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  1. Browns149

    The nfl did it again

    How about a Den O-lineman telling the ref his QB got hit in the face. The teams were already off the field for a punt. And then the ref throws the flag
  2. Browns149

    ***Patriots VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    This team is a joke
  3. Browns149

    ***Patriots VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    it is dumb. 53 man roster but only can dress 46 or what ever the number.
  4. Browns149

    How do the Cavs look so far for 2019-20?

    I haven't watched any of the Cavs this year. I did look up the stats from the game the other day. We have a guy named D Wade. But not the D Wade of the Miami Heat.
  5. Browns149

    ***Patriots VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    Browns inactives: WR Taywan Taylor WR Damion Ratley S Damarious Randall S Sheldrick Redwine DE Chris Smith T Kendall Lamm DT Eli Ankou
  6. Browns149

    Baker Gets $12,500 Fine for Criticizing Refs

    We can send space ships millions of miles away. But we can’t get a blindside block that’s 4 yards away correct? CMON MAN !!!!!!!
  7. It won't matter much. If an SEC team loses to another SEC team they don't fall far in the poles. Alabama loses to LSU they will probably only fall to #2
  8. apparently Tua had this injury on his other ankle last year. He had surgery then and now. He came back 28 days later last year. This time they play Ark next week, automatic win, then a bye week, then LSU. he will have to come back in 20 days to play LSU. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27887023/alabama-qb-tua-tagovailoa-undergoes-surgery-high-ankle-sprain
  9. Browns149

    Who ya watchin' this Bye Week?

    But right now I'm watching Liverpool vs Man Untied
  10. Browns149

    Who ya watchin' this Bye Week?

    the guide says Oak vs GB but they got the bungles on instead
  11. Browns149

    Who ya watchin' this Bye Week?

    I got Jac vs Cin and Min vs Det
  12. Browns149

    Baker Gets $12,500 Fine for Criticizing Refs

    They should have numerous people watching the game upstairs. Not in New York. Put them in a room with all the camera angles up on their own screen, and fix this garbage. It's not that difficult.
  13. another loss for that team up north Harbutt still employed??????
  14. Browns149

    College Pick'em 2019

    I'm finally over .500 it took 2 really good weeks to finally get there
  15. Of course PSU will win. Harbutt can’t win a big game on the road.