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  1. What has the great OL AND D DONE since Zeke went out...............PPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT FARTED..........Shazier was an absolute stud and so was zeke and Bosa you want more? There is nothing about me that is dumb.............it is about being smart..........Eddie George? Mikal Thomas? AJ Hawk? Zeke? all those starting lineman about 10 none on our team, all those 7-10 starting dbs everywhere, Deron Lee, Heward, Ted Ginn, and on and on it goes. How stupid can you be to ignore a hometown team that produced Laurinitis..........and all these guys never drafting a one including Big Ben who may win his third Super Bowl this year who was OHIO his whole life and a browns fab. Stupid is seeing a box of chocolates peeing in it So lets discuss winning instead of incompetence about whom is whom. I am all ears filled with 20 years of cowpoop
  2. You do not get it. Paul Brown introduced the West Coast Offense into the AAFC in 1946 they won the championship all four years. He taught it to bill walsh and now they all know it. The Browns won three NFL championships in there first six years with "Automatic Otto Graham throwing the ball and Marion Motley running over people and catching passes. Sometime check on history of the NFL and AAFC before just spouting off bs
  3. You still don't get it and never did the Browns win all those championships with defense it was "bend but don't break defense" and an offense juggernaut and that is even moreso today
  4. BrownPile you don't get it. Average score for winning team in Super Bowl is more than 31 points. That includes all those games way back when when it was D that was more important than now. BTW, how many points did the patriots score in the second half last year? You don't get it Browns management doesn't get it and as long as they pander to fans like you that don't get it they will keep losing
  5. Ghoolie and I been posting on how to getting it for going on 20 years when is this board and Browns management EVER going to get IT
  6. I hope Dorsey or somebody understands there is a school in the middle of Ohio that turns out high draft picks every year many becoming All Pros. Why do none of these players ever get drafted by the Browns? I hope that somehow someway they start understanding that players who touch the ball are the most important ingredient to winning especially the QB. There are a lot of people on the scouting staff that ends up picking bums every year. I hope they understand that no matter how good oline guys play you lose if players who touch the ball don't make plays that make line play better. The easiest thing to fix on a football team is the offensive line. The one thing that is unfixable is a lousy QB and lousy RB's. An Adrian Peterson or Ezkiel Elliott is invaluable they passed on the both. They have passed 15-20 qbs many who are or will hofers. They passed on Michael Thomas to pick Coleman. If fact they passed on so many OSU players it makes the staff look like buffoons. I hope they understand that in the current era Offense wins championships. In 1987 the worst thing happened to the Browns that led to 25 years of lousy teams. The Dawg Pound was created and focus went to defense and drafting oline guys. THE Cleveland Browns heritage is being an offensive juggernaut from 1946 to 1989. Then they threw the Brownie into lake Erie and quit drafting offensive studs and Ohio State players and been losing ever since. The Dawg Pound should be replaced the Brownie should be brought back and Offense needs to be emphasized instead of an after thought. They need to transform the Dawg Pound into Touchdown Brownie! If they keep doing the same as they have since Marty left they will get the same results.
  7. rich4eagle

    Home Opener Steelers Tailgate

    wtf happened to the discussion board now that we can draft 10 ol guys next year 2 dbs and one dl an win the super bowl dePosta gets in alone in Cleveland
  8. rich4eagle

    Fantasy Football

    Well, here I am invited and played in two leagues since the beginning.............and so far not a peep from anyone. You would think whatever leagues get formed former members for many years would get invited first. Waiting for an invite
  9. Nice posts. I went to the game when Niles played Cardinal Mooney in 1963. Mooney dominated Niles and had one loss for the year. They should have won but sometimes the best team loses. Mooney was better than Niles that year. They dominated every team including Niles. I just wish one team in Ohio can become a dominant force for years like Massillon was. Where is Paul Brown a champion at every level when you need him Browns. BTW the attendance at that game was 15-20,000 at Youngstown Rayen Stadium where YSU played then.
  10. rich4eagle


    made a statement not drafting ben would haunt the Browns it has immensely. Made a statement get Brees or Rivers they failed it hurt immensely. Made a statement draft Adrian Peterson it hurt immensely. Made a statement the following would be busts Droughns, the worn out ahole from Bmore and the worst number one pick ever Quinn would fail. Made a statement draft Jones or Green total failure. Made a statement draft Zeke...snooze yu lose So here I am back again waiting to get pissed on from you idiot geniuses.............lets rumble assholes NOW I AM BACK TO LET YOU KNOW I KNOW FOOTBALL BETTER THAN THE ANALYSTS AND HERE TO HELP BRING WHAT WAS ONCE THE GREATEST SHOW IN FOOTBALL THE CLEVELAND BROWNS AND IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT MAKING TDS
  11. We done this idiot shit in the first round for twenty years it will work now. WHO the fuck needs people who makes tds
  12. rich4eagle

    Well we keep doing it losing

    We keep ignoring the best damn team in the land a drafting another OL guy............best formula for losing ever
  13. rich4eagle

    Well we keep doing it losing

    We failed to get a single Ohio State player going on ten years and we passed on what we need best a RB zeke will be a game changer in the NFL and then we passed on a franchise QB lynch and we picked a shrimp in a NO D conference so here we go again repeating shit and being dumb for getting one shot pick and losing mybe a good one See yall next year after we fire everyone again ‚Äč the buckeyes got 12 drafted three first round five in round three 12 overall...........the Browns kept there record clean drafting crap and not a buckeye for ten years............makes sense for a LOSER