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  1. I was born in 1970. My first Browns memory was Joe “Turkey” Jones trying to kill Bradshaw 1976
  2. Not sure what generation i fall into I had sex with numerous women. Got atleast 1 pregnant. She had an abortion Totally up to her
  3. Browns149

    WR assignments

    Landry is a slot receiver He wants OBJ here to free it up for him
  4. Browns149

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

  5. Browns149

    Trump can't win without the base

    No way Biden wins against Trump Trump is a master of media. Biden isn’t At this point we can expect 6 more years of nothing getting done
  6. Why do people keep bringing up junk from the past? It’s been years since Obama was in office Focus on your agenda. Let the past go
  7. Browns149

    Trump can't win without the base

    This is how screwed the dems are They have no one that can beat Trump That’s sad
  8. The Indians are in a GREAT position. They play in the worst division. They are a small market/REVENUE team. They almost always have a chance to make the playoffs. They build slowly and never overpay. Plus they have the best manger in baseball I wish we could spend like the Yankees. Or Dodgers. But they can’t. And never will.
  9. Browns149

    This egging snowflake deserved his own thread...

    I love it when the dictionary police show up
  10. Browns149

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Didn’t one of those DNA sites catch a serial killer from 70’s and 80’s?
  11. Browns149

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    That’s funny
  12. Will Duke be here week 1? Dorsey isn’t a guy who wants to let things twist