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  1. Browns149

    Where We Are

    If you read what’s posted here, the Democrats are not smart enough to cleverly conceal anything
  2. Browns149

    Where We Are

    Just because he can’t do it, doesn’t mean he won’t try
  3. It’s not so much republicans that worship him. It’s the extremists that do the worshipping If the Republicans could have a do over, a lot of them would’ve never nominated him 4 years ago
  4. Browns149

    Where We Are

    I don’t think he knows himself. But he’s sure going to try
  5. Browns149

    Where We Are

    Unless he pardons himself🤪
  6. You mean the Republicans had all the power and still didn’t fulfill one of Trump’s promises?
  7. Browns149

    I thought the Neo Puritans would like this one

    Saturday Night Live used to very funny. I tried watching last week. I couldn’t get through the opening skit. Although the women playing Rudy Giuliani was a little bit funny
  8. There is no “targeting” in the NFL. That’s a college rule. And in college it DOESN’T need to be called on the field. The Ala guy was tossed for targeting against OSU. And it wasn’t called until it was reviewed
  9. Just saw Romo talking from the booth and there were fans in the stands
  10. All this waiting around until 3:05 is horrible. I don’t want to start drinking yet. But I might
  11. That’s what I saw. It doesn’t state any of the things in the headline of the story
  12. I read the bill from the link, provided in the original story, that was posted. If it does include what Vambo reposted then it’s total BS