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  1. Browns Future Predictions

    So it applies to Haden for sure. He was overvalued and they "sold" him. Too bad they didn't see it 3 years ago like the fans all did
  2. Packers @ Falcons

    Hue hasn't proven himself in Cleveland
  3. Packers @ Falcons

    We need a off cord that knows what he's doing
  4. Next four games

    Nick Saban.
  5. Kizer

    Who's John MacArthur?
  6. Kenny Britt

    Catching nothing. Is more like it
  7. Next four games

    If he keeps going this way. We will go 2-14. And he will get fired. Anyone who thinks he's safe, no matter what, is diluted. No coach can be that bad and keep his job
  8. Browns Future Predictions

    Well if they thought Britt was a good player. They need their heads examined And I thought money ball was to not pay old players money when they aren't worth it. And that was Haden 3 years ago
  9. Kenny Britt

    Dwayne Bowe. 2.0
  10. Browns Future Predictions

    What's the original meaning
  11. Next four games

    He needs to RUN THE BALL. We have an expensive, veteran line and a rookie QB. But we run the Rbs 14 times and throw 42 passes with a rookie and a 2nd stringer/practice squad QB. That's HORRIBLE coaching.
  12. Fuck the ravens

    Yeah, the defense is better statically. We're still 0-2 and look like crap on offense. With a so-called "offensive" guru
  13. Browns Future Predictions

    They were not going to pay a 3rd corner $12 million dollars thats Money ball Zeitler was the best O-linemen available
  14. Browns Future Predictions

    Joe Haden
  15. Corey Coleman

    When he got hit. I posted out 4 weeks. Before he even got up and walked off the field.