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  1. bjh2130

    **** Official Browns at Jaguars Gameday Thread

    You can't hit them in the knee either. The hit zone on a qb is literally like strike zone tip of knee cap to the nipples
  2. bjh2130

    The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

    Tour i disagreed in the tavern with you at the time and thought we were playing a cover 3 on the rogers td catch but I rewatched it and you were correct (of course you were), it was man. I only saw Mitchell's drop (which looked like zone but was just sonewhat poor coverage) and the other two linebackers dropped into zones so I thought it was zone. However upon rewatching Sendejo was definitely manned up on the other eligible receiver in the slot on other side. Redwine was playing a single high cover 1 and taki dropped into a zone because his man (the rb) stayed in to block. Long story short here i apologize for doubting you lol. The second one Wilson did pretty much everything right but mistime his jump which is odd simply because the ball skills he exhibited in the preseason of his rookie year would have lead me to believe he had really good ball skills. However that whole preseason now appears to be fools gold regarding Wilson.
  3. bjh2130

    The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

    First I wouldn't technically call it a crap play call because we picked up the first with it. Secondly and more importantly I was talking with tour in the tavern about this play and it didn't appear it was supposed to be a baker bootleg. It looked as if it was a busted play and hunt ran the wrong way. Baker quickly realized it and just got as many yards as possible.
  4. bjh2130

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    I understand people being wary of the injuries when talking about ward but its blown a little out of proportion in my opinion. He's has played and started in 35 out of a possible 42 games. Myles Garrett missed 6 in his first year and then a 6 game suspension on top of that his 3rd year means even if ward doesn't play a game the rest of the year he will have the same amount of games played through his first 3 years than Garrett did. No you didn't bring up vernon I did. As in the salary cap is only going to go up and if we can afford to pay olivier vernon 15 mil a year over the past two years id certainly hope we could and would pay an elite corner around the same amount. Also that is coming off the books as he is a free agent. I'm not saying this simply because he had a good game yesterday. He is an elite cornerback and those don't just grow on trees. He was pro bowl level his rookie year, allowed the lowest completion percentage when thrown at last year and is playing just as well this year. He's also extremely smart as well. Everyone knows on the Taki Taki pick 6 Ward got the pressure on Wentz that forced a bad throw but what most don't know is that was not a designed corner blitz called by woods. Ward noticed the man he was assigned to cover had blocked down. That meant he was not going out for a pass. “So I added on and blitzed,” said Ward. “Sione made a great play.” He recognized it instantly and made a decision that greatly benefited us. In another game earlier this season where his man also blocked down Ward stayed 3 yards off the line, timed a pass perfectly, jumped and deflected it so another browns player could intercept it in the endzone. Two very similar scenarios and Ward made a great decision in both to play a huge part in causing a turnover.
  5. bjh2130

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    I agree and if he's getting the type of payday then he is playing extremely well. So are you saying that's too expensive for him? Keeping in mind we're paying Vernon 15 million a year right now
  6. bjh2130

    The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

    When did he almost fumble? How do you tell if someone almost fumbles other than the obvious thing of it coming loose but regaining control before it hits the ground.
  7. bjh2130

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    So are you assuming he's going to command to much money?
  8. bjh2130

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    This is the post I was thinking of in the tavern today. Why are you not giving ward a 2nd contract? If he gets injured a few more times than I can see it but the way he is playing how can you say now you don't want to give him a second contract if he stays healthy. He has played at an all pro level his whole career. Only issue has been injuries. Only thing I can think of is you think he will require too much money but you never know. I think he's worth whatever the going rate is for top 10 corner. Plus he's an Akron kid he may give a hometown discount like hunt has.
  9. Takk is an end though
  10. bjh2130

    Ok new free game

  11. An unnamed player has tested positive and they have closed the facility. They're having all meetings remotely. It's not expected to affect the game Sunday vs the Texans but after contact tracing who knows what will happen. The nfl needs to add an 18th week at a minimum.
  12. bjh2130

    Browns make no moves before trade deadline

    Yeah ogbah would be nice on our team right now but honestly a bigger need for the team right now is the guy we traded for but didn't resign. I would much rather have Eric Murray at free safety right now than still have ogbah and Andrew Sendejo at free safety
  13. bjh2130

    Browns Defense

    Unsympathetic explained it pretty well. That 38 million in cap is rollover cap space and is typically saved to resign the good young players you have on your team. Do some research on "rollover cap" in the nfl. It may help you to better understand.
  14. bjh2130

    Let's Go Fire-Sale and PS Shopping...

    I would really like Grady Jarrett and I know these 3 guys don't fit your over 30 but maybe contract wise they would want to get rid of deion Jones or Dante fowler Jr. My ideal pickup from this roster though if he were available would be the safety Keanu Neal. He is on last year of his deal and maybe they don't know if they can resign him so would trade him for a decent price. One can dream. Again I know those 3 don't typically fit fire sale players but it sure would be nice lol.
  15. bjh2130

    OBJ has torn ACL

    I speculated yesterday in the tavern after seeing the reverse angle that OBJ tore the ACL in his left knee as it appeared to "pop". It has come out today that he is out for the season and tore his ACL. Hoping for a full speedy recovery for OBJ