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  1. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Where did you hear this stat. I am completely against drafting Barkley so i really want to find out the source of this so I can tell my buddies.
  2. Browns sign drew stanton

    I don't follow. I think with this signing it is pretty clear they don't want the rookie thrust into action this year due to an injury to Taylor. So they get a journeyman to help teach the young guy and also take any emergency snaps while he learns.
  3. Browns sign drew stanton

    Is this a goodbye to another one of po's lovers (Hogan)? Also making sure that whoever we draft (looking like darnold) does not play one snap this year.
  4. All Saquon, all the Time...

    That's my choice also. I'm on record saying there will be at least one running back in this draft picked in round 2 or later who has a better year/career than barkley. Which none of my friends will take (even though they say they will be livid if we pass on him) since they know it to be true so I called my shot and Sony it is. He's got video game type moves he has to being named after PlayStation.
  5. All Saquon, all the Time...

    what is this are you starting to see the light that we are not taking barkley?
  6. All Saquon, all the Time...

    So are you now making excuses after people have pointed out the flaws in sasa's game? Like this take for example "Here's 5 reasons not to draft Saquon Barkley. He averaged under three yards per game in three games. Two of them against Indiana and Rutgers. Under three yards a carry. He only had five games over 100 yards. He had the most yards lost by a running back last year in college football. Even with him, and a good quarterback, and a really great play caller, they were 58th in the country in rushing, and six in the Big 10. And here's an interesting one, if you examine say Saquon Barkley. His best three games, oh the opener rested. Bowl game rested. Cupcake, Georgia State before a big game. This is not a guy capable of 26 carries one week in the NFL, 29 the next. Picking up blitzes. Seven catches one week, four the next. He is not a bulldozer. We have so nit picked the quarterbacks, and Sam Darnold works out today. We have elevated other players who have just as many holes. Saquon Barkley is much more Reggie Bush than he is Ezekiel Elliott" -Cowherd
  7. All Saquon, all the Time...

    How? you weren't right on Hogan. As I stated before the only reason he is on the team is because kizer actually has talent and other teams saw it and were willing to trade for him while the Browns/Dorsey wants his own rookie this year. You can bet your azz that if even one team offered up a 7th rounder (let alone a guy who will be starting for our defense this year) for Hogan he would be out the fukcing door. Alas he is no more than an arm in practice and every team in the league knows it so no offers came in for him.
  8. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Po when we don't draft him number 1 will you please go become a fan of whomever does draft him. I'm so sick of you being on your knees for this guy. It's absolutely ridiculous and bordering on obsession. Actually it is well past obsession at this point.
  9. That stuff is important but technique and hand placement things like that are very similar between the two, and that's what made bosa so good. You may not have seen it coming but watching his hand fighting his inside move his technique is what made me sure he was going to be a great a de and I see the same thing with chubb. Not the most athletic like bosa isn't but both better than average and they more than make up for the gap with technique.
  10. I'll have to look at his tape. Like I said I'd love chubb one and Fitzpatrick at 4 but I wouldn't mind trading out of 4 to the bills who will pay a premium to get one of the qbs. Take chubb at one then trade 4 for 12 22 and the highest other pick they'd give us and take derwin James at 12 guice at 22 Orlando brown at 33 mike white at 35 Anthony miller at 64. Get those two elite defenders them build the rest of your offense. But I will definitely take a look at Reid. When he is projected to go.
  11. I agree if only get one I want the edge rusher but I'm greedy. I want both elite edge rusher and safety. With picks 1 and 4
  12. Best Prospects

    I know you don't think a lot of chubb but you don't think minkah is the best db prospect. Look I love the buckeyes and love denzel ward but I see a lot of Eli apple in him. He got away with a lot of grabbing and pulling like Eli did. I think Jackson is the safer pick of those two but I think minkah is the absolute real deal at free safety. You can line him up as a nickel corner edge corner or leave him out in center field. He's like hooker last year but a better tackler and better in man coverage.
  13. I have been on it from the start. Wanted two defensive players from the get go. Chubb and Fitzpatrick to be honest. Defense is so close (couple pieces) going from average/good to great/elite.
  14. Jets trade up

    Po you are so damn dumb. They don't trade up a month before the draft targeting one specific player to number 3. Either of the two picks ahead could take that player then you're left holding your winky ave giving away a ton of draft capital to do so. You have to move all the way to target 1 specific player moron. They are targeting a position group and that's qb. No matter what the first two teams do they are still getting a qb.
  15. Barkley at #1?

    Also would I take td with the number 1 pick tomorrow knowing what I know about his career. Yes more than likely but I would also take ed reed tom Brady and others knowing what I know about their careers. Would I take td coming out of college with the number one not knowing what his NFL career would be. No I wouldn't. I would much rather take td in the 6th round where he was selected because good running backs are littered throughout draft classes. That just proves my point.