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  1. BrownsKidd


    If this had been done by a democrat president, many would be claiming the POTUS to be the Anti-Christ for starting to bring peace to the middle east. This is a good start. Tell me more when this involves Israel and Palestine
  2. Of course... my initial post could be considered both scenarios. But my thoughts on any 16 year old, 18 year old or even mid-20s with no contribution to society stand. What age should citizens be able to vote? 18, 21, 24, 25. Should a person have some life and social experience before they can formulate their own opinion on politics. Our children, for the most part, take on a parents worldview. I do believe that is changing as information is so easily accessed, but I do believe that once a child hits adulthood, many of the opinions they would hold as a teen will or do change. I know that happened for me. And views do change even well into adulthood. I just am not sure that a 16 year old is ready, but I have known many 16 year olds that are much more emotionally and socially mature than adults. It's a tough topic, and I'm not sure how one can determine whether someone is mentally ready to vote. So I guess 18 it is.
  3. A 90 year old with a good mind verses a 16 year old with very little life experience, probably not working much, if at all, not paying taxes, not understanding the weight of responsibility, I'll take the 90 year old. Hell, I wonder if some 18 year olds should even be able to vote. I have a 24 year old step son who's girlfriend does not work, still lives with mom and dad, yet according to FB she knows how to solve all the worlds problems and social injustices. She shares her political views very openly, but, she doesn't lift one damn finger for herself, but she gets to vote. She hates the rich and capitalism, but doesn't work and lives off mom, dad and my step son. White privilege is to blame for almost everything, but she lives in her white parent's house free of rent. But she will cast a vote this November. I understand the right to vote. But I wonder at times if we have given that right too easily to those who choose to do nothing with their lives or have very little life experience themselves.
  4. Cal, thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate the time and effort. I agree with you on some points and others, we can agree to disagree. But that's okay, that's the freedom we have in this country, I hope.... I'll focus on one part of your response for now... "I call baloney. I know it's a term, but conservatism doesn't lend itself to liberalism. It's ok for you to be that - but by omission, you leave out the part where are NOT conservative, so, I guess you are a hybrid politically. I don't see how you vote for any party, because you stand on one side of the fence and on the other side, too. Can't elect two presidents- only one. What you describe, to me, is liberal emotionalism. What about the right of born/unborn children to LIFE, LIBERTY and their PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS? Equal rights for all, yep. Leaving the born/unborn children to be murdered violates that sentiment. You seem to understand that one can be politically in the middle, but then asks how one can then vote for anyone? Isn't that exactly the problem I'm trying to relate but you call baloney? On the other side of coin, I'm sure there are those that are more socially conservative but are more fiscally and federally liberal. Perhaps I'm wrong, but your views on political parties appear to be very static, wooden, with no room for the middle ground which I allude to. You seem to come from a left = Marxism and moral depravity where Right = Christianity/Conservatism/Moral Compass. Am I wrong? Liberal emotionalism: Would you please define that for me. Until then, I can't comment on it.
  5. BrownsKidd

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    And we should stop trying to force feed the ball to OBJ. It was so very obvious that Baker was trying to stroke OBJ's ego at times. But, if you're going to force feed passes, you go to make the throws too, which, Baker didn't do a very good job of yesterday.
  6. BrownsKidd

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Terry pretty much sums it up all too well.
  7. So, what should the president have done.... still waiting. And I heard the quote last night. Based on the timing of the quote, and what we knew, I think most presidents would have done the same thing and don't act like this is something that only a GOP POTUS would have done. And not creating a public panic, is something that anyone in their right mind would have to consider. Toilet paper couldn't be found in grocery stores... If any POTUS decided to shut everything down immediately without firm facts this country would have been a shit storm. And if a shit storm ensued, think of the political and public outcry from everyone that Trump created a public panic and didn't do what he should have done. Here's an example of damed if you do damed if you don't. The federal gov't on the onset of all things Covid gave student loan relief till September, which many applauded on the left and right. A few weeks ago that was extended to 12/31. What did I see, an article that criticized Trump's decision to extend the relief. However, if he hadn't, you know he would have been criticized for not doing anything! Here's one thing I know. Four years ago people shat their pants, cried, and exclaimed their hated and reasoning to move to Canada. Now, almost 4 years later, what has so drastically changed for anyone negatively, other than the impact of Covid and BLM protests, looting and rioting which we can't logically blame on Trump? People hated Obama, he was the anti-christ. Where we at 8 years after his tenure. He didn't usher in the tribulation or destroy this country. My point. In my working years (45 now) there hasn't been anything done for me directly by any President. My job, money, home, family, etc., has all been earned by me. I've never required handouts, welfare, or needed someone to step in (and hoping I never do). But no President has ever done anything directly for me. And I would wager, that for most middle class americans, most presidents haven't done anything for you or changed this country in any way that has caused you huge success in any way. Sure, there are laws enacted, legislation created, taxes go up or down, foreign trade agreements. These do impact us all. But I'm talking about huge personal impacts on the individual. So has any president ever done something for you that has put you where you are today?
  8. And... what should Trump have done? Anyone? And what's interesting is that the articles quotes Trump as saying "It transmissible by air"... If, this was back in January, NO ONE knew the extent of the virus and how it was spread. We heard so much mis-information early on from all authorities. So if you're the president, and you hear, "It's transmissible by air" (Meaning it's an airborne contagion which COVID is technically not from my understanding), then you probably would also say the same thing as Trump. Now 9 months into this, we know a lot more. Perhaps, more information was provided to Trump about the spread which could lead to decisions. Keep in mind, shutting down a country, for something we knew very little about, has all types of ramifications. And hell, Trump could have shut everything down, and then the left would have been crying Presidential over reach. Doesn't matter who is in office right now, either side would have been reaching for any type of evidence or hearsay to bring down the current president. I'm sure this has been said... just wait, by the end of November, don't be surprised that COVID disappears.
  9. I'm not sure where to start. But what I see influences what I know. What I see is a society being split down the middle. We are forced to be either left or right. There is no middle ground. Our two political party system is wreaking havoc on our society. Want evidence... this board, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. If you believe that our country's success or demise sits at the feet of either the Democrats or the Republicans, I think you're part of the problem. The idea that you can be fiscally conservative and socially liberal is foreign, and for some even taboo. That's where I am. I want small government, fair & simplified taxes, I believe in the constitution as it was designed and written, personal freedom of choice, and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. But I also believe in individual freedoms that allows all human and civil rights to be extended to all people regardless of sex, race, orientation. If two men or women want to marry each other. Okay... who cares, let them. It doesn't hurt me in any way. I could go on and on, but I fit in the middle. Yet, we have no middle choice. I'm probably more libertarian than either the Dems or the GOP, but do we hear that voice? I would also wager that most probably sit in the middle on a lot of issues. But, 4 years later, here we are. And 4 years after this we will argue over some other bullshit. The solution is that our political party system needs overhauled. That's only gonna happen if as a people, we make it happen. Unfortunately most would rather argue over masks, BLM, and other shit that appears to only divide us even further.
  10. Didn't have to do anything on my monitor to see the guy pulled a gun and the discharge...
  11. What concerns me more when it comes to violence and backlash is what happens if the three cops on trial for Floyd's death are acquitted or found not guilty? Shit will hit the fan...
  12. If I may ask, what should any POTUS have done? I'm certainly not a fan of DT, but I see so many lay blame on DT and I have to ask, what do you think he should have done? And if you answer, think of the downstream consequences of each action that should have been taken. As you think of consequences, think of the reaction to those decision by both the left and the right, think of economic and social consequences.
  13. Open container too. Get rid of him. Not only is he a risk to the team but to the lives of the general public.
  14. BrownsKidd

    I have no problem with this teacher

    So many things wrong here. I can understand the teacher's frustration. Probably has dealt with that kids insubordination many, many times. However, I am not sure that handling the kid the way he did was appropriate. What if after shoving him by the door the kid tripped and hit his head or was hurt? The question I have is this... why does this kid feel that playing music at a disrupting volume is okay? Why is he allowed to have a cell phone out during actual class time? One then wonders what this kids home life is like? Parental involvement? Dad did say that his son was wrong but still wants to press charges. Why not sit down with the teacher and his son and possibly use some emotional intelligence to talk about the events and come to a reasonable solution. The teacher will be dismissed and will probably have a hard time finding another job teaching What type of escalation protocols does the school have for when kids are being disruptive? This is just growing problem in many school systems. Parents don't give a shit, kids don't give a shit, and teachers are growing more and more frustrated to the point that they respond like they do. And then the article reads that the teacher didn't act in accordance with their expectations. How about level setting behaviors with parents and students too.
  15. BrownsKidd

    McDaniels next coach possibly...

    I didn't get to hear that, could you elaborate more please?