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  1. Why would anyone bet on that school up north? they haven’t won a title in decades. And their coach has never won a title
  2. Browns149

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Did the Browns draft Jesus Christ?
  3. Browns149

    On to the second round

    The Cavs played like crap against the Pacers all year. Almost lost in the first round. Now the Cavs play the Raptors in the second round. They have OWNED the raptors all year and for years in the playoffs. will this series be easier?
  4. Browns149

    The teams nucleus

    Is this post about the Browns or muscle bound pretty boys?
  5. Browns149

    The teams nucleus

    Won’t matter with Huey coaching
  6. Browns149

    Overall Draft Reaction... your thoughts?

    Another group of picks being coached by the worst head coach of all time. What could go wrong?
  7. Browns149

    Way Too Early 2019 Mock Draft

    They have the Browns winning 7 games???? These people need to be drug tested. If Hue coaches the entire year. The Browns will pick first again for the 3rd year
  8. Browns149

    The teams nucleus

    Too bad they have the WORST head coach of all time.
  9. Browns149

    Season Tickets for sale

    You are wrong. The people next to me stopped buying their season tickets. They gave up the psl’s. Without selling them to someone else The new people came in, right off the street, and bought those seats WITHOUT having to buy the PSL’s at all. They didn’t upgrade from cheaper seats. They just came to a “pick your seat day” and they were available to anyone I’m just glad to get anything for them. If I ever want to get season tickets again. I’ll just do what they did and buy right back into my original section
  10. Browns149

    Chad Thomas???

    Then why take this guy so high? Someone you’re describing should be a 5th rounder or later
  11. Browns149

    Mayfield is no Brees

    Regular season. And hopefully Hue is fired by then
  12. Browns149

    Are we gonna get an influx of Sooner fans now?

    He looks like a stoolers fan that just saw his first naked girl photo on the internets
  13. Browns149

    Mayfield is no Brees

    This is the Browns. He will be starting by week 4
  14. Mayfield might have drive and passion but the discipline and character might be lacking And he’s a short big 12 Qb Which hasn’t produced a good Qb yet in the NFL
  15. You just now starting thinking that?