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  1. ledzepfan1

    Josh Gordon Troubles

    "The point is, to say "everybody does it," or "most people have tried it" are both INCORRECT. The truth is, the MINORITY of Americans ever use marijuana. I hate when people try to normalize the sh**. It IS addictive, it DOES have terrible side effects, and it RUINS people's lives... The only people who say marijuana is harmless are marijuana users. It's called "denial" people... " Dude, I'm sorry, but you could not be more wrong. Like poeticG said, easily over 50% of Americans have or still smoke weed. First and foremost, you cannot become physically addicted to marijuana, only psychologically addicted. Anyone can become psychologically addicted to anything. Second of all, it has terrible side effects? The only side effect people commonly get from smoking marijuana, is paranoia, and that wouldn't be a side effect if it was legalized. You seriously need to do some research, marijuana does not ruin lives. I'm sorry, but that statement is so false and so stupid it almost hurts. Marijuana does not ruin people's lives, it SAVES lives. People have cured their cancer with hemp oil. Marijuana is also an ailment for so many other countless diseases or illnesses. Overall marijuana is arguably the best, most natural medicine on this entire planet. Also "the only people who say marijuana is harmless, are marijuana users", what seriously? What about the latest studies on marijuana? The scientists who conduct the studies most-likely do not smoke. I know countless people who don't smoke who are perfectly okay with people using it because they know it is harmless and how beneficial it is. Honestly, you'd have to be a spoon-fed sheep to think that marijuana is bad for you. Yes I think that Josh Gordon is stupid for not following NFL protocol and risking his entire career and those massive pay-checks to smoke weed. It sucks though because within a couple years, marijuana will be allowed in the NFL and all he had to do was wait a couple years...awh well.
  2. ledzepfan1

    Bernie out for Pre Season

    Woah woah woah, look who's here...it's the grammar police! Who gives a gives a shit about the various forms of "your"?. Like you said this is an Internet forum, you should expect much worse--besides as long as one is able to convey his message to the point where others can understand him, then what does it really matter? If anything, you are making yourself look uneducated on life. If you knew anything about life, then you wouldn't care about minuscule spelling mishaps that came from one person on an Internet forum out of over 7 Billion People people in the world. Okay moving on... You say "I live in the real world"-- what the hell does that even mean? Everything and anything that contains consciousness or energy is real, so I'm pretty sure we ALL live in the real world lol. You seem to be rather egotistical my good man. Now about Bernie, he did not deserve to be canned. Yes, he slurs, but I believe he was the perfect representation of our "brand" or losing team that we have had for the past 15 years. Besides, did his slurring or drunkedness ever affect the validity of what came out of his mouth? I do not believe so. He may not be super professional but that's why he was announcing local pre-season games. This role was perfect for him and for the most-part, our fans. I think I speak for everyone when I say I'd much rather have Bernie or pretty much any other ex-Browns player announcing the preseason games over this ex-bungle, ex-squeeler , NFL pampered, pussy of a commentator Solomon Wilcots. I don't think you understand how much this is going to blow until the first browns preseason game airs. One of the main reasons I used to look forward to preseason was, because of Bernie's knowledgeable, honest, to-the-point style of announcing, that the majority of us came to love. Such a shame, I can whole-heartedly say-- this sucks..
  3. ledzepfan1

    Week 13 Game Impressions: Browns @ Pats

    Can't believe they didn't give that catch to Gordon
  4. ledzepfan1

    TRICH traded to colts

    Lol Zombo, they are talking about you on the Indy forums hahaha http://forums.colts.com/topic/20688-breaking-news-colts-trade-for-trent-richardson-merge/page-9
  5. ledzepfan1

    i really hope that this isn't true

    I'd hate to see phil go. But he is getting older and you have to think of the positives. We are going to pick up a kicker who's young and terrible which will be excellent for us so that we are forced to go for it when it's fourth and goal on the 1 yard line. I swear, it's like we always play for field goals and not touchdowns.
  6. ledzepfan1

    ??? Who do we want as our QB

    There's no decision or choice. You go with your starter. And our starter is Jake.
  7. ledzepfan1

    Bengals Browns Predictions

    Wow what a smart prediction!
  8. ledzepfan1

    Good going Browns, victory at last!

    WOO HOO! The fourth quarter was ugly, but at least we pulled through!!!
  9. ledzepfan1

    after today's game, i'm pretty sure that

    Did any of us honestly think we were going to start 0-3? I thought we would at least be 2-1 at this point of the season. Lets just hope that we are improving. If we don't improve this is going to be a long year....AGAIN.
  10. I know this is a little late haha. but for the future weeks i would check here : http://channelsurfing.net/ They usually have all the nfl games being streamed there. Just scroll halfway down and you should be able to see the list of nfl games. Hope this helps!
  11. ledzepfan1

    Peyton Hillis Day ....

    Got him playing on my fantasy team for this one. especially since Jerome Harrison is out.
  12. ledzepfan1

    Cribbs being interviewed on Jim Rome right now

    I'm glad I got him on my fantasy football team haha
  13. Haha i know, thats what I'm saying. We're actually being smart for once.
  14. Is it a coincidence that we picked up this Derrick Roberson , Former tampa bay bucaneers player right before we play them this weekend. Seems a little fishy....maybe we want some information from this guy about how they run things and plays... hahahaha just a thought put out there...
  15. ledzepfan1

    Where can I get a Vickers jersey?

    I know this is a little bit off topic. but my dad sells dry cleaning chemicals to the browns , and he had to install a whole different system for vickers because vickers was allergic to the soaps being used. so my dad got to shake his hand and talk to him! I also have walked through the browns locker room with all the players in it. quite an experience. these guys are huge up close.