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  1. Spam is one thing... cry babies is another but that's what the moderators are for. Thank you
  2. Word of advice today. If you do not start reporting activity to the moderators (Zombo etc) and I get the report you are GONE! I'm done seeing them and I know you have been told. When "I" see them come into my email you have been more than likely GONE or warned! I will not give any warnings any longer... I am so fucking done! - HAGII (Owner)
  3. HAGII

    Thank You

    I hope everyone is still enjoying the Brownsboard forum and I would like to personally Thank those that donate to help the Brownsboard continue!! It really helps alot and 100 percent of your donations go towards paying the fees of the site! I would also like to Thank everyone that has reached out to me personally it really means alot and helps me make it through my days. Atenears is sitting up there proud of each and everyone of you! GO BROWNS!!!!
  4. Everyone on this thread bickering due to name calling I am giving you all a final warning. I obviously have thicker skin than you people that are so called men. It is the internet! Seriously get back to the politics forum and not "she" said stuff or you are gone. I will NOT let you back. I am friends with ghoulie and you see how his time on here ended....If you leave on your own free will so be it. I DO NOT CARE! Now all of you ignorant cowardly woody woodpecker fools move on and have a good day!!!
  5. Right! You know Stan passed and people were calling him names amongst other things on here... couldn't defend himself but posters thought it was alright then but I am pretty sure he would have come back with a response of wit cuz that's the way he was. I have had posters banned on here and they will stay banned/deleted. Theres a line of people waiting to get accepted within this forum. Let them have their turn. Have a nice weekend!
  6. If I get another complaint/report cuz of stupidity this forum will get shut down. There are moderators and theres an owner and thats me. If you cant take ridicule get the hell off the forum. I really dont care and am tired of the dumb emails. Everyone has an opinion and if you dont like others opinions then scroll past it cuz there is free speech on here. Please for goodness sakes pull up your big boy pants and move on! HagII
  7. HAGII

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I hope that this gets out to each and everyone of you on The BrownsBoard. I have read every single one of your posts regarding Stan "Atenears" and am beyond grateful and touched of the times and memories you all shared! Stan not only was my husband but he was my best friend, my partner in crime and the love of my life and will be deeply missed! He would be proud of each and everyone of you and enjoyed each and everyone of those memories as well!!! Thank you to all and we are beyond thankful for all the gifts you all sent our family!!!! With much love, HAGII - Kathy and family