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  1. bjh2130

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    Actually a 6th in 2020. The value drops by one round per year. If it were a 5th in 2022 it would be like a 7th this year.
  2. bjh2130

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    Unless the skins are paying the rest of his salary this year (highly unlikely) or vernon or some other high priced player is included in the trade the browns are shortening their window to win to 2-3 years. They would only have 20 million in leftover cap. After expiring contracts in the offseason we will only be under the cap by 10 million. Meaning we only have 10 million dollars to spend in free agency/resigning players unless we dip into the left over cap again which would already be low at 20 million. Unless Vernon or kirksey (not sure if you can trade players on ir) are included to offset William's salary this year i I just can't see the benefit of this trade long term. It puts us behind the right ball long term. Not to mention the o line didn't let Baker get touched last game and allowed chubb to run for 110+ against the league's 3rd best rush defense.
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    It's not the "aggressive" decision. It's the mistake of the decision and not owning it that is very hue like.
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    I legitimately couldn't believe it when I heard it. I was looking for an article to make sure I could actually get the quote right and heard it right I was so taken back by it.
  5. bjh2130


    This quote on why he was running hurry up and throwing (led to int and seahawks scoring) with less than 2 minutes to go in the half reminds me a lot of hue. Very defensive and can't believe anyone would question him. Just admit a mistake dude. Denying it like this makes it look like you won't learn from mistakes. “I would not admit that (I mismanaged the clock),’ he said. “I would admit that we need to make a better play call, make a better throw, run a better route. I would admit all of that, but that is all. Every situation is different.” He said he was trying to score, stop the Seahawks and scored again, otherwise, “Why am I saving the timeouts? I could burn them like a bunch of people do. Why am I saving the timeouts?”
  6. bjh2130


    I agree the players are lacking confidence. They're so young dumb and full of cum though that if they win a couple in a row look out. That confidence will be skyrocketing and they'll be a dangerous team. I just hope those 2 in a row come within the next four weeks because after the patriots an 8-1 6-2 finish is completely possible if playing to our potential.
  7. bjh2130


    Not those exact words which is why I didn't say you said the exact same thing. After saying "Full disclosure I'm not even watching this game. I gave the browns about a 15% chance of winning so I'm not mad" You went on to incessantly rip on the browns after every bad play which is fine you're passionate whatever but why even lie about not watching the game. Just a couple "They're already dead to me. Have to be so I don't get too upset on Sundays" "Classic Browns" quickly followed by "Fucking bumbling Retards" Mainly the last one is not much different than what raven troll said the sentiment behind the troll is the browns suck and have a shitty franchise is what it seems like you are saying with the they're dead to me comment. Im not saying you aren't a fan because clearly you are and a passionate one.
  8. bjh2130


    He's not saying much different than you were in the tavern. We both know after they get their ass beat he won't be back on here.
  9. What pass did Landry drop? I think people are already having an apologist revisionist history (for baker). His int in the endzone under 2 minutes was no where near Landrys fault. It was very high and very behind him. Landry did all he could just to get one hand on it to keep Griffin from picking it off unfortunately another player was there to catch the deflection. As bad as the decision to even throw to him (even if placed properly it has do chance of being complete) my big concern is why is Baker snapping that ball with 25 seconds on the playclock during a running clock?
  10. Except that whole 1st and 2nd year QBs are 0-19 vs patriots under bellicheck
  11. bjh2130


    Ok neither hue Jackson nor his relationships had anything to do with this story being published. All you have to do is look around all news stories not just sports. It's all about getting the story out as quickly as possible. You get a quote that going to get eyeballs you run the story before anyone else breaks it. Not saying its right but its common practice in the media right now with a majority of journalists. So mike Silver's relationship (if he has one I'll just take your word for it) with hue Jackson had nothing to do with him publishing a story. Baker moves the needle. Look at colin cowherd or rex Ryan. These guys aren't criticizing Baker because they're close to hue. They do it because Baker is a polarizing figure and if they offer a take its going to get eyeballs.
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  13. bjh2130


    Hue Jackson had absolutely NOTHING to do with it.
  14. bjh2130


    I literally gave you screenshots of what he posted on Twitter and a link to a video (note you don't need twitter to view video).
  15. bjh2130


    So a reporter used a quote an athlete gave him and posted a story. That is pretty much how every sports story is written? If he said hey sherm it looked like you and Baker didnt shake hands pre game what was that about then I would agree with you. That's not the case in the slightest the quote i provided was an answer to a question about nick bosa being fired up to play him and if the rest of the team was as well. Sherman provided that false reason as to why he was extra fired up.