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  1. lodilobo


    You're right about some decent Ravens fans. This guy is just an idiot no matter who he roots for. No reason to ban him. He obviously isn't intelligent enough to make any good points on any subject. He's kind of a distraction over here. He's harmless...way too stupid to have a conversation with.
  2. lodilobo


    Have a Steelers fan read this to you and help you understand. YOUR TEAM HAS NOT BEATEN A TEAM WITH MORE WINS THAN LOSSES. That means that your team sucks. Teams play each other to determine which team is better. Our team beat your team. Can you figure out what that means? If not, ask the Steelers fan who is helping you.
  3. lodilobo


    Maybe if you losers ever play a team over .500, you can come back and let me know how it worked out. I think we both know how it will end.
  4. lodilobo


    Well...we kicked your asses and who the hell have you beat?...Nobody with more than one win. So really...I'm the one LMAO!
  5. lodilobo


    I don't think you see the big picture here. The Browns have more than enough talent, with the exception of the o line, which is pretty damn important. Baker is not a bust. Anyone who watches the games closely can see how good he is, and will be if the HC ever gets his head out of his ass. We have major problems that keep us from winning against really good teams. Obviously Kitchens is in way over his head, and it's killing us. I will never understand why he is the HC. Greg Williams had the personality to motivate this team, but I understand why Dorsey didn't want to deal with his abrasive style. The o line is really bad, and that makes it impossible to come back when we are behind in a game. The other thing is the officiating. I know....good teams overcome bad calls. Yesterday was as bad as I've ever seen it. It seriously make me consider why some of these refs take every opportunity to screw us. They call P.I. that clearly is nowhere to be seen, and Kitchens is too busy doing whatever, to even notice it, so he doesn't challenge. Some of these refs have a personal agenda to keep the Browns from winning, or at least make it damn difficult. We can overcome that, once we execute properly. These players are not happy with the situation, and the frustration shows. They will come out and beat New England after the bye, and I still see a 9 or 10 win season.
  6. lodilobo


    This is made up crap by Sherman. There's a video of Mayfield shaking his hand.
  7. lodilobo

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    The o line is crap, and was totally dominated by SF. Kitchens was out coached...Mayfield was terrible, and the defense sucked. Other than that, we played ok.
  8. lodilobo

    Baltimore Sucks

    Yeah....the subject got a little old after about 15 years.
  9. lodilobo

    Baltimore Sucks

    I'm pretty sure that you know a little bit about this subject, so you could be right about the law / lease blocking the name being transferred to Baltimore, but I vividly remember the NFL commissioner being very quick to add an expansion team in Cleveland to replace the old team. Don't make me start looking for details to prove this. We both know it happened. Where you and I have always disagreed, is the fact that the team actually moved. I know you will say they didn't, because we retained the history, name, colors, etc., but our team was gone and was relocated to Baltimore. Also....I did not follow closely, the move of the Colts from Baltimore, but I recently read that there was a law in place to block that move, but Irsay simply disregarded it. It's also a fact that the few years prior to that move, the Colts fans were not filling their stadium. Sure, Irsay screwed the fans and the city, but why didn't the NFL award them an expansion team in a reasonable amount of time? My guess is because the NFL is all about the bottom line profit, and because the fans had not been showing up in recent years, they just said..screw them.
  10. lodilobo

    Baltimore Sucks

    Let me enlighten you with facts regarding the Browns moving to Baltimore, because either you are too stupid to comprehend what transpired, or you only listen to your fellow Ratbirds fans. Your team came within an eyelash of being the"Browns". When Modell took the deal, he fully intended to be the owner of the Baltimore Browns. The fans and officials of the city of Cleveland wouldn't let that happen, and fought to keep the rights to the name in Cleveland. After the smoke cleared, we were promised a new NFL franchise immediately. In contrast, when your Colts left town, you got nothing. Johnny Unitas' history is now with Indy....not Baltimore. You and your fellow fans obviously didn't give a crap, because your stadium was empty before a move was ever considered by Irsay. In fact, that's no doubt why he left. You should love Cleveland, because the truth of the matter is...if it wasn't for Art Modell having financial problems, you still would be without a team. You went 12 years, and the NFL couldn't see any good reason to put a franchise in Baltimore. It must have sucked....not being relevant enough to even be considered for an expansion franchise. So, you settled for another city's team that was relocated from one of the greatest NFL franchises. That's why you hate the Cleveland Browns...nothing more than pure jealousy.
  11. lodilobo

    Baltimore Sucks

    If you ever go to the the Bengals board, you should probably know that they are just a bunch of dumb inbred hillbilly morons, who couldn't spell cat if you spotted them the C and the A. Who really gives a crap about fans of a team that we beat twice last season, after coming off of 0 -16 then 1 - 15, then acts like they have a good football team. It doesn't suck at all being a Browns fan right now. Especially since we just exposed your joke of a defense, and your great fans, as they ran for the exits in the 4th quarter.
  12. lodilobo

    A main concern on Ravens' game

    Penalties are going to be a big factor in this game. That has been our undoing in both losses this season. We commit penalties at the worst possible time, then the refs will always pile on. We've seen it for years, and that's the one thing that hasn't changed with this team. The refs have always had some kind of vendetta, and probably get bonuses from the league if they cost us a game. I don't know why, but I know this is true. So, like the Titans game, if we commit a few penalties to break the ice, then we are screwed. We will always get blasted by the refs...calling holding penalties on almost every play, where the other team commits the same offenses, but it doesn't get called. If the penalty is a borderline judgment call, you can bet we will be penalized. This is the kind of thing that can ruin a season.
  13. lodilobo

    Baltimore Sucks

    You don't give our team a second thought?? Go back to you r board and check again. 90% of your topics are related to the Browns. You guys talk about us "buying into the hype"???..WTF?...after 1 week in the regular season, you were naming Kordell...oops, I mean Lamar the MVP....the next Johnny Unitas. Which, I don't see any connection with your team. The Colts are in Indy...along with their name, colors, history, etc. Johnny Unitas played for the Colts....not the Ratbirds.
  14. I've probably lost more than that betting on them over the last 50 years. ( humorous sarcasm ).
  15. lodilobo

    I'm Convinced Freddie Is An IDIOT!!

    I hate to say it, but I don't think Kitchens is going anywhere. We have to hope he learns how to game plan and call plays. It is really frustrating to watch. Mayfield is getting killed with the garbage o line. A good coach would find ways to compensate for the pass rush, to some extent. I was looking forward to the game against Baltimore next week, but now I dread it. They have an excellent defense, but overrated. The game is winnable. They are not the dominating force they think they are.