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  1. As long as we have an owner that looks at "The Browns" as a product, a means to make money we will always be stuck in the losing rut. Many times an owner can make almost as much money putting out a losing team as a winning team...they only care about profit, not us. We need to not buy any Browns products this year to cut into the owners profit, then and only then will he care..... we need an owner who loves football like a Payton Manning...some one who loves football like us. Otherwise we are stuck.
  2. Jibz

    I wonder?

    Its just amazing how bad this Cleveland team is. We were playing a team of first time and makeshift players and yet, they played beter and won the game. In over 30 years of loving and believing in the Browns it has just become unbearable to relate to this team. Are we cursed?
  3. Jibz

    I wonder?

    Is it possible The Cleveland Browns fuck up the high draft picks they draft? If these same players went to another team would they be good, if not great players right now? If we would have drafted Julio Jones would he be a classic Browns sucky wide receiver or the star he currently is? Do we as a team fuck up our draft picks some how? It just dosen't seem possible that all of these high draft pick that we get are just mistakes... they were high on the boards before we picked them...I just don't get it.
  4. Jibz

    Campell to start

    If we win it just shows that the team is good and that BW just sucked the life out of the team. Any decent QB would be an improvement over old man Weeden.
  5. Josh is one of the few gems the Browns have, why do they think they can find a receiver as good as him? We haven't had a receiver as good as him for YEARS! Next thing you know Hoyer will be traded! What the hell is going on?
  6. Jibz

    We Done With Weeden

    That's bullshit... every year I hear the same thing..."next year we will get our f-ing QB"...we cant draft for shit and I cant stand that our only hope is for next year! Get ANYONE!!!!!! for a QB this year! I don't care who the f it is! Give me Tebow! at least show that they see and know Weeden sucks and at least the FO is trying! This is pissing me off so bad!
  7. Jibz

    The Browns should try to win NOW

    So sick of next year...next year...each year we start thinking those words earlier in the season.... Hoyer gave me the feeling I felt when I watched the Browns when Sipe or Bernie was the QB. I cant believe there isn't a QB on someones team that isn't better the Weeden that we can get....
  8. I was stuck behind a women driver as she tried to decide how GIGANTIC of an opening she needs before she can pull out and I realized that she reminds me of Weeden as she just sat there and tried to decide when to finally pull the trigger. Make a decision bitch!
  9. I think Weeds will surprise us all! He will become the best QB we've had since we started over. Go Browns!
  10. Jibz

    What Did We All Really Expect? !

    Try to tell Nickers the "super fan" that knows everything about football this information...he just wants to burn on the team and find flaws. Hey Nickers (fag name) Why don't you crawl into your steeler hole and jerk of Ben. Or you could try being a Browns fan and be a little optimistic!
  11. Jibz

    What Did We All Really Expect? !

    The Browns have the best and the worst fans in all of football. One preseason game that they ddint want to show their hand and they lost and Nickers lays into the team ...you sir are a loser not a fan....why not bandwagon on the Stealers
  12. Jibz

    Thad Lewis Out...

    I liked Thad