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  1. Buck The Frowns

    Unreasonably tough schedule?

    Yep. Comparing schedules, Pgh has the close to the same schedule except they get the Cheatriots and Jags while Cle gets the Jets and Texans. And of course Cle gets Pgh twice, while Pgh plays Cle twice. The Browns have to improve on a one win season, it’s damn near impossible to suck that bad two years in a row, with all those draft picks.....
  2. Buck The Frowns

    Ryan Shazier

    I did not understand that pick, and had to look up who Edmunds was. It’s not like he would not have been there later for them. When the good ILBs were all off the board I actually expected Pgh to trade out of the 1st.round. I think in later rounds they have an extra year of control or something. Pgh not good at evaluating and drafting DBs. Can’t say they have come up with an outstanding one in years.
  3. Buck The Frowns

    All bullsht aside now, does football belong in clev?

    So now it’s Hilary’s fault that the Browns stink? I thought the Deep State was busy confiscating pickup trucks and cutting off the painkiller supply to Columbus!
  4. Buck The Frowns

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Who TF is this Ridley? Signed when Connor went down? Looks like OJ vs Browns defense.
  5. Buck The Frowns

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Did not realize that Droppius Wayward-Boy was still even playing.
  6. Anyone notice that no matter what the subject, any thread on this site degenerates into this in a few posts? People will end up at each other’s throats over a discussion about cleats or something. Is it because the suckitude has gone on so long that it’s less painful to attack each other than to talk about football?
  7. Buck The Frowns

    Steelers playing backups this weekend....

    Usually a coordinator job is a step to a HC job elsewhere. Unfortunately the Browns HC job is a step to a coordinator job elsewhere.
  8. Buck The Frowns

    Steelers playing backups this weekend....

    Connor out for a year with torn up knee. They signed some RB off the street. Backups still favored by 4. NE/NYJ game is at the same time. Bet if somehow the Jets are winning and Browns make it competitive, you will see starters put back in. Ugh, humiliating to see this treated like a preseason game, but it is what is is......
  9. Buck The Frowns

    Josh Rosen?

    Hi Andrew
  10. Buck The Frowns

    Harrison released by steelers.

    Steelers are already thin at lb, but released him to make roster room for an o lineman. They see him every day in practice, so they are the ones best in position to know what he has left, and they let him go-what does that say? If they have another roster spot open, I bet they resign him later as insurance, but as far as starting, he is done. Father Time is undefeated. Browns actually have a decent defense, esp against the run, so signing Harrison makes about as much sense as inviting Manziel to training camp. It would be interesting that if he were signed by the Browns, he would have spent at least some time on the roster of every team in the division. BTW, he never failed a drug test, that I know of.
  11. Buck The Frowns

    Josh Rosen?

    This whisper campaign against Rosen seems right out of the alt-right playbook. I’ll leave it to you as to why.
  12. Buck The Frowns

    Josh Rosen?

    Nothing is wrong with Rosen. He looks to be the one closest to being an NFL quarterback right out of the box, though others may have a higher ultimate upside. The points about the huge shoe deal that UCLA signed were well thought out and well stated, especially for a 21 year old. He seems pretty smart. I hear vague rumors that people don’t like him but that’s all. No arrests, no bad tweets, no failed drug tests, no domestic violence, no date rape incidents. Wore a rude headband critical of Trump, which will probably piss off some owners. Could be a ploy to drop far enough that a decent team takes him. Maybe there is a little ethnic bias against Rosen, I don’t know. Way way worse horse’s asses have been drafted than Rosen, at least from what I see of him. If he did an Elway maneuver, sadly, I would not blame him. This is the LaBrea Tar Pits for quarterbacks.
  13. Buck The Frowns

    This Week in the AFC North

    Balt still has playoff hopes alive, but a win will only mess up the Browns draft order. They have to win some time but probably not today, against a better team that has motivation to win. 31-20 Ravens Marvin Lewis is leaving, so I bet that some wind has been let out of Cincinnatti’s sails. Vikes 25 Bengals 17. Pit has been NE’s beach for a long time, but this is difficult to call. Both defenses are porous. Both offenses are powerful. If there was any game this year in which 80 points total could be scored, this is that game. I say NE 41 Pit 35 in a game close until the 4th quarter.
  14. Buck The Frowns

    Latest Alabama Exit Polls...

    ...indicate that Roy Moore has been lingering around the teens.
  15. Buck The Frowns

    Ryan Shazier Injury

    Yep, ugly for sure. Laundry all over the place, vicious hits, even the weather was ugly. Pgh must be the worst 10-2 team I ever saw. Their defense made Dalton look like Johnny Unitas jr., and their offense took the first half off. I guess winning ugly is better than losing pretty, but if they play anything remotely like that against NE they are toast.