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  1. Hi, I sent a note to the "contact us" link but I am not sure if anyone got it. I had enjoyed hanging out in here and am feeling uncomfortable and would like to be disassociated and not sure how to do it. I should have done more research prior to joining. A bit too much content that feels a bit sexist, homophobic and racist. People have names like Vagitron,descriptions of homosexual acts are used as insults. Mason Rudolph is being called Maya Rudolph? Why would that be used as an insult? Are women weaker? Is it because she is mixed race? Entire groups of people are being marginalized by insulting words and people are trying to ban each orher over football views! The worst group seem to be some of the moderators. No hard feelings. It just makes me uncomfortable so please help me disconnect any association. Thanks and go Browns!
  2. CoachToad

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    Feels like panic central in here.
  3. CoachToad

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    So much talent. This is stupid. Let's go!
  4. CoachToad

    I'm back

    You guys are way too quick to contol, modify and ban content. Very lame. Why are people so afraid of different ideas? I have heard, racist, sexist, homophobic and just hateful content that is allowed and even provided by mods. References to female body parts that make a typical dad want to throw down. But if you disagree with the wrong person...... Who modify's content? That is not the norm. You guys are kinda sad in here. It does not have to be like that.
  5. CoachToad

    Show your heart Cleveland <3

    Nice post. This team has tons of talent. Now go hit someone in thr mouth Browns!
  6. CoachToad

    This Week in the AFC North

    All women are beautiful in their own way. How could I possibly know if they are ideal without truly knowing them? Consider it a lesson on why women should not be objectified. For those of us with daughters, it should be an easy thing to understand.
  7. CoachToad

    Browns Board Hall of Fame

    Wow. Uhhhhh. Wow.
  8. CoachToad

    Browns vs Bills

    The Browns should win handily but they are falling apart. The players continue to do stupid stuff in the media and the play calling is stupid. The team is imploding and people are in denial. We are losing to teams thatcare a joke. The Broncos? Really? With a practice squad QB? A joke.
  9. CoachToad

    This too shall pass...

    That is a cool message. You are an awesome fan. Congratulations on 50 years of marriage. I am sure she is a beautiful bride. When they turn this around lots of folks will jump on the bandwagon but for you it will be a much sweeter experience.
  10. CoachToad

    Deep Thoughts from Coach Toad

    Well I certainly would not be ashamed. That mentality reflects a very ignorant view of homosexuslity and is a profilers mentality. Is that what this group stands for? A peek at my profile and it is obvious I am an open book. I am a very easy person to research. An easy internet search. You are childlike, you use "we" a lot. Your thinking is not very refined. It is getting a little boring in here. I noticed the "mods" protect and hide themselves. Kinda sad. Very busy so not much time to post.
  11. CoachToad

    Deep Thoughts from Coach Toad

    Hi, I want the Browns to win. I hope they never lose again. But really? 1) You guys think the refs and the rest of the NFL has a conspiracy in work against us. 2) People think the Browns are loaded with talent but just have bad luck. 3) Baker is amazing but Kitchens is holding him back. 4) Mayfield's behaviour is a result of his will to win and is good for the team. 5) The Brown's are going to win out. C'mon man. Really????
  12. CoachToad

    Path to the Playoffs

    Wow. You cray cray bro.
  13. CoachToad

    But really, What is the major malfunction?

    I am beginning to think they are cursed.
  14. CoachToad

    The nfl did it again

    Do you think this is intentional? The commisioners office? Really curious. Not trying to argue.
  15. CoachToad

    The nfl did it again

    Do you guys really think the Brown's problems are the refs? Wow.