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  1. bjh2130

    Quarterback Carousel

    Sorry I was at work on my last break. Another reason players don't like to be franchised is while they are paid well it may keep them from getting as lucrative as a second or third contract. Just like a rookie wants to get to their second contract because that's where the big bucks comes in, all players want to get to their next contract as soon as possible while playing as well as possible. Franchise tagging delays that player from their 2nd or 3rd or extreme cases 4th contract. For example let's say the browns tag baker in his 6th year after his rookie deal expires. He's tagged for one year (if not two) then signs a 5 year deal. Hopefully for us browns fans he is still doing well but that puts him going into his 11th or 12th year. He's not likely to get a great deal at that point in his career unless he is playing phenomenally. If he's in his 10th year (no tagging) he's way more likely to earn a pretty decent third contract. Let's say in both situations in his 9th year he is a top 10 qb. In situation where he hasn't been tagged he's going to get another 4 to 5 year deal that pays him well. In the situation where he has been tagged for 2 years he still has to maintain that level for 2 more years to get the same deal. Typically skills go down as you get older so it's normally harder to play at that level in years 11 and 12. Also a 4th contract is more likely at year 14 than year 16. That being said being tagged for two years worked out wonderfully for Kirk cousins.
  2. bjh2130

    Quarterback Carousel

    It's better to pay him as a top 2.5 qb for one year to make sure what you have in him than to pay him 15-20 mil a year for 5 years and find out this year was a fluke or flash in the pan season. As someone else said players want stability of a longer term deal without worrying about getting injured during a year where you are tagged and your value dropping significantly. There are other reasons why most don't like being tagged that I'll dive into later if you're really interested.
  3. bjh2130

    OBJ underwent surgery on core.

    So in your first statement you make it sound like there's no way hes going for surgery if it's a soft tissue injury essentially degrading a soft tissue injury. Then follow it up with saying how they hurt more than bone injuries and a statement about "soft tissue" injuries are not minor. Where exactly did dbone say a soft tissue injury is a minor injury? The only person that appears to even hint at soft tissue injuries being minor is yourself with the if you have surgery it's not soft tissue injury remark. Also tearing a muscle would be considered a soft tissue injury as muscles tendons and ligaments are soft tissues. Whether you chip, fracture, break, or shatter a bone it's a skeletal injury. Just have whether to sprain, strain, tear, or shred a muscle it is still an injury to a soft tissue (therefore a soft tissue injury?)
  4. bjh2130

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    And Carson palmer had his best season as a qb when Freddie was qb coach. Then when he was "demoted" from qb to rb coach (they're all position coaches whether its db lbs dl wr te ol rb or qb coach I don't really see one as a significant step up over the other) a guy named David Johnson burst on the scene.
  5. bjh2130

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    I wouldn't call what Myles Garrett did a distraction. It was a bonehead dumbass decision on the field during the game. To me distractions happen off the playing field whether it be on the sidelines proposing to field goal nets or things like this (just using OBJ for continuity sake figure if I do it enough maybe the browns will give a coach and GM a chance for once). For the record I have no issue with what OBJ did last night being it was fake money. Hell if he gave real money to joe burrow I wouldn't even be mad as he is draft eligible. I do agree though that Myles Garrett incident deflated the season but I just don't classify it as a distraction. An injury could derail a season just the same as a suspension with a player fighting for extra yards late in an already decided game or even going at 60% in said game but that doesn't make it a distraction. Distractions don't usually derail seasons. They are minor incidences.
  6. bjh2130

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    Freddie did say before the season and week after week during the season about using playmakers more getting them involved more. Its very common that a coach says he's going to get the ball into his playmakers hands. Every coach will say it not every coach succeeds at it. I don't put a ton of stock in what these guys say in press conferences. They are coached up on what to expect and say. Outside of troll questions from grossi and mkc they get tossed meatballs. Also Freddie hung on at one organization (cardinals) for 12 years under multiple regimes. So Freddie in turn left a good enough impression to be a holdover.
  7. bjh2130

    Soldiering On. GM/OC/DC choices

    If your two pass rushing ends aren't on the field wouldn't you scheme to blitz more to get pressure on the qb? Or maybe put 3 linebackers on the field since your run d also took a big hit without those two? What defensive end did our gm trade away for a worthless safety and 4th round pick? Im assuming the 4th round pick you're referring to is avery trade. If so, he is linebacker depth not defense end depth. The other I'm assuming is the trade for Eric Murray. Yes ogbah would have provided depth (especially knowing vernon has been often injured the last couple years) but murray is far from a worthless safety. He provided both nickel and safety depth and everyone knows wilkes loves his db's (see refusal to put more than 2 linebackers on the field). Murray got hurt which is a knock on him this year, but wasn't recurring theme prior to this year. Sometimes injuries just happen and are part of the game. For example Emanuel ogbah got injured week 10 this year and missed the rest of the season (so I don't know how much he would have helped depth this year). The reason that guy (redwine) that looked lost out there was even on the field was because he was drafted to be a special teamer early in his career while he learned but was forced into action due to injury to Murray. If that "worthless safety" wasn't on the team redwine would have been forced into action by like week 5. Ward definitely has ouchie concerns and regressed this year, but don't know if it was as bad as you say. Though I admit he did regress, but isn't that on the DC? He was not scheming to fit his two press man corners. He was trying to fit two press man corners into his mostly zone coverage scheme and when they did play man they bailed off the line 70% of the time and let receivers get free releases. As far as taking wilks over horton hears a who or O'Neil. That's not saying much. It's like saying I would take the (insert NFL team) qbs the past 10 years over the browns qbs the past 10 years.
  8. bjh2130

    Stefanski Introductory Press Conference

    I don't know if I believe they were bs. Schefter said he was told by more than one coach who interviewed about the stipulations and doerschuck is pretty tight with mcdaniels and seems to be his go to reporter. So either those coaches/reporters were lying, or stefanski (who has been analytics pick two years running) wasn't given the same stipulation as other coaches. A final and the most likely option in my mind knowing how poorly Jimmy deals with criticism is that he saw the backlash and either backed off his requirements or just told his new coach to deny. I mean if he did agree to those terms (and come off as a yes man) is he going to disobey the very first order he gets from Haslam. They did go from one of their main goals being to hire a guy with head coaching experience to having their two finalist (according to schefter only two guys who agreed to meetings etc) be Saleh and Stefanski, neither of whom have head coaching experience. So is schefter misinformed and those two guys just blew everyone out of the water, making browns pass on one of their main goals. Or were the browns forced to pass on one of their main goals because no experienced head coach would agree to the requirements the browns placed on them.
  9. bjh2130

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    That's right. I forgot that all "assistant" coach positions, whether its qb coach te coach quality assurance coach or offensive coordinator, are seen as lateral moves. Thanks for reminder.
  10. bjh2130

    Done deal.. Berry& Phillips coming to CLE!

    Yeah dawgsbynature jumped the gun here. Dustin fox tweeted that berry and phillips will be in Cleveland meaning they will be coming in for interviews and DBN took it as him saying they will be in Cleveland next year. I feel like that last line was added in after they realized it. Since the very first line is "The Cleveland Browns have reportedly ended their search for a general manager and defensive coordinator, as Andrew Berry and Wade Phillips will be on staff."
  11. bjh2130

    Done deal.. Berry& Phillips coming to CLE!

    This alleviates some of my concerns. Wade has head coaching experience so stefanski can lean on him some and one of my biggest concerns was how close stefanski and wilkes are thinking the biggest issue of our coaching staff from last year was going to retain his job had me quite anxious. Berry still has me anxious.
  12. bjh2130

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    Ok well stefanski wouldn't make it through 2 losing seasons with Jimmy at the helm let alone 3
  13. bjh2130

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    I just found it interesting that Kubiak said he has a brilliant coaching future but expanded on the comment by saying the keys to getting into position (head coach) are to do the types of things like calling games (playcall), calling offenses (playcall/gameplan maybe), calling defenses (wouldn't expect him to have experience in this as he is offensive guy), making decisions, running large meetings. So im just wondering if has of November 2019 had stefanski not done things a normal offensive coordinator would do i.e. run the offensive meetings (especially with defensive head coach), call plays, develop gameplans. I guess I just wouldn't have used that quote in the article because it can be taken that Kubiak doesn't believe he is experienced enough in those things. If this is in reference to my comp of Freddie and stefanski the 12 years (which I corrected in original post Freddie actually had 13 years exp. before being named head coach) is just one of the many similarities. They were same position coaches along the way, assistant to head coach and associate head coach, both very limited coordinator experience, and both were rumored to be helped out quite a bit behind the scenes by more experienced coaches when they were coordinators. Bill had 5 years of being a coordinator before before getting his gig which is a big difference. Also if stefanski starts out with two losing seasons like bill did I guarantee he doesn't get a 3rd from jimmy.
  14. bjh2130

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    Interesting article and maybe im being pessimistic (well I am a browns fan) but this quote from Kubiak isn't a good thing. “The key to getting in position to do those type of things is calling games, calling defenses, calling offenses, making decisions, handling a meeting room of a bunch of players, being able to get the most out of not only players but coaches as well." He did say he thinks he is brilliant right before this quote but does this mean that stefanski wasn't calling plays on gameday, designing offensive gameplans, or running the offensive meetings? That in order for him to get in a position to be a head coach he has to start doing these things. Lends credence to the fact offense got much better once Kubiak was brought in to babysit stefanski. I just see a ton of similarities between stefanski and Freddie's paths. Freddie te coach, qb coach, rb coach, associate head coach, 1/2 season of coordinator (that people credit to qb coach) 13 years experience. Stefanski assistant to head coach te coach rb coach 1 season coordinator (people credit a lot of success to Kubiak) 12 years experience.
  15. bjh2130

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    There was tons of speculation that our qb coach was the brains of the operation in 7-8-1 season. That may have been true. I definitely think he helped Baker a ton. One thing is definite though Kubiak was brought into Minnesota to help stefanski because offense wasn't performing great and once Kubiak came in the offense performed much better. So is Kubiak coming to Cleveland also?