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  1. Home Opener Steelers Tailgate

    wtf happened to the discussion board now that we can draft 10 ol guys next year 2 dbs and one dl an win the super bowl dePosta gets in alone in Cleveland
  2. Fantasy Football

    Well, here I am invited and played in two leagues since the beginning.............and so far not a peep from anyone. You would think whatever leagues get formed former members for many years would get invited first. Waiting for an invite
  3. Nice posts. I went to the game when Niles played Cardinal Mooney in 1963. Mooney dominated Niles and had one loss for the year. They should have won but sometimes the best team loses. Mooney was better than Niles that year. They dominated every team including Niles. I just wish one team in Ohio can become a dominant force for years like Massillon was. Where is Paul Brown a champion at every level when you need him Browns. BTW the attendance at that game was 15-20,000 at Youngstown Rayen Stadium where YSU played then.
  4. 2004

    made a statement not drafting ben would haunt the Browns it has immensely. Made a statement get Brees or Rivers they failed it hurt immensely. Made a statement draft Adrian Peterson it hurt immensely. Made a statement the following would be busts Droughns, the worn out ahole from Bmore and the worst number one pick ever Quinn would fail. Made a statement draft Jones or Green total failure. Made a statement draft Zeke...snooze yu lose So here I am back again waiting to get pissed on from you idiot geniuses.............lets rumble assholes NOW I AM BACK TO LET YOU KNOW I KNOW FOOTBALL BETTER THAN THE ANALYSTS AND HERE TO HELP BRING WHAT WAS ONCE THE GREATEST SHOW IN FOOTBALL THE CLEVELAND BROWNS AND IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT MAKING TDS
  5. We done this idiot shit in the first round for twenty years it will work now. WHO the fuck needs people who makes tds
  6. Well we keep doing it losing

    We keep ignoring the best damn team in the land a drafting another OL guy............best formula for losing ever
  7. Well we keep doing it losing

    We failed to get a single Ohio State player going on ten years and we passed on what we need best a RB zeke will be a game changer in the NFL and then we passed on a franchise QB lynch and we picked a shrimp in a NO D conference so here we go again repeating shit and being dumb for getting one shot pick and losing mybe a good one See yall next year after we fire everyone again ‚Äč the buckeyes got 12 drafted three first round five in round three 12 overall...........the Browns kept there record clean drafting crap and not a buckeye for ten years............makes sense for a LOSER
  8. PSL's for sale

    Two PSL's for sale upper deck end zone section 349 row 14 seat 21-22 near aisle. Great sight lines of field with angle to provide depth perception. Send a note to rich4eagle@yahoo.com or call 703-309-2144. Tickets to last two games this year included. Seeking 450 per seat the best value in the stadium for seats with a great view of action.
  10. Same ole stuff

    Since Belichick and the gone years we the Browns keep doing dumb. Cannot figure out why the same losing strategy just keeps on going and going and going. This team and it's fans still think the loser now mantra of defense wins championships and it starts in the trenches wins WELL IT HAS BEEN A LOSING STRATEGY NOW FOR !6 YEARS AND WE ARE AT IT AGAIN Sad draft...........we have not a single player who is a playmaker that scores points so another year of getting our ass kicked is another ho hum more dumbness Cannot be more disappointed is NOT PICKING A SINGLE GAME STRETCHER PLAYMAKER
  11. Kathy Hutchins (1950-2014)

    Kathy and I worked hard to bring the Browns back with a fellow named Joe Melchior from San Francisco after the Art moved the team. We won everything the team the name the colors and the records. Talked at length to Beanpot thanks for helping her in the hour of need. Luv you Kathy..........have fun cheering for the browns from above
  12. Kathy Hutchins (1950-2014)

    I love you girl. Over the years we shared our love for the brownies. Oh we had our feuds. But we did it together you and I working hard sending faxes and messages and coordinating with NFL mucked e mucked mucks to get the Browns back with all the records and colors as such after 1995. And Kathy WE WON,,,,,,,YOU won. I am saddened and love you deeply sleep and rest in peace..........from one great Browns fan to another We did it together we brought the franchise from dead to alive and we did it working the channels together every day till it was done!!!!! love yah girl.....
  13. Kathy Hutchins (1950-2014)

    This is so sad. I wish I knew more about her issues since I live not that far away. I love Kathy and all the work we did together to bring the Browns back after 1995. We spent a lot of time together working the system to get the Browns back in the NFL. She is a sweetheart. I am immensely saddened to find her passing her on the site which I frequent so seldomly because of the petty stuff. Kathy, I love you and all you did to make the Cleveland Browns ALIVE AGAIN AFTER THAT DISASTER IN 1995. I AM CRYING NOW.............BLESS YOU KATHY DAMN I am so pissed I never knew she had this problem
  14. BronBron IS back

    Well, he is back, he sent the love, now share the love BIG TIME