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    Old Cleveland Browns, New Cleveland Browns.<br /><br />"This city supports us much better than the previous one did"
  1. ArthurModell

    Fans Cheer Anderson's Injury?

    I am not sure if it was the batteries or the beer bottles that sank Cleveland to the lowest, but Phillie seems to want to hold on to the worst fans and have been insulted by the behavior ratings in Cleveland. I would be careful if I were Santa this year. It might not be just snowballs they throw.
  2. ArthurModell

    Fans Cheer Anderson's Injury?

    In the NFL, you support your team win or lose. You can let known your displeasures within management without taking it out on the players on the field. Do you really think they want to be known as the city of losers? I seriously doubt that, but things just haven't gone their way this year and their early season schedule was just brutal.... but either way you support your team win or lose....
  3. ArthurModell

    Fans Cheer Anderson's Injury?

    I think it's very sad that America rated the Browns as the worse fans in the NFL. I thought Phillie had that position wrapped up. Is it possible to sink lower then worse? Maybe behind some of those Futbol teams in Italia? I am just wondering where the team will move next? Portland maybe? Toronto? I hear L.A. is looking for a team? Even the players don't want to play there anymore. How sad, good luck while crying for another team because the CFL doesn't play in America anymore. Oh wait, how bout we start a team in the AFL? The Cleveland Browns...or will Lerner take the team name and colors to the new city? Advice for all those idiots that either were booing or didn't show up because they are fair weather fans... If I were the Browns fans I would start showing up for the games and treat the team with respect. Treat each game as if it's an elimination game. Come to think of it the next game is an elimation game....enjoy.