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  1. lodilobo

    Ron Rivera

    I would hire him today to replace Kitchens.
  2. lodilobo

    I hate the Ravens

    They look unbeatable. I don't think even the 49ers will beat them. It looks like Jackson took some hits last night, so that's really the only way I see that they don't win it all. If someone takes Jackson out, they come down to earth, but I have to admit, Ingram looks great. I give most of the credit to Harbaugh for finding an O.C. and building an offense tailored to Jackson.
  3. lodilobo


    OK...while this is a very serious situation, I have to admit...this made me laugh my ass off!
  4. lodilobo

    Bakes lectures fans

    Exactly.....how is it Mayfield didn't pick up on this?...how is it that no one made him aware of it? I'm pretty sure the fans know how to react at the stadium, since we were doing it before his father was born.
  5. lodilobo

    False start penalty resulting in FG

    The shovel pass needs the element of surprise, and the right situation to work. I have seen other teams do it in the red zone with good success, going back to Elway. However, I have never seen anyone do it near their own 20 yard line. Bottom line...the playcalling sucks this season...worst I've ever seen.
  6. Uh..oh...there went a few brain cells. And I don't think he had that many to start with.
  7. lodilobo

    This too shall pass...

    Thank God you're here! I was getting the idea that maybe everyone here was younger than me. I'll be 70 in February. Still the same / love hate relationship with the Browns. I remember listening to that '64 Championship game on my 3 transistor radio that had no speaker...only an earplug.
  8. lodilobo

    The nfl did it again

    Anyone who watches these games can see it. I wouldn't call it a full blown conspiracy against the Browns, but there are certain refs that love to kill our chances at crucial points in games. Maybe it's because of the complaints from the players...maybe some refs hate Cleveland. You know....like the rest of the world. To think that these refs are completely neutral in every case is naive. The pattern I've noticed, is that once we get called for a couple holding, off sides, or other minor penalties, they seem to pile on, and call penalties when there are none. In my opinion, there is a hell of a lot more to this than you think. How do you explain the numerous calls against us, that even the unbiased announcers don't see?....and the numerous non calls of blatant penalties by our opponents, that don't get called in every game? I know it happens to other teams sometimes, too...but I really don't care about the other teams.
  9. lodilobo


    Mayfield didn't break the rookie td record with no talent. This coaching an offensive scheme is killing him. He has lost confidence and refuses to throw the ball downfield when he has an open receiver. I would almost like to see him benched for a game or 2 to maybe get his head straight. He's only 24 years old, after all.
  10. lodilobo

    Fire Freddy

    I don't want to see him get fired in mid season either. I really would like to keep him here for at least 3 seasons, hoping he will learn from his mistakes. I just haven't seen any indication that he will become an adequate HC, but it really is too soon, I guess. It's just a shame to waste all the talent with a coach who can't use it. I'm not so sure he was " hand picked" by Dorsey. Dorsey doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to stake his reputation on a RB coach becoming a good HC.
  11. lodilobo

    Fire Freddy

    I questioned the decision to make Kitchens the HC, but thought it might work out. He might turn into a decent HC at some point, but he has a lot to learn and he doesn't appear to be a quick learner. He may not be the only problem with this team right now, but he is definitely the biggest problem. My choice would have been to keep Greg Williams as HC for a couple seasons at least, to see how things worked. Dorsey, obviously did not think Williams was the best choice. ...probably due to his abrasive personality. I guess they figured we've already seen enough arguing / fighting within. I hate to see another coaching change so quick, but what other choice do we have? He's killing the season.
  12. Why would a play like that be called under those circumstances??...STUPIDITY.
  13. lodilobo

    And the North is owned by........

    There is really one way to beat the Ratbirds. Lamar Jackson is a great running back playing qb. His qg rating yesterday was in the 60's....he was under 50% completions.But, it doesn't matter how you move the ball. Winning is the most important stat. He is really RG3, but more elusive. If you can't stop him, you have to beat them in a shoot out. Russel Wilson is just the guy to do that, normally, but he was having a bad day yesterday. Still...the Ratbirds played a very good game, travelling to Seattle. Their defense stepped up when it needed to. Waiting in the wings for Lamar Jackson, is Belichik. If Jackson piles up yards against N.E. then we have to admit he is something special.
  14. lodilobo


    You're right about some decent Ravens fans. This guy is just an idiot no matter who he roots for. No reason to ban him. He obviously isn't intelligent enough to make any good points on any subject. He's kind of a distraction over here. He's harmless...way too stupid to have a conversation with.
  15. lodilobo


    Have a Steelers fan read this to you and help you understand. YOUR TEAM HAS NOT BEATEN A TEAM WITH MORE WINS THAN LOSSES. That means that your team sucks. Teams play each other to determine which team is better. Our team beat your team. Can you figure out what that means? If not, ask the Steelers fan who is helping you.