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  1. BrownIndian

    Rapid Reaction

    Dang ! Romeo !
  2. BrownIndian

    Rapid Reaction

    I dont know much about the new owner, but i do know that the case for Shurmur to be fired is much higher than the case for Shurmur to stay. The only thing we gain by losing is getting a higher draft pick, and if that is our consolation prize then so be it.
  3. BrownIndian

    Rapid Reaction

    and miss our opportunity to get the #1 Draft pick? No way! There is a reason Haslam still has Shurmur coaching.
  4. BrownIndian

    Will Romeo Ever Learn?

    When you are 1 - 5 and Cassell's play has really regressed. So I see no harm in starting BQ who many are saying has improved. What do they have to lose? If BQ fails then they draft a new QB next year. 2007 was a fluke only cos DA was lucky. We did have legit WR and TE threats that year. Had we gone into 2008 with a more stable QB who knew what he was doing we would have been better than 4 - 12 and with something to build on for next year.
  5. BrownIndian

    Jabaal Sheard

    Dont we have some injuries in the D and the players we are starting are not exactly our regular starters? How was the Colds D with Angerer hurt last year?
  6. BrownIndian

    If You Could Re-Align Divisions...

    Because an easier division means easier playoff chance. It is more difficult to get to the playoffs then get through the playoffs. To win the AFC/NFC championship, u just need to get lucky for 2 games. Not the same when u need to win 10 games right?
  7. chillax. Even if Haden was there we lose the game. AS much as I enjoyed watching our offense score touchdowns, let us not forget that we dont have anywhere near the same talent level as the Giants. Patterson was not doing anything impressive either. We need to deal with the fact that we got trashed by a better team.
  8. That is right. You must be having Periods, else you wont be saying this. Now take some Advil for the PMS and relax.
  9. BrownIndian

    Presidential Debate 1 - Your Verdict

    Romney - Very composed. Answered very well and did not stutter or stammer. He was confident well poised, sharp precise and came out on top. He attacked Obama from the start and defended himself well. His biggest issue was lack of details on his plans to help the middle class or replace ObamaCare. He needs to give more specifics and not rhetoric. Obama - Not the same guy we say 4 years ago. His ability to impress people with his speech seems to have gone missing. He was on the defense, taking long pauses and seemed unconvincing. He is not defending himself very well and did not seem confident and seemed more reticent. HE definitely lost ground among independents.
  10. So what do you guys think about the first debate?
  11. BrownIndian

    2016 Obama's America - Anyone See This

    Saw it. AS a documentary it is good and not offensive as the democrats say. As a pro-right documentary it is not strong in its message. It attempts to provide insight into Obama's past and thought process. It says that Obama was deeply affected by his fathers thoughts and goes in depth to cover the fathers past in Kenya in depth. Obama did not spend much time with his father. He did spend more time with other people who were pro-socialistic and not enough light is shed on that. The film maker obsesses about Obama's father and his ideals - when he should have focused more on Obama's mother considering she was with him more than his father. The film tangents about Obama's half brother with whom Obama hardly ever met and hence did not help. The author is trying to make this a big deal. The author has many ammunition but chooses not to shoot( The movie has a plot but lacks the details and the punch.) The more glaring problems are: 1. Towards the beginning when the host tries to explain India to the viewers he does a poor job. You destiny is handed to you in India he says. That sounds like a sweet deal but unfortunately that is not true. 2. The host tries to show clips of many articles attacking his book and then tries to promote himself by saying - look im from DArthmouth an Ivy league college and I know what is going on. Ideally one should use your own movie to promote yourself. Your views- sure, but not yourself. 3. Later on he predicts 3 results for USA if Obama wins (less nuclear warheads in US, more debt and third I dont remember.) The sad part is this was already predicted by many people much before the author. The host is trying to take credits for a prediction that has not occurred and is really not his own. I wish the host tried to showcase more about Obama's falling's than promote himself. This document is not going to have the Michael Moore effect that one would wish sadly.
  12. I have no idea why this guy wants to give away American money as aid to countries that dont deserve it.
  13. BrownIndian

    I'm Reconsidering My Vote

    So you are going to vote for the Green party or Ron Paul if he runs as an independent?
  14. BrownIndian

    Liberals Are Racists

    Getting back to the topic, This article is wrong. There is a contrarian opinion provided by the author with no proof submitted what ever. Also, the person states that the history books lie as if the Republicans who also had a strong presence and still do and going to let history teachers concoct their own imagination and write is as text books. The next problem is that references to the OJ Simpson case. She declares that the mostly black jury sets the black man free, thereby making it sound like it was a black helping black thing which is not proven. What was evident in hindsight was the lack of preparation by the prosecution. Not only could they not put forth a solid case but they also failed in-fact to present evidence that could have solidified their case. They thought they had it under wraps, but were wrong. The only firm evidence that there are any actual racists left in America is the fact that so many whites voted for Obama as some sort of racial penance. The other problem is her assumption that Obama got elected simply he was black and white people feel the need to vote for him and the fact that no other forms of racism exist. Racism still exists. Also, It is foolish to assume that Obama was voted for because he was black - If that was possible then we should have black leaning folks voting for Al Sharpton before or Herman Cain as the GOP nominee. She completely overlooks the ability that Barack Obama's silver tongue and the campaign strategy and the people whom it targeted - The youth and immigrants. Just like the Simpson case the author too has not taken the time to carefully prepare the case.
  15. BrownIndian

    The New Browns All Time Team

    Joe Jervicius. If not for the staph infection he would have had a nice career here.