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  1. lodilobo

    It is.. what it is.....

    I've opined from every angle since '99 about this team, and I'm now at a complete loss. I have no idea what to change. They've changed players, coaches, and even owners with absolutely no significant improvement. The, team still doesn't catch the ball well, doesn't tackle well, doesn't stop the run well, doesn't defend the pass well, etc. Please explain how in Hell do you not have a pretty good team, after loading up with talent like they did last year, improving on that, then hiring a coach who is respected and obviously ( to me, anyway ) knows what he's doing? Aside from all the crap about no preseason games, limited practice, a new offensive system, a few injuries, blah, blah, blah....what can you blame this on? When you come up with the answer for this, then answer this...Why is it..... it doesn't matter who the Ratbirds put out there on the field...they are always contenders? If we would have drafted Lamar Jackson, he would out of football by now.
  2. lodilobo

    It is.. what it is.....

    It comes with experience....they're good at it.....
  3. lodilobo

    It is.. what it is.....

    Well...then, I guess he's responsible for every player being here. Do you think the talent is that bad? I don't think OBJ will be here much longer....just a feeling.
  4. lodilobo

    It is.. what it is.....

    That's where I was last season.... Haslam's fault. While I would love to see him sell, somehow I just am not convinced he's responsible for OBJ dropping that ball, yesterday, or the Ravens' receivers being wide open all day. This team needs to change. I'm just at a loss as where to start.
  5. lodilobo

    It is.. what it is.....

    Yep....the start of another Browns season. New coaches...new players....new game plan. Exactly the same old crap. I honestly believe, at this point, that you could assemble the best players in the NFL at every position, the best coaches, and put them in Browns' uniforms, and they would play exactly the same as what we've been watching since 1999. No logic...no reasonable explanation...I've seen it for so long, I'm convinced that's just the way it is supposed to be.
  6. lodilobo

    Calling it first

    If I had cancer, I might try anything. If a drug proves effective for malaria, and has no harmful side effects, why not?
  7. lodilobo

    Why is Balt. good every year?

  8. lodilobo

    QAnon is for Sad, Lonely Boomers

    This guy reminds me of 20 - 30 years ago, observing kids doing the dumbest things you could imagine......thinking that...."if that's the future, we are in big trouble".... Well......we ARE in big trouble.
  9. lodilobo

    Yes testing finds for meaningless cases

    Again...."the numbers say...blah, blah, blah"...Until you have responsible testing with no agenda to sway the numbers, we will never know how deadly this virus is. Like another poster said...if you're terrified, stay inside. Personally, I'll take my chances. You can "Chicken Little" me all day, but until the sky falls on my head, I'm going on with my life.
  10. lodilobo

    Yes testing finds for meaningless cases

    WTF do you know about what I read??...10 years ago I considered myself a Democrat. Due to the real nut jobs who are representing your political party, I've moved on. I'm certainly no Republican, either. The idiotic agenda of people like you is killing this country.
  11. lodilobo

    Yes testing finds for meaningless cases

    The key here, is just how accurate are these stats? Why the hell is it, people are supposedly dropping like flies, yet I know no one who has ever been confirmed of having this virus, let alone dying from it? Why do doctors get a $13k bonus for each case of Corona virus they "confirm"? Why do I read stories daily of people having heart attacks, or car accidents, then dying, but somehow Covid 19 is the cause of death? Why do Trump haters support this crap under such questionable "facts"? I get it if you're a die hard liberal...I don't judge anyone by their personal opinions. I'll even admit that Trump is a little "out there", but he was sure as hell better than the alternative in 2016...and will be the best option for 2020..in my opinion, of course.
  12. lodilobo

    I hope I never have to use this

    I don't want to be quite that close.....but that would do it.
  13. lodilobo

    Yes testing finds for meaningless cases

    Testing?....what difference does it make if the numbers are inaccurate? I've heard more than one medical professional say that if you've had a flu shot recently, you're going to test positive for this Corona virus. Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist, but everything that has transpired over the last few months has confirmed to me, that this has always been 90% politically motivated. Trump probably has a lot more information to confirm this. That's why he comes across as so unconcerned about any real health threat. Recent reports indicate that this thing is diminishing by itself. Of course, you won't get that info from Faucci or the WHO. They have similar agendas...MONEY. Why do the daily reports tell us the total number of positive cases reported from day one? This thing runs it's course, then people recover. Why are the reports stated in a manner to let you assume that the total is current. They never say..."...45,000 people have tested positive over the last 4 months.".....they would rather mislead you by saying..."...we have 45,000 active cases in Ohio". That is a blatant lie.
  14. lodilobo

    I hope I never have to use this

    A .22lr pistol is a nice little target pistol. I also have one. But don't rely on it to stop anything serious.
  15. lodilobo

    I hope I never have to use this

    No....but I do usually carry multiple revolver in my vehicle.