.
  12. Browns149


    Balt. Easiest pick all year
  13. Browns149

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    0-16 here we come again