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  1. runyon27

    Flacco is going to Denver

    This is probably a marginal upgrade for the Broncos, but its still an upgrade. Looks like this is the first domino in the off season QB market to fall. I love that Flacco is gone, means the Ravens are all in with a QB who can't throw.
  2. runyon27

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I think nothing happens until 2020. If Kareem stays clean and we resign to multi-year deal, then Duke probably gets shipped out in 2020. If Kareem screws up we still have Duke. So I wouldn't expect anything to happen with the RBs until 2020 outside of Hilliard being released once Hunt is eligible.
  3. runyon27

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Will be curious to see how long suspension he gets and how he is used, but can you imagine giving Chubb a rest for series or two and get Kareem Hunt coming in.
  4. runyon27

    NFL Team Cuts

    Bryant is a top notch kicker, even at 44. He is an upgrade over Joseph, every time Joseph kicks I have serious doubts he will make it. That said he obviously would only be a short term solution. But he is an upgrade over Joseph.
  5. runyon27

    2019 Mock Drafts

    Well I hope as many as possible, but given the fact QBs like Flacco, Tyrod, Bridgewater will be available, I would bet that will push down 1 or more of these QBs into the next round. So free agency will play a role in this to some degree. I can see Haskins and Lock going before we pick.
  6. runyon27

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    I am not sure why all the Sashi love. The only thing I will give him credit for is sticking to his "plan". The problem with this was there was no flexibility in his plan. So if you come across a franchise QB you might pick him earlier than the plan says because those guys are hard to find. It was just stupid to trade down out of the two spot. I get it, you are tearing things down and want draft picks, well a franchise QB trumps multiple picks. I don't think Sashi could have picked any better player than I could have or most of us during his tenure and to me thats a problem. If us guys on a message board can't many any worse picks then the GM then thats a problem. Dorsey proved in one draft how much better of a talent evaluator he is. Sashi is a nice guy, but I thought he was a terrible GM.
  7. runyon27

    2019 Mock Drafts

    I am not sure why anyone is bringing up a QB for this draft. For the first time in forever we can forget spending a draft pick on a QB and worry about other things. And if a QB dropped far enough down into the 4th round or later then maybe entertain it, but no way we spend our first round pick to compete with our first round pick from last year at the same position when the guy from last year might be the rookie of the year. Its dumb, we should be discussing just about any other position then QB. We need a DT, a DE, a WR, a DB, even an OT, but no QB.
  8. runyon27

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    I think one of the things that struck is that Jimmy wants to be what he thinks is a good owner and football guy. So its one reason he solicits alot of opinions. He grew up in the family business so he probably knows that backwards and forwards, the NFL isn't truck stops. But with all the information he gets, he doesn't seem to use that information and make wise decisions with it or gets impatient(which we already knew). Seems to me Dee would be the better day to day owner and decision maker. You have to put trust in the guys you hire, so if they make a recommendation you should go with, given your track record in those areas is abyssmal.
  9. runyon27

    Inside the Browns front office, ESPN

    That was a good read. The gist I go out of it is that Haslam does want to win, does want to be involved, but gets in his own way and often doesn't adhere to the advice of those he puts in place to advise him. So maybe things have changed now with Dorsey and the new organization alignment.
  10. runyon27

    Freddie's Staff searches

    Carson Palmer seems to think Josh Allen will be a better QB than Baker Mayfield so not so sure I want that guy. I wouldn't mind seeing Jack Del Rio as D coordinator, or Vance Joseph, maybe even Steve Wilks.
  11. runyon27


    I would have like to have kept Greg Williams for the fact of continuity and it gives you a coach with HC experience on the staff. But lets see how he hires. Maybe Blake Williams stays on board as the DC.
  12. runyon27

    Antonio Brown

    I don't think there is anyway that Pittsburgh trades AB to anyone in the division. And if they did the price would be higher than trading him any place else. If he were out on the street, sure I would definitely want him here. However, since this is all a fantasy, I would like to see us maybe go after Golden Tate to add what we already have.
  13. runyon27

    Potential Interior DL thread

    I would love to see Grady and a draft pick to help on the interior.
  14. runyon27

    Coach Interviews

    I think they changed things after what Josh McDaniels did last year.
  15. runyon27

    Coach Interviews

    Matt LeFleur to GreenBay......