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  1. Kirwan and Carucci on Moving the Chains, Siruis XM with a great take on this. http://bit.ly/15YRWjI
  2. philbert79

    what about Matt Flynn

    I'd rather see what Chud can do with Vince Young. I'm not saying that I WANT that, just that it would be interesting to see what he could do.
  3. philbert79

    Julio Jones out for season

    I've got to think Lombardi's good buddy Tommy D. will be calling to see what kind of deal he can make for Gordon.
  4. philbert79

    Browns Cuts

    Billy Cundiff
  5. philbert79

    Browns Meeting With Winston Justice

    Yes exactly. Reading back, I should've distinguished the Winston I was referring to. E. Winston is a RT and was recently quoted as saying "Moving from tackle to guard is not as easy as you think".
  6. philbert79

    Browns Meeting With Winston Justice

    I like the depth moves being considered here. I was high on Winston when the Texans cut him, but when the Chiefs cut him... There's something we don't know going on with him.
  7. philbert79

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    Not a relative... not even a fan of Lombardi. Fire him for all I care. If you think he's running this draft, you should be fired with him. If you have an issue, it's with Banner. Let's be clear about that... Nonsense? Nonsense is the constant negativity with EVERYTHING this team does. They're damned if they do, damned if they don't. Tell me who exactly you would have taken in the 4th and 5th rounds. Clearly, you've done all the scouting and have talked to all of the college coaches and have ran an entire draft before. Let's go GM... You're on the clock.
  8. philbert79

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    Sure there's depth, but you don't find immediate starters in the 4th and 5th rounds of a "depth" draft. Like I said, I think they had a few players in mind that were all picked before them. The question that should be asked is "Is this player I'm about to draft any better than the (1) players I have on my roster, or (2) a veteran UFA that is available at this position?".
  9. philbert79

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    We got the Colts' 2014 4th round pick for the 5th this year.
  10. philbert79

    Draft Thoughts 2013

    Thoughts on the recent trades... So smart. There isn't much talent out there today. At least not more than what they get in the 2nd wave of FA coming in a few weeks. Why not add some middle round picks for next year when the evaluation process of the team is more complete? I do think that if Simon weren't picked by the Seahawks, the Browns would've taken him. Since he was gone, so were they (with good value too). I've been really impressed by the way they've handled this off-season.
  11. philbert79

    Switch To 3-4

    When I first heard the Browns were considering going back to the 34, I cringed. It got a little better when I heard Chud say "hybrid". When you think about it, how many teams are running a true 34? Not many. Even NE isn't running the true 34 anymore. In today's NFL, a majority of defenses are in some form of nickel most of the time and are running out of an even front. I don't think they will be transitioning to a true 34 any time soon, if ever. If aggressive, it will take at least 2 drafts and a couple FA periods and >$40M. That's assuming there are 3 of the front 7 already on the team, which I don't think is the case. In a hybrid however, you could get some pieces in place over the next few years and be able to run any defense you want. To be thorough, it's probably important to understand the roles and prototypical player attributes to fit the 34. You can decide for yourself if the Browns have any of the personel on their roster. I got some of this from "Take Your Eye Off the Ball" by Pat Kirwan, a must read for football fans. The 3-4 is based on the DL taking up 2 gaps each. It starts with the NT. he should be 6'2"-6'4', 350+lbs and long arms (Shaun Rogers). He needs to occupy th A gaps on either side of the center and should demand a double team on every play. The DE should be taller , but doesn't need to be as thick (Richard Seymour). Their job is to take care of the B and C gaps between the T and G on each side. The DL's responsibility is primarily to occupy as much of the OL as possible and keep blockers off the LBs. The ends are not pass rushers like in the 43. That's the job of the OLB. A solid mix of speed, power, and agility is the name of the game for the OLB (James Harrison, LT, etc). He needs to be able to rush the passer, cover the flat or hook zone, and seal the edge or persue in the run game. Undersized 43 DEs usually make the transition pretty easily to the 34. The ILBs should consist of two different types of LB. The strong ILB is a 6'3"-250lb thumper that can take on the guard with power (NYJ's Davis Harris). The weak side ILB doesn't need to be as big, because the weak side G will rarely get out on him. He'll be free to roam the line of scrimmage and make place in space (Ray Lewis). The DBs role in the 34 vs the 43 isn't as defined, but from what I see, corners in the 34 are usually asked to play man and need to have solid cover skills. It's nice having a ball hawking FS roaming the middle of the field. Of course this is all in base defense, which as I stated off the top, teams aren't in nearly as much. The other benefit that most don't think about, is the improvement you have on STs. Instead of having a plethora of DL, you have a stock-pile at LB that fill the coverage teams with speed and improved tackling ability. I hope this helps.
  12. philbert79

    Owners Approve Sale To Haslam

    I just got back from the Marriott in Chicago. I got to meet and shake the hands of Mr. Haslem, Vic Caruicci, Jim Donovan, Tony Grossi, and several others that came by, shocked to see a fan at the Fall League Meetings, most curoious how I got passed security. All were incredibly nice guys. Jimmy Haslem shook my hand and patted me on the back, happy to see my #32 Jim Brown jersey as he walked by towards the podium before he addressed the media. I'm so excited about this guy taking over. I just had to go and be a part if it in person. I truly believe today is the day we get our team back. It's gonna be bumpy still, but winning doesn't come easy. And after shaking his hand, I know Jimmy's got the work ethic to make this happen.
  13. philbert79

    Ray Ray Out For The Year

    I hear you. The original post read like you were excited they were done for the year. Sometimes we forget that these guys have lives and families off the field.
  14. philbert79

    Tailgate - 10/21 At Indy

  15. philbert79

    Fujita Done?

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/10/15/report-scott-fujita-has-neck-injury-that-may-be-career-ending/ Hope not...