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  1. Browns vs Lions

    Worst team in NFL history
  2. Bernie Kosar, new book

    He couldn’t be any worse then the idiots in the front office now
  3. This Week in the AFC North

    Lions 34 Browns 13 Kizer benched again Stoolers 33 Indy 16 Titans 27 Bungles 10
  4. Westside Steve

    Euro USA
  5. Westside Steve

    Actually, I have never had a drink in there. I do deliver kegs there though.
  6. Sashi Press Conference

    Great. Another bad draft. And another 0-2 win season. get this Idiot out of here now. He is only going to make things worse if he’s allowed another draft
  7. Sashi Press Conference

    He also said “almost to a man” their draft choices are PLAYING WELL. Does he watch the games?
  8. Sashi Press Conference

    He also said the plan was to build a team and pass on QB until the team was good enough for a good QB PLEASE JIMMY FIRE THIS IDIOT
  9. Sashi Press Conference

    I listened to it. Sashi is an arrogant guy who has no idea what he is doing. He won’t take the blame for not taking Wentz He said the QB is fine withought vet in the room Can’t wait until he is FIRED!!!!!
  10. Wentz Goff and Mariotta

    Hopefully the guys picking those players are not the same idiots picking them now
  11. Too Early For Christmas Wishes?

    I want a new front office with people that KNOW FOOTBALL
  12. Wentz Goff and Mariotta

    Texans didn’t look to good without Watson today
  13. Wentz Goff and Mariotta

    If that’s the process, then they get an A+. Too bad that process brings you the worst team in the league for 2 years and SHOULD get them all fired
  14. A Sunday in the regular season without a Browns loss

    The bungles are terrible
  15. A Sunday in the regular season without a Browns loss

    So he would fit right in here