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  1. Buck The Frowns

    The Legendary Otto Graham

    Yep, no one will ever touch that record of going to the championship every year he played. Many good QBs had as many or more INT than TD in that era, because the rules were different. Ernie Davis was never drafted by the Browns, though.
  2. Buck The Frowns


    Yep I think they did. Did not think Pgh had the cojones to move up like that. It was a very unPittsburgh move, and I knew who they were going after, as Cin was likely going to take Bush to replace that Idjit Burfict, who is now a Raider. The WR they took will probably pan out, as they have uncanny success with WR in middle and later rounds. They took a CB, and most scouts had about ten CBs who were about equally good, and Pgh got one of them. People compare Pgh to the Kardashians but it’s not a good comparison. The Kardashians have a much better record of drafting and developing DBs than Pgh does, so this CB may not amount to much. They took some OLB in a later round and I don’t know much abt him but if he is above average then Dupree is gone. He’s a semi bust at this point. Balt needed WRs badly and got two decent ones, though Brown is awfully awfully scrawny. I mean like Dri Archer thin. Fast and has moves to get open, though. Its not out of the realm of possibility that our division could be among the toughest in 2019.
  3. Buck The Frowns


    Meant it, if he did not actually say it. Was probably going to be broken in two if he had to play much longer behind what might be a good junior college Oline, made up of has beens and never weres. The video thanking the fans and welcoming his successor was actually pretty classy.
  4. Buck The Frowns

    Great Football Names

    I always thought Barkevious Mingo had the perfect name for the Dog Pound to love. I tried to start the rumor that he had a brother Nefarious and a sister Lascivious but it unfortunately didn’t catch on.
  5. Buck The Frowns

    This Week in the AFC North

    Browns 24 Bengals 17 Browns are younger and hungrier. The path to respectability continues. Saints 31 Steelers 24 Hard to call as the Steelers have shown that they can beat anyone but also lose to anyone. I just don’t think they are going into NO and beating the Saints. OTOH, Pgh has a very good record the last two games of the season that last 5 years or so. And I didn’t think they’d hold Brady to 10 points either. They do need this win a lot worse than NO, as the Ratbirds have already won.....
  6. Buck The Frowns

    This Week in the AFC North

    Browns should beat Texans but closer that that. Falcons over Ratbirds, stick a fork in them cause they are done. Doubt Chargers will beat Pgh at home, Stillers usually don’t lay an egg on consecutive weeks. Second ass over the first one, I prefer a nice toned booty.
  7. Buck The Frowns

    I hate Thanksgiving

    You got that right. Anyone remember ambulance trips and arrests over Beanie Babies or Cabbage Patch Dolls on Black Friday? No one admits to being involved in that now. The holidays are stupid. Start it off by eating enough to go into a coma. Same songs over and over, plus we decorate the outside and bring a tree inside. The tree is the most flammable object in the house, and so what do we do? We wrap it in the cheapest wire made, so crappy that it doubles as a heater element, and then plug it in and go to sleep. That’s just plain messed up.
  8. Buck The Frowns

    Could Bill Belichick Be Browns Coach in 2019?

    I theorize that Bellicheat could be motivated to come to Cleveland by these four things: 1) The weather (anything beats Boston) 2) The culture (best pierogies around) 3) A challenge (all that winning year after year is getting boring) 4) A secret deep yearning for Condi Rice, who is also coming......
  9. Buck The Frowns

    Steelers exposed?

    It’s normal to have hatred for Pgh, but please live in reality. Roethlisberger is on track to have over 5200 yards passing this season, one of the top five passing seasons in league history. Only a few QBs have ever done that (Brees multiple times). Pgh is probably the third best team in the AFC, after NE and KC. If you consider Pgh mediocre, what on earth do you consider the Browns?
  10. Buck The Frowns

    This Week in the AFC North

    Ghoul I did exaggerate a bit. Most of the yardage did come late. For three quarters Pgh looked like someone slipped edibles into their Gatorade.They did not have a lead until 5 seconds were left in the game. True, it was a hell of a win for them. Jags in general do seem to have Pgh’s number but not quite, tonight.
  11. Buck The Frowns

    This Week in the AFC North

    Balt eked out a win so both teams are 5-5 and long shots for a wild card. Pgh laid an egg for 59 min 55 sec vs. Jacksonville and pulled out a win in the last 5 seconds. Stats were so one sided for the Jagoffs that I have no idea how Pgh was even in the game. Zombo ya did not predict so well this week.
  12. Buck The Frowns

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    Because he left more money on the table than most of us will ever see in our lives. It’s an arrogant pooper move. I think that some time ago Pgh decided that his main value was through comp draft picks when someone else signs him. They have saved Bell’s entire 2018 salary, and replaced him with a better younger running back. Lost the best offensive player in the league and are sitting in the second seed. They stepped in Sheet and came out smelling like a rose, unless Conner gets injured and is done for the year.
  13. Buck The Frowns

    This Week in the AFC North

    Mayfield is for real. Get him a receiver or two and some protection and he’ll put points on board. I think after so many misses the Browns finally have that QB.Team not ready to contend yet, though. I think they will be much better in 2019. Pgh vs. Balt surprised me. Balt needed this worse than Pgh and it was a home game, thought they’d chew up Steelers. They were never really in the game. Good Pgh pass rush masks a sub par secondary., which I think the better teams that they could potentially face in playoffs will exploit. Conner emerging as a dependable productive RB for them. LeVeon who?
  14. Buck The Frowns

    so who do we take at #1 next year?

    The Browns have already equaled their win total from the last two seasons. They will finish too good to get the overall first round pick. Cyberbricks will probably be thrown at me for saying this, but I think the first round pick should be traded for several lower round picks, and they should be used on offensive linemen. Good linemen are available in mid rounds. Mayfield had no time to do anything and had Steelers in his face all day. Get a decent pass blocking oline and see how much better the results will be.
  15. Buck The Frowns

    Patrick Peterson requests trade

    Yes that too. Uncannily bad drafting and developing LBs.