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  1. lodilobo

    Best Browns' Coverage

    Les Levine is an acquired taste. I also couldn't stand the guy when I first heard him on the old WHK. I love him now....I always listen when he's on. Excellent humour.
  2. lodilobo

    Best Browns' Coverage

    It's called greed. Exactly what happened with 1100 many years ago....unlistenable,
  3. lodilobo

    Best Browns' Coverage

    There isn't really a good radio station for Browns coverage, but 92.3 is as good as it gets. Don't bother with 850....unless you want to learn about movies,cooking, the hosts personal lives, etc. They were pretty good at one time, but they suck for the last 5 years.
  4. lodilobo

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    ...and why is Grossi getting the blame?....that's not where I heard it.
  5. lodilobo

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    Made up bullshit or not....I don't think it was purely coincidental that within a couple hours after it was out there, Mortenson was reporting that Kitchens was the new HC.
  6. lodilobo

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    Well....maybe Parcells was advising Haslam to hire Stefanski....who knows? I feel a lot more comfortable with Kitchens....still very concerned about the coordinators and assistants he can bring in, though.
  7. lodilobo


    Greg Williams had a major part in turning these players into hungry competitors. I would rather have him with us than against us.
  8. lodilobo

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    ...and maybe Haslam saw the negative reaction on twitter and other media regarding possibly hiring Stefanski over Kitchens, a couple hours before, and changed his mind. Gipper was NOT premature in the original post. It was all over the media, of a power struggle between Dorsey and DePodesta. I think it was accurate and the Hillbilly came to his senses.
  9. lodilobo


    Thank God....maybe that info about the power struggle was crap...
  10. lodilobo

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    I wonder if Randy Lerner would consider buying the team back....( being sarcastic )....
  11. lodilobo

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    Just when you think this idiot has seen the light...he creates another internal struggle. WTF is it that DePodesta does again?? If I were Dorsey, I would just resign today and let these losers wallow in their incompetence.
  12. lodilobo

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    I have no doubt you're a Ratbirds fan. You included Lamar Jackson in the group of quarterbacks that will be better than Mayfield. How is that looking?
  13. lodilobo

    Baker Mayfield

    I suspect you're probably from the Ratbirds' board, trying to compare Lamar Jackson to Baker Mayfield, and looking for anything you can to make yourself feel better about your qb. Clearly, Mayfield is by far the best qb to come out of the 2018 draft. He wan't my first choice, but I sure am glad we didn't pick Darnold, Allen, Rosen, and especially Jackson. He is one hell of a runner but doesn't come close to Mayfield in actual qb skills. Baker Mayfield is a different breed....deal with it.
  14. While it is always a good idea to interview as many applicants as possible, to me, it defies logic to hire anyone other than Williams as HC, and try to retain Kitchens as OC. We have a team that has been a perennial loser since it's beginning with a couple exception here and there. We finally find a coaching chemistry that produces wins, players who resemble real NFL players, not lethargic individuals playing at half speed. This is something that we haven't seen in forever. We have a "dangerous" qb, a young,talented defense, and appear to be a very good team, improving. So...why in the Hell would you destroy that, to bring some college coach or a washed up big name NFL coach in here, not knowing the results? We already know what we have with Williams and Kitchen, and it will only improve with a few new players at key positions. If we hire Josh McDaniels or some other idiot, he is sure to want his own staff. Then he will want his own players, his own defensive game plan, his own offensive game plane, etc. What we have is working, but in it's infancy. To destroy that based on hope would be stupid. I don't care if a lot of people don't like Williams. How many people like Bellichik?....Parcells? Whatever they do will be acceptable, because Dorsey might know slightly more than I do, but if it blows up in our faces, and we are looking at less wins in 2019, I will be here to say "I told you so".
  15. lodilobo

    who would be your choice?

    This organization has been so screwed up for so long, I'm terrified that they are going to make coaching changes that will take us backwards, again. New HC...wants his own assistants...wants his own players....wants to run a different offense....wants to run a different defense, etc. If it were my decision, I would bring everyone back except the special teams coach. Williams : HC.... I would hate to lose all the progress this team has made in the last few months.