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  1. runyon27

    Everson Griffen

    I would be all for this move depending on the cost, we need more help on the DL to go with Myles.
  2. runyon27

    Conklin signs with Cleveland

    Looks like 20 million in the first year so last 2 years of the deal are much more friendly on the average pay out which is good considering you have Garret and Baker long term deals coming up.
  3. runyon27

    Browns to sign TE Austin Hooper

    I don't mind this move, not a fan of the price tag, would rather we focused the money on the OL or DL.
  4. runyon27

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    You may find the opposite to be true but you posit no facts to back it up. Yes its 100% logical there are more than whats recorded, not its not logical to say that Ohio has more cases than China and Italy combined. Thats stupidity.
  5. runyon27

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    In Ohio or around the world? China is testing 10s of thousands a day, so the 100K is just grossly irresponsible. If you want to say we believe there are many more other there than have been reported and we cant to curb further spread etc, thats legit. Saying 100K is fear mongering.
  6. runyon27

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    Except Amy Acton said we KNOW that 1% has it. OK fine, tell us how you know this, what you are basing that one. Since thats almost as many cases that have been reported world wide.
  7. runyon27

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    Thats more cases than China has reported or Korea or Italy etc. I find that number to be made up. Also all the evidence to date that I have heard would mean that thousands of people would be seeking medical care, yet between the reported known cases and people under watch, total up to like 400 people in Ohio.
  8. runyon27

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Ryan Grigson is terrible. He doesn't know how to build a team nor is a good talent evaluator. I don't see why anyone would want him. Lets not forget the reason Andrew Luck retired early is largely the fault of Grigson.
  9. runyon27

    Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    This hire I find uninspiring but I hope it works, I hope he is the guy who will bring the discipline needed to make this team play up to its potential. He doesn't have to be flashy, just do a good job. Any word if he will be calling his own plays?
  10. runyon27

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    I think all the teams except us have a HC now. Panthers went with Ruhle and the Giants just hired some Pats assistant coach. So lets get this buttoned up, I think my preference is for Roman if I had to pick, I am concerned it might be McDaniels.
  11. runyon27

    Dorsey —————- GONE

    The Haslams are chaos pure and simple. I think they mean well in their own way, but they are the Browns biggest problem. They lack the patience to see things through and make terrible football decisions. If they want this team to have discipline and stop the infighting etc, they need to lead, they need to set the standard. It you blow things up every couple of years, you will never win, it will only happen by chance. Did Freddie need to go....yes. I wanted him get another year but in week 17 he was still making the same bad decision as in week 1. He wasn't learning. At least if he improved even if they lost I would have been for keeping him around. Dorsey while not perfect was light years ahead of anything we have had. If you want to clean house dump Podesta, we haven't gotten better since he got on board, he should no way be in a power struggle with anybody....what does he do? This is lunancy.....if you wanted Podesta to have more say this should have happened a while ago not today. Its a panic move but the Haslams who clearly don't know what to do.
  12. runyon27

    Dorsey —————- GONE

    I am not as optimistic as you are, I hope it turns out well but the Browns tracked record cannot be trusted, speaking of earning trust. Lets not forget we traded Kizer and Randall, a nobody for a starter. We traded Kessler for a draft pick, a bigger nobody for something. Traded for Jarvis Landry for a 4th and a 7th, seems like a bargain. This from a guy called a clown. Seems to me he was clowing other folks. Also let not forget getting a 3rd round pick for Duke.
  13. runyon27

    Dorsey —————- GONE

    Yeah you got your wish, be prepard for a step back. Who wants to come here to be GM or coach when you get the axe after a year or two. This team is probably a good HC away from being a playoff team. But now you bring in a new GM who wants his guys. They always want THEIR guys. Players brought in by Dorsey. Landry Ward OBJ Randall Greedy Chubb Wilson Baker Vernon Hunt Richardson Thats a pretty good group of folks in just 2 years. No GM since the Browns cames back in '99 has brought in as much talent. Yes, the Austin Corbett pick was a bust, so what. You bring in the talent above you get to have a mulligan every once in a while. And guess what else this means, we might lose Wolf and Highsmith who are pretty good guys in their own right. This move reeks of stupidity and incompetence. I have no problem canning a GM, I was for Sashi, Farmer and others getting shown the door because they were incompetent at their job. Dorsey is not incompetent. The Haslams want instant gratification and results or they blow crap up. That can't be they way you run your organization. If the Haslams really believe the team is close, then change the HC and keep everything else in place. Best option here is just sell the team to someone who can better run things, I don't doubt the Haslams desires to win, I doubt their mental competence to do so.
  14. runyon27

    Freddie fired

    Yeah I was one of those guys who wanted Bradley Chubb too, I saw him play a lot at NCSU I knew he was good. But if memory serves the Gregg Williams wanted a press corner and that what the GM gave him. The GMs job is give the coaches the type of players they want. I am not going to ding Dorsey for that pick. Corbett turned out to be a bad pick, it is what it is. Every GM picking today has f'd up at some point. And as far as the trade goes, its obvious they thought Corbett could fill that position. he didn't, the end result is keeping Zeitler wouldn't have changed the outcome to the season, from my perspective better coaching would overcome that.
  15. runyon27

    Freddie fired

    So this is the problem with your logic. You have the devil you do know versus the devil you don't. Given Jimmys track record on hiring GMs Dorsey is the best by far and its not even close. The problem isn't the GM. This is one of the side effects of running through coaches all time, people want to dump the GM etc. Dorsey built the the team in KC and improved the talent on this team too. Maybe you would rather go back to Lombardi or Farmer or Sashi?