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  1. BrownsKidd

    Hashtag stop the gun violence

    I will not deny that “mass shootings” have increased. I am also in favor of responsibly vetted and gun ownership laws and legislation. I am not sure that citizens need access to high volume magazines and rounds that would be considered “military grade” (if that is even a thing because I am no gun expert). I am also considering getting my CCW, so understand where I am coming from. What is unfortunate is that this has turned into a very emotional debate and one that has its political sides. However, as a society, we tend to ignore logic, facts, and run with the our political sides before we weigh on a subject as serious as this. It was either late last year or early this year I did some research form a .GOV website comparing death statistics in the U.S. And this was actually something that Neil Degrasse Tyson was trying to point out but came under the backlash of twitter and other social devices because again, people throw out, logic, over emotions and politics. In this country, alcohol related deaths nearly triple gun related deaths. Now keep in mind, gun related means all deaths used by guns. If you remove homicides and other gun deaths and only isolate “Mass shootings” the difference is huge. The difference is 3 TIMES… So where is the social outcry to legislate or ban alcohol? I would wager that the percentage of responsible gun owners verse responsible drinkers is heavily weighted to the gun owners. Just because a drunk driver doesn’t kill in mass, doesn’t make it any less serious of an issue. Please don’t get bogged down with political rhetoric. Yes, we have issues, there are potential solutions. But gun control isn’t the only issue in this country.
  2. BrownsKidd

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Should we be worried that OBJ has shown up once to voluntary camp? https://www.yahoo.com/sports/trouble-already-browns-freddie-kitchens-says-odell-beckham-jr-has-missed-a-lot-182723285.html
  3. BrownsKidd

    Freddie Kitchens

    Yep, heard it played on 93.2 this morning. Loved it!
  4. BrownsKidd

    Haslam is the Problem

    I don't think Haslam is the reason for our woes . Ask Jimmy if he wants to win, he will say yes. Ask Jimmy if he wants to win a Superbowl, he will say yes. Knowing this, logically we have to assume that every decision he does is for the betterment of the organization, right or wrong. I'll assume that JH understands when he is wrong and has made bad decisions. That is why we have seen changes under his watch. But, he also understood that keeping Hue for a few seasons, and ridding the organization of the stigma of firing head coaches after one or two seasons needed to end. Being in a corporate setting, I can understand JH going with Sachi and the whole analytics route. It didn't work, JH saw that, and brought in a seasoned football guy who I feel made this team better. However, we have issues in the coaching ranks. There is a power struggle right now. Heads are going to roll. Please keep in mind, we have an owner that is NOTHING like Jerry Jones. Nothing. But I do think we have an owner that wants to win and is trying to make that happen. I would much rather have JH, then the previous guy (Can't even remember his name). I like Dorsey. THe problem is Hue. Hue is slimy. He refuses to take full ownership of problems that happen clearly under his watch. I also personally don't like what I am seeing out Haley and his offensive plan. Keep in mind, Dorsey is a smart guy. Not his first rodeo in dealing with NFL personalities and coaching issues. We have to trust that he and JH will make the right choices.
  5. BrownsKidd

    Some thoughts (Browns at Raiders)

    As for the kick return game... is Peppers Retarded? Yes, I know he's from ichigan, but what the hell. Twice that I can remember, that bag of rocks runs straight up and manages to get tackled by his own blocker because he runs right into him??!! When we needed yardage, that Shmucker tacks the ball out of the end zone instead of taking the knee. This guy was supposed to be a return guy, he's done nothing but make me go WTF!! At this point, let Chubb return the ball
  6. BrownsKidd

    NFL Phucks Cleveland Twice in 4 Weeks

    The team lost that game, not the refs. Our defense was a porous yesterday. The prevent defensive scheme late in the game that Williams drew up was horrid. We couldn't get to Carr. We couldn't tackle Lynch. Were there some bad calls, yes, on both sides. Our offense became stagnant after we took a 2-TD lead. Not sure if we were just trying to protect, piss poor playing calling, or just poor execution on offense. IMO, if we want to point fingers, point them squarely at Greg Williams and our defensive schemes.
  7. Yes Chubb has some very serious pass protect issues and needs to learn that role of his position. But I still would have loved to have seen him on that 3rd down run that got reversed late in the game. Hyde is kind of dancing in the backfield a bit. Would like to see him hit the hole harder and run downhill quicker. How do you not utilize a guy that had two runs for TD's for avg of 35 yards?
  8. BrownsKidd


    Yes the blame is on Gonzalez, but damn, that 40+ yard play the D gave up at the end of the game.... well, no one seems to be talking about that. The D has been absolutely great, but why so damn loose on the Defensive scheme? And how many points on turnovers 10... 10 points on what 8 turnovers in two games?
  9. BrownsKidd

    Josh Allen mechanics are very good.

    https://sports.yahoo.com/wyoming-qb-josh-allen-passes-eyeball-test-starts-throwing-025702572.html Reports are he had a rough first day. Looks good, looks the part, but was all over the place in accuracy.
  10. BrownsKidd

    Net Neutrality

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/senators-last-ditch-effort-halt-210200029.html How is it possible for the FCC to be able to repeal Net Neutrality while politicians, senators, and our government sits and act like they can do nothing about it. How can the Chairman, Ajit Pai, enact something while the government acts helpless to do anything.
  11. BrownsKidd

    Dorsey Hired

    Which is why the firing happened now. Haslam knew NY would go after him.
  12. BrownsKidd

    Dorsey Hired

    Interviewed Singletary a few weeks back.
  13. BrownsKidd

    Ryan Shazier Injury

    The problem with players and the NFL is that tackling = launching and leaving the ground. Launching one's self off the ground like a war head is stupid and dangerous. The solution can be easily fixed, IMO, and all we would need to do is look at the sport of Rugby. In Rugby, they actually tackle. Imagine that. They pursue and wrap up the ball carrier, below the waste until a knee hits the ground. Player is now "down". I know it's not as exciting at seeing someone being paralyzed or knocked unconscious, but if we want to see Football survive, launching off the ground, to "Hit" a player with shoulders, helmet, etc., should be outlawed with immediate ejection, suspension and heavy fines. I'm not saying that Rugby is a safer sport as it's not and Rugby has it's own injuries to deal with, even players being paralyzed. But perhaps with the protection that is given with the pads of football and forcing players to actually pursue, wrap, and "tackle" instead of launching, could bring about a positive change for the players themselves. In short, outlaw leaving the ground, other than to dive and swipe at the ankles of an opponent in front of you, should be immediately made illegal, personal foul, ejection, and a fine. Thoughts?
  14. So these liberal kids go to a very expensive liberal arts college and still talk like they belong in the ghetto!
  15. BrownsKidd

    Aaron Hernandez Suicide