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  1. runyon27

    Browns players taking a knee

    My opinion is I don't like it, I just want to watch the game. I don't want anybodys agenda during a game. I am all for people peacefully protesting about anything they want and driving policy changes. Its your God given right. I am not for this mob mentality that is coercing people to think a certain way. The NFL changed its position because the mob forced them too. My feeling is NFL players can be a force for change, they have a big microphone to do so and can work in their communities and advocate for change and put money behind these ideas. Kneeling at a ball game never has and never will cause change. I like what someone said earlier, just keep the players in the locker room or tunnel during the anthem and then let them come out and play ball. I think we all agree that everyone should received equal treatment and justice under the law. And we should work to make change anywhere we need to, to ensure that happens. But that doesn't mean I am going to support this war on the police, or the violence, outing of everyone who may have said something 10 years ago that you don't like. Lets make it so that those in power are held accountable and are good stewards of that power and that we all just love and respect each other and on game day lets just play ball.
  2. runyon27

    UDFA tracker

    Add Tony Brown WR, Colorado
  3. runyon27

    UDFA tracker

    Couple more signed, Alex Taylor T, SC State and Javonte Moffat S, Middle Tn St.
  4. runyon27

    2020 NFL Draft: Rounds 4-7

    Something tells me the Browns offer had to be better than that. Redskins killed themselves by holding out too long.
  5. runyon27

    Draft rounds 2 and 3

    I thought the Ravens picks on offense werent game changes. Dobbins is a very good RB on a team filled with RBs he probably is the 3rd option. Three years from now is when that pick might be a problem. Duvernay is another tiny receiver for a QB who isn't the most accurate in the world, I don't see this guy being anything that elevates their passing game. Their picks on defense are much better in my opinion.
  6. runyon27

    Draft rounds 2 and 3

    I think Delpit is a great pick for us. One of the players I wanted to be in play for us today.
  7. runyon27

    DRAFT DAY 2020 ! ! !

    I agree with these, I would love for us to get one of the top safeties.....Maybe there will be a run on RBs that will help push these guys down to us.
  8. runyon27

    Everson Griffen

    I would be all for this move depending on the cost, we need more help on the DL to go with Myles.
  9. runyon27

    Conklin signs with Cleveland

    Looks like 20 million in the first year so last 2 years of the deal are much more friendly on the average pay out which is good considering you have Garret and Baker long term deals coming up.
  10. runyon27

    Browns to sign TE Austin Hooper

    I don't mind this move, not a fan of the price tag, would rather we focused the money on the OL or DL.
  11. runyon27

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    You may find the opposite to be true but you posit no facts to back it up. Yes its 100% logical there are more than whats recorded, not its not logical to say that Ohio has more cases than China and Italy combined. Thats stupidity.
  12. runyon27

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    In Ohio or around the world? China is testing 10s of thousands a day, so the 100K is just grossly irresponsible. If you want to say we believe there are many more other there than have been reported and we cant to curb further spread etc, thats legit. Saying 100K is fear mongering.
  13. runyon27

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    Except Amy Acton said we KNOW that 1% has it. OK fine, tell us how you know this, what you are basing that one. Since thats almost as many cases that have been reported world wide.
  14. runyon27

    Corona Virus is in Cuyahoga County

    Thats more cases than China has reported or Korea or Italy etc. I find that number to be made up. Also all the evidence to date that I have heard would mean that thousands of people would be seeking medical care, yet between the reported known cases and people under watch, total up to like 400 people in Ohio.
  15. runyon27

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Ryan Grigson is terrible. He doesn't know how to build a team nor is a good talent evaluator. I don't see why anyone would want him. Lets not forget the reason Andrew Luck retired early is largely the fault of Grigson.