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  1. lodilobo

    Donovan McNabb said...

    Tim Couch was average or slightly better, but he couldn't reach his potential here. He came in with a lot of fire, jumping up to fight, when he took a hit. That didn't last long, though...getting beaten up, constantly with no protection from the line....no one to stand up for him when he took a cheap shot. I really like Couch, but as a passer, he didn't have a strong arm. He could never hit a receiver in stride. They would always have to wait for the ball to get there.
  2. lodilobo

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    By far the dumbest fans of all...including Steelers and Ravens. I participated on their board a few months ago, and defended the Browns, so they banned me for life. I'm heart broken.
  3. lodilobo

    Grossi - isms

    I have no idea why so many of you love to hate Grossi. He simply reports what he sees and knows, and gives his opinion. On Baker Mayfield...how many of you can honestly say you wanted him as the first pick in the draft? I said HONESTLY. It sure as Hell wasn't me. I wanted Darnold. Thank God I'm not the GM. I've been listening to Grossi since the 80's....he may be wrong on his predictions, and choices of players, at times, but who isn't? He criticizes when the team sucks. So do I. I don't see anything wrong with that. I've never seen him as being overly negative. He admits when he's wrong. A lot of you say he's too negative. It seems to me, now that the team shows it's becoming competitive, after 20 years of crap, Grossi is becoming a little too optimistic, if anything.
  4. lodilobo

    Looking back on Bill

    The article was stupid....BB was fired by Modell AFTER the move...NOT in Cleveland.
  5. lodilobo

    Looking back on Bill

    The team moved....not some players....the team. That included the coaching staff, all players, all equipment, the owner, etc, etc. Originally they were to be the Baltimore Browns, but the Cleveland fans caused such an uproar, that was not to be. Also...it didn't sit well with the Baltimore fans. They wanted their "own" team, ideally. They were so starved for football, they would have accepted any terms, though. Remember the rumors of Tampa Bay, Cincy, and some others relocating here after the move? It would have sucked, but most of us would have accepted it. The franchise was negotiated to stay in Cleveland AFTER the physical move of the team. So, you can argue this forever, but all I know is in '95 I had an NFL team to watch, go to games, and root for in Cleveland, but in '96 I didn't. Also...on BB.....He was a big pain in the ass, and I hated him, in spite of watching the team improve in '94. I hated him for Metcalf up the middle, for the way he handled fans and media, but most of all for cutting Kosar. In hind sight, he was right to cut Kosar....even if it meant losing with Todd Philcox. Just like someone else said....the HC cannot let any player undermine his authority. I still hate BB.
  6. lodilobo

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    You don't have to explain a thing to me....I've already determined where you're coming from.
  7. lodilobo

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Do you remember Fran Tarkenton? He was a very good qb with Minnesota for years. He also scrambled out of the pocket frequently. How is that racist? Whoever Ghoolie was referring to obviously was black and played like Tarkenton.
  8. lodilobo

    Baker Mayfield Thread

  9. lodilobo

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    I didn't see any racism in his posts...ever. Then, again....I'm not analyzing every word to see if I can find a shred of possibility that it could be race related.
  10. lodilobo

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Well....that sucks. Whether you agreed with him or not, he definitely added some spice to this board. I didn't see the poll, but I would have voted he stay. I've been here since '95...off and on, and that 90% was most likely the newer posters here. Yeah....he may not have been politically correct all the time, but even when I argued with him I laughed my ass off.
  11. lodilobo

    Baker is simply legendary...

    No....opinions are just that. EXAMPLE: Chocolate ice cream tastes like crap. There is no fact to base that on. EXAMPLE: Vanilla ice cream is the best. No fact.....just opinion. Get it?
  12. lodilobo

    Baker is simply legendary...

    That's very stupid of you to say....you have your opinion, as dumb as it may be, and I have mine. I'll leave it at that.
  13. lodilobo

    Baker is simply legendary...

    I don't need evidence to voice an opinion.....as I stated.
  14. lodilobo

    Baker is simply legendary...

    This is probably unpopular here, but I've always kind of liked Grossi. He has always asked tough questions without sugar coating anything, when it come to sensitive subjects. That's waht I want in a media person. He's fairly intelligent, and is also a fan, but gives his opinion when asked. He's the reason Modell is not in the Hall of Fame. He may not be as knowledgeable as some of the local media people....but I can't really think of any more knowledgeable at the moment. Except those who actually played professionally. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I find Grossi well informed and entertaining...but that's just me.
  15. lodilobo

    Best Browns' Coverage

    Les Levine is an acquired taste. I also couldn't stand the guy when I first heard him on the old WHK. I love him now....I always listen when he's on. Excellent humour.