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    Browns Players Want New Uni's

    It says Uni's in the title. If you think the thread is 'gay' then why do you even click on the link? I put it on the title to keep morons from posting idiotic replies. If the title said "gaywads frolic in the meadows together" I suppose you'd click on it too....
  2. Grossi Article Like I've said all along - regardless of what the "traditionalists" feel, there is a growing sentiment to have the threads changed. Even in the locker room. Only one guy mirrors the opposing view - Ben Watson. Even Joe Thomas and Phil freakin' Dawson aren't opposed to change. Ventrone says it best "Times have changed. Look at all these college teams. Young guys are into that kind of stuff." Why wouldn't you change with the times when your damn uniform may actually have an impact on landing a free agent or something? Let me guess, "We don't want any of those damn players that care about shit like that!" Well guess what? MOST OF THEM DO. It's kind of hard to put together a team of good players when you don't want anyone on your team that cares about 'little stuff' like this. It's increasingly important to market our team not only to the fans, but to players and the youth of America. From Tony Grossi: The Morning Kickoff … Survey says: Everyone knows changes are coming to the Browns as new owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner settle in. Big changes and little changes. Where does a uniform change fit in? Look at it this way: The two most visible aspects of an NFL team are the way it plays and the way it’s dressed. Haslam and Banner vow to change the way the Browns play. We know that will take time. But they can change the way they dress starting in 2013. Over the last few weeks, I have polled the Browns locker room. I queried 13 players, just about 25 percent of the roster. It was a representative sampling of old (six) and young (seven), offense (six) and defense (seven), black (nine) and white (four). I can tell you the vast majority favor a uniform change. It was almost unanimous. They are respectful of the Browns’ venerable tradition and Cleveland’s fight in 1996 to keep the Browns’ name and colors. To a man, they are fine with the orange and brown colors and plain orange helmets, though two players (Ray Ventrone and Josh Gordon) would not be opposed to a logo on the helmet. Only one player positively adored the all-white look (Josh Cooper), though he also gave a thumbs-up to the brown pants last used in 2009. No player suggested that changing uniforms would change the team’s fortunes on the field. But the general sentiment was that change is good and the drab sameness of the Browns’ uniforms is somewhat deflating. They want a few more options than all-white or brown-on-white. And they agree that a change in uniforms would aptly signify the change in direction – the jolt of energy -- brought by Haslam. “I think it’s a new generation of football,” said safety T.J. Ward. “Especially with us being one of the youngest teams, I think the consensus is we kind of all want something fresh, a new look. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the same look, but maybe an alternate or a change-up. But we still have to play football.” Roll call: We’ll start with Phil Dawson, the only player who has been with the Browns every year since their rebirth in 1999. Dawson has a greater sense of Browns history than any player in the locker room and even he sees the merit in tweaking the uniform scheme. Dawson: “I look at a lot of pictures of Browns history and I see all kinds of different uniforms. So why it is now the actual ones we’re wearing we can’t change? I don’t get. I’ve seen brown on orange. I’ve seen white on orange. The one constant is the helmet, but way, way back they wore white. There have been changes to the uniform throughout Browns history. “You can probably make a pretty good argument that this city fought so hard to keep its colors when the team left and came back, that some of that (tradition) sentiment is a product of that. So obviously it’s going to be a delicate situation. And I’m certainly not going to be upset if no change is made. (But) guys grumble a little bit. The years we wore throwbacks, there was very little change (to what we wear now).” John Hughes: “Change is always good. I guess the Browns have been very traditional since they’ve been here. But it would be cool to have new jerseys. It would be a change.” L.J. Fort: “I’ve seen some of those NIKE (mock-ups). Those were pretty neat. I don’t have a particular preference. I wouldn’t be against it. It would be cool. But at the same time, it’s Cleveland, and they like tradition and the old-school.” Ben Watson: “I play football. If they told us to go out there in purple and green, then I’d go out there in purple and green. That’s not my concern. I’ve been on some teams where new clothes were bad and they never wore them again because you lost wearing them, and I’ve been on teams where new clothes were good and they kept wearing them. Clothes don’t make the team.” Joe Haden: “I’m all for it. I’m a fashion dude, so anything that could bring another spark would be really sweet. Whatever Haslam wants to do, I’m gonna ride with it. I just think it would be sweet to have new jerseys. Just something different because I think we’re growing something new here. We have a lot of young players, lot of new faces. It would be something. It would be nice. “You look good, you feel good, you play good. So I think new jerseys would be so sweet. Everybody’s definitely down for it. Because we talk about it all the time. The Seahawks jerseys are so ‘sick.’ The 49ers jerseys. That would be ‘sick’ if we had something else.” Ward: “I’m all for it. I don’t think we should change it completely, but I think a few alterations would be cool. You’ve got to change some things up. I know a lot of people are big on tradition here and keeping it the same. But I think maybe a new look would freshen a lot of things up.” Cooper: “I like the plain look. I like the all-white. I’d like to wear the brown pants. That would be sweet. I’ve seen them.” Ventrone: “Sometimes I like the traditional look, but there are other times I think you almost need to change … change an identity. Times have changed. Look at all these college teams. Young guys are into that kind of stuff. I think guys actually like our uniforms even though they might not be (the jazziest). But at the same time, there’s a lot of young guys on our team and I feel a lot of people – fans, etc. – they want to see new stuff.” Gordon: “As much as you can do with brown and orange, I’m sure you can always use a little upgrade. You definitely do (feel energy from new uniforms). That’s how colleges recruit. They get a lot of young guys because of their uniforms. “If they did (change), I’d be all for it. The all whites get a little dirty, a little dingy. I think it’s the best combo that we have. If we did get a new design, I’d be happy to vote for it. You look good, you feel good, you play good. That would be another attraction to come watch the game.” Joe Thomas: “I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it. I don’t know what they’d change it to. It’s been brown forever. I’d be open to seeing what it looks like. It’s hard to say what my opinion is without seeing what they’d change it to.” Josh Cribbs: “Oh, definitely. I say that from the rooftop. I hate the same old things. It’s no fun at all. It’s tradition, of what? We’re a different team. We should have different uniforms, or at least different variety. It would spark us, make us feel more amped. Marketing. Makes people buy the jerseys and want to root for your team. I’ll believe it when it happens. Any change is good for this program.” Alex Smith: “I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I’m definitely a fan of change and trying something different. Of course, it’s tradition-driven uniform … but last year was miserable just doing that all-white. But to have different options. You can always bring (all-white) back as throwbacks.” Eric Hagg: “I like the uniforms. I like brown better than white, just in general. It would be cool (to change). Any good change is good. I don’t really believe you have to do a certain thing every time.”
  3. Squintz

    It's Official

    BTW Milk - please go ahead and respond again as this is the last I'll post with you. Feel free to get the last word. I know, like many other schoolchildren, the immaturity forces you to always need to have the last word...
  4. Squintz

    It's Official

    Wow - I was just joking but you really don't have a life, do you? Son? Let's see - I've been to 4 Super Bowls, 5 World Series (going this year too), 2 World Cups, 2 Olympics (Summer and Winter), 3 Stanley Cups, Indy 500, Daytona 500, NBA Championship, Masters, etc.... I've also traveled to 22 countries and lived in 3 of them. Hit on the dot.com biz in the 90's and got out before it crashed. Have a loving wife and kids and a pretty damn sucessful career. And the side company I own is beginning to thrive with the advent of the oil & gas movement in Ohio. Have more, but I'm sure that hits the point. But you're right. I'm sure you've done way more than I'll ever dream of. Now make sure to place the cans upright after emptying them please...and don't put them on the tree lawn.
  5. Squintz

    It's Official

    We differ here. Al was not a hero. He was as much the reason the Browns left in the first place as Modell and Michael White were. He didn't 'save' the Browns. He won a bidding war where he came in after other groups had already proposed to the NFL their bid packages and won because he had ties within the NFL - and paid them off. If Al hadn't bought them, another local guy would have. And we would have had a much better 12-13 years in the mean time... Back to the dreaded uni's - I hope they remove the damn 'AL' from the sleeve. The guy should be revered - but not for placing the winning bid to bring the Browns back. He was just the wealthiest man willing to spend the most at the time. He should be revered for his philanthropic work and all - not for owning the crappy team he helped put on the field...
  6. Squintz

    It's Official

    Yawn. You pick up the trash from my house, so you should know where I live already. I'm sure your parents and grandparents are looking down on you now so proud of what you have become and that your vocabulary has stayed youthful...like jumior high youthful. Ooohh - let's go fight behind the school after classes let out! Fighting is for those that have nothing to lose. I could have already guessed that you fit that demographic.
  7. Squintz

    It's Official

    All class, all class. For the record the Ducks are bitches and I'm not a fan of all the funky uni's. Proud Buckeye through and through here. I didn't realize I was dealing with a degenerate wanna be tough guy who still lives in his mom's basement. Stay in New York. You're perfect there. Now let's see what other fancy swear words you heard while at band camp...
  8. Squintz

    It's Official

    Yep - you're one to take seriously. Good work. I didn't realize I was disrupting Haslam's day by talking about the direction of the overall fukin' franchise. You and fans like you a big part of the problem with the Browns and how this city and fans are percieved. Do all of us a favor and go root for the Raiders - maybe you can kill a niner fan or do something else constructive. Why don't you grow up PunkBitch.
  9. Squintz

    It's Official

    No need to tell me to chill - I just jump on and off the Board when I have a minute here and there. Sometimes I get on a soap box that may come off as confrontational. For this, I apologize. Listen - I own 12 psl's and go to every game. I have since they returned. I was down there at the rallies to get the team back, save the name and the colors. I'm old enough to have attended my first game when they were the Kardiac Kids, so I'm not a newbie. I'm very conservative by nature even. I just want something good for this team and the fans. I have kids and see the kids in school that so want to have a winning team and some more relevant gear to wear when supporting their team. I want the fanbase to grow and this team to thrive. For this to happen, I feel we need to win AND be accepting of some changes.
  10. Squintz

    It's Official

    The ONLY thing that Lerner did for the good of the Browns was stipulate 1) the team cannot be moved and 2) no logo on the helmet. I've based him for a long time - time to give him a couple of props.
  11. Squintz

    It's Official

    No need to be sorry. It is the minority. But he also recognizes it won't be for long. The fanbase is old and getting older. Smart marketers see trends and make moves - popular or unpopular - based on where they see things in 5-10 years. New Coke didn't work out. Yet did it hurt the brand? Hell no it didn't. Coke is still everywhere. Now they have Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Coke this, Coke that. So that's a crappy attempt on your part. I never said I wanted a new helmet. All traditionalists think the focus if the damn helmet. Of course it's not. Everyone loves the helmet and no logo on it, me included. But to have a logo - a real logo besides a picture of our helmet would be a GOOD thing. Incorporating a new color so kids or people that actually give a crap about how they look can have more choices isn't a bad thing. BTW - nice reference to the Lions, a team that has changed and tweaked their uniforms and logo numerous times over the years. The Pack won't change because they're owned by their old fans that live in a dying town. Have ever BEEN to Green Bay? The Bears don't HAVE to change their gear because they were lucky enough to get colors and a logo that are still relevant today. Plus, they reside in a vibrant, growing metropolis. We don't. I could reference bunches of fortune 500 companies that have branded and re-branded. Federal Express, Nike, General Electric, Accenture to name a few. There are reasons they do this. Fans need to WAKE UP and realize there are frickin' websites dedicated to uniforms (uni-watch) that are even associated with ESPN. Do you think it's just an off-chance that so many 'traditional' college teams are jumping on the alternate uniforms? Times they are a changing. The world has CHANGED. People and kids have CHANGED. This is an increasingly visual world in which we live. Deal with it. The Browns were stuck in 1955...until Haslam showed up.
  12. Squintz

    It's Official

    You're right - we HAVE been through this a thousand times. And for the 1,000th time, I think this is archaic thinking and the Browns fan base needs to recognize that change isn't necessarily bad. If you stand by the "If they win it doesn't matter" mentality, then you should also accept this the other way. If they win, why do you care if they want to change the uniforms or add cheerleaders? Newsflash: The new owner is a smart businessman. Newsflash: Haslam understands marketing. His wife is one of the top marketing execs in the world. Newsflash: Jimmy knows if would NOT be a PR disaster because the true fans that continued to flock and follow this team through the crappy-ass Lerner era won't turn away from their team if it adds another color, changes the uniforms, adds cheerleaders, etc. Simply put - If you/we ARE truly die-hard fans, our support won't waiver if changes like this are made. Randy was too much of a pussy to make changes and didn't have the balls to do anything. This is why his team continued to fall behind the rest of the NFL on the field and in the marketing realm. Hell, his idea of getting feedback from the fanbase was to bring in the moronic dawgbone-hat wearing buy that WELCOMED Chad Johnson into the Dawg Pound after he scored against us (I'm sooooo glad Lerner is gone)... To this day I feel that a-hole fan should be banned from the stadium. Haslam comes off like a take-charge guy that won't take shit or be swayed by idiots. He will do what he thinks is most beneficial to A) Win games B ) Make money. Marketing goes hand-in-hand with point B, so I would recommend everyone to be prepared for changes all around. I, for one, am excited for ALL changes. Again, if you want to play the "Win, and the uniforms don't matter" argument, then understand what you are saying. Because it is the same as "Win, and new uniforms/colors/cheerleaders/etc don't matter". You are, in essence, okay with the changes as long as they win. You are also okay with no changes if they win. If you are implying that if they make changes and lose, then you will no longer be a fan, then you are just lying to yourself. Because this is the Browns. This is our city and our team. We will follow and support them unconditionally because we are the best fans in the NFL - period. It doesn't matter if they make changes or not. Plus, we can always look forward to the few times per year they put the throwbacks on again...
  13. Squintz

    Are You In Favor Of New Uniforms?

    I've been in support of changing or tweaking the uni's for a looooong time. What is encouraging is the vote count isn't all that bad, showing more and more that others wouldn't mind a change too. I'm pumped to have Haslam, and looking forward to a progressive thinking ownership. Cleveland fans are unfortunately much like the city - stodgy, stubborn and out of touch with many things. I really don't get why so many are so against a little change.
  14. Squintz

    Run The Ball...stop The Run

    Which is great. Only the division and the league are geared to pass the ball...
  15. It was reported that he will install a 'CANDY FOR CONCUSSIONS' system! Dum-Dum for a good hit Fun Dip for a great hit Hershey Bar for someone taken in a stretcher King Size Kit Kat for a Concussion http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/sean-payton-coach-son-team-2012-001620329.html "Sean Payton will coach in 2012, just not in the National Football League. Payton plans to use his exile from the NFL to spend time with his family, including his 13-year-old son Connor. The suspended coach of the New Orleans Saints will reportedly spend part of his year-long suspension coaching his son's football team. Connor made the news last year for taking a vested interest in who his father's team drafted. He wanted the Saints to pick up Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram first, and was disappointed when the team took Cameron Jordan before they picked Ingram at 28. Payton will have plenty of time to explain the team's decision over the next year. He was given a suspension for his role in the bounty scandal that has marred the NFL's off-season. His suspension started on April 16. Hopefully, as Payton teaches the finer points of football to his son's team, he'll leave out the part about paying teammates to injure opponents."