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  1. lodilobo

    Baker shaded Haley hard after the game.....

    No doubt in my mind that Dorsey convinced Haslam to pull the plug during the season instead of waiting until the end. The dysfunction was obviously affecting not just Mayfield, but the entire team. I kind of think Haley came in here with the idea that Hue was hanging by a thread, and he would be likely to replace him, when needed. I thought Hue should have been gone in the middle of 2017. He had proven by then he was in over his head, and not much more than a con man with no coaching ability. I thought it was good to have Haley come in and run the offense. Obviously, I was wrong.
  2. lodilobo

    Baker shaded Haley hard after the game.....

    Yes.....what is your point?
  3. lodilobo

    Baker shaded Haley hard after the game.....

    My guess at what happened, is that at the end of last season, Hue was told he had to have an OC to call plays for this season, by Dorsey. Dorsey STRONGLY recommended Haley, and Hue accepted it. Haley and Hue obviously clashed from the beginning. With all the losing, and Hue squirming, Haley, who really wanted the HC job, decided to sabotage the offense by calling plays that were not suited to the players, figuring Hue would be fired, and he would be in line for the job. Haley had to be shocked, when he was called in to Dorsey's office soon after Hue was fired....thinking he was about to be named interim HC, but walked out unemployed. Dorsey is a little smarter than Haley counted on. He saw right through Haley's plan. None of this matters now, thank God.
  4. lodilobo

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I don't have a Stan story, but I've been on this board forever, and also the old AOL board. I don't post a lot, but check the board every day. I've had a few discussions with Stan, and he helped me work out a problem with signing in a couple years ago. I appreciate what Stan did to create a place to come and discuss our team. Like I said...I never met him personally, but after reading all this stuff, I have no doubt he was a great guy. He will be missed.
  5. lodilobo

    Bruce Arians

    Greg Williams rubs a lot of people the wrong way...especially the local media. The fact is, I don't give a crap about the 2 morons on WKNR with their agenda against him beginning with his first press conference as the new DC last year. He doesn't kiss anyone's butt, so they seem to have a problem with that. If you could contain all the knowledge these talk show hosts have, and place it on the edge of a razor blade, it would look like a BB rolling down an 8 lane highway. Williams is moving this team in the right direction, and if it continues, and we win a bunch of these last 6 games, we need to keep him, HC or otherwise.
  6. lodilobo

    Bruce Arians

    I don't think Bernie would want to be HC, and don't think he would be successful at it. But...he would make an excellent qb coach or OC.
  7. lodilobo

    Bruce Arians

    Lol!....exactly what I was thinking...
  8. lodilobo

    Bruce Arians

    After the game, a reporter from Canton asked him about returning to coaching. He said he would only come out of retirement to coach the Browns. What are your thoughts on this?
  9. lodilobo

    Hue interview with mkc

    Dumbest post I've ever seen on this forum.
  10. lodilobo

    Browns bring Mahomes down to Earth

    I'm going with this.....the KC defense isn't very good....there's a lot of talent on this team, offense and defense. We have been underachieving, but this is a new era. For this game, everything will click.
  11. lodilobo

    Gregg Williams interim head coach

    Delusional??....because some of us are giving the guy a chance? I don't care how bad of a HC he is....he can't be as bad as Hue. We all couldn't wait to get Jackson out of here, we finally get him out, and now we're going to bitch about who is taking over? Sorry the guy has an ego and is a little full of himself....maybe exaggerates a little.....yeah, he sucks. Maybe it's not too late to beg Hue to come back. Too bad we couldn't get Gruden like a lot of us wanted. Be careful what you wish for.
  12. lodilobo

    Gregg Williams interim head coach

    I'm sure Williams is planning on making an impression to become the permanent HC. I have no idea how good he will be, or if the players will respond to him. Personally, I hope we win 6 of the last 8 games, and he stays on as HC.
  13. lodilobo

    Hue/Haley: Why The Browns Released Them!

    The Jackson hiring was a desperate move by Haslam, and we were all thrilled that we were able to get one of the most desirable prospects out there. We've learned that Hue is a very convincing talker, and a nice guy, but has several personality flaws....will not accept direct responsibility when things turn to crap....misleads, and has no problem pointing fingers, etc. Good assistant coaches / coordinators are always considered for HC jobs, but only a few become good head coaches. We could have lived with Hue's personality flaws if he was a good HC. The win / loss record says it all. Just like my Junior High algebra teacher told me, when I was making excuses for not having my homework done on time...."Liars will figure, but figures don't lie".
  14. lodilobo

    Gregg Williams interim head coach

    In the middle of the 1984 season, Sam Rutigliano was fired, as we were in the middle of a brutal losing streak. Sam was a great guy....a "players coach". He was replaced by the current defensive coordinator, who was more of a disciplinarian. The team immediately responded to that interim HC. Anybody remember that?
  15. lodilobo

    As Cleveland Browns fans...

    As Cleveland Browns fans...we find ourselves hoping our moron HC will be fired so we might win one more game this season, while fans of other teams are hoping to win enough games to reach the playoffs. It's very familiar territory.....pathetic.