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  1. 42 points. Wow. The stoolers look like the Browns on defense
  2. Our QB situation

    It won’t matter who the QB is. The Browns won’t win another game until Hue is fired
  3. Hue isn’t letting anyone run his offense.
  4. Td Jax. Watching the stoolers lose Is awesome
  5. What is the Over/Under

    The Browns will not win another game until Hue is fired
  6. What is the Over/Under

    It should be ZERO!!!!!
  7. I love it. Hope it’s a complete destruction
  8. Season Tickets for sale

    The PSL’s are on Craigslist. $400 for both of them
  9. Blake Bortels

    He looks aweful. Should fit right in with Huey
  10. Alex smith

  11. Alex smith

    I wish we could get Andy Reid also
  12. Michigan is an embarrassment.

    Has Harbutt signed with Indy yet
  13. SEASON'S OVER! On to 2018

    Hue’s back. 0-16 is coming again The Browns will not win a regular season game until Hue isn’t the coach THANKS JIMMY
  14. Superbowl poll

    I’d like to see the Bills win.
  15. Can the Browns repeat 0-16 in 2018?

    Also. Now that he has been burned by giving the people at Pilot/Flying J so much authority. And they got his company FBI investigated. He isn’t going to give anyone that kind of power with the Browns. Unless it’s Peyton Manning IMO WE ARE SCREWED