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  1. You forgot one - December 30 - Season ends, the search for the Cleveland Browns 20th head coach officially begins.
  2. I have never seen a better explanation of how miraculously inept the Browns are than is detailed in this short video. Please watch it. The bottomless pit of The Browns ineptitude is nothing short of supernatural.
  3. Berean

    Sashi's Real Plan (supposedly)

    There's logic. Ever hear of the Manhattan Project?
  4. Berean

    Defending The Circus

    Then what happened Z? Did ya forget? Carefully chosen stats can hide more than they reveal. Here's what happened after game 23 - The Pats went 8 - 1. Oh and 3 -0 in the payoffs and a Superbowl Championship. This aint happeneing in the Cleveland of this universe. If you think it might you should take up soccer or gymnastics for chrissakes. Farcer has not earned the privilege of leading another draft in Cleveland. Peereeud. Given that, yeah, this leadership will probably be given another year. They can't possibly muck up again. Right?
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    And free season tickets for all of us...don't forget the free season tickets.
  6. Totally agree. Who doesn't want to see their 1st round QB play a game? Good or bad, I'd like to see it.
  7. Just when I cleaned all the poop out of my pants, "Adrian Peterson won't play this week after he was indicted on child abuse charges Friday." edit: I just saw pictures of what AP allegedly did to this 4yr old little boy and I'm sick to my stomach. If any of you guys want to pick up this piece of shit have at it....I just dropped his scumbag ass.
  8. I got in. Got Manziel in the 3rd round (steal of the draft by far I say) and the Browns D. The rest of my team sucks. lol
  9. Any openings? edit: I'm in 2 but we have an odd number now. I can drop if needed.
  10. Berean

    bench Bess for LIFE!

  11. Berean

    How the Browns Should get a QB

    3 things we should do to get a QB: 1 - Write this season off . It ended when the only QB we've had in years that could run an NFL offense, couldn't figure out how to slide. 2 - Do whatever it takes to convince Marcus Mariota to come out. 3 - Do whatever it takes to draft Marcus Mariota.
  12. Berean

    Browns Board Survival!

    I'm saving the Browns for Pittsburg
  13. Berean

    What the Fukc was Benjamin doing today?

    With Benjamin the jury aint all that's out.