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  1. Buck The Frowns

    Proposal: two playoff teams to be added this year

    I’d hate to see football playoffs become like hockey. But two more playoff spots and a longer schedule are likely to happen, if not now then eventually, as they both mean more money.
  2. Buck The Frowns

    Antonio Brown..off the rails..

    From now on, I will refer to him as ABSC.
  3. Buck The Frowns

    Antonio Brown..off the rails..

    How true. He left a lot more money on the table than the rest of us will ever see. I have the feeling I’ve seen this movie before, except that the main character seems to have been stopped before he did serious harm, and Ford stopped making the Bronco so they couldn’t do that part of it.
  4. Buck The Frowns

    Antonio Brown..off the rails..

    Oh boy! My new Antonio Brown jersey came today!
  5. Buck The Frowns

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

  6. Buck The Frowns

    OK, which one of you did this?

    I didn’t do it but I would have if I’d thought of it. A few years back i DID try to sign up for that contest CBS Sports had, to have Coach Cowher come coach your team. It would not let me enter “Cleveland Browns” as the team. They must have got wise.....
  7. Buck The Frowns

    Freddie fired

    A coordinator job is the traditional path to a head coaching position in the NFL. Unless we’re talking the Browns, in which case the head coaching job is a stepping stone to a coordinator position elsewhere.
  8. Buck The Frowns

    Freddie fired

    I think Lou Saban would be a good fit. He coached everywhere, average gig about 2 years. That is a bit longer than the average Browns head coaching tenure but close enough. He also was a player under Paul Brown, which is always a plus. Lou ruined the deal by dying about ten years ago, though.
  9. Buck The Frowns

    Final playoff scenario

    Seems impossible at this point that Pgh could have even a theoretical chance at the playoffs, but there you go. Their offense is so bad right now I don’t see them beating even Baltimore’s JV squad.
  10. Buck The Frowns

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    D’Andre Swift has a name that begins with “De” (phonetically anyway) and has an unnecessary apostrophe. I say take him if you can. He is going to be good.
  11. Buck The Frowns

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    Gip I think his name was Butler By’note’. Unfortunately he was just a journeyman d back, and By’note’ became a mere fo’otnote’. If he had but one more unnecessary apostrophe he might have become a star. Guys with an Islamic sounding first name and the last name from one of the early Presidents are also potentially good draft picks. Mohammed Jackson, Khalid Van Buren, Jamal Jefferson.
  12. Buck The Frowns

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    Pick a player whose first name begins with De or La, or has unnecessary apostrophes in their name. They seem to work out. Also an Anglo Saxonish last name. The more apostrophes the better. Like DeForest Kelley or something.
  13. Buck The Frowns

    Browns Road to the Playoffs

    This is a fun online toy that can be used to calculate any team’s chance of making the playoffs. It does not look good for the Browns. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/upshot/cleveland-browns-nfl-playoff-picture.html#ari-cle-15=loss&pit-buf-15=win&cle-bal-16=win&nyj-pit-16=loss&bal-pit-17=win&cin-cle-17=loss
  14. Buck The Frowns

    Browns Road to the Playoffs

    There is only a few percent chance that the Browns get a wild card. Accept this season for what it is, the best one in some time, and a foundation for 2020. The Browns will hopefully fill in some more holes, the QB play should be one year better, and Garrett will not be stupid and take the bait like he did this year, which caused him to be lost to his team for no one knows how long. Go to the health food store and get this stuff called St. John’s Wort. It’s supposed to help with depression.
  15. Buck The Frowns

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    This game was dreadful. Third string undrafted QB for Steelers, no Ben no Smith - Schitstorm, no Pouncey, people playing who I never heard of. We knew the Steelers defense was good but their offense seemed to get into a rhythm as the game went on. If you can’t take the Steelers now, then when?