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    Tale of the Tape - Browns @ Patriots

    First off we will win Sunday because we simply are a better team. #30 is capable of producing 2nd, them 🐀 s suck and a couple nights ago the world seen how terrible they really are with their 32nd rated pass defense. Them dumpster fire pos 🐀 only win 1 maybe 2 more.
  2. Silver slayer

    M-Odell to the Rams

    Practice squad punching bag?
  3. Silver slayer

    M-Odell to the Rams

    He purposely dropped two 4th down passes to prove he wanted traded. Bookit
  4. We're getting pressure on the qb and he's doing as expected, sailing throws
  5. Silver slayer

    the browns plan at QB going forward.

    They are 29th against the run 5th against the pass 9th overall defense in yards per game We're 2nd overall 3rd against the pass 3rd against the run We're #2 at not giving up 1st downs (60) They are 20th (86)
  6. Silver slayer

    Browns Vs. Chargers - Where to Watch

    Who they played. Football team W 20-16 D rankings 29th O rankings 20 Cowboys L 17-20 D rankings 26 O rankings 3 Chiefs W 30-24 D rankings 31 O rankings 2 Raiders w 24-14 D rankings 19 O rankings 5 Okay the best overall defense they faced is 19th and they lost, Dallas ran for 198 yards on 31 carries 6.3 per Chargers enter Sundays contest with the 29th defense against the run. 558 yards ( 5.3 per attempt Meanwhile we know our backs are better than any they faced to date, our o line even minus a number is better than those they faced I expect our brown's to gain 300 + rushing yards Sunday. 34 us 17 them
  7. Silver slayer

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Vikings

    In the trenches Seattle are chumps compared to our lines. Zona and cinci are steps behind us on both sides. We will control the line on both sides.
  8. Vikings defensive front is better than the bears, or Seattle o line is that bad? Seattle got destroyed yesterday. And my eyes seen myles getting sacks even being doubled. What was said about him not being doubled?
  9. Silver slayer

    Where to Watch - KC Game

    No worries about our family. Honey badger in covid, that's news.
  10. Silver slayer

    Around The League

    Shittsburgh traded for a Seattle 3rd string corner, what's that say about Shittsburgh db situation?
  11. Silver slayer

    Defensive Tackle

    McDowell. Selected 35th overall by Seattle just ahead of local Buddha baker. Seattle envisioned him a solid replacement for Michael Bennett , if they could corral his off field issues. They never got to try. He comes to us with a lot to prove, gimme a guy like him at dt every day that ends in Y
  12. Silver slayer

    Season Predictions....

  13. Silver slayer

    Linebacker Jacob Phillips out for the year

    With that news, please sign kj Wright immediately.
  14. Silver slayer

    Around The League

    Lmfao, steelers traded for a guy that's only capable of being a standout on terrible teams. Any decent teams he's below average lb
  15. Silver slayer

    Mayfield Contract Situation

    Fully agree with Dutch, also get it done before we beat kc week 1 or the price of poker takes a trip north.
  16. Wait 16/1??? When I was in Vegas over July 4th 12/1 was best found......
  17. Silver slayer

    Just Juice - Episode 1 "Camp Mayfield"

    Damn that was a fun watch, this team is really bonding
  18. Silver slayer

    The Off-season, Players in Trouble Thread

    Also drew blood for possible dui. K9 chewed on his ass a while
  19. Silver slayer

    The Off-season, Players in Trouble Thread

    I know it wasn't the moral of this thread however it fits. Frank Clark arrested yet again. Brown's over chiefs games on
  20. Silver slayer

    Schedule Release

    I'll be in cle vs shittsburgh and the rats
  21. Silver slayer

    Schedule Release

    We play rats in back to back games. I really dig that schedule
  22. Silver slayer

    Schedule Release

    Week 17 isn't the final week