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  1. bjh2130

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    Can this clown get the baking up turnovers treatment yet?
  2. bjh2130

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    Larry it's not even worth talking to that idiot. 1 Post he listed all the teams better than the browns in his mind and several that are as good. And only team in the afc north listed is the stoolers in the as good category but somehow still projects to a 4-12 record.
  3. bjh2130

    It's true, Cowherd hates the Browns...

    As others have stated in here Cowherd only says things for shock value. For others hoping that he has to eat crow when he is wrong he won't do that. For the first three quarters of the season this year in the NBA he's been talking about how great LeBron is and how the Lakers are going to be the 3 seed in the West win 50 games he'll be the MVP excetera. It wasn't until two weeks ago he didn't come out and say you was wrong about Lebron in the Lakers he just started trashing on LeBron like he had been skeptical all along. Even saying I told everyone at the beginning of the season that they were going to struggle to make the playoffs when he certainly did not. I'm not griping about him trashing LeBron because I've never been a LeBron fan. I was just showing how he is never wrong and says stuff for shock value. Much like when he jumped off the Rams bandwagon when they went in there little skid during the NFL season but once it was the week of the Super Bowl he was talking about how he told everyone that the Rams were going to go to the Super Bowl. Hopefully he'll be telling everyone how he was so right about the Browns and how they're going to the Superbowl and he called it but he won't ever man up and admit he's wrong.
  4. bjh2130

    Bell to jet’s

    Sorry poor choice of wording. Yes reason to get upset that refs suck but no reason to bitch and claim a team would have been in playoffs if not for game changing calls.
  5. bjh2130

    Bell to jet’s

    And the browns were on the wrong end of at least 3 flat out game changing calls. So still no reason to get upset.
  6. bjh2130

    Browns are America's Team

    Do you think the whole new world video is actually Odell and Baker? If not I'm sorry. I am taking your comment as I would have thought Odell was such a dork in reference to that video, meaning that you thought it was actually them in the video. I just wanted to let you know it's not if you thought so.
  7. bjh2130

    The Browns have the highest active cap spend in the NFL?

    I was just talking to my buddy at work about the aspect of Baker taking less. I think on his first contract he won't be as willing but it wouldn't surprise me if he you did. he is the type of guy that is so competitive he wants to win so he may take less to make the team around him better
  8. bjh2130

    Gettleman Speaks RE OBJ Trade

    I think we won overall but both teams won. Also while including Zeitler in the trade don't forget they lost the pass rush of Vernon also not just obj.
  9. bjh2130

    Browns are America's Team

    No offense but fuck jim rome. He wants to say he started the bandwagon. Who the fuck is he. So all of us who have been fans our whole lives are jumping on jim Rome's bandwagon he started in October. Damn he is full of himself.
  10. bjh2130

    Bell to jet’s

    The Ravens/Browns game the Oakland/Browns game the Tampa Bay/Browns game the Chargers/Browns game the Steelers/Browns game. Do not complain about bad calls, every team gets them. Just the Oakland game and the Tampa game, which those calls were on what would have been the last drive of the game if our field goal kicker hits a chip shot against Tampa Bay, would have had the Browns with the best record in the AFC North. However had the Browns won the Oakland game maybe Hue Jackson doesn't get fired when he does so maybe the season doesn't play out the same way. My point isn't to gripe and say Browns would have been in the playoffs if not for bad calls. My point is there bad calls all throughout the NFL so you shouldn't bitch.
  11. bjh2130

    The Browns have the highest active cap spend in the NFL?

    To be fair I didn't realize that carry over cap was listed in your total cap space or exactly how it worked until this offseason. So it is likely he didn't either but after it was explained to him he still couldn't grasp it. The fact that even though we have the highest active cap and are actually over the salary cap this year yet still have the fifth most available to spend, which we should not spend much more of, just shows the kind of position that the previous regime put us in with their 4 year rebuild plan and complete tear down to bare bones. I know sashi doesn't get a lot of credit on here because he couldn't hit on the players like Dorsey does but he left us in a great spot cap room and draft pick wise. I I do believe there is a spot for him somewhere in a front office doing that type of stuff but not a all out GM.
  12. bjh2130

    Baker Mayfield bats left handed

    Baker does a lot of things "left handed". I think he only throws football and baseball right as well as write. But bats left shoots basketball left does his kicking with his left. I saw this in an interview somewhere during the season.
  13. bjh2130

    Game on Cleveland

    Yep tyreek in trouble
  14. bjh2130

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Lol where did i say i don't like him being on the team. I expressed i was very happy giving up what we gave to get a top 5 wide receiver. Cautious because of his propensity to call out teammates and potentially cause division but optimistic none the less. I merely pointed out the other instances where he has acted like a primadonna because i thought maybe you had forgotten or were unaware, since you stated he had not done one single thing to merit being called a diva and just attributed it all to hating shurmur offense.
  15. bjh2130

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    His off the field mouth questioning other players' hearts and criticism of them is what leads to locker room division or cancer if you will