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    Paulson and Bernanke are buffoons

    It is difficult, in my humble opinion, to blame others for ills if they were not solely responsible. In other words, if all other variables were controlled. They may be very bright but, for example, they inherited a smoldering wild fire. Some, like Stephanopolous, were waxing about how Obama, himself, caused the market to increase last week. Do you buy that? If so, do you believe he is also responsible for the free fall yesterday? I don't believe that either but, given, your premise, how can you not blame Obama for yesterday - by the way, today wasn't even half the way up.
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    You're on a short leash, Bunker. You get a clean slate with me but your reputation preceeds me. Clean it up or hit the road. I hope you can do the clean it up part. If not, I will lock the door after you're thrown through the swinging doors.
  3. Dire situations require dire action and result in dire consequences............ Over the past few months, apparently, there has been a call for more board and post monitoring. Since I will have some free time the next few months, Stan, asked if I would help out with maintaining some semblance of a 'Code of Conduct' on this board. Working along with Chicopee John, we will attempt to accomplish a number of things including: bolstering the (meaningful) post count, fostering dialogue and healthy debate, and - if need be - performing our version of ethnic cleansing on this board. The agreement is that EVERYBODY who posts starts with a clean slate - having no history, it should be easy for me. John will do the same. However....................things cannot spiral down into a constant banter of personal attacks, etc. Warnings will be given by way of PM and the leash will be short. Can we all agree to have a limited number of 'house rules'? This is not an attempt to censor anybody. On the contrary, it is an attempt to spawn a Political Discussion Board that does just that. Encourages discussion - 360 degrees of discussion and opinions - as long as you act your age. Don't write to me if John cuts a post or thread and vice versa. Hopefully, things will be consistently acted upon but people will agree and disagree with things like deleting posts, suspending membership, etc. Let's have fun boys and girls. Bring a friend and make this a board where you will not be embarrassed to invite friends. PS We used to LOVE to play the Cavs. Man o man - they haven't come a long way, baby!!