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    I think Holmgren likes DA better

    Da sucks Bq sucks, its truly sad that this arguement is still going on this long. If you watched the games this year the proof was on the field. they are both terrible. and enough with these threads up on DA's jock or Bq's jock. Watch a game or 2. THEY BOTH PLAYED TERRIBLE. GET OVER IT. NO WONDER SO MANY PEOPLE LEFT THIS JOINT.
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    Anderson / Hasselbeck

    this is honestly pathetic
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    florida state

    http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/blog...rn=ncaaf,196189 After months of appeals, wrangling over public records laws and the usual backbiting between the university and the NCAA, an appellate court finally gave Florida State the go-ahead Wednesday to release a 695-page transcript of its Oct. 18, 2008 hearing before the NCAA's Committee on Infractions, testimony from which was used to smack multiple sports at FSU in March with probation, minor scholarship restrictions and -- most notably in light of Bobby Bowden's quixotic pursuit of the career wins record -- vacated wins for playing ineligible players later accused of cheating in an online course ("Musical Cultures of the World") in 2006 and 2007. The transcript didn't tell us a whole lot we didn't already know. (Although it is, like, 700 pages long, so a few people are still reading.) The news is probably more notable for public records scholars -- the NCAA infractions process is a notoriously secretive ordeal, and it fought tooth-and-nail to keep it that way -- than football fans, but the released documents did shed some light on a few specific details of the Florida State's violations, and of the school's subsequent investigation and defense, most of it painting "an unflattering portrait of Florida State’s professors and administrators," according to the New York Times. But certainly not nearly as unflattering as the portrait it painted of some of FSU's players, academically speaking, or the stops pulled out on their behalf by (to use FSU president T.K. Wetherell's term) a "rogue tutor": Brenda Monk, a learning specialist hired to work with athletes who had learning and physical disabilities, was accused of improperly helping students type, edit and write their papers. Monk, who testified that some of those athletes had a second-grade reading level, was accused of committing academic fraud. In one case, she was said to have let students use a study guide that had answers to exam questions for an online music course. Monk has left the university and filed a defamation suit against Florida State. In their defense, second-graders are very advanced these days, what with the Baby Einstein and secret genetic engineering programs Congress slipped into an appropriations bill; some of the contemporary seven-year-old's favorite television shows also captivate the Miami Hurricanes. (And vicious, highly educated commenters, please, consider how the unusually high clusters of "criminal justice" and "recreational administration" majors on your own squad might fare by the same standard before you hit that spittle-flecked 'return' key.) We can still assume that every Seminole at least knows how to count to 14, which remains the relevant number: As it stands, FSU still has to wipe 14 victories from Bowden's career total, a fate that may actually be looking more and more attractive to him -- if you remove those wins from the 2006-07 seasons, the unfolding disaster in 2009 suddenly looks like an improvement.
  4. Rivalry games stand out from the other contests on the schedule, and as such, fans remember everything about them going back years and years. So with Sunday’s contest between the Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field looming on the horizon, here are 10 memorable games, in no particular order, for Cleveland fans: First, for Browns fans: *Browns 51, Steelers 0 – Sept. 9, 1989 at Pittsburgh – The Bud Carson coaching era in Cleveland began in a big way as the former Pittsburgh defensive coordinator thrashed his old boss, Chuck Noll, and handed the Steelers their most lopsided loss in history. *Browns 27, Steelers 24 – Oct. 5, 1986 at Pittsburgh – The Browns, with the aid of Gerald “Ice Cube” McNeil’s 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown just before halftime and Clay Matthews’ strip of quarterback Mark Malone in Cleveland territory in the waning moments of the game, finally ended the 16-year Three Rivers Jinx and used it as a catalyst to finish 12-4 and eventually go to the AFC Championship Game. *Browns 28, Steelers 23 – Oct. 24, 1993 at Cleveland – Eric Metcalf returned two punts for touchdowns, including one that proved to be the game-winner, as Steelers head coach Bill Cowher, who first earned his stripes coaching special teams for the Browns, steamed on the sideline. He fired his special teams coach the next day. *Browns 26, Steelers 24 – Nov. 19, 1972 at Cleveland – Don Cockroft’s 26-yard field goal in the mud and cold in the waning seconds, after he had missed from that same spot just two minutes before, won the game and kept Cleveland on a march toward gaining the AFC’s lone wild-card playoff berth. *Browns 21, Steelers 16 – Nov. 25, 1973 at Cleveland – Greg Pruitt’s 19-yard TD run late in the game, set up by his long pass reception during which his speed and moves caused no less than seven missed tackles, proved to be the difference. *Browns 37, Steelers 31, OT – Nov. 23, 1986 at Cleveland – Bernie Kosar’s long TD pass to wide receiver Webster Slaughter down the Pittsburgh sideline, over Donnie Shell, gave the Browns their first overtime victory over the Steelers and the first season sweep of Pittsburgh since 1969. *Browns 16, Steelers 15 – Nov. 14, 1999 at Pittsburgh – Phil Dawson’s 39-yard field goal into a stiff wind as time expired – at the end of the field where a big door was “accidentally” left open, causing an even stiffer wind – allowed the Browns to get sweet revenge for a 43-0 pasting they had suffered at the hands of the Steelers at Cleveland in the opener. While the game in Cleveland ruined the Browns’ glorious return to the field after a three-year hiatus, the contest in Pittsburgh ruined the Steelers’ playoff hopes, stunning them so badly that it started them off on a six-game losing streak. *Browns 23, Steelers 20 – Sept. 17, 2000 – The expansion Browns got their second straight win over the Steelers almost a year to the day after Pittsburgh had thumped them at Cleveland Browns Stadium. *Browns 18, Steelers 16 – Oct. 10, 1976 at Cleveland – With quarterback Brian Sipe having been knocked out of the game – literally and figuratively – with a concussion, virtual unknown Dr. David Mays helped lead the Browns to a win over the two-time defending Super Bowl champions. *Browns 33, Steelers 13 – Oct. 5, 2003 at Pittsburgh -- The Browns enjoyed their most lopsided win over the Steelers in 14 years and at the same time got revenge for a playoff loss at Heinz Field nine months before to the day as Tim Couch pl The highlighted game is my favorite. "runined the steeler playoff hopes. glorious.
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    Now thats what a punter looks like.
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    Bradford was just sacked and is now out of the game. they were trying to wait until after the season for his surgury. Maybe not now. What do you guys think this does to his draft status?
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    If Clausen decides to come out this year this makes todays game against USC even more important. Im an irish fan but dont know if Im sold on the kid yet.
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    Fantasy Basketball

    Come on now stan. thats how things get started. Just kidding.
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    Notre Dame football

    USC is coming to Notre Dame on Saturday, giving Irish coach Charlie Weis another chance to score the signature victory that’s missing from his resume. Weis led Notre Dame to BCS bowls his first two seasons, but the Irish were promptly whipped by Ohio State and LSU. Now, in his fifth year under the Golden Dome, Weis still hasn’t earned a headlining victory. A win over USC would qualify as Weis’ biggest yet. This probably is Pete Carroll’s worst Trojan team since his debut season in 2001, so the time might be right for Weis to score his first win over the Trojans and Notre Dame to get its first since the 2001 season. More From Tom DienhartNews Flash: BCS expectations Oct 15, 2009 News Flash: Tommy Bowden weighs in on FSU Oct 14, 2009 “USC is one of the best teams in the country,” Weis said at a news conference this week. “They’ve beaten us seven times in a row, really, the bottom line. Some of them have been ugly. So I think winning this week would do wonders for my spirits. But it wouldn’t just be my spirits, it would be everyone affiliated with Notre Dame. So that is what we’re going to try to do.” If Notre Dame (4-1) fails to beat USC, the Irish will have no chance to score an impressive victory the rest of the season with the likes of Boston College, Washington State, Navy, Pitt, UConn and Stanford left. That raises the question: If the Irish finish 10-2, advance to a BCS bowl and get beat, will Weis have done enough to quell critics? “I think that our players believe they’re going to [beat USC],” Weis said. “I don’t know if that’s always been the case. Once again, I’m going reiterate it, they understand the talent level who they’re going against, but I’d say this is probably the first time since I’ve been here where the players really believe they’re going to win. They might be in the minority but they certainly believe that.” A victory by Notre Dame would vault quarterback Jimmy Clausen into the lead in the Heisman Trophy race. The junior is the No. 1-rated quarterback in the nation with an efficiency rating of 179.3. He has completed 100 of 148 passes for 1,544 yards with 12 touchdowns and two interceptions. Rivals asked IrishIllustrated.com to rank the five most impressive triumphs in the Weis era. Sept. 10, 2005: Notre Dame 17 @ No. 3 Michigan 10 Sept. 2, 2006: Notre Dame 14 @ Georgia Tech 10 Sept. 9, 2006: Notre Dame 41, Penn State 17 Sept. 23, 2006: Notre Dame 40 @ Michigan State 37 Dec. 24, 2008: Notre Dame 49 @ Hawaii 21 Todays game against USC is the biggest game of Weis and Clausens carreers. If ND wins Charlies around for a while. If Jimmy can lead this team down the field and make a few big plays his stock as an NFL Qb goes way up.
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    This Friday's Musings

    this is real facebook dialoge from some of my freinds. effing band wagons. i have changed the names for identity purposes. Nathan Matu And oh yeah...HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!! (boom, boom) HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!September 10 at 11:41am · Comment · Like / Unlike · View Feedback (12)Hide Feedback (12)2 people like this. William RobeNo wonder people don't like Steeler Fans!! September 10 at 1:49pmNathan Matusiak you're a real class act, Ya know it? Why all the hate Billy? What did I ever do to you? September 10 at 2:13pmWilliam Rober No hate here. September 10 at 2:27pmRyan Cunni perfect example of why i hate em! GO BROWNS!!!! September 10 at 2:48pmNathan MatuOh Ryan, Like you, that statement is too easy! September 10 at 3:23pmRyan Cunni Do you think Big Gay Ben will roll up in a molester van tonight? September 10 at 3:54pmWilliam Rober He will if you are going to be there Ryan. September 10 at 4:20pmThomas Hartl You cheared for the Bills in High School September 11 at 10:14pmNathan Matus I married into the steelers. September 11 at 10:59pmRyan Cunni u band wagon front rowing fan September 12 at 1:06pm Write a comment... Married into it. you can marry into money you can marry into the mob. AS A MAN YOU DONT CHANGE YOUR FOOTBALL TEAM WHEN YOUR 23 YEARS CAUSE THE WIFE LIKES THEM. That is obsurd. he is now queer in my book and shal be kicked in the nuts.
  11. ewa sonnet, polish singer and model. pack your bags boys lets go to poland.
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    This Friday's Musings

    Tomei is in before the devil knows your dead. its a pretty good movie and shes naked for most of it.
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    fair enough
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    A Browns fan, A bills fan and a steeler fan are all leaving a bar together on a sunday afternoon. Just as they are walking out they see a naked woman running across the road right before she gets hit by a drunk driver. as the men walk over the browns fan says we should try to cover her up. so he puts his browns hat over her right boob. the bills fan puts his hat over her left boob. the steeler fan puts his hat over her pussy. a few minutes later the ambulance shows up and the emt starts to inspect the woman. hes looking her over and lifts up the browns hat and writes in his notebook he lifts up the bills hat and writes in his notebook. he then lifts up the steeler hat. he puts it down then lifts it up agian and looks very puzzled. the browns fan asked if something was wrong. the emt tells him this is the first time ive ever looked under a steeler hat and didnt see an asshole.
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    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    Nice. Just curious I play a few in Erie. Never there tho.
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    A Great Browns Call To NFL Radio

    good football is built around the lines. on offense and deffense. you can have all the stars or playmakers you want. if you dont have a line you got jack.
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    Mangini: We're not dealing Quinn

    your right it could def. send a message. if it was a passive message it got a massive response.
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    Mangini: We're not dealing Quinn

    or maybe he just really hates the half hour commute.
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    dont ban me but anyone gets a chance check out headline news. there is a 6 year boy in a 20 ft. helium balloon flying around denver. its nuts.
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    watching it on tv. sorry no link dude
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    now they are saying he may have never been in there. i think its a joke. hes hiding and told his little brother to tell his parents he was in it.
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    he was hoping it would take him to the bunny ranch.
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    balloon landed kid not in it. they think he fell out somewhere.
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    agreed, a lot of boards have that. you should mention it to the new owners.